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Muiz Bukhary
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Today we're going to be learning and discussing 10 very common words that we come across often men reading the Noble Quran. And this is in a move to familiarize ourselves with the words of our beloved maker in shoutout.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam. So common word number one for this video is the word that Lika as you can see on the card, now this word you find it

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right at the beginning, in sort of Baja, which is the second chapter in the Noble Quran. In ayah. Number two, our maker he uses this word. Now this word is actually a demonstrative pronoun. Now, this is used to demonstrate or indicate to us something that is far away. And the meaning for this word is that so Allah says in the noble for uninstaller, Baccarat.

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me Danny can kita

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a radical keytab that book la Buffy there's no doubt in it, who then lil McCarthy in his guidance for the people of taqwa. So, this word is used in this particular ayah and we have now familiarized ourselves with the liquor. Moving on to word number two, which is the feminine version of that liquor, the word of the card till

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now, this word again in circle Bukhara, Allah subhanho wa Taala he uses it in is number 134 or maker he says, the

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font, the font, I

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guess I

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can guess EBIT on Well,

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we know and when tilka Matan, now, that was a nation for the harlot that has passed lahemaa kapsabet Well, I can mark as a bottom and that nation will have the consequences of what it has earned. And you will have what you have earned while to aduna American ohyama loon and you will not be asked about what they used to do. So tilka on Mattern. Now the word oma which is translated as nation is a feminine word. So therefore, you see tilka being used, making reference to oma tilaka automaton, that nation. So now we are familiar with Delica, and the feminine version of Delica, which is tilka. So now that we've discussed demonstrative pronouns that indicate two things or people that are far

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away, let's discuss another two words, that are again demonstrative pronouns, but are used for things or people who that are nearby, close by. So, you have word number three, which is had that as you can see on the card, ha, ha, that is again a demonstrative pronoun, which is translated as this and it is used to indicate two things or people who are close by, or that are close by. So Allah Subhana Allah Allah He uses this word in the third chapter in order for answer on I am number 51.

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In no no longer be a

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farmer do.

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Mr. T came in Allah hi Robbie, wha bukem fabuleux Indeed, Allah is my Lord and your Lord fabu. So worship him has Serato Mr. Clean this is the straight path. So as you can see how that is being used to refer to serata Mr. Clean, this is the straight path IE worshiping Allah subhanho Adana, this is the straight path. Now moving on to the feminine version of hatha which is word number four, as you can see, the card had the he the word has he again this is translated as this. And this particular word is used as a demonstrative pronoun to refer to the two things or people in the feminine gender. So Allah subhanho wa Taala he uses the word in Surah Al Baqarah, which is the second chapter number

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He has a Virginia he says what

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was your

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Got intention that

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he showed

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me no no Namie wahconah and we said yeah them oh Adam was gonna enter was ojochal Jenna Oh Adam you and your wife dwell in paradise wakulla minha Ramadan hi sushi Toma and eat there from from wherever you will, while at Aqaba, but do not approach has he shujaa this tree. Now the word shujaa is feminine in gender. So happy he is used by Allah subhanho wa Taala in this particular Ayah to refer to the tree while at the Kaurava do not approach do not get close, have he shujaa to this particular tree to this tree, that akuna Minal volley mean lest you be from amongst those who are volley moon wrongdoers, so, as you can see, has he he is used in this particular area and in many other places

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as well. So, now Alhamdulillah we are familiar with the alika tilka hadda. And had he So, we dealt with a few demonstrative pronouns. Now let's talk about two prepositions. The next common word that we come across is this particular one eila

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as you can see on the card, so Allah is a preposition that is translated as on and you will see this particular preposition coming in the noble on many places too. So for example, we have it being used again in social Baccarat is Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says,

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follow him while

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adding him to the show.

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The cotterman law, Allah has set a seal, I love Hulu beat him upon their hearts while a summary him upon their hearing wila busara him and upon their vision over their vision. So as you can see, Ella is used thrice in this ayah Allah to be him more or less, him while I busara him. Allah has set a seal over their hearts over it as an upon, on their hearing and upon their vision. Moving on to the next preposition, as you can see, on the card. It is ILA

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now Ella can be translated as to

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another preposition just like either but but Ella with a Hamza Allah is within with a iron it's sharp I'm here it's inner with Hamza. So Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in Surah Baqarah which is chapter number two i number 195. While Toby a the Nila can see no in no no longer

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see any

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while to cool the ID Camila De Luca. In other words, do not throw yourselves with your own hands Illa to attack Luca towards destruction, do not throw yourselves through your own hands towards destruction to destruction. When I say no, do good in Allah you hate balm of sin in Indeed, Allah loves the doers of good male lawmakers from the doers of good I mean,

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now let's discuss two nouns, or other it's just one noun, the singular version of it and the plural version of it. So as you can see on the card, this is the noun called bone

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called bone.

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Now, with this particular noun, one must take precautions because you have a very similar sounding noun with just one letter that is different.

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But the meaning drastically changes so called Boone, the one that I just showed you, with the with a cough, called boon is translated as hot. But on the other hand, if it were to be pronounced with a cough as kelburn it is translated as dog. So collarbone, heart kelburn dog, we are dealing with the heart in Sharla Tana so Allah subhanho

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Allah He uses this word in Surah Al Baqarah, which is the second chapter I a number 97. Where he says, Coleman can

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be can be

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Mossad De Palma, de Kooning, Mossad de Pon Lima

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bush Ronnie, many

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called se O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam man can I do one Li gibreel whoever is an enemy to gibreel to jabril Alex Lazarus Allah to the angel Gabriel for inaho nas Ella who Allah called Bic, it is none but he who has brought the Quran who has who comes down with the Quran, Allah called Vic upon So Allah is used and now you are familiar with the preposition Allah you know what Allah means it means upon on, called Big the word called is now used your heart are referring to the heart of Muhammad Sallallahu le USA Sallam so called is a word that is used in the noble Koran often and it is translated as hot. Now the plural version of cold as you can see on the card is kulu. So the

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singular version of it is called and the plural of it is kulu. And

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I think you yourselves would recall that we came across the plural version of calm where we were discussing Allah. Allah says in the noble for an Hata ma Allahu Allah kulu be him. Allah has set a scene upon their heart. So you can use that ayah as a reference for this particular word, the plural version of called Allah pulumi him has said a seal upon their hearts, may Allah subhanho wa Taala keep our hearts soft, supple and filled with positivity and faith, the light of faith and even I mean now the last two that I have to share with you all is metta number nine meta meta can be translated as when Allah says in the Noble Quran and sort of Eunice which is the 10th chapter I

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number 48 why oh no, no, my dad

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saw the and they say Mehta when had Eduardo when is this promise when is the fulfillment of this promise in quantum saw the theme if you should be truthful, so meta means when the last one on the list number 10 is kafer as you can see the card the kafer can be translated as how and by the way k fan mata interrogatives they used the form of questioning meta when kafer how they might have come across kafer in the usage of kafer Hi Luke, how are you? Okay. So kafer in the Quran, you come across it as well a lots of kind of medallion sort of Bopara he says

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I am number 28 gave

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so that I Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, k fetac fu Nebula, how can you reject How can you disbelieve in Allah? Well quantum water, when you were lifeless for a higher come, and he brought you to life Summa you made to come then he will cause you to die from you he come and then he will bring you back to life from LA he told ya own and then to Him you will be returned. Now and that is the word kafer is used as an interrogative How does used to ask a question? How so kafer is used in in in such a way. So 1010 common words that come across the Koran inshallah, there will be more videos with more words to familiarize ourselves with the words of our noble maker so that whenever

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we read the Quran whenever we are in Salah, we are familiar with these words and we will connect and we will relate to the meanings in sha Allah Tyler, I look forward to talking to you also in Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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