Hasan Ali – One of the biggest Obstacle in getting close to Allah

Hasan Ali
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I have to understand that one of the biggest obstacles in finding Allah becomes the many gifts that He gives us.

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Now want you to understand this,

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the gifts that Allah azza wa jal He gives us. The more gifts he gives us, the more gifts he gives us. It becomes like

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spreading us with cushions and cushions and cushions and many mattresses and comforts. And it becomes so comfortable, so comfortable that we sink in those cushions, with sinking those gifts. We get so many gifts from Allah that we start to forget Allah.

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So let me explain this to

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Allah has given us the gift of eyes given us the gift of listening, the gift of speaking, the gift of understanding, the gift of having a good IQ, the gifts of communicating with people, the gift of having family, having friends, having a community, the more of these gifts Allah gives, the more comfortable we become. Allah gives us the gift of intelligence, the gift of beauty, the gift of having people that are attracted to us, the gift of having ownership of certain things in this world, the gift of possessing many things, including properties including a good healthy bank balance, the gift of all these old gifts from Allah. And Allah gives an Allah gives and Allah gives

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them what happens is the human

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in receiving all these gifts, the human forgets, the main giver of all his all these gifts, which is Allah azza wa jal.

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And that's why what Allah has to do sometimes

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to make sure that we don't lose our pathway to Jana, is that Allah has to take away a gift.

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Allah does this for our own good.

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Now, some of us are thinking, Nah, it's not right. I don't know why, you know, I don't want my gift to go away. But you understand that the people who people who have to struggle, and the people who have less are the people who become desperate that they want gifts. So let me let me put it in different terms. Imagine a poor person.

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Imagine a person who is so poor, that they don't have food on the table. Imagine a person who's so poor, that they only have one set of clothes. Imagine this person is so poor, that the person probably doesn't have a roof over their head.

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So they've got no food on the table, then they've got no roof over their head. They're probably living out there very rough. I don't know if you have these kinds of people in New Zealand, you probably don't have these people needed do you do? Oh, oh. But you can go to some third world countries. And you can see loads of these people. Right? And this person who's so poor, what do they do? They're desperate. And when they're desperate, they come looking for someone to help them. And they are so desperate, they will come and they'll beg. They're so desperate, they will be out there looking for anything to support themselves. Okay, they're in a desperate situation.

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There's many other people who might not be desperate like them, but they don't understand their situation. Now, a desperate person, they appreciate everything

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a person has that they don't have.

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They appreciate when they see homes. They say wow. If I could just have forget this five bedroom house, if I just can't have a heart. I'd be happy. A desperate person. If they see food, like you know, we know we have food, right? So sometimes, you know, we throw this food away. Sometimes we eat it and we don't even finish the play. You go to a desperate person who doesn't have food, you and the crumbs that we throw from our plate. That's their meal. That's the food they'll be so appreciative of having just that much but a person who's got their fridge full who's got their you know, they've gone to pack and save the boat so much food the store did all inside the house.

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They're stored more for next week, the next week and the next week they've got food in the house. They don't appreciate what they have inside the house as much as that desperate person are you with me? So no, I only had about 20 people say yes the last of you I do speak Maori language is something on the switch the languages and thing are you always be yes. Right. So

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For the person who's been given a lot, what happens is they appreciate less is very fact it's a fact. And they don't see the value of the gifts that they have. But the person who doesn't have something, they certainly see the gift of having nothing. And they say the human being is very, very, they know the human being, they value the gift they have before they get it. And after they lose it.

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You guys, are you guys understanding what I say here? Before you get it? You appreciate it because you don't have it. Once you have it after a little while first when you get it you're like,

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Man, I got this new car, you know, I'm saying like,

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you appreciate the new house, you appreciate. I flew well, the house becomes normal. The you know, the thing that he's got the telephone, you just got the smartphone you got it becomes normal, the car you got becomes normal. You don't appreciate it so much. But if you ever were to lose it, if you lost the smartphone you had, oh my God, then He would then he then you would hurt you. And then you would value that having that smartphone. Right? If you lost the house that you've got, you will seriously valued same as the human beings that we've got around us. You don't really appreciate the people that you have, until you lose the people that you've got. May Allah give us understanding say

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I mean, and what I want you to one of the message I want to give to you is, Allah has given us so many gifts, so many gifts, so many you have so many gifts, that in the midst of all of these gifts, we've lost the value of these gifts. We've lost the value of Allah giving us so much you know how much Allah has given us how much how much Allah has given us. Allah says himself in the Holy Quran, he says to us, we're in third do nearmap Allah He letter. So in Zen Allah Walu

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Allah says, oh, human being, if you were to sit there, and if you were to start counting the gifts that I gave the counting them, because that counting, count, count and count and count. Allah says, Your life will finish but you won't be able to count as many gifts I've given to laptop so you will never be able to finish. Now some of you are thinking, well, well, I could probably count them Tanana. You wouldn't be able to even count the fingertip that you have

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the fingertip you know the sense that it is the fact that we touch something, we can feel it. You can't you can't, you can't. And the only way to really know what Allah has given us is to see what people the people who don't have the things that we have as the only way of really seeing it. So for example, you see a blind man, then you understand the gift of eyesight

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