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Can I Pray Taraweeh Behind A Child

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Can we pray Taraweeh behind a child? If so, then what conditions should be met by the child Imam?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi quotes a hadith in this regard and extracts answers.

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Our Imam is a child can we pray that we have behind him?

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How do you translate Buhari when we learned that a community found a seven year old in their midst who knew more Koran than they all did. And so they made him their Imam, the seven year old was made their Imam and they all prayed behind him. And so there's no problem with a young child being the Imam, as long as some conditions are met of them is that the child is aware that, you know, he has to have will do and you know, not break the window, and you know, leads the prayer in a good manner. So if the best person that your community has, is a young boy who has memorized the Quran, and his Tajweed and recitation is the best, then there is no problem as well. If you find a young man, you

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know, maybe 1012 years old just to encourage this boy to learn more, or you want to show that we have somebody who's doing the Quran, and he does to the guy maybe and just as an encouragement, this is all permitted. It is not a necessary requirement that the Imam be perfect in wheat, but the goal is that the best person is chosen. And if occasionally, somebody who's not necessarily the best is chosen for another reason. It is permitted as long as the Imam understands what it means to be an Imam. And so yes, it is permitted for a young boy to be the Imam especially when he is the most qualified to do so.