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Al Mujib, Al Wasi’, Al Hakeem & Al Waduud


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and meaning of Islam, including its expansion into western countries and its use of hokum as a symbol of authority. They also touch upon the importance of forgiveness and following rules of the Hoxah Law, as well as the use of ridiculous language and the concept of love. The speakers emphasize the need for strong heart and wise behavior in life, and emphasize the importance of learning and practicing to achieve success in life.
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Letter 100 100 letter Latino salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa COVID-19

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first Islam Allah Lovato

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and second is that we are continuing from the small letter

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and I've asked you to remember the asthma. Anybody take an attempt?

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And what is taking a few names now?

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Try your best inshallah. Hola, hola de la ilaha illa who are Rahmani Raheem on Maluku salamu Iman Lhasa Baron, Harlequin Barry bathrooms.

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For harbor harbor Rosa from Fatah Halima basophil. Hospital Raphael morrisonville semiotica Cyril hukam Raja Latif, labial Halima Halim Shaku Shaku la de you will Kabir ALLAH hafiz. Locate

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Hirsi Ali Al Qaeda muraki al Mooji boissier al Hakim al al Mooji will watch all hakimullah dude. These are the these are the names that we're going to come up to inshallah today. And finally, after

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unlocking an alpha dude, if we can get to all muddied, we'll get all muddy today. So one of the first things we covered today is

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mujeeb and Allah azza wa jal, he is the one who accepts doulas das, das, and Mooji. One of our last names has been mentioned in various parts of the Quran. And one of the parts is especially after, especially after we make dua to Allah, Allah azza wa jal, he is the one who answers our call when you make a call to him, sort of hood and number 61 allows origin he has said in his his reported from what Shriver Assamese, saying in Nairobi, caribou Mooji, one of the prophets was saying that my lord is the one who is not only close, but he's the one who accepts he accepts dance. Now, this was said, because many of the times when a person called Laszlo john the man has to be there that Allah

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will accept our dance that a man has to be there. The stronger that a man is, the better it will be for a person for their daughter to be accepted. The the weaker a person's Imani is in Allah accepting his prayers, then the weaker the acceptance is going to be. That is why Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam he said, Allah unto mokena bill Java, he said, Call Allah make dua to Allah while you have this face that Allah is going to answer you're gonna want to move on not only is going to answer you don't move on you have full conviction, Allah is going to answer my law. That's the kind of draw Allah loves, where the heart is there that believes that the DA will be accepted.

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Allah has said in the Holy Quran in surah to unfurl Ayah number 24. Yeah, you and Latina are men who study Buddha law he was one of the things that we have to do as believers is to call to answer to the call of Allah. Now what does that mean? That means Allah azza wa jal, Him and His Messenger are calling us if we answer to the call that he is calling us to

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Allah azza wa jal, he says, either the alchemilla your Hickman is asking you to come to something which is going to revive you then then answer that code meaning what this means that when there are ads that you're supposed to listen to, and there are when there are a hadith that is supposed to pay attention to them, this should be something that drives us towards that and we should not ignore it. We should not ignore the call of Atlantis messenger, they are the one that said under this is that when the when the event is being said, then to answer to that call and to come to the to the masjid, when the time comes and so on. It is a it is a way of answering to the call of Allah, when that call

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has come. So in any form, allies calling us we answer to that.

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Another part, Allah azza wa jal, he says is in sort of hood, in sort of hood, when when

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when Segura huhtala salam, he called his people and he said he is the one that has made for you the earth and he is the one that put you in charge of the earth. So though he has put you in charge of the earth

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What normally happens is when people have power, they tend to forget God. When people have some some type of way of gaining something they tend to become distant from Allah. So Allah azza wa jal, his prophet reminded them that he is the one that will fester Pharaoh Suma to LA for the sins that you have committed on these the two things to do. One is to seek forgiveness from Allah and one is to return back to him in Nairobi Karim. Allah is the one my lord is the one that will be that he's the one who's close and He will answer your prayers. We know for example, specifically in certain Bukhara when it comes to the door that we make, at a start time the draw that make to Allah Allah

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said, well, it does sound like anybody and if anybody Uji without a doubt, either done when it comes to my servants, and they're asking, I'm the one who's close, I will answer the call when they call. When they when they, when they make dua to me, I will be the one who will win. Who will answer the call, I will be the one who accepted was huji without a doubt whenever a caller calls me now Allah azza wa jal hasn't restricted is just the believers. There's one thing with the Muslim, the one who's oppressed, if the one who's oppressed, starts to call Allah doesn't matter who he is, whether he's a Muslim, whether he's a non Muslim, Allah can answer the call of a non Muslim even in

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distress. And Allah does that. And Allah because there is sevens, and the day that he sevens, even when they make dua to him, there are so many non Muslims, Allah listens to them now and again, out of his Rama out of his mercy, he listens to them.

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So that's that's another thing that we bear in mind.

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Instead of our fear, and number 60, Allah azza wa jal and said, Oh, do Rooney call me I will answer your prayers. Call me. I will answer your prayers. And this is the cipher of Mooji This is the quality of him emoji. What this means is

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in that ISIS in Aladdin is that Girona and Dottie

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those people who are too arrogant

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to worship me,

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said who Luna Johanna muda Hadean, they will enter the fire. They will enter jahannam or Hellfire

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in a disgraced state. Now, I have to say here that a bada the word ibaka here means what? The word ibadah in this ayah Surah harfield soudan. The 40 means

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that those people who are too arrogant to make dua to me, they will be entered into Hellfire in a disgraced manner. So Doha is a burden. There's a hadith in Abu Dhabi to say A Da Da Da, da is a bother. And Allah azza wa jal wants us to call him if we call him, then he is happy. And if you stop calling him Stop asking for things, then he becomes then then he becomes upset with us because we're not calling him it is the opposite of humankind. When you ask human kind for something, and you cannot ask him to ask the more you ask the humans for something, the more upset they get.

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But Allah The more you ask him, the more happy he gets. When you stop asking human beings they get really happy. But when you stop asking Allah then he gets upset.

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Now when we call Allah azza wa jal

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we call Allah azza wa jal, especially when when normally will make law to him but there's one specific I in the Quran in surah Number Number 62 where Alonso della has talked about the Moto moto is the one who is completely at a dead end. moto is at a dead end, the one who has no other way out. The one who is completely trapped The one who is in desperate need of a solution. So luckily he moved from the from Iran. And that person Allah says to us amazing new g Boone maka Eva da who this isn't suited to number and number 62 who is the one who answers the call of the one who's in distress the one who's completely in you know, they've got no other solution whatsoever on the

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And so Hannah lousy mala reminds us at the end of that eyes is Isla Houma LA. Is there another day t besides a La Ilaha mala? Is there another god besides Allah? If our Eman is there that Allah is the only one who answers our call? When is the time when it's time of complete, complete Dead End Time of complete dead and we don't see any way out. And then we call Allah azza wa jal and he's the one who answers our call. Allah azza wa jal says, Well, he says, well, who else

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Do you want to turn to Who else do you have you believe in who else should you have your heart towards?

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So this is from the name al mujeeb. The next thing that we cover is aalverson l mu g Boone wasa this this name of Alaska, Alaska means that Allah is very comprehensive, Allah is all all rounded. Allah is very vast in what he does. Allah has no limits to what he does. So one of the places in the Quran in surah, two najem Anima 32. Allah said in the was your alma Fiera. Allah is the one who is very vast when it comes to his forgiveness. When it comes to forgiveness, there is no limit to what he can forgive. Now the Hadith says clearly that a person if a person comes to Allah, Allah says Yagna Adam or son of Adam, Lo, lo, Arteta, eight. And if you come to me, if you come to me, with the whole

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earth full of sins.

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Imagine a person has sinned and sin not fill his house of filled history to filled his, you know, whole,

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whole town up, filled his old country up with sins filled the whole earth of the sin. So there's basically this is the most sinful person.

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Or Allah says, yep. Now Adam, if you if you also Nevada, if you come and you bought even worse than that, you feel forget the earth, you feel the whole up to the sky

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of sins. And you come to me, and you say to me,

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and in a condition that you don't assign any partners in a condition that you don't assign any partners with me, you come to me and you say to me, that you asked for forgiveness. Allah says that I forgive you. And I don't even care what you did. Wala Valley, I don't even care what you did. So you can imagine from this the mafia, Allah when Allah says whilst you're on mafia, how much Allah will forgive, there is no limit to how much unlock and forgive. In fact, you won't have these intermediate says, there's a man who comes on the Day of Judgment.

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And he has Allah says, okay, open his files. So open his first files, and there's sin, sin, sin, sin, sin, sin, sin, sin, all the way from the beginning, to the end of that. So Allah says, open another one, so open another one. And I've seen since in every single record of the file is called sin. So Allah has opened a third one, so they open a third one and every single record or the file of sins, not a single good deed, then a fifth and a sixth and a seventh and same thing, eighth, ninth, 10th and the 28th. And the 30, then carries on till the 19th and 9192 93, every single one full of sins full of sins for skins, until 99. And that one full of all of sins as well. So this

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guy, you can imagine he is probably the most sinful person who's come on the dead Jasmine, not a single lead yet in all of his files. So then Allah azza wa jal, he then says,

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Okay, my sevens open his last file, so the open his last file, and in there there's only one record. And in that one record, there's only one piece of paper and on that one piece of paper there is written, his his face, a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Shadow namaha bourassa. He's got his face, on the paper written. So what does he do?

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He has that as his only good deed. So Allah azza wa jal, what does he do? Allah takes takes that and he puts all his 99 files onto one side, all his 19,000 sins on one side, it takes one record one single record, one single piece of paper, Allah tells angels Okay, put it onto this other side. So they put it onto the other side. That one piece of paper it outweighs the full 99 files of sins.

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If Allah wants to do that, who is there to question Allah allows to do that who is educational law? So, that is, that is why Salma Farah and alazani. He has said in the in the Quran sort of often mentioned the drama of the angels, the angels macdill Air Force, and they say what robina was Sarah Kula she Ramadan Weidman. This is in Surah la foto tsunami which is the 14th surah and number seven was the Aqua Takahashi Ramadan weiman. Allah, you have expanded Your mercy and your knowledge onto everything. So your knowledge and your mercy goes on to everything. And then they make gaffers shuffle in Medina taboo forgive the people who have turned back to you, what terrassa be like

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forgive the people who are following you away. makishima who Jane unsaved them from the punishment of of hellfire. So that is one that Allah azza wa jal has mentioned, of the sort of orphan

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Then, Allah through his WUSA through his vastness, he makes some of us vast, he gives vastness within our own risk and our provisions. So in Surah talaaq and number seven, Allah has said loon fear to lose it mean Sati the one who's married, and Allah has given him an expansion of wealth he should spend from his expanded wealth.

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So Allah says, if you are married, and you're the man of the family, and Allah says, I've given you money, and I've given you good money to spend, spend from the money on your family, on your wife and your family and so on. But if I've made you someone who's who's very you know, you've got little little earnings, you've got little savings then you spend from Little savings don't spend big amounts but if I've given you big amounts and you spread big amounts and your family is good to spend on the family and to keep them happy as well not to be extravagant but to you know spend there's some guys who've got a lot of money but they're really tired. I've met I've met guys who you

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know who the they've got property so many properties millionaires, but the guy is basically still he wears clothes that are honestly if you looked at him you think the guy hasn't got much to spend he even got socks without with with like holes inside. I mean, I don't mind if he's, if he's trying to be humble, but he's not being humble because he's tight at home.

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Home he doesn't spend his time with his budget tight with his electricity tried with his gas. I mean, Allah is giving you so much money there are some people like this, Allah gives him so much money, but they're so tight, tight with their own family tied with their own selves, tight with the food tight with, you know, the guys freezing in his house, you know, who keep one room

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and he'll keep the whole rest of the house cold. When Allah has given him so much money. That if you wanted to spend I mean, we could understand if somebody want a tight budget, then they look after their tight budget, but it hasn't got one. And there are people like that, you know, may Allah save us from being like that.

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And then Allah azza wa jal, he's in his car in the thing that he can increase for us. He can he can increase for us not only that, but the knowledge and in a person's own physical abilities. This is mentioned in Surah Baqarah number 247. Well, Allah says busselton filler I'll move on just the who busselton philologist, anyone Allah wants to increase them the knowledge he can do that anyone who wants to decrease them we can do that. Anyone Allah azza wa jal wants to increase them in the way that they appear to others, like you know, someone who's terrifying to look at someone who inspires or inside them, Allah can make you like that anyone Allah wants to make that look like gullible that

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person, you know, what's he going to do to me, I like to do that Allah has that, in fact, the thing about Allah has said about bother is that when the Muslims 313 they met with 1000 non Muslims, and they're going to have the fight. Now, how many Muslims are there 313 and how many non Muslims are there 1000 So, the size of the non Muslims is three times the sizes, the Muslims are larger, what he did is he decreased the size of the non Muslims 50% in the eyes of the Muslims

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and increase the size of the Muslims 50% or 100% in the in the eyes of the non Muslims. So So what happened is that they saw the Muslims saw the non Muslims who really 1000 they sold was 500,000 and a non Muslims and Muslims, they didn't see three and 13 they saw something like 626 double amount. And Allah says that in the Holy Quran, I expanded one and a decrease the other one, so that, you know, he can make them you know, he can strengthen the Muslims, and he can make them feel like they're winning the war. This is at the time of the war. Alaska was a leader at the time of the battle he did that. And there are a couple of irons in the fire and that he did that. So expansions

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in that in terms of what we see. And what we don't see. It is already in our hands what what he wants to expand how much he wants to expand and how much you want to give. So that is the name of Allah, Allah, Allah so much more expansion like you know, the Hadith that we covered in Morocco to be reminded about the Hadith that we covered about the for example, Mercy. Mercy is what Mercy of Allah azza wa jal that we see that we have in our hearts mercy of every single bird that feeds this young man's mercy of any person who forgives another person, all of this mercy of every human being and jinn and creature on the whole of the earth. Every single mercy you put together, that is only

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1% of Allah's mercy that he has revealed to the earth. Allah has had Allah had 100

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He had his mercy He divided into 100 pieces and the 99 he kept for himself for the day of judgment and 1% he sent to this earth. So out of that 1% Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and said,

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out of that 1%

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talk of Allah Allah to Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah the mother has mercy on her young one because of that 1% of mercy. And every single creature will wash even the beasts and and the birds of the of the sky. Each one has mercy on one another through this 1% of mosaic. Imagine how much mercy there is for the Day of Judgment. The same with Weiser the amount of vastness Allah has in his forgiveness in what he does for us, most of it has been kept for us for the Day of Judgment.

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So this is the name Alaska. The next name that we cover is Al Hakim.

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Now the word that the name al Hakim

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hacking comes from hokum.

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hokum literally means when you've got a hose, and at the end of the hose is not the nozzle that you've got all the rain where the rain actually meets up to the to the mouthpiece of the horse, when a horse rider is riding his horse and is able to pull his reins, and obviously, it then jumps back the mouth of the of the horse, because the mouthpiece is on there.

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That thing that he does to him of pulling, pulling the reins slightly back and then stopping the horse. That piece mouthpiece on the horse is called a hook. That is original code. What this military now means is how can we something where you're able to command you're able to have full control. That's what Haku means. So when we say al Hakim to Allah, we mean Allah has full control of all his affairs. Not only that, but the word Allah hakimullah naman hockey means that Allah has full wisdom, he knows of all the events that are going to happen that were happening that will happen in the future, and therefore he directs his affairs to the best of the outcomes. That is why he's

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hacking. So whether you see it as worse or good, Allah azza wa jal has got the whole of this of all the dunya as affairs in his possession for the better. Sometimes it allows certain things to go worse, but eventually he will make things go for the better and that he is his name al Hakim, he's the one who has wisdom, fear a little hakimullah flu, and in hikmah, the action of one who is wise, every action of one who is wise, is never deficient. From wisdom. What that means is, Allah every action is wise. Allah, every action is wise. We don't understand why and how, but it will lead you to Allah azza wa jal that he has, he has said that as his name that his name is Al Hakim, and this

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means everything that is happening. There is some wisdom behind it. But we may not understand that wisdom, even the disasters that are happening, even the, you know, war torn countries, whatever is happening. We're not saying that Allah makes these people have walls and battles and so no, but sometimes Allah allows it to go on not that he doesn't care.

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Not that he doesn't care. See one big, one big dilemma that philosophers might want to want to put to you is,

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they might want to say to you, is Allah, they will might want to say to you is, is Allah deed? is Allah all powerful?

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If he's all powerful, then why doesn't he stop the wars and things that are happening?

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And the disasters that are happening across the world. And if he if he is all powerful, he should stop it. And if he's not all powerful, then Oh, he doesn't stop it. That means he is not all loving. That's the kind of dilemma they put to you. But that is not true. If a father decides one day that his son is doing something wrong, and he wants his son to just carry on so that his son can fall on his face, and the father does it to teach his son a lesson. It doesn't mean that moment that the Father is not loving his son, or the Father has no power to stop his son. In son. The father has the power to stop his son. The father also loves his son, but the father knows that my son

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is going to be better son. If he goes through this mess, he falls on his face. And then after he gets up, he's never going to do that again. And that was a better way for me to teach him a lesson.

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And that way, I will express my love for him in the long term future. And he will understand that later on, and you will understand that Yeah, so that is how Allah azza wa jal is allowing certain events to go along for whatever reason it is, whether he's teaching some people a lesson, whether he's doing it for the long term betterment of humanity, or the Muslims in you know, themselves, whether he's giving us sometimes people go through a very bad phase of life, only to come better at the end of that. And that is what that is a lot of jelly has done that through his wisdom. Unless you take people sometimes through this, there is no gain, sometimes without the pain that people you

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know, that say that they say. So unless people go through some some form of rigidness, they might not come out with the softness that they need at the end.

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So this is a last name and Hockey Night also means it also means that he is mocking, which means that he gives the power to others to be able to govern some of their affairs. And it also means that he is the one who not only governs affairs, but there's no one else governing over him. Sometimes you can be a governor of some affairs, whatever it is. But after that, you know, there are others that govern you. Allah azza wa jal is the only one that he governs. But there's no one that governs him. And not only that, but it also means that Allah is the one

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who reveals certain events on the earth as one who is commanding things to happen. What does this mean? This means that certain events, Allah will place an out of his entire wisdom, certain things on the earth are always moving other things, and eventually his full plan is working.

00:27:01--> 00:27:05

He doesn't have to wait for me and you to see the full picture see me and you are

00:27:06--> 00:27:23

one or two or several jigsaw pieces, jigsaw pieces of a massive jigsaw puzzle. So when you look at the jigsaw when you you know, if you do, let's say, you're doing a 1000 piece, jigsaw puzzle, Has anyone done that here 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle,

00:27:25--> 00:27:47

kind of after they won, say 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, I did it with my couple of my relatives, once it took us on and off, it took us about three days. And on and off coming there now. And again, going back and going back two or three days. But some of these pieces are so small, you look at them. And you think where on earth is this in the picture? You can't see it.

00:27:48--> 00:28:26

But somehow you find it and you put it but you can't see the if you look at the picture. If you look at the jigsaw piece on its own, you can't see the large picture and there's no way you can understand the large picture. You got to think what is this? What is this zone in the OB PCR blackness here, the rest of blue. But if you look at the picture, you can see that little piece of darkness there is actually dark green, and that's one piece of the leaf. And the rest of the blue is the blue sky. But you wouldn't really know what that piece is unless you kind of look at each one of these pieces is a mumbo jumbo, but Allah azza wa jal he sees the larger picture. I mean, you are to

00:28:26--> 00:28:45

jitsu pieces on that. And what Allah is doing is he fits me here and he fits you there. And if you see them, in the end, the larger picture gets made, what Allah intended happens, but for the moment mean, you are lost. We don't understand today. Why is it that the Palestinians are going through what they're going through at this moment? We don't understand that.

00:28:46--> 00:29:15

But it is, it is Allah azza wa jal, who will reveal that one day to us on the Day of Judgment, why they went through what they went through, why did this will happen and how did they get so far and what was the reason behind it? They will be a day on the Day of Judgment, the law said in a la jolla Sylvain Yamanaka mala will completely reveal everything to the last last detail He will reveal on the day, why things happened the way they happened.

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And we will then understand what that reason was. sollozzo does in that sense, he is not only Hakeem, but he gives now he gives us certain powers to govern our affairs. But one great thing that we asked from allies hikmah wisdom and that Allah has said and SoTL Baqarah 260 verse number 269 you till hc Mata manga Sha, Allah gives wisdom to whoever he wants. Allah gives wisdom to whoever he wants, while mine You tell hikmah Furtado ooh Tia Hiram kathira whoever has been given some wisdom. They've been given the they've been given

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A lot of good, they've been given a lot of good one minute or whoever has been given wisdom, they've been given a lot of good. Now, there's a difference between knowledge and wisdom.

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Knowledge is what is you can find very knowledgeable people where you might not find wise people. What's the difference between having knowledge and having wisdom, the difference between having knowledge and having wisdom is, when you have knowledge, you know what to do.

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But when you have Heckman wisdom, you know when to do it.

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It's a more better thing to have. Knowledge is you know what to do, but you don't know when to do knowledge is you've collected all this information, you do this, you do that you do this, these are the results of that you do this either. But when to actually apply this knowledge, when to not apply this knowledge, where this knowledge goes, and where should I act angry? And where should I act calm? And how much should I push this situation and how much I shouldn't This is a wise person.

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A knowledgeable person will say now I can just push on I can just do it. That's a knowledgeable person who knows that I can say something I'm able to say, but a wise person is knows when to say it and how to say it as well. And which direction to say it. This is a wise person. So this is the difference between knowledge and wisdom. That is why when Rasulullah sallallahu americaine Allah azza wa jal he said you only Muhammad kita Allah will teach not only about the recitation of the book yet through whom they are not only will they recite the book, you only Muhammad Kitab al hikmah. Allah will teach them the book and Allah will teach them wisdom. Allah will teach this Houma

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wisdom. So not only do we know how to recite the Quran, but we have the knowledge of the Quran that's fine A lot of people have knowledge of Quran. But the hikma is that you know when to apply the Quran and where to apply. The hegman Hadith is which Hadees goes where and how sido Mahajan in the early days, they knew Hadith. They knew Hadith is knowledge of Hadith. But they weren't all jurists of Hadith. They weren't all people who were people who could take rulings out of Hadith. Those who only knew the Hadith that they said, they said so and so has reported to me, so and so has reported to an eye to him. Some so reported to him and the Sahaba report to them and the Prophet

00:32:18--> 00:32:19

said it to him.

00:32:20--> 00:32:55

They could say this chain and the Crusader Hadees to you, but they that's all they could do parallel fashion, rote memorization, hadiza pass it on to you. You then take that Hadith and then you pass it to somebody else. And then they don't take the Huggies policy to somebody else. But what they couldn't do to you is they couldn't tell you where each of these Hadees should be applied to. That's where the genius came. That's where the football hockey that's where the great thinkers came. When the great thinkers came they said no, this hadith needs to go there that Hadith here. This Hadith gets you know abrogated by that Hadith and so on. They were able to put meaning to the Hadith visa

00:32:55--> 00:33:05

No, this is known as hackey. That is why every single Prophet, when Allah said them, he gave them new Booyah. He gave them Prophethood he said hochma one of the things he said,

00:33:06--> 00:33:28

Tina hochma, sobre, el hombre Surya, at a young age, I gave them this hook. What does that mean? I gave them the command to hold themselves back. Remember I told you about that hose? You hold the hose the rains back that hokum, right, I gave them a command over their life when they were young. Each of the prophets when they were young, no prophet ever messed around when they were young.

00:33:30--> 00:33:57

No Prophet was a naughty child when they were young. And I didn't allow them. Why? Because if the child was naughty, and did naughty things, and it's silly things, and it's something that will not nice people didn't like when that child grows up, he will say hey, how you profit when you were little we had to do this to you get to control you. We have to Yeah, profits are not born on profit. So anyone who claims to be a prophet,

00:33:58--> 00:34:34

because we know there are no profits after Mohammed, Salah Harrison. Anyone who claims to be a prophet after Muhammad Salah isn't the way to go and find his falsehood is what is to look at his young age. And you will find that he will not be able to be like the province Nope. You know, when you little, there's no control of you. You just want to do whatever you want. You want to run around here, you can do that you're not dissolver you probably lie some time, you probably did something wrong. Being the eldest didn't like it yesterday, say sorry, to them and so on. For example, you know, that gulaman qadiani, the one who claims to be a profit from, you know, Pakistan or what was

00:34:34--> 00:35:00

in there before. If you actually read his own biography, and you read the reports from his mother, there are reports that clearly say say that he stole a bag of sugar at the age of 13 or something. Now, no prophet would ever do that at a young age because Allah says artina hillfolk wasabia at a young age, I give them the command to be able to control

00:35:00--> 00:35:25

themselves at a young age I gave them this hikmah this wisdom inside them, they're able to be wise and know what to say in Reimer ashram was very young when his whole home his own nation was against him for not worshiping the statue. So his wisdom was what he came, I said, Come out, come out, come out. Some of you guys are worshipping this version that he said, let's look at the list of the one of the biggest ones we've got. He was forget the ones on the earth. He said, Look at us.

00:35:27--> 00:36:06

Could that be my Lord? Could that be my load? And he waited Wait, wait, wait, wait. And then the moon came? He said, Nah. When the moon came all the stars they diminish. It must be the moon, the moon. Those of you who worship the moon to the moon? Could this be the Lord? No. And they waited too long. Obviously, the moon went down. And then the sun came up. On the sun came up. He said, Ah, this is ha now look at this. When the sun comes out. You can't even see the moon, you can't even see the stars. So all of you who worship the stars, you're wrong. All of you worship the moon around. And now it's the sun. Yeah, let's see if this is obviously the sun went down. So he said what kind of

00:36:06--> 00:36:24

Lord is this? He leaves me alone. My Lord can leave me alone, my lord is what is always what will love me and I will turn my face towards it individually and lovey father awesome article, the one who's created all the heavens and the earth and great the sun, the moon and all this, the originator of all of this he has to be the one who is the Lord. And that is the Hikmah law says.

00:36:26--> 00:36:33

Allah says not that he gave Ibrahim iserlohn this wisdom at a young age to be able to speak to them like this.

00:36:34--> 00:36:38

gave him this wisdom to speak like this. So this is

00:36:40--> 00:37:26

not homophobia that I you'll find it in Surah, Maryam number 12 and various prophets Allah azza wa jal has said said that about and therefore the hikma and the wisdom that we acquire, and we want is to be able to follow the footsteps of the messengers of Allah. Now universities are larger, but the messengers in general, and the way they talk to people, the way they dealt with people the way they moved on in their lives. That's that's hikma. And one other hikma that you understand is if you look in Surah Surah Surah Surah, which is the 17th surah of the Holy Quran, the 15 use of the Holy Quran, Allah azza wa jal says in there he says from Isaiah number 23 he starts and he talks about all these

00:37:26--> 00:37:44

different good things that a person can do you be good to your parents will be Valley Dania Santa, you'll be good to your parents and Allah says Allah taka bozena Don't call me a Xena. suspend your wealth but don't be too extravagant. Yeah, Allah says, Allah Taku mallala teen don't consume the wealth of the orphan. Allah says,

00:37:45--> 00:37:58

you know, don't be people who are you know what, outside hot the cleaners. Don't roll your cheeks are for people like, no, don't be people who will attack Kamala silica be, don't just pursue every single knowledge that you find.

00:37:59--> 00:38:00

Allah says,

00:38:01--> 00:38:08

Don't Don't be people who are arrogant, and so on and so forth. So many different things Allah says, and then Allah says right at the end,

00:38:09--> 00:38:23

all of this, all of this is what Allah says hikma and you will find there in about now for another 15 verses from about number 23, you will find that Lazarus is Delica

00:38:25--> 00:39:03

highly kerabu, communal hikmah these are things that your Lord has inspired to use of wisdom. So all of these things are wisdom. Like for example, when I'm when I'm with my parents, not to lose myself, to be able to serve them to be good to them. This wisdom is a wise child, when I've got money and I know how to, you know, I shouldn't be too extravagant action be too stingy. That is wisdom. That's wisdom of financial terms. When I've got an orphan under me, and I know to separate his wealth from my wealth and not to consume his wealth unlawfully and is wise that is a wise person, when there's a person who I could be inclined to Xena and I say no, no, I'm gonna stay away from that is a wise

00:39:03--> 00:39:14

man. That is not a that is not a person who's who's without wisdom, right? All these things Allah said why so this is the wisdom that we want from Allah azza wa jal, and finally that Hadith

00:39:15--> 00:39:18

in tidmouth, the Al hikmah toolbar lateral movement,

00:39:20--> 00:39:59

wisdom is the last property of a believer wisdom is the last property of a believer and another hadith of Timothy says Allah kennametal hikmah Bala min for high three, ah ha ha ha ha, ha. Then the words of wisdom are the last property of a Muslim wherever he will find it. Wherever he will see it. He is more deserving to take it. What does that mean? this hadith tells us that even the words of wisdom from any non Muslim you will find these hours. Who told you you chose it?

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

ours, yeah, this means that any wise thing any wise, you know, sort of thinking any wise way of living and so on, we will say that this is our way to we will adopt any best method and the best way of being civilized on this earth, we will adopt that for ourselves any good statement and someone will say yes, we should have been the ones who have said that first. So it is good thing we will not adopt that in our lives. So, this is another thing about for all coming from Allah azza wa jal being Hakeem Allah azza wa jal being wise, and we want wisdom from from Allah azza wa jal to be able to be wise ourselves now.

00:40:44--> 00:40:52

The next Name of Allah azza wa jal is Allah dude, Allah dude. Now I'll just cover this

00:40:53--> 00:40:55

one name and then we'll do

00:40:56--> 00:41:08

Majeed and so on next next week, Allah azza wa jal, his name Allah dude. And we're dude, it means that there's love. But there's a specific type of love

00:41:09--> 00:41:52

is love. But there's unconditional love. This is a loving dude, he loves us, without a reason for him to love us. You know, normally, we love somebody for a reason. That means that you love somebody because either they did something good to you, they were good to you. That's one reason why you love somebody, somebody is a favor to you. Like, for example, we love our parents, because our parents have looked after us, we know that. So we love them. But sometimes sometimes it's like even a friend does a favor you like you like them, because they've done good things to you love them. But most of the parents or family members, you love them because they are so close to you, in a sense, you know,

00:41:52--> 00:42:25

you feel the closest you always they have love in the house for you, therefore you love them. So they've got love for you, you love them, it's a kind of a conditional thing. You love your wife, because she's beautiful, you love your wife again, because there's a different type of love there. Right? So you know, spouses love each other for this reason for German for beauty and so on. Sometimes we love somebody because of a benefit you can get off them so they might be wealthy, so therefore I can get the benefit of them. I'm going to show my love express my love and so on so that on my kindness towards that person because I could benefit from the weather is more wealth whether

00:42:25--> 00:42:59

it's something else I want to get something out of them or you love someone because of their status. Somebody could be really powerful really good in the in the you know, in the ways they conduct themselves someone could be you know, a big politician and and you love the way they are because they command and control something you haven't got your spy to it. You love them for it. Someone who is a athlete, someone who is in a good football player. So you know people love these celebrities. Why? Because there was something which other people haven't got, right? So all these reasons are reasons to love.

00:43:01--> 00:43:03

And Eliza jelly JAL, he loves me and he loves you.

00:43:06--> 00:43:11

Not because I did any favorite thing because I can't do a law favor. Can anyone do Allah favor? No.

00:43:13--> 00:43:16

Allah loves me, but not because I'm so beautiful.

00:43:17--> 00:43:31

Allah is the most beautiful, he doesn't need to look at me and say what you're beautiful and therefore I love you. Allah gave me my wealth. He gave me my beauty. He gave me everything. So there's no reason for him to love me. There's no reason he gave it to me is mine.

00:43:33--> 00:44:17

But he still loves he loves his creation. He loves all his creation. Without a condition. He's not loving me even because I might do better for him. He's not loving me for that reason. No, he just unconditionally loves me. That's his name. Well, dude, the most. And it's not only that, but it's not a lot of love. What dude is in a is in a form of mobile AR, which means that there's exaggeration here, a lot and a lot of love a lot has for his creation. And for those besides him without any condition whatsoever. This is the name of the dude. And therefore is it's good to sometimes just say these names to Allah Yabba Doo, do do do do do do any one of these names you can

00:44:17--> 00:44:59

repeat again and again and say, you know one who has love for me, without a reason and condition to actually love me. One who has that love? Yeah, we'll do that we'll do. The other one to say is Dr. Latif, somebody who's very delicately compassionate, very delicately compassionate. You're lucky if you're lucky. If you're lucky. If you're lucky to say any of these words, or names Allah said well in like in asthma or Krishna for the obeah to Allah belongs all these beautiful names, so called me through these names, so Ally's asking us to call him through any one of these names. May Allah azzawajal give us all these good qualities. Give us hikma give us wisdom.

00:45:00--> 00:45:07

Give us a love of himself. bead Mila. I will pray that Allah azza wa jal to act upon whatever has been said.