Oppression on Earth

Hasan Ali


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The speaker discusses the negative impact of losing land and being in a awkward situation. They use an analogy of a court system where a judge's opinion is the ultimate judge. The speaker emphasizes the importance of protecting one's land and being aware of the consequences of losing it.

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People don't know these things. That's when people get into solid frustration. You're in a situation where your right was taken away from you.

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Your heart was taken away from you. And it could even happen. Nobody came in and just explained this to you.

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Sometimes there happens in awkward ways. Your work was taken away from you, because of how this other person put their case in front of the judge. Sometimes it happens that you lost, you lost your land. And it was because of the person how he spoke. Now, sometimes, even the most religious person in the most balanced judge sometimes because they are they're doing the best.

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They can sometimes make a mistake,

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in the judgment is not that they did anything wrong themselves, is the case of the hair. Let's see. Let me give you an example. The hadith Mohan, two men came to the Prophet of Allah azza wa jal. Both men claim the same piece of land

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is a Hadith in Bukhari to sahih. Hadith. This is who else this is the best individual ever to live on this earth, the most perfect person to sue Lawson, Allah azza wa jal, He's the judge, these two people come, both playing the same land, the prophet Allah and listens to this listens to person A, then he listens to person B, they listen to person A and then B and an A and B. And listen, this is one of them. The hadith says Kana al Han, he was very, very eloquent in his speech in how he presented his argument. He was so worried he spoke so well and he was pitched against somebody else, the man who couldn't speak that way. Who couldn't you know what, sometimes you

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you fumble you know, the right over you fumble, you don't get the words, right. You don't know how to contract the the person's arguments, and you don't have to present your arguments in a coherent way. And you kind of seem like, you know, you're not you know that but the other person presented his argument wonderfully.

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And he said all the right things, and the person has listened and listened. Listen, in the end.

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He said, The person who spoke so well and gave his, you know, his arguments over the line and all this evidence for this land, probably, he gave, he said, It's your land.

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And both of them started to walk up. And you realize lamb came. And he said to the Messenger of Allah Luxman, something and the profit and loss and then said a hadith as well. He said, sometime, he said, In Nama is it is I am just just making a judgment here. It never occurred to me, I'm making a judgment.

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And I'm going to make the knock on my smart means is that I'm going to make the judgment based upon what I've heard from you. But if one of you has taken the wrong piece of land, wrong, wrong thing that is not theirs, then there's going to be distances punishment for the person often made that stick and lifted, meaning that the person who was so eloquent in their speech, sometimes they can influence the situation and protect things to move their way. Now