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A person, identified as a king or adviser, discusses his illness and the advice given to him by his advisors. He explains that his illness is due to his past mistakes and his desire to avoid doctors and advice. He advises people to keep their hopes up and not tell anyone they will die soon.

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Harun Rashid, okay, he's one of the kings had ownership. He was you know, he wants he became he became ill and he started to take advice of people

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and after taking advice of people advice of people took it and then he became even more sick.

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And one of the one of the reasons why he became sick is because one of the advisors that gave him advice said that you may not live long

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so now he's worried that he might die.

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And his Was it his minister, a clever man walked in next day with a bandage around his his arm.

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Again, he walked in with a bandage on his arm. So everyone was telling him all what happens. Well, you know, I have myself forever. And then once given him this advice, when you've done advice, I checked him at all you you should do this and take this advice. You drink this, you take these you do bla bla bla bla, gave me loads of advice. Then he came up to Harun Rashid, he said, Did you hear all that advice? He said, Yes. Then the was he the Minister took off the bandage and his his hand was completely fine. He was faking it.

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Because he was fake it totally faking it. He said, Do you see what the problem is? There's too many doctors here.

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You guys understand? There's too many doctors or there's too many people giving you advice when they know nothing.

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There's only a couple of people that you take advice of in a situation and go with it.

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What happens here is he told him he said your biggest problem is that you've taken too much advice. And one of them told you that you're gonna die. Is it do do a favor?

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And the hunter she said is the king. He said, he said, What is it bring that man over here who said that? You know, you're gonna die. He was probably going to die from this. So he brought him over.

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And the minister then asked him a question to the person who gave that advice. He said, You told me, he said, When are you going to die?

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You said, I don't know when I'm going to die.

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He said, Well, if you don't know when you're going to die, then why have you put a time on the king and told him he's gonna die.

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The fact that you put that thought in his mind, what he does is he actually makes you stop eating. That's what he did. He stopped eating he stopped, he stopped, you know, he stopped taking foods even stopped sleeping probably because he's thinking that this illness, whatever I've got is going to make me die when now you're definitely going to die. Because you put that thought in your head. If the thought wasn't in your head, you'd be fine. Like I'm telling you a lot of these patients that have got cancer and they've got other things there. An easy way to keep them nice and healthy is Don't tell him that you've got you're gonna die soon. As soon as you tell him you're gonna die soon

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then they're gonna kill themselves by not eating by not sleeping by not drinking by worrying but the stress the depression they're gonna kill themselves and they're gonna die sooner. Best thing to do is keep their hopes up. The more you keep their hopes up the model three will confide in