Ahmed Hamed – The Unification of the Armed Forces

Ahmed Hamed
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of unification of the armed forces and the unification of the Armediteries in achieving security and stability for the nation. They emphasize the need to use the means in order to gain the help of young people and strengthen the nation's security and stability. The speaker also mentions the importance of building a network of people to ensure stability and security for all societies.
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Alright Eagle, life will handle the diver with me.

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I don't care why he was heavy as rain. Breezes belong to our last cansada we breathe and we seek His help and support read on outmatches we said Peace and blessings upon the last of the prophets, the leadoff or the cinders. What about the southern hour it was my brothers and sisters Welcome to Juma hoods about 70. The toughest

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is unification of the armed forces, is Young is a complete and balanced place in tweed gardens in all the areas of lice in all directions.

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Along with ERISA has gone through the war on Andrew the example of the prophets of Allah. And he was read social, economical or military and unification of the armed forces, how a lot it is something which is white for any nation presents distractions, stability and security universities but because it's something which basically helps the nation to grow and develop, especially when it comes to our armed forces and the unification of the Armed Forces is wanted. And you've had a lot it is important to know

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this and retrain controllers from hundreds and SOS How does guide us to ensure that we utilize ways that we did and one dish and make preparations for a means to achieve security and stability for the nation. So for this reason, the prophets RNA was a living trust in the title channel, meaning that need to play our part we need to utilize and be preparation and utilize the means in order for us to ensure that we gain the help. Hannon was

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a land of well themselves. And the relation for ourselves, especially the young wins how the nation is as friends for the nation, they need to come up and participate in the unification of the armed forces, how to walk because of the use, the strength doubles up and it adds up. You know, you have the advantage of you is that the AVID capacity the app the ability to stretch cannula, and need to take advantage of that, as the profit of the network means saving before you lose why? And he said all the things

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take advantage of you'll get on a good advantage or good before you get social How to Lower brothers and sisters, young men really very very important. For a nation stability and security and unification of the Armed Forces is something which is warranted for a nation we ask Allah Almighty to listeners Bureau salvations with the unification of the armed forces and the kind of peace and serenity and security for this nation. Nations for that matter. We ask Allah Almighty to grant peace to all societies and the child. We ask Allah Almighty drew grant will drink passes as to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed of insight under Yan, the president of the UAE likewise, we ask Allah

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Almighty to bless all the rulers of the elders, we ask a lot of waiting to strengthen us to wake us don't again vie for the nation's security, stability and G are options out and hamdulillah any rock with either mean

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