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Begins: Al-Tawbah a. 93 and Ends: Hud 5
Surah Tawbah – Truth v. Falsehood: The Prophet and the Hypocrites
Attitude of true believers v. attitude of hypocrites

Surah Yunus – Allah is the Truth
Makkan surah; the word “الحق” repeats 23 times
Name comes from a. 98, the people of Yunus
Introduction – Qur’an, Messenger, Allah’s Ayaat Outside
Analysis of Kufr – Disbelief
Attitude of Ingratitude (Kufr)

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he was having him Rolando Boucher he said that he was silly. Emily looked at me and he said Annie, if Coco Lee Urbana Athena for dunya has no filler for Santa, okay, nada, nada, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi overgaard two seconds to get somebody to tell me that they can hear me. Okay. Chawla they'll be wonderful, thank you.

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Perfect. That is very good. Welcome to today's session, just a day where we will be covering the 11th Jews of the Quran. And then I will share my screen with you momentarily. The 11 years of the Qur'an is where

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the 11 years of the Quran is where Allah, Allah concludes surah two Toba, he begins and ends surah Yunus and then he starts off the first few Ayat of Surah Hood. These are the sewers that are in the 11th just in the 11 SEP IRA and that is what will we will be looking at today we in the light Allah, the

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surah Toba, which was it the sort of you were studying yesterday, it's the conversation in it will continue into the into the 11th of June. So let us pick up actually where we left off yesterday, where Allah subhana wa Taala is describing the believers,

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he is describing the believers and he has been comparing and contrasting the attitude of the believers with the attitude of the hypocrites, the hypocrites being those who would pretend to be Muslim, or more precisely that they weren't Muslim, living in Medina amongst the Sahaba. But then they would lie about their commitment to the faith because that was their ruse that kept them from being

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kept them out of trouble. So that was how they were operating. And they were essentially hidden enemies of Islam in and the prophet SAW salah and what we were what we were studying yesterday was how these hidden enemies of the prophets are. So this was a constant battle between the truth and falsehood, the prophet saws for solemn, representing the truth, and the false wood being represented by these people, these enemies from within, and very similar to the struggle of musante Salah who had to struggle against buddies that are ill, who are also not all of them, there were many of them who are good, loyal, devoted worshipers of Allah, but many of them were also enemies within of

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Moses. And it's a very similar situation to the Prophet son was in now the end of this surah at the end of surah. Tauba actually speaks quite a bit about the attitude, the contrast between the attitude of the believers and the attitude of the hypocrites, a stark contrast. And the attitude tells you about the person. So here, let's pick up what Allah says here.

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He says in Isaiah number 90, this is from the previous Jews. We have to start there just so that the conversation will continue. But they do not mean that Arabi was another home worker either Latina Casa de la hora, Sula, who, so you see what Latina cafo mean humara what are some of the desert Arabs, the Bedouins will talk about them shortly, came to make excuses asking to be granted exemption. This exemption, if you might remember was what was for the Battle of the book. The Battle of the book was the last battle the prophet SAW and fought. And this was, in particular, in a battle unlike others, it was a military draft, every able bodied man would was required to join the army to

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go fight. And this was an enemy, unlike the any, like an enemy that the Muslims had encountered before the Roman Empire, the Roman Empire, and the Muslims had one skirmish in the Battle of Marta a couple of years ago, before the Battle of the book. And the Battle of Martha was actually meant to be between a Muslims and another, some some Arabian tribes, but ended up being those Arabian tribes ended up you know, getting the Roman Empire dragging them into the battle. And the odds were just staggering. It was a one to 100 like in terms of numbers, and that's when has been really the first time he showed his, his heroic ness and his great you know, mastery of war where he was able to

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rescue the Muslims out of that certain debt situation and bring them back to the Medina. The problem is Islam wasn't impressed by the Roman Empire interfering in the battle and that's when he decided to

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To You know, retaliate with the Battle of the book. And the book was a very far distance, literally to the end of like, what's modern day Saudi Arabia today. And that military draft, the Sahaba, even though was tough, they were like, we're ready to go, we're gonna sacrifice whatever we need to sacrifice. Famously, a worker simply brought everything that he owned on one half of what he owed of what he owned, Northland or the other one who in came and dropped bags and bags of gold in the lap of the Prophet, some saying, use this jasola to finance the army. And, you know, the Sahaba many men sacrifices for that. But then there were these people more zero nominally around the desert Arabs,

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the hypocrites, the people who were not really Muslims pretending to be Muslims, lying to the prophets of Salaam. And of course, for them, this was like a double whammy. Not only do they have to believe, but now I have to go along with the on this expedition, and fight and whatnot. So they came up with all sorts of excuses. We saw some of them yesterday. Now they are coming again to make excuses to the Prophet. So now the Muslims on the other hand, Allah spotless has the attitude of the true believers is that they would cry at missed opportunities, when the opportunity would come to participate, and they couldn't they would cry about the fact that they missed the opportunity out of

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you know, like, out of sorrow. Look at this III number 91 describes people who are exempted from fighting laser Allah bla bla La La La La, La La La La Nina LA, Luna mine, una hora de la nostra hula, he will also lead no blame shall attach to the weak the sick, those who have no means to spend provided their sincere to God and this messenger. Of course, if you are weak, you know, like physically or sick, that person is not required to enlist in the army. Likewise, the one who has no means no means to travel. This is not a journey you could finish on foot. It's a six month journey that the book on camel. So if your person has no means, then they are exempted. They can join the

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army. Okay. There is no reason to reproach those who are doing goods because the law is the most forgiving, the Most Merciful? Neither is there any blame? Well, Allah levina is a joke. Is there any blame attached to those who came to you to be provided with mounts, they are the ones who are physically capable of fighting, unable to provide for themselves the transportation to join the army. Okay. The profit some ran out of what is called like what he had

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whatever mounts he could purchase or were donated, he ran out he didn't have enough for them. So he said to them laduma Emilio Kumar Lee, I don't have anything to take you along the journey with me. Okay. Now these people were so saddened by the fact that they missed out on the amazing agile, of participating in a battle with the prophets of Salaam tala Lo, they went back What are you know whom to field who made them, and their eyes welled up with tears has an n bit sadness due to sadness, I like to do my own phone since they could not find any way to contribute. That tells us about the true believers. The attitude of true believers is when they are trying to do something good. They

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see this as an opportunity, an opportunity to build their life for them their next life and the missed opportunity of doing something good saddens them. If we were to miss Sala on time, or miss Sala in congregation or missed an opportunity to help somebody that should as a believer make us sad that we miss the opportunity for something good. And that is the you know, that is the amazing if that's how a person operates, then they will find much good in life. They will find all the opportunities of good and life when the the missing out on something good saddens them. That is a winning attitude. So alum describes the believers as having that. Then of course Allah, Allah

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describes the opposite the people who are lying, the hypocrites in number sebelah are living as the new nakaba home Alinea. This is where the juice begins. I am number 93. The blameworthy are those who are men of wealth yet ask for exemption. They have wealth they have, you know they're physically capable. They have no legitimate excuse to stay away from fighting in this in this army, this draft. And yet they want an exemption. That is the group that's blameworthy. They're content to stay behind with those who stay behind and Allah has sealed their hearts, for whom lie on the moon and pass they do not understand and this is a dangerous thing. When a person lies about their fate to themselves

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because they're lying to themselves. Firstly,

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That is caused for a law ceiling a person's heart and has guidance does not enter. And that is a scary proposition, we ask a lot of protection from that the Prophet Salam would ask a lot of protection from,

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from the hardening of the heart, you know, allow me to become an artist, what was your mood, the line, I asked you a lot to protect from the hardness of the heart. And from the, the stiffness of the I, meaning the I they cannot cry out of, out of fear of Allah, out of love for Allah. I've asked for love for protection from that. And that is what this ayah is referring to as well. The Menaka foreigner described the lie and the lie, the living a lie, and then they lie about why they can participate specifically in this battle. They say they will make excuses Yata Dona la comida Raja to believe him, they will make excuses to you when you return to them. Say don't make any excuses for

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lotta data. Your excuses are nonsense. We will not believe you. God has already informed us about you. Allah will see your actions as well His Messenger, and then you will be returned to the one who knows the answer the seen and the unseen. And he will tell you all that you do. Your excuses are exactly that they're lies and excuses. And we have no time for that. So don't make them a last part that will hold you accountable for the lies that you have told. So handle are very tough words that Allah says about them. And this is, you know, that this is what you know, this is what a person has earned. That's what they've done. That's what they lived. And now the consequences of this, these

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choices is this kind of stern talk from Allah, Allah.

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Allah Patil speaks about the veterans, the veterans are interesting people and Arab are people who don't live in a city, they live, you know, in the desert, and they live in a place for a little bit and they pack up and leave and move to the next place for a little bit. There are nomadic people, and because they're nomadic people, they had distinctly different attitudes towards, towards being a Muslim and towards being committed to like a society of, of believers towards committed to the faithful. And there's many instances of like in Hadith literature where a Bedouin comes to the pub Salaam and ask some questions in a very, like, harsh, interrogative manner. But the problem is very

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gentle. There's an instance of a veteran coming in, urinating in the mosque didn't not really realizing that this is a mosque, and the Sahaba were livid, the problem was calm, and he said, let him be and then then he explained to this man that look, this is a methadone urinate here. And, and then this man, obviously, this lesson, the point is that these were people who were severely you can say there ALC uncultured people, and they were very stubborn. In fact, they were also very much prone to disbelief. And so Allah says, an era Lucia Dooku from Winnie Falcon,

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Eliana mahalo De Anza La La suit, the desert Arabs are more stubborn in their denial of the truth and hypocrisy and the nice likely to be aware of limits which God has revealed His Messenger these people, least likely to adhere to the limits of Allah, most likely to deny Allah and His Messenger most likely to live a lie. That's who these people were so popular now last month was generalizing about them. But he also says, like I said, this is the theme of the Quran. The Quran speaks, talks about the larger subset, but then also speaks about the exception. The exception here is a middle Alabama you know, below he will Yeoman. There are amongst the Bedouins, those who believe in Allah

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and the Last Day and regard what this pen for the cause of a lot as a means of burying them nearer to God and of deserving the prayers of the messenger Parvati in the LA wa salam ala rasulillah. They do this as a way to come closer to Allah as a way to earn the drive of the Messenger of Allah Allah. Right. So when did they bring something as like a donation, the possible may go after them, and they look forward to that door of the prophets, Allah. So Allah, Allah says, there are good people there too. Right? He doesn't generalize the whole there are good people. And he, he mentioned them. And that's the justice. The Quran teaches us, as you have seen, and that's something I've tried to

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highlight in this in this series that Quran speaks justly about people criticizes their actions, criticizes their attitudes, when they're problematic.

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But then is just with the people does not generalize everybody provides context and provides, you know, praises when praises deserved, criticizes when criticism is warranted. And that is a beautiful way of, of discourse. And also it's a beautiful way for us to speak amongst ourselves to learn from the discourse of the Quran. So our discourse can be similar as well. Okay, after that

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pluses describes the believers with a beautiful word as you know.

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This is the Sahaba Allah describes the Sahaba as a Serbia Kunal a Walloon. And this is, you know, like, like this is the praise of all praises the look and give to the Sahaba a Serbia hora Walloon those who led the way they lead the way they pave the road for the rest of us to walk it. And that's an incredible, you know, that's an incredible honor that Allah has bestowed upon them. And how can anybody doubt the Sahaba as a collective, and their integrity and their honor, and their and their station in Islam, when Allah calls him a sambucol allume the ones who lead the way who paved the way from Allah Mohammed in the first of the emigrants. The ones who left MacArthur come to Medina, left

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everything behind, while unsalted, the ones in Medina, who written these people, hosted them, gave them their own wealth, gave them their houses, gave them their businesses, so that they can flourish. Incredible, incredible selflessness the answer? The selflessness of these people is legendary. You go to Medina today, and the inhabitants of Medina are not all descendants of the unsolved. But I tell you the spirit of the unsolved lives in Medina To this day, the people will be so hospitable, you go to the masjid, they will give you food if they if they're eating, they'll share with you whatever they're they're having, is this a general feeling of hospitality and

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welcoming? That is, I believe, a legacy of the unsought the lives on to this day when Medina tavar obeah son and those who followed them nobley

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and that inshallah is us, right, and we hope to be in this category. We're not, of course, the first and the foremost, we're not those who received the, the answer, but we hope to be will have one lady that to whom we assign those who followed them, their path their way, Allah says, it'll be a long line home or the one Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with him. That's the attitude. We're happy with what Allah has given us. We're happy with the laws decree, we are happy with our faith that Allah has chosen us to be of this faith, that, you know, content, that attitude of gratitude, that's the believer. And when we have that Allah is going to be pleased with us as well,

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and will prepare for us gardens through which rivers flow where they dwell forever, we asked a lot to give us this

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interesting little tidbit linguistically, Allah says here Jannat into Gita, hell and heart, this is the only time in the Quran where it says, an hour, not mean that the hell and half the word men from, you know, is missing here. And and there's much, you know, like, what is the reason and one reason perhaps, is that if you notice, in this, in this group, Allah mentions the Sahaba and the ones who are after Sahaba, like us, inshallah.

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But that's not doesn't mention the prophets of Salaam or the other prophets. So mean that he has is to kind of allude to like a higher place in paradise. And that alludes to slightly lower place in paradise. The idea being when Allah includes the prophets, amongst the believers, the prophets, Islam and all the other prophets, then the Jenna that's mentioned is elevated because they are in an elevated place. And when he mentioned just the people, no profit, then the implication is it's a little bit, you know, like, it's still an agenda. It's amazing, but a level below the profits. And that is one thing that, you know, Dr. fuddle, Sameera, for example, mentions, when he explains the

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lack of min in this word, Allahu Alem. The Sahaba law knows best what the reason is, but this is one possible reason. And there is good evidence for that well, okay.

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Last month, that speaks about the the the righteous, the ones, that's who they are. But also he speaks about those who make mistakes, and that's us. And that's the Sahaba two there was a harbor who made mistakes and in the surah, prominently we'll learn about three Sahaba now by name but Allah calls them the three who made a devastating mistake and I will speak about them shortly. Allah says about them What are Haruna Tara who we don't obey Him, there are others who have confessed their wrongdoing, who have done some good and some bad call out to Iman and Sonia handwara, z and mixture of good and bad and to panela that is who we are as human beings, we mix our good deeds with our

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bodies, we have good and we have mistakes, and that is fine. I saw La Jolla to Bali him, it is likely that God should turn turn to them and mercy because he is Forgiving and Merciful. In fact, the proper translation would be here. Allah will forgive them because I sound like me.

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No buses is from Allah a guarantee. So this is a guarantee that Allah will forgive them as long as they have confessed. And this is the first step towards repentance confessing the mistake, confessing that we have done something wrong. That is the first step towards Toba. Once that is done, then the Toba is guaranteed even if the mistakes are recurring afterwards, that's a beautiful thing. So Allah mentions this, this is among the Sahaba Okay, this is among Sahaba and those who come after Sahaba as we will see,

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the this is the passage number 106 that describes what Mr. giovanelli umbrella the Quran starts, you know, plants the seed about what the discussion will come a little bit later, there are those who are whose cases are deferred until it is God's will to judge them, he will either punish them or turn in them turn in mercy to them.

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Last part I will describe their matter very, very shortly game. So this is the believers, they do good they make but they're also the ones who make mistakes, but a lot overlooks their mistakes. There is one interesting little tangent here that Allah mentions in the middle of this passage, which is about saga, which is aimed at the prophets of the Prophet some has been told hosemann Amalia himself the cotton to the hero whom what was the key him behind was salviati. Take arms from of their wealth, to cleanse them and purify them and to end pray for them. Your prayer will be a comfort to them in a salata, casa con alone, Allah is all hearing and all knowing so Pamela Salaam

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would pray for the believers, he would pray like, I show the lamp or the law. And I mentioned that he would pray for us after every Salah the believers, all of us the ones who were at that time alive and the ones who weren't even born yet.

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But specifically when he would take the donation from somebody, someone will come and offer is a donation for the sake of the the community, the province some himself could not take donation By the way, this was haram for him. sadaqa was haram for the Prophet Salaam, he could only accept a gift. This was one of the key characteristics of the Prophet Salaam, but he would obviously be as it as the leader of the community, the head of state, the one in charge of collecting the, the charity and the donation of the community. And then he is advised by Allah, that when you do so, make dua for the people that you take charity from, okay, because your prayer is a source of comfort for them.

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And that's a beautiful manner, that when you take someone's charity, someone's donations, something good that someone is offering, the way you respond to that is through Dora, because that door is a source of comfort and joy. And that is a beautiful son of the Prophet Allah that Allah instilled in him and then we should have the same attitude as well. Okay.

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The hypocrites again, the contrast between the believers and hypocrites. The believers are awesome. The Sahaba are awesome. They are the ones who paved the way and the others will follow them. But we will make mistakes the Sahaba some of them made mistakes will make mistakes. As long as we accept our mistakes we're good to go because Allah will forgive the hypocrites on the other hand, they are lying, lying through their teeth living a lie, and not just living a lie. These are people who are scheming to overthrow the prophets as alum from within these are enemies from within. The law says an ayah 107 Medina Tato Masjid under amaku, from what a free campaigner meaning for l saw the Lehman

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horrible la hora pseudo human capital, while I

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live in Aradhana Illa de la jolla shadow in Nome, the caribou and then there are those who build a mosque to cause harm to spread apostasy and disunity among the believers as an outpost for those who from the outset, Ward on God and His Messenger, they swear our intentions were nothing but good, but God bears witness that they are lying. What is this is speaking about, as you can see, the ayah has some context. And the Quran doesn't always mention the context. because it assumes that to be an obvious thing like that it's something had happened and the eyes revealed. What had happened is obvious to the people at that time. It may not be obvious to us. And for us, we have to then seek an

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explanation of what is the ayah talking about this is an important part of understanding the plan. But there are ayat that have like that keen from Allah as a result of something happening. There's something that happened is not often mentioned, in fact, rarely is mentioned in the Quran, because it is understood to be obvious. It is our responsibility as those who are reading afterwards to find out what happened.

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And what happened is in the books of the fear, and in the books of history, so here we find somebody saying that Magdalena Tato, mazandaran cofra, he says, These are

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people who

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try to invent there was one person specifically, his name was Abu Ahmed. And he was hostile towards the Prophet Salaam, a hypocrite who lived among the Muslims, not really a Muslim, pretending to be a Muslim, extremely hostile towards the problem. And he went to the king of the Roman Empire. And he convinced the Roman Empire to send him an army to overthrow the prophets of Islam and Muslims from within. And the mosque he setup was set up as like a outpost, it was like a place where he could do his spying activities. Okay, those in America, this might sound very familiar to you.

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But this is what he would, this is what he did. This is what he did. And the Prophet system did not know what this man was up to. So this man builds a MOS and he comes to the prophet and he's like, hey, profits are solid, please come and bless my mother by praying it. The problem is some would assume this person is a good person in all like just going by what's apparent. So he goes to pray a lot helps him lotta comfy a burden, do not set foot in it. Only a house of worship founded from the very first day upon piety is worthy of your setting foot there in. So this is some the person was told not to do that. And of course, this man's plan was exposed before any damage could be done.

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Now, the thing that's interesting here is, this is how the enemies work. There is the outright enemies, truth versus false falsehood is outright enemies that are going to be pointing a gun at you. But there is the in the enemies from within the enemies inside. And those are the tough ones. And they're scheming is very difficult to ascertain because in the surface, they don't look like enemies. But this is the nature of life. And this is the struggle of life. And that is a struggle the Prophet son was a part of as well. And a last part out, through this revelation helped him to identify the characteristics. And then he taught that to us afterwards, but sometimes he would

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outright specify the threat here is this person who's done this unacceptable thing. Don't step in this mindset ladder over here, but that also in that, you know, the, the as a contrast, like I said, the whole passage here is a contrast, compare and contrast believer, advocate, believer, hypocrite. So the hypocrite does this. What does the believer do? The believers are the ones who establish the masjid of Koba the first ever mosque. A lot smarter speaks about that method. And he says, This is the mosque that he's referring to write

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the most juicy Salah talk woman over The Omen helppo under coma fee, this is the masjid of Koba the masjid that was established from the very first day upon piety, and then amazing, you know, endorsement by Allah, Allah of the people who lived in the area of Oba, he says about them, that they're establishing this mosque out of piety, ie, sincere intentions, their intentions are pure to please Allah to worship Allah to be followers of His Messenger, so I'll send them and then he says about them, fee, the genuine you have buena takaharu. These are there are people in this mosque who love to purify themselves. And this was a beautiful characteristic of the people of Koba, that they

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would purify themselves, make sure that they were clean, after having, you know, gone to the bathroom. And that was something that they, you know, we're known for, and I love praise them for that because being clean unhygenic is praiseworthy, or law who you have taught me and Allah loves those who purify themselves, the prophet SAW them was so particular about his hygiene sauce on how he would see work, how you would use the miswak to clean him, his his brush his teeth, how he would

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make sure that proper hygiene is practice. If somebody had bad breath, he would ask them to leave them as Is it okay, imagine now.

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He would have extreme like he would take a lot of good care of his hygiene and would teach good hygiene. I would say the horizontal the man the poor and, you know purification is have a fade the poor and praises people who are purifying themselves. And this is a beautiful thing about our faith. It's a faith that focused on purity and hygiene, physically and purity of the soul as well. Both things go together. And that's a beautiful thing here the purity of intention and of course the purity of action. Both are critical. classmarker describes the believers in a very beautiful passage he says in the last thought I mean, I'm Nina infosol mom

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Why don't we anila homegirl Jana God has bought, he purchased from the believers, their lives and their wealth in return for the garden. Okay, the believers it's like they have purchased or Allah has purchased from the believers, their life and as a return for this transaction is going to give them paradise. What does it mean that he has purchased from them their lives meaning the purpose of their life is to please Allah It doesn't mean the purpose of the life is not just didn't sit in the masala and read to rock after two Raka and just read Quran that's contrary in fact that is as far as possible from the Sunnah of the Sahaba By the way, right? And what the I in fact says, but the

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attitude of the believer is my life in masala tea or no Suki Rama, Rama Murthy. lillahi, Rabbil aalameen, my prayer, my sacrifices, my life and my death are all devoted to Allah and that is the attitude that Allah subhanaw taala is highlighting of the believers here specifically, the ultimate sacrifice, the sacrifice of fighting for the cause of Islam in a rightful manner. You call the Luna fee sebelah. They are they fight for the cause of God for yaku to Luna de Lune. They are they kill and are killed in battle like the Battle of the book that's mentioned. Keep the context in mind please. And that is why the gnarly happened without it will ngd will pour and it is a promise

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binding on him in the Torah, the gospel and the Quran. That's a promise that Allah has made throughout time and he is the one who will keep his promises because who is truer and promise than Allah subhana wa Tada. He describes the believers as a de una lava Dune, those who turn in repentance attachable alabi do those who worship the ones who are focused on worshiping Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is also someone who lowers himself. Because, you know, linguistically, it means something that's like lower 30 more up but like a depressed road. So the believer lowers himself, physically but also metaphorically, to Allah commands, the ones who repent, the ones who worship the

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ones who praise the ones at home from sia, how perhaps, to go about in the land, meaning traveling in the earth, for the cause of Allah, whether that is doing good, whether that is to help those who are in need, whether that is in, in aid of those who are oppressed, all of that is on whatever journey needs to be taken the step out of their comfort zones to go and do that sacrificing a rocky rune, their personal worship their folk, they're making little core a sagittarian making such that right, beautiful, this is the attitude that he will not be doing an homage to. Okay, this is the sacrifice as you hone out and about doing God's work. This is their personal worship ragi ruinous

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Judo, then we don't have in Morocco for now. hoonah and Monica are the ones who are commanding the good and stopping the evil, ie standing up for justice staying standing against injustice will have Yoo hoo, nanny who do the law. And of course those who observe the limits appointed by God and Allah is the one question meaning he gives or give good news to the believers if you have these characteristics, and amazing description of the believers, how the totality of their life is dedicated to Allah, the totality of it, and all types in all ways. And like, you know, the people will say the believer is, you know, the one who's like, like rain wherever it falls and brings good

00:33:44--> 00:34:30

that's what the believer is supposed to be like. Then the Quran talks about the three who stayed behind. Okay, the three who stayed behind the Sahaba, who made the mistake, the critical mistake of procrastinating until it was too late. And this is three Sahaba God even Malik Hillel a bit over a year, and marrara, even robbia these were three Medina and Sahaba. And of the three of these, the most prestigious was Gavin and Malik, the one who was at the present at the pledge of allegiance, when the Prophet Salaam was taking the pledge from the people of Medina to come to Makkah so he was there from like day one of the long run, and part of all the battles part of all the struggles. This

00:34:30--> 00:34:32

is a man who has, you know, like a,

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

a decorated resume of sacrifice for the sake of Allah and His messenger. But on the Battle of the book, he procrastinated, he, he delayed, he delayed until it was too late. Now he could have lied. He could have made some excuse here is a man who has a whole lifetime of sacrifices could have gotten away with one little excuse. That's not really true, right? But that's not how

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Have a word. That is not how the province alum, train them, he trained them to tell the truth. So Allah says, The Khattab Allahu Allah, maybe God turned in mercy to the Prophet Salaam and the immigrants, the helpers who followed him in the hour of hardship, after the hearts of a group of them had almost faltered. He turned towards them for he was compassionate and merciful towards them, sir, I think Ursula calls that the battle, the hour of hardship, because it was really tough. It was the Arabian summer, it was the time where the farmers in Medina would harvest their crops. So you give up your crops, you have to travel, be away from your family for so long in the oppressive heat

00:35:40--> 00:35:59

of Arabia. That is no joke. It's no joke. So Alas, Parata says he was there to support those who whose hearts were faltering. Alaska was there to support them, and then they, you know, fulfill the command of the problem and then went on the expedition,

00:36:01--> 00:36:09

or Allah salata, but the three who stayed behind, they lost power, turn to them in mercy. They were,

00:36:11--> 00:36:15

you know, they were the ones who had to their punishment was when the person came back.

00:36:17--> 00:36:54

They were asked, why did you not follow the profits on them, and they said, You're so low, we have no excuse. So the problem banned conversation with them, their punishment was that no one was allowed to speak to them. And that continued for days on end, exceeding a month, until last month to reveal this ayah. And this was such a difficult time for them because they were totally cut off from society. No one would even respond to the Sallam that they would give. And this is a devastating punishment. But this is the punishment that they

00:36:55--> 00:37:07

that they had to face as a consequence of the choices that they made. But the thing that set them free, is that they told the truth. They told the truth, they didn't lie.

00:37:08--> 00:37:13

And that's what made them a lot a lot of swans that says about them, what

00:37:15--> 00:37:57

to Motavalli him Leah to who he turned to them so they may turn to him. He subhana wa Taala accepted their mistake, accepted their repentance and then turn to the to him or turn or to them even forgiveness in the homework. For him he's ever forgiving, Most Merciful. This was because they did not lie like the hypocrites fabricate, lied, and made excuses that were false. The Sahaba did not lie, had to suffer the consequences because you violated the command of the leader of the of the head of state. You didn't enlist in the draft for no legitimate reason. Right.

00:37:58--> 00:38:44

So they had to pay the consequences for their actions. But the truth is what set them free and that's why a lot Papa accepted their repentance. And that's why we celebrate their truthfulness. The ISS. Yeah, you live in amla de la Hakuna Masada, believers fear God and stand with the truthful, it's tempting to lie, but don't lie, the truth will actually set you free. And that's what the Sahaba did, as panela they remained faithful and steadfast, despite the difficulties that they face. The Ayah also concludes with some concluding remarks, it makes some remarks about jihad, about jihad, Allah says, you know, the prophet, fight those who are near to you, meaning like, you know,

00:38:44--> 00:39:27

the on your boundaries, and be, you know, be firm. Because when in matters of warfare, and this is again, think of this as this is a lot speaking to the Prophet some as the head of state, okay, this is not like some individual rogue, you know, person or some Renegade or whatnot. No, this is the problem as the head of state, this is your foreign policy, this is the Department of Defense, okay? That when you engage in battle you are for in battle, and this is not like every other civilization, every country has the same idea. But alas, pantelis has this as opposed to them that this is the reality for believers, as well. But also the reality of the believers is that it's not right, that

00:39:27--> 00:40:00

all the believers go out in the time of war altogether. You know, there should be a group of people, but falola never, I mean, califa at a minimum thought. Why not? Then a party from every group come to the Prophet some in acquire in order to acquire a deeper understanding of the religion to warn their people so that they can guard themselves against evil, meaning that there should be a group of people, dedicated academics and scholars, who, even in the time of war are not going to the battlefield. They're dedicated to the academic study of

00:40:00--> 00:40:17

Islam and the teaching and preaching of Islam, the balance has to be struck. It cannot be out of whack, that the society has to keep a balance in times of peace and in times of war. And that's a beautiful message of the Quran, the message of balance

00:40:19--> 00:40:24

last month that concludes by mentioning that the attitude towards Islam should be

00:40:25--> 00:41:06

from Allah Dena Amano for those who believe it increases their faith and they rejoice the commands of Allah, the ayat of Quran should cause us like our feature become firm as we understand them. And as you practice that as you practice fasting, as we practice whatever it is we're doing, it should increase our faith and that should be a source of celebration. The sutra concludes by Allah mentioning the prophets of Allah there's a come to you a messenger from your own eyes ease on Allah Hema on it I'm you're suffering the stresses him sauce on them, he is deeply concerned for your welfare, full of kindness and mercy towards a believer. And if you turn away, then say, has to be a

00:41:06--> 00:41:49

law God suffices me there is no deity but he in him I have put my trust and He is the Lord of the glorious throne. The Prophet summons described as the Merciful One, the one who cared The one who was compassionate, even though he's being told to being rough or be deal firmly with his enemies, the prophet some his nature was very kind and very gentle. And as I showed you, his enemies from within the province and would ask Allah for forgiveness for them. The hypocrites, the one who was the worst instigator, the worst enemy from within. The Prophet even had the heart to forgive him to pray. His janazah prayer tells you about how amazing of a character he was so solemn, and that's who

00:41:49--> 00:42:31

he was, and that's how we should inspire. That's what we should aspire to be as well. Next Surah Surah Yunus. So Eunice begins by saying, you know our people, does it seem strange the people that Allah has sent a man from among them reciting the revelations, because the last hoorah ended with the merciful loving messenger. Next surah begins talking again about the messenger, it's also known as being the one bringing the message from Allah, Allah. But this surah is actually a Moroccan surah. This is not in Medina in Surah, surah Toba was revealed around the last battle. The problem fought during it a little bit after it a little bit before it around that time. This is like the

00:42:31--> 00:42:53

really real end of the life of the problem. This is now our rewind in time the prophets Islam is in Mecca. And now he's still convincing people that Allah is the truth. Allah is and he is the truth and this religion is the truth. And that is the theme of the surah. Allah is the truth, this word repeats 23 times in the surah. And the Prophet some would,

00:42:54--> 00:43:42

you know, in this in the surah arguments are made to talk about how, like how to recognize who Allah is, okay, an analysis of this belief and analysis of Cofer, ie in gratitude. how Allah, Allah is the truth, on arguments that are less popular makes to highlight that point, all of these things are discussed in Surah Yunus. The name comes from number 98 the people of unison Sha we'll get there and discuss how that name comes about. A lot smarter says in this surah describing the Quran as Ayatollah Kitab al Hakim these are the word verses of the Book of Wisdom Al Kitab al Hakim, the book that has wisdom in it, Elif Lama or the disjointed letters, it is a reference deca is for something

00:43:42--> 00:44:31

that's far a reference the Quran is high in esteem. The Quran is something that's not just, you know, any other speech, it is lofty, and it is full of wisdom and describes the Prophet cillum the Prophet Islam His job is an ended in US war mankind, right to warn people of the punishment, but also not just warning, Warning Warning all the time, but surely Lavina I'm gonna give glad tidings to the believers. It's a combination of hope in Allah's mercy and fear of loss, punishment, that is the combination that is like the two wings of the bird. If you cut one off, the bird will collapse. That is how we understand the relationship of warning and hope. Fear in a loss of loss punishment,

00:44:31--> 00:44:59

open Allah's mercy, okay. describes the creation of Allah, Allah, beautiful ayah that describes the creation of Allah in Arabic como la, la la la casa Mati well your Lord is is Allah who created the heavens and the earth in six days. Then he ascended the throne to must Allah Allah is upon the throne, you who Lama he disposes of every matter everything

00:45:00--> 00:45:33

is in his hands. It is his command. It is his destiny that we live out by him in Sheffield and London by the evening. There is none that will intercede with him saved with His permission, ie no one can come and speak on behalf of another person on the Day of Judgment is no favors only a last pass Allah is the one who allows people to speak on behalf of somebody as a way of honoring the person who's speaking. Okay. intercession that eco la hora bukem that is God

00:45:34--> 00:45:41

your Lord Babu who the point of understanding and recognizing, recognizing him Excuse me, is to worship him.

00:45:43--> 00:46:29

What is some beautiful Ayat of Allah? tala look at this he is he originates the creation in nahu yerba Olson, then he restores it, I become into existence. And then we are you know, we passed away and then we are brought back to life. Leah dizzy alladhina amanu Aminu solly hottie because, but this also continues in the world. The earth is you know, flourishing and blooming and then you know, the weather changes and it's, you know, everything fizzles away, and then it's brought back to life, and then it fizzles away. That's right back to life that fizzles away this idea of you have an old calcasieu Merida who have gotten married to who it's a beautiful thing that we observe and a lot of

00:46:29--> 00:47:18

points to it. And he mentions it. These are not these are signs of a lot outside, observe them be awed by them. Recognize the creator through them. He says who will love ijarah shamsul bleah and it is the one who made the sun a radiant bright brilliant light blue. Yeah, the thing that gives off energy well come on neuron, the moon shed its luster nor is cool soft light. There is warm light. That's a beautiful description. The sun is obviously the warm light, it's heat we can feel and we know that it is the one that's giving the energy and the moon is reflecting it. Okay, so Allah describes his beautiful creation that look at that. Okay, well Katara human as well. He has ordained

00:47:18--> 00:47:47

the moon to be stages how the crescent is formed and then you know it's a full moon and then it goes back. All right litella more under the sun Nina will have this is so that we could you know mark our calendars. Mahalo, Allahu Allah, Allah will have He has created all of this with a purpose. There is a clear purpose. All of this creation is an order. The creation of Allah is in perfect order in harmony. It works like clockwork. Okay. Do you think this is just all random? That's what Allah is asking.

00:47:48--> 00:48:07

Mahalo falafel Delica. There is obviously it's not random. Allah is the one who's behind it. And this is a clear, you know, intentional creation. Likewise, your life has a purpose as well. You first sit on it, he called me on the moon he makes pleine his revelations to men of understanding in the

00:48:08--> 00:48:52

interview Rafi lady when the howdy mahalo cola who is similar to the Ayatollah Khomeini at the Poon the signs of a law that are on the outside, and the signs of a law that are on the inside, signs of a lot that are on the outside, I eat the book, outside the book, are the alternation of the night and the day, and then all that Allah has created. There are great signs for the people who want to be close to Allah who want to be fearing of Allah, Allah to recognize Allah, there are signs all around us. And that is what a lot is pointing to, to find out and recognize who is we look at his amazing, magnificent creation, the amazing order of it, that it is truly from the one who is the

00:48:52--> 00:49:40

truth, created with the truth, whether purpose analysis of this belief, Cofer has two meanings, generally, meaning of disbelief, rejecting Allah, meaning of ingratitude, you know, someone who doesn't really show gratitude to a last part that both meanings are there. And the root meaning of it is to bury something deep and hide something. So it is like something that is like a seed that's buried inside or buried under the sand under the earth, and hidden under the depths, that darkness and then the seed being that darkness is, is to cover it and to stifle it. Now, Allah says about the idea of growth. He says he gives reason why people this belief, like what's the reason what causes

00:49:40--> 00:49:59

people to reject a lot, even if they recognize his great science? He says those who entertain no hope are meaningless. ly originally thought they have no interest in working for the next life. What are Google hire to do here? They are actually happy with this life, what am I and we have the content to live

00:50:00--> 00:50:32

And to eat, and then to die and have no care for what, though what life after begins with a loving one loving home on it now if you don't, these are the people who give no heat to our signs, they may study the science, but they may not understand the signs in that science, they may not understand that the earth coming back to life, the cycle of life that Allah has created and shown us and the perfection of his creation, all of that shows that he is the one who's in charge.

00:50:34--> 00:51:22

They are often they have no heat to that. That's the people whose manhwa homeowner, their abode is the fire, meaning the reason for cover. The reason for this belief is being content with the material pleasures of this world. That is a very, very devastating reason for disbelief. And that is a reason for disbelief among people who enjoy luxuries of life, I would say a lot of the people who disbelieve in our time, especially in the areas that we live in, and they have rejected the idea of faith is because they're indulging in the luxuries of life. And that causes them to reject the idea of the next life. The the fedora that Allah created them upon, to search for God to worship Him is

00:51:22--> 00:52:03

very deep deep inside of them until the point it suffocates and die. That is what Cofer means. And that is one of the main reasons for it. So pile lots of scary I uh, you know, we should be mindful of how we consume and not become indulgent. And that's one of the things that fasting does, it breaks the cycle of indulgent consumption, it forces us to break that cycle. And that is a beautiful way to detach ourselves from from the pleasures of the world. Of course, there's a contrast of the believers. In the Latina Amina Amina solly had those who believe and do righteous their Lord guides them because of their faith, their faith is what causes them to do good. And due to their faith,

00:52:03--> 00:52:48

Allah guides them and they are going to of course be in Gardens under which rivers will flow at their feet a lot spotless talks about a sign of those who don't recognize a lot a sign of disbelief. A sign of gopher well what does that look at this is number 12. Well, it must sell inside a door. When trouble befalls a person. He prays to us all the time, lying on his side sitting or standing, Oh Allah, just please get rid of this. For me. All of these helped me get out of this situation. But I'm not gonna shove nanhu dororo. But then when we remove his struggle, he goes about his ways, as if he had never prayed to us for the removal of his trouble, as if he had never prayed at all in the

00:52:48--> 00:53:20

first place. Because alakazoo unanimous rufina McHenry Avenue, and thus it is that the doings of the transgressors are made to look fair to them, those who are again indulgent in the life of this world and the luxuries of this life, when hardship comes about maybe that causes a temporary returned to Allah, Allah, and that, you know, is a, you know, a time to make. But then when those troubles leave, they forget about Allah and just proceed as if they have never, ever engaged with the last panel or never ever, you know, made art to him.

00:53:22--> 00:54:06

And that Subhanallah is a sign of those who don't really recognize a lot. They don't, right. It's just a way to find some solace. And that kind of attitude, pushes them further into this belief. You know, sometimes, the people of the people of Qureshi met say this very interesting thing when I took him to Nova unit and our clear revelations are recited to them, those who do not expect to meet us lie on June on the call and again, the rejection of the next slide is the key, you know, root cause of disbelief mentioned here. They say bring us a different for an E book or an invitee had overdone who would change it, you know, what's the big deal change this religion? Just pray, you know, when

00:54:06--> 00:54:51

you get home, don't wait have to pray right now, that kind of attitude, as if like, I am determining the times of prayer myself, no, I don't do that actually. The Times of prayer are determined by God and instructed to us by our messengers on them. And that attitude of like, students or, you know, change this about the religion, again, tells you about a person who doesn't understand the reality of faith. And it is one of the, you know, the symptoms of this belief, this lackadaisical attitude. A last part that talks about the disbelief is not the hustle. It's not the the original state of humans are not good enough in that regard. And so, the wider mankind was only one community, then

00:54:51--> 00:54:59

the different IE mankind was all united upon the heath upon worshipping Allah, but then that

00:55:00--> 00:55:34

Then they had deviants in their theology. Then they started to take their righteous as you know, like saints and then elevating them above the level of a human until those people became gods and then became idols. And then idol worship became a thing. So while Allah Kadima tonsa Nakamura, Rebecca de avena, who had not been for a prior word from your Lord, their differences would have been settled for that meaning this his world is not the time or not the place where Allah will settle these differences. The next life is where Allah will settle these differences among the people.

00:55:36--> 00:56:10

The attitude of gratitude, a lot sparkler mentions how a gopher as an in gratitude shows up in people's attitude. Look at this I again whether a document NASA Rama, the idea of trials, but this is a slight twist, or a slight different one. When we let mankind tastes mercy after some adversity has affected them. They fall with Kern who devising false false arguments against our science in Atlanta. sarama nimbala. Rama Sato is Allah who microfi it now, okay, this is a person who

00:56:12--> 00:56:39

has who suffered, and then something good happen to them. And that doesn't make them more thankful that trauma lived on and corrupted their mindset and corrupted their soul to the point where they thought this whole thing is all just made up. And then they started to present arguments that are false. And I've seen people who've done this, so panela like when they speak, this is the idea that comes to mind that lomography is in a

00:56:40--> 00:57:25

difficult times I am number 22, who will ever use a zero config variable. It is God who enables you to travel on land and on C command you are sailing on ships and rejoicing in the favorable wind, a storm arrives. trouble comes with geranium and the waves surge upon those who are on board from every side. Well, one No no, he loved him and they think that they are done. They're encompassed everywhere there is like, you know, a storm, there's waves and there's thunder and there's wind blowing. The thing is all over the our la McAleese nodine, then they make a fervent appeal to God saying in all sincerity, if you deliver us from this, we will surely be thankful all law, please

00:57:25--> 00:57:33

just help us get out of this difficult time. Oh, law, please does this test. Let me you know, get a plus in this exam. And then I'll be a good person

00:57:34--> 00:58:17

for the manager whom either whom you have a wound up in ldb, right. And when he has delivered them, they go back again. And they go back to their old ways. This is the attitude of ingratitude. Right? difficult times, or lower or low, please, please, please, good times, completely, have no idea or completely have no connection to Allah, Allah have nothing to do with faith. And that's the attitude of gratitude that Allah mentions. And that's what that's the, the rotten fruit of disbelief. That's the rotten fruit of indulgence in this life. And that's what Allah spotland mentions here, forgetting a few minutes to just finish up a few more things. Allah mentions the example of life in

00:58:17--> 00:58:59

the mammoth a little higher, to dunya exactly example of life of this world is like water which we send from the sky, and which is absorbed by the plants of the earth, from which men and cattle eat, right? It's like water, and then water. You know, this is like a love bringing something to life, the water is a way of bringing something to life. Now the earth the plants is what life is like. It looks beautiful, it looks amazing, flourishing blooming. But then Hata, either a hospital or those who prefer when the earth has taken on its finest appearance was the unit and looks beautiful. Bhavana knew her unknown cause sooner or later, it's people think that they have it under control,

00:58:59--> 00:59:17

meaning the luxuries of life causes us to think that there is no there is no accountability, there's nothing all that we have is because of us. And all that we have in front of us is it that's life at a Muna Leyland Omaha run.

00:59:18--> 01:00:00

Our command comes by day or by night, and we convert it to a field of stubble as if it had nothing had existed before a lambda when a bill comes in it goes away and it ceases to exist. And thus we make plain our revelations for those who reflect meaning life of this world is it's fickle. It's fragile. We don't have control over everything. You could go from 100 to zero very fast. And that is a sign that you are not in control. Allah is in control. And that is a sign that this life is not the be all end all the life of the next world. The next life is the

01:00:00--> 01:00:29

priority. That's the sign that Allah wants us to understand. That is the reality of life that he wants to convey. The surah continues to talk about that how Allah is. He wants good for us. These are examples that he gives us. And he wants good Well, you're the ruler that is set up he invites to the abode of peace, and he guides who he wills for the straight path. That is a law is the law that talks about some logical arguments about a loving the truth.

01:00:30--> 01:00:35

If I could just maybe take a couple minutes to come conclude that one of those arguments is is number.

01:00:39--> 01:00:41

I am number let's look at

01:00:44--> 01:00:46

number 34. Very beautiful io

01:00:47--> 01:01:11

menchaca eco Maria, Casa Marina, can any one of your partner Gods originate creation and then reproduce it? Gunilla, who we are without hakama It is God who originates the creation and restores it Allah starts the process of creation and then the the process of creation continues with his command for another for Kuhn, how can you be so misled?

01:01:12--> 01:01:55

This is the idea can you know can other deities do anything like create a create the creation of big bring into existence? No can a human being create the Create creation and bring into existence? No, of course not. So those are things that the Quran points out and highlights as you know logical arguments about a love being the truth about the profit or some being just a profit from a loss patola when because the book of Apulia homily will Kumamoto Kuhn, if they reject you say my deeds are mine, and yours are yours. I am not accountable for your actions, you are not accountable for my actions. Well, anybody who matter I'm alone, my job is to convey the message. That's what the

01:01:55--> 01:02:14

prophets job is. Allah explains the prophets sauce on the job is not to, you know, like his job is to just continue to convey and do his work. The results are not guaranteed even for the profit. This is keep in mind makansutra write the results as in like a last part that says wait a minute in Nevada in Idaho.

01:02:15--> 01:02:55

Whether we show you something of what we have promised, or cause you to die before that I eat, you may live to see the fruition of our promise, promise or profit or you may not, that is not guaranteed the fruition of a lost promise is guaranteed. Whether you live to see it or not. You don't have any guarantee of that. That's what the prophet has been told. That same thing applies to us. If we're working towards something that is a large cause. You may not live to see that cause come to fruition. You may you may not but the one who trusts Allah will know the cause will be brought to fruition inshallah, as long as a person is sincere. The key is that it's the cause is

01:02:55--> 01:03:09

brought to fruition and it's important not whether you see it so you get you know, satisfaction and gratification from it the profit some mentions or he's explained to him and that's who you are all profits are some don't

01:03:11--> 01:03:40

don't judge the like your effort or your life by only the results. Judging by the effort as well. Okay, a lot smarter describes some logical arguments is number 67. If I can skip to that and I have crime kids in the house Pinilla already janela como de la Lita, Sanofi one mobile zero, it is he was made the night dark for you so that you may rest in it and the day or source of light

01:03:42--> 01:03:53

surely there are signs in this for people. Listen, so pan Allah, Allah how he has created the system of the universe. The night is dark for us to rest. You know that's

01:03:54--> 01:04:41

the day is bright so we can work it sets up our lives. It sets up our schedules. Allah is the one who set it up for us. A lot. Pamela is the one who's done this for us there in that is assigned for those who listen who contemplate as well. Last thing is the surah talks about three stories of profits first is profit. No Halle salon and his story show the trust that these people have, you know, he says no one is a lamb for Allah He tacos I trust in God, do whatever you have to do, I trust in God, because Allah is the truth, and the last pileup and the Jaina who Mr. Ullswater saved him miraculously. Then he talks about Musa la sala now musallam and we've spoken at length about his

01:04:41--> 01:04:52

struggle, right, like a couple of days ago. But what is very interesting in this ayah, or in this passage about Musab Islam is musala Islam. Number one.

01:04:53--> 01:05:00

benissa is making their own and Allah praises them for their door again, for those who say that Jews are hated

01:05:00--> 01:05:42

Upon the Quran, it's a trope that is inaccurate and frankly, you know, just it's blasphemous, the Quran, look, Earth Mother praises them for making life a call to Allah, whatever color they are even So instead we put our trust in our Lord, our Lord Mika is not a trial subject of persecution for the oppressors and save us by your mercy Deliver us by your mercy ear, that law is being praised. There trust in Allah is being praised. Now, what's interesting about this passage that doesn't come in other passage, passages is this scene where musala salam is saved. And now the fair most of the time and the children of Israel are saved and the pharaoh is drowning. Okay?

01:05:44--> 01:05:51

He the other alcoholic, he is about to drown the pharaoh now exclaims La Ilaha Illa.

01:05:52--> 01:06:39

Allah, Allah, Allah, He says, I believe that there is no deity saving, save him, in whom the children of Israel believe and I am those what a nominal muslimeen I'm a Muslim. This is the pharaoh saying it but Allah says it's too late for you to make this statement now. I'll and or al Anna only now, because later abbulu when you had always been a rebel, and always had been a wrongdoer? No, it's too late for you to make this repentance. You have done too much wrong in life. Again, trusting in Allah. Allah is a very interesting aspect, but it also means you don't delay your good until it's too late. And the pharaoh is held up as an example. Lastly is the example of Eunice la sala, which

01:06:39--> 01:07:22

is a nation that was being punished for Lola cannot call the ATO nominate for Nevada, he Manuel de la comunidad. Why was there no other people save the people of Jonah, who should have believed so that they're so that their belief would have benefited them. This is what happened with the people of Jonah universalism. He left earlier than he was commanded to he was supposed to be there until the end, he left early out of anger because he was angry with his people and the people. They hadn't fully received the message. So somehow when the punishment came, Allah, Allah, they repented. They asked Allah for forgiveness, and Allah paused and in fact removed the punishment from them. And then

01:07:22--> 01:08:01

the newness lesson was returned to them. He found his people to be believers. So they were the only exception to the rule that when the punishment comes, it's too late. The people of Yunus was the exception. And the reason why the exception was because unison Assalam was the one who faltered in delivering the message fully and that is something that a lot pantalla mentions here in the end of surah Yunus talking about trusting Allah, Allah, and how he is the truth because I've known him for sticking around to the very end I appreciate that shot tomorrow we will pick up from solitude, so number 11 inshallah Tada. The beginning of the 12th jos subhanak Allahumma, will be handed Ganesha

01:08:01--> 01:08:06

de la Ilaha. Illa. anta the stump Furukawa to Pharaoh Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh