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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the negative consequences of living in a culture where people deny their true surah and create excuse. The negative impact of rumors on people's behavior and health, including the lack of privacy and social interaction, is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being aware of one's social conduct and rumors to avoid false accusations and avoid "has been true for years" meaning that people should focus on the afterlife and not be in a "has been true for years" culture of the heart".
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wanna see the novena Mohammed Juana de salud 918 just begins with surah Menon. And in the beginning a lot talks about the Seyfarth and the qualities of the believers that will get them genital for those. So if they have devotion in prayer, if they stay away from futile talk, if they purify the inner selves if they purify what that which is between the legs, between the thighs, and if they are very watchful over the over the contracts that they make, or the holes that they take, and they got their praise, these are the things that are going to make people go to gender to feel those. Now, the sooner that moves on to the birth of every human being, and how formation is taking place in our

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wounds, that the wounds of our mothers. And then last is the same way the whole of these, the heavens and the earth, Allah has formed all of that, and only has done that what he's doing is that he is giving us certain risks from that for us to sustain ourselves on this earth. And he said, You've got many Menagerie many different things that will benefit you in this world. This is our number 21, and number 22. And then he starts off with the people where these dogs are when it comes to them. They think that these foods and benefits are last given from the skies, those of them that have got plenty of that are the ones that are closer to God to go too close to reality. And those of

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them who are deprived of that, or those who are not. Sunlight gives the example of Morales. And when he tried to get down to his people, they said, you know, what are you what kind of man are you you just eat like us? You're the same as us? Have you got anything better than us, us that you can show greatness over us? And Allah says, well, when they die, then that's when you find out who you are, what the consequences are, people are not right now, when people are seeing the risk of the earth, the risk on the earth laws provisions on the earth is no way of measuring people and saying, well, one is here, one is there. Then Allah talks about each time he when he brings different nation after

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nation, he says, look, whatever you do on this earth, be like the messengers and eat what is pure, and eat and do action because if you eat things that are halal and pure from your earnings, you'll be able to do good deeds. This is an EIN number 51. And it says that, eventually, by eating or being with in the right way, people will have the those who will have the right type of fear of Allah, those who will have the right of abilities are 5758 59, those of you who have trembling hearts, because all of that is in effect when you eat well, from the halal and pure foods, that Allah will give you all these qualities inside you. They are the ones who will continue to run towards the

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goodness that he has created for us. But these people that will come You know, the people who are denying this truth, they will come with numerous things like you as Muslims is telling us right now, like for example, either because of the messengers of Allah or the insulin, they will bring accusations or either because of the Quran itself, they will bring accusations and these accusations are going to be futile. Because what we need to look at is, we need to ask these questions, you ask the question, Who is the one who is in control of the earth? If you really know under the age of four, who actually controls this whole thing? Oh, who, who actually has who is the Lord of the seven

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heavens of the earth? This is number 86? Or who is the one that has all power and he does not need anyone to protect him, but it protects everyone Anima ADA, when these questions were asked to the policies, then you truly inside themselves, that it was only allowed, and the truth, true power lies with him. So Allah says that, look, if I wanted to, I could have sent the punishment onto these people, these people that are denying the message, I could have done that. And surely on the Day of Judgment, they will regret and they will make excuses that why didn't Allah give them another chance and so on. But Allah tells us that don't use stick to who you are, and be servants of mine who

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believe and get my forgiveness and get my rough man My Mercy, this is all in number 109 and around that, you will find that because on the Day of Judgment, the very people who mocked us will be the people who will looking after us on that day. And they will wonder how did we get our position on that day. Anyway, the the next surah is removed and Sudoku is a is a surah that tells us about social conduct. So it begins with the the adulterous and the adulterous, who had actually forgotten fornication and what that punishment is, and it also has about 10 verses thereafter, from a number 11 onwards in the favor of ihL on the law on how to show that she was she was no way. A woman that

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that did something evil with her body, selling her body and so on. There's no way she was a very good, chaste woman. This was a shot of the olana the wife

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam because the monastics they made accusations about her now why Allah made mentioned that is because one of the ways that people become new than they become people that are, that are obscene is that they start to spread these bad rumors about other people. And Allah tells us not to do that. And he says to us very carefully to keep control of our tongues, because we might think something that is light is light for us. But these rumors might be very heavy in the sight of Allah. Look around number 1516 year olds, you'll see that the law law talks about our social contract. So it says that when you come to someone's house that they're supposed to knock on the

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door, and wait to see if somebody opens opens up, and only then we enter if there's if there's a, you know, there's a good reason to enter it, number 27, so on. And if you see someone of the opposite gender, we also keep our eyes down either 30 or 31, he tells it to the males and then to the females. Why, again, it's going to stop us from having this in a backup sort of conduct or behavior. And he talks about those people that are certain people who because of certain poverties, they kind of rushed, you know, forced themselves into prostitution. And that is mentioned in a number 33. And he says, Well, that is not something which you can come to on the Day of Judgment,

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excuses, and so on. And all of that then boils down to the fact that the mood of the heart, the light of the heart, and the whole the fact that the masjid itself is a place of purity, pure men and pure, pure people are those who actually keep the masjid alive, and what's pure vacuum is their heart. So purity is there, once you don't have all of these wrong social conduct, wrong way of looking at people and so on. He mentioned that in number 35 onwards, you will see beautiful eyes about the message about the people of the masjid about the hearts and about purity.

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And he then moves on to tell us about different different parts of the people from amongst the Muslims, who are non African who are hypocrites who got inside them, and a willingness to disobey a law and disobey Allah messenger. And this isn't a model, it's a disease. And we Muslims are being told by Allah not to follow the way you look at it number 47 onwards, you will find the whole thing, the dimension, and then you will see that Allah says pull up to LA to LA soon as true believers, when online, His Messenger told us to do something, we obeyed all these rules or laws told us about social conduct about how we behavior, one another how we be in our conduct, we were supposed to

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accept that, as Allah has told us to do. So then he tells us within our own households, if there are young children, and if there are those who are coming in and out, they should not be able to see us doing the very private things that we do with our wives. This is in a number 58, right to the right to the extent of who we sit and eat with. And we are able to have like the Mahatma non Muharram relationship, those people that you can get married to or not get married to, and who you can actually sit with in a private session, all that is mentioned in it number 61. And the sutra finishes off with the fact that real companionship is to be with those people who appeal. And the

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purest, obviously is messenger sallallahu wasallam, then you've got the Sahaba of the lower mind. But the monastics are those who try and slip out and not be part of the, of this gathering is all mentioned in number 6263. So even in our society, today, to be with the muskie to be with the you know, with the good people and so on to be in the companionship is a way of purifying our hearts, and to slip away from that not be with these people or to be with the other people who have got a lack of their faith, Muslims who are not practicing their faith is a way of giving our faith away. So then we come to the end of this, this juice where surah forehand begins now sort of fall can't

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begin straightaway. And a lot of it is to do with the Quran. And the fact that these people are denying the Quran and they they accused Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam of learning from another man and getting some, you know, some kind of inscription from the, from the or some kind of inspiration from this person. And you're not writing this down, this is in iron number five and so on. And Allah says that, you know, Allah says that this is on Island before and Allah says that this is not this is not the actual case. If this was the case, and they throw they throw certain things on the problems, and a lot of them they say that what why are you not a rich man? Why didn't have loads of

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money? Why didn't you have a big garden? We would have believed in you and these futile excuses. And Allah says, well, the actual fact is that these people should actually focus on the afterlife and what is about to happen, because if you think about the logic, either what Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is saying is going to be false or it's going to be true. If it's false, then they've got nothing to worry

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About even if they follow it, there's nothing to worry about. But if it's true what he's saying, then there's some serious consequences for them to think about. And he gives us a scenario on the day of judgment when these people will come together. And they will start to deny the very things that they that they upheld in this world. And Allah says, Well, these excuses that you're making, that he is not all, you know, he's not an Angular, something is absolutely futile. Why? Because many messages have come in the past, and they've eaten, they've gone to the marketplaces, they've worked with people and so on. So that's now these arguments are nothing, nothing to stand in front of that.

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And this, this sort of will be more to do with the poor and those who uphold the belief

Qur’an made easy, delivered at EIC masjid.

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