Ramadan 2021 Boost 12 – The Much Needed Eman Boost

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The speaker discusses the challenges of succeeding in life, including the importance of finding one's own path and not giving up. They emphasize the importance of learning different concepts and achieving a proper graduation to achieve success. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of showing gratitude and not giving up in order to earn money. They stress the importance of defend margins in publicity and the challenges of working from home.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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smilla he will hamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah He was heavy edge mine, my beloved brothers and sisters, difficulty and hardship comes in the life of every one of us. When Allah created us, He created us for a purpose and that is to worship Him.

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And we usually say that Allah created us to test us, Allah created us

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to worship Him. And part of it is that we be tested.

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While while Oppo tool gene is

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in Buddha,

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Allah says I have not created mankind or gene kind except that they worship me, you and I know that worship here does not refer to only the compulsory acts of worship, but rather it refers to living your life within the obedience of Allah. But if you live your life within the obedience of Allah, does it mean that you're going to have everything the way you wanted? People say, I'm a good Muslim or a Muslim. I pray five times a day. I don't do Haram. I try to stay away from what will displease Allah subhanho wa Taala. I give my Zakah my charities I'm kind I don't hurt and harm people. I have been for Hajj, I fast in the month of Ramadan, and so on. Why is it that in my life, I have a

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difficulty in my home, my children are like this, my husband or I cannot get a husband or a wife or I have a problem with my work, I don't have sustenance. I've lost my job. I have health matter and the problem here and then those are questions we usually hear people ask, am I right or wrong?

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I'm a good person. Why is Allah doing this and then when I look out, and I see those who disbelieve or who transgress, they tend to have a small superior life of this world. A worldly life. You see people who are happy they go on holiday, they have lovely families, they have a good car, they have a beautiful house or home, they have good health, they are they have good looks, they have a lot more. And you know what Subhanallah people are deceived by shavon. To believe that that is a sign of the pleasure of Allah and this year is a sign of the displeasure of Allah, whereas it is the opposite. Allah says clearly, Leia who run

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Gattaca Luba levena, cafo, Filipina matter,

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calling when you see those who don't believe, and they have so much in this world and they have successes on Earth. Don't let that deceive you for a moment. It is a provision for a short time thereafter, they will be nothing. But with us. You want to know if Allah loves you or not. Every day I get questions now from people asking me that, you know, why is it that I'm suffering? I'm trying I'm calling out to Allah. Why is Allah not answering? a true believer will never ask the question because before they ask, they already know Allah has heard my question. He knows it better than I can articulate it. He knows it better than I can word it. Allah already knows what you wanted to

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ask. He has heard you as soon as you open your mouth and even if you don't, Allah knows what's inside. What you want to ask the other day in Salah Twitter here, the Imam was saying Oh Allah, it's a dry he was making Oh Allah, you know, all our how our agent, you know, all our needs, uniquely, so fulfill them for us beautiful. I'm standing there saying I mean, what does that mean? Allah you know what I want, right? granted to me, Allah says the mere fact that you asked me already. You believe in me, you have worshipped me and you are attaining a rank.

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And I may give you I may not give you based on many, many, many factors. Sometimes Allah knows it's bad for you. Sometimes Allah knows that he wants to keep you in a condition that you are in because you are in a good condition. How many of us when we are unwell, we say Oh Allah grant me q to Allah grant me Q and then you go for the medication and you use this and you use that and you're just not getting better. And then you find used you go to another level you start getting four salata. tahajjud then you give some charities to the poor, then you soften your heart then you change your life all that was as a result of a sickness that you are not cured from had you been cured

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instantly. Oh Allah grant me cure Mashallah, you got the cure, you're back to your ways and habits. It happens sometimes. Right? So out of the mercy of Allah, Allah decided to

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keep you in a specific condition. thank him for that.

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Get to a level where you thank Allah for everything.

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We have hardship

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because we were brought on to this earth to be able to stand up and face the hardship.

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If Allah wanted, we wouldn't even need the toilet. We wouldn't even need to eat or drink. We wouldn't have a cavity here known as the belly Subhanallah but others are telling me you know, first time I'm seeing you without your big cloak You look very slim. I said, What was I supposed to look anything else? May Allah forgive us. You don't know the belly is also as huge as the others but it's just when we sit to eat, you might realize Mashallah 90 liter tank hamdulillah May Allah grant us goodness, may Allah fulfill all our needs, but Allah has kept these needs in order to keep us going. If you are a human being was just born and you are the as you grow, you decide I'm not going to do

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anything at all You will lose in order to survive for the next 24 hours. You need to get yourself to some food and drink. Why? It's Allah's plan. He wants you to do something, he wants you to work hard.

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So you should do your your prayer, your worship, and also your survival. All of that is from Allah, He is part of your tests. When Allah says I have created you to worship me it's part of the instruction of Allah tala bukas, Bill halaal, you are earning that which is halal, it's also a duty unto you. And at the same time, it's rewarding when you go out and earn halaal it's a very great reward. I'm doing business from home, or I'm going out to do business to earn in order to be able to get Hello so I can give zakah I can give alms to the poor charity to the poor, and I can feed myself and perhaps some of my family members, that is an ibadah. So when Allah says Lia Boone, yes, it

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includes that which was compulsory in terms of far off but beyond that, it goes to everything else within the obedience of Allah. Don't ever think you will not suffer or go through challenges, difficulties, hardship, and what you might term negativity on Earth. It's all part of the package that you have come with on earth, and you will complete it and return back to Allah. On that day. They will all say in our Lila here in la hora. Joan, you will return to Allah.

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What did you do?

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What did those before you do? They all did the same. They toiled on Earth, they struggled on Earth. They spent time here and what they did was they had to earn a livelihood take care of their families, and at the same time worship Allah face challenges face accusations, face, people who wanted to see their downfall. enemies, rumors, backbiting, good days, bad days, go through divorce, go through a hardship go through, you know, bringing up children without a parent for example, or go through a lot loss in terms of business, your factory burned down, something happened, you lost whatever you went through an accident, you lost limbs, you lost your health. Allah says you know

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what, it's all part of your package. You came with a package that is your package. Those who can thank me for that they will earn Jana in alladhina Conway Medina, ALLAH hafiz sobre la. It is reported that on the Day of Judgment, but I had to L all this accounting, a cola will call out where those who used to thank Allah upon all conditions, no matter what happened to them, Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah they used to thank Allah upon all conditions, where are they you know why they will be called out because Allah wants to grant them paradise before everything else. You're used to thank Allah for everything. They will be called out they will come and they will be taken across.

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What the good news for those who think Allah upon all conditions, and they themselves are believers, and they themselves are doing good deeds.

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When the prophets of Salaam was faced with challenge upon challenge upon challenge, isn't that a sign to us to show us that when Allah loves you, he will test you more because he loved the professor sell him the most. He had the most tests, but we we give up very quickly. Give up very fast. Sometimes Allah does not want you to be married in your life. Maybe perhaps, maybe it's not in your 30s maybe that was better for you because maybe he knows something you don't know. Maybe he knows you might get a spouse who's going to cause mental stress and depression for you. So Allah says, I will protect your mind, your sanity, everything, just worship me. Trust me what I did for

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you is right. Just sayin hamdulillah Oh Allah I want I want but you know, whatever you want will happen. Subhan Allah, we want children sometimes Allah doesn't give us I remember a brother. He told me to use his example. So I'm going to use it. He was crying and

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For children for a long, long time, and May Allah bless those who don't have children with children,

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even Allah might bless you after eight years, 10 years, but remember when the time is right, it will come. And if the time is not right, it will not come. And if Allah did not give you don't be upset. Allah has saved you from something. The brother tells me, later on, I had a child, first one had a genetic disease. Second one had a genetic disease. Then I told her, I don't want kids

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Subhanallah you called out to Allah for how many years more than a decade? Allah give me children. Allah says I haven't. It will tell him. He says in alpha, if you know one of the diseases man has is

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he is in a name of Allah. But he asks Allah to take him out of that NEMA into something he thinks is a NEMA, but it's not an AMA.

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And he keeps on calling out alive one that thing I want that thing Allah says, Wait, I want that thing. I want that and he keeps on going then out of the mercy of Allah what abou Bella Mattila yo creo hoomin tilcon Nana, out of the mercy of Allah. He doesn't take him out of the NEMA. And this man continues and continues. And at the time through Allah's mercy, he says, Okay, let me give it to him. As soon as he gets it, he regrets it. And he says, Oh, I wish I was back into where I was first because where I was was better than where I am. But you were the one who was asking Allah for this all Allah Subhana Allah same applies to marriages. It happens a lot. Because you know what?

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Sometimes you really want to get married to someone you are praying and praying and praying and praying and praying and it just doesn't happen. And then one day after long when it does happen as soon as you marry you just regretted I didn't realize this is what it was Subhanallah you know on a lighter note there is a joke they speak about marriages. They say a marriage is like getting into a hot bath or a hot shower.

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Once you in you realize it's no longer that hot.

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Do you understand what I just said? When it's initially it's very hot right? You feel like oh this is a hot shower right? Once you get into this the shower a little bit used to it you realize I it's not that hot anymore stuff Avila if that is the case we've lost the plot. We are supposed to be marrying following the teachings of the prophets are seldom and wherever Allah has facilitated it. Sometimes when we are too fussy. We end up remaining single

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I'm sorry to say what I just said.

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Sometimes when we are too fussy, we end up remaining single because why? Nothing is good enough. You have to compromise you have to I'm not saying just marry the next person. No, someone has Dean a flock they are reasonably okay Alhamdulillah I'm trying and I've seen so far this is the best. I don't think we're going to get beyond 80% let's say Bismillah and we go for it. Mashallah. Mashallah, why not? Allah will open your doors you will nobody has 100% but we have Alhamdulillah

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so the point being raised here is a thank Allah upon all conditions. You have children, thank Allah, you have only males thank Allah, you have only females thank Allah, something went wrong in your life. Thank Allah thank Allah it could have been worse. You lost a job thank Allah to start with before you go and look for other jobs. Alhamdulillah there must be something good in this. I missed a flight once.

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I just said to thank Allah was smiling. They thought I was mentally disturbed. Seriously, because I was just saying, Okay, that's it. Wow, what can I say? Allah, all praises due to Allah Almighty. They think you are you're not okay. But you know, there is something a relationship between you and Allah that nobody may understand unless they believe Alhamdulillah you broke a leg you need to thank Allah hamdulillah because why I could it be broken both. I just broke one. But it requires a person connected to Allah to say that and to do that. So I'm here today at this Eman boost to try and tell you my beloved brothers and sisters. Take the challenges in your stride. Allah has designed them for

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you. Whatever comes in your direction was designed by Allah for you. Take it in your stride. Get up to it Thank Allah get closer to Allah keep on calling out to Allah even if nothing happens right up to the end you gained because your relationship with Allah was improved. Like I said, in Allah either a hubbub Daniella, when Allah loves a slave, he tests him testing with different types of tests.

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The prophets of Allah had the greatest tests Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had probably the greatest test. None of us have been through what he's been through, look at the children his last the wives his last look at the parents that how he had been born, his father had pre deceased his birth, and then his mother died young age. Then when his grandfather decided to look after him. The grandfather also went and after that the uncle and so on and how they accused him and how they

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They labeled him and how they yet he was the best of creation, the most noble of all prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if that's what he went through you and I will go through rumor, they spread rumor about you have they? If they haven't, you're not lucky enough. Someone has to have said something about you. That's not true. That and just for you to be given the opportunity to deal with it in the correct way or in a wrong way. Do you know that in just Al Hamdulillah Mashallah, you know, the other day someone sent me

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a message with a great accusation. And they told me something about myself. You won't believe what I did. I didn't know what to say. I said, Alhamdulillah to myself, but I said, should I reply? Shouldn't I reply? And you know, sometimes we get a little bit

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upset in the sense that I want to tell him a look, keep quiet. What you are telling me does not bother me, just leave it. But because this person was being very hurtful, I decided to do something that would also hurt which I don't know right or wrong. Maybe you can think about it. When I tell you, I googled

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a link how to fly a kite. And I found a YouTube link and I just clicked on it, copied it, pasted it posted it to this person how to fly

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a kite.

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What does that mean? I told him just go to hell don't think you are going to bother me learn to fly a kite and fly it. I don't even need to say anything to you fly a kite. And will lie that's the attitude you know your link with Allah. You know when someone is wrong, they will correct when you are wrong, they will correct you in a good way.

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Subhana Allah

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but you also know that there are people who will insult accuse abuse, try to assassinate character, just leave it we are living in an age of social media, social media is to be taken not with a pinch of salt with a bag of salt Subhanallah a whole bag, a spoon every day Subhan Allah of salt that social media, you can take it seriously the stupid have been given a voice through social media, you must remember that the people who have no intellect the IQ is minus 10. They are they on Twitter SubhanAllah. They are they are everywhere to say the worst things, if you are walking, they will say the worst things about you. But that's Allah is using them for destructive things because they have

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not been chosen by Allah to do constructive things. So thank Allah.

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You know, someone wrote a book about me recently, all booked 260 pages. And they wrote all sorts of things. What what? Immediately I said, I thank Allah, do you know why? Because Alhamdulillah Allah has actually rejected them, by making them occupied in someone, while we we thank Allah and we want Allah to continue to occupy us in that which is constructive. I'm not going to be diverted to respond to such,

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you know, to such work, because the minute I tend to respond, there are two things and this is how I look at it.

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When I defend myself, and I have the right to defend myself, I'm doing it for my sake.

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But when I continue working in the field, I'm still doing it for the sake of Allah insha Allah, I'd rather leave this one, let them think bad, nevermind, no problem. It's okay. Let me pretend like I didn't even see this, it's fine. And on this hand, keep on doing your work. Because you know what, I have a limited amount of time in on Earth, I need to pack away as many bricks as I can for my building. In general for those each day, put in 2050 100 200 bricks, keep on pile, but the minute you look at the other person's building, or you want to respond to someone telling you that you're building, there is something wrong with it, you stop building, that's the minimum loss, you're going

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to suffer and you are now concentrating somewhere else. So just boost your Eman and just sell hamdulillah alcohol. We thank Allah upon all conditions, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness. So I want to end the same way I started by saying my beloved brothers, my sisters difficulty and hardship will come to all of you because it is designed by Allah for you. So thank Allah for the difficulty that came in your life, it is your opportunity to earn Gen metal filters. You know, when you go to school, what do you want?

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For me, this is the best example for me. When you go to school, what do you want, you will go you will work hard you will study and you will write examinations every week, then every month and every term and then every year and every few years. And as you go further and further. Does it become easier or more difficult? Please answer me becomes more difficult because why? You are learning different concepts. One plus one is very different from 2526 multiplied by 404,299. I'm sure I'll have someone answering me just now here. It's much more because you know what it requires more time but what you are what are you

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Doing you are happy you are smiling, because you sat with the sun for five whole minutes and you worked it out and you got a tick next to it with red ink and someone wrote v g, which means very good. And you were so excited and you worked hard. You didn't say, Ah, it's so difficult these exams I don't want to write them you took the challenge and you answered it to the best of your ability. You did well and you got to graduation and of the few years you got primary graduation, secondary graduation, university graduation, whatever else then there comes a time when you have to sweat writing a thesis and then you get your PhD one day it was not a joke. It was very difficult but when

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you got it now Mashallah you are graduated you are prepared to work so hard just to get a graduation of the dunya What about the graduation of the Afghan Allah says I throw you on difficulty Okay, now you're going to get sick now you will go through divorce now you will have a child and not oh you won't or now you'll only have boys now you'll only so while these are exams I need to just say Alhamdulillah Allah says okay, it's a very very cold morning and there is no electricity and there's hardly any water you need to get up for Salah to refer to a Salah

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to find your own meaning no Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Mashallah. That's your test. What are you going to do much I'm just going to get up and say, cold water, freezing water, ice water, no electricity, no nothing. Allah comes first. So behind Allah if that's the case, you have succeeded that one plus one equals two you got the answer right. Red tick VG Subhana Allah Hera, Bill Allah mean, we are happy, we are excited by it was challenging, but I did it no complaint, no complaint, let me go Let me fulfill my role that Allah has asked me to fulfill

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because if not, we will die a depressed life, you will not be content. So what is the last meaning? What is a sign within you? That you are heading in the right direction? I can tell you one thing quickly. You will be content even without anything. He will be content even if you are on your deathbed. You will be content meaning Allah will give you a calmness. He will give you a reassurance. Yes, we all want the forgiveness of Allah we achieved if we ask Allah has forgiven us and we hope in Allah, but that hope will be the overpowering factor.

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It will be overpowering. I tried. I tried hard people laughed at me. They laughed at the Prophet. Any time they do negatives to you ask yourself, did they not do this to not be solemn? They accused him of everything in detail. They said everything and yet, they used to call him a saddle. I mean at one stage

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when he married a woman much older, they had something to say when they married. whoever else they had something to say no matter what he did, they had something to say nowadays we are living in an era where no matter what we do, people will have something to say they have something to say Don't worry for as long as you have that link with Allah, Allah we will be heading in the right direction May Allah grant us Jana, Allah open our doors. May Allah help us go through our difficulties and hardships. May Allah restore for us our income, may Allah restore for us our health, may Allah restore for us all the goodness that we were in and even beyond May Allah make a steadfast with

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fulfilling the duty unto him a coolock Allah wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad