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Episode Notes

In this lecture, Shaykh Yasir delves into the mini expeditions that took place between the period of Badr and Uhud.

Shaykh Yasir commences his lecture with the expedition of Karkara tul Qudr which transpired seven days after the battle of Badr and the tribes of Banu Saleem and the Gatafan went all out to attack Madinah. This news also made the Prophet ﷺ to counterattack them.

The second expedition was that of the Sareea of Saweeq that occurs around 2 or 3 months after Badr. this is in connection with Abu Sufyan and how he wanted to avenge the battle of Badr. What did he do and what was the result? Shaykh Yasir elucidates.

The Sareea of Qarada is next up for discussion and it took place before Uhud. The expedition was in relation to the Quraysh and their  leader Safwan ibn Umayyah was placed in charge.

An important topic for discussion is that of the assassination of Ka’b ibn al-Ashraf who was born to a an Arab father and a Jewish mother. He was a wealthy and handsome poet of high stature. He also undertook an expedition against the Muslims and his position on Islam was very clear from the beginning. He had also made an assassination attempt on our Prophet ﷺ.

After all these misdeeds, Prophet ﷺ made it very clear that Ka’b needs to be assassinated. Muhammad ibn Maslamah , a Sahabi from the Aws, was entrusted with the job.

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi is mine and my bud.

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So inshallah This will be the last Syrah for two weeks or maybe three weeks we'll see. And we're going to finish off by talking about the major incidents that occurred before the Battle of boyhood. And today is a very controversial topic. So pay attention and take good notes. Before we get to the controversial topic, let's begin with some of the more smaller incidents. So between the Battle of button and authored, a number of small expeditions took place. And they are not very important in the larger scheme of things. But each one of them had its own, if you like,

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reasons and issues and benefits for it. And the first of these issues. With the first of these incidents, it is called this is a very difficult title, but a quarter to quarter, quarter, two quarter after the place where it took places was called Colorado. And what happened was that some of the neighboring mushrikeen tribes of Medina, they wanted to take revenge on the Muslims because their business had been cut off what business

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but business could have been cut off the caravans, you know, to this day, when an interest rate goes through small cities clamor to the senators and congressmen to have their interest rate go through that city. Why? Because business that's the main business, right? Cops, how do they get the small, the small cities that was the money coming in is basically those tickets, and then the convenience stores. So when the caravan of the kurush had to basically divert its route. So some of the smaller tribes that used to get their income from buying and selling with the caravan. So they wanted to basically poke the Muslims to make sure they don't do it again. And so they only seven days after

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the Battle of the tribes of the new stadium and a lot of fun. Now, Wcm a lot of fun are very large tribes. So these are small subsections of those tribes that happen to be living around Medina, the hot fan is one of the largest tribes of Arabia, and the auto fan will play a role in the Battle of the handle in particular, but this is some of the sections of the auto fan some of the sections of the blue setting, they attach to small, they detach, sorry, a small skirmishes small entourage of 200 people to attack Medina. And so when the Prophet system heard this, he launched an offensive against them. And when they saw the 200 people, or sorry, when the Muslims saw the army of front,

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they turned their backs and fled the quarter. And the pagans turned their backs and fled. When they saw the Muslims coming, even though quantity wise, they were more than the Muslims. But when they saw the Muslims coming, they fled. And they left all of their tents and their booty, and their belongings. They left it over there. And so the Muslims basically acquired most of their animals. And this was a huge surplus for them so much. So it is said that every Muslim who participated, he got two camels. And that's basically a nice amount of money. Every single Muslim, he got two camels. And it was also in this battle that the Prophet system. So what happened was, and again, as you

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realize, in every single class that I do, we don't go into a lot of detail, because otherwise we'd stay here forever. But what happened was, when the Profit System reached their vicinity, the first person they found was a slave, an obvious Indian slave. And his name was Yes, all his name was USA. So they captured him, and then they the non Muslims flight. So he Assad was left with the Muslims. And he saw the Muslims and he converted to Islam. When he's with them for a while he sees how good they are. He converts to Islam. And so, the Sahaba who captured him, he said, O Messenger of Allah, He is yours because he's a Muslim. Now he's a good Muslim, he is yours. And the Prophet says, and he

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never kept a slave as you know, he never kept any male slave whenever slave that he got, he freed that slave. And so he freed us up, but GSR remained with him as a servant. And so yesod became one of the servants of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and as usual, it was a surrender of the processor, that when he had any battle, he would calculate For how many days, three days This was as soon as the results from brother so he kept over there. And in explaining why they fled, he he told us what happened. This Hadith is in behati, New soon to be Ruby masuleh to Sharon, that I have been helped by a law that my enemies are terrified of me, even if I'm at a monster journey away. No, sir

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to be wrong. This is one of the ways that Allah helped the prophets of Allah Almighty Who was setting them that just by seeing and hearing of the Muslims, they would flee.

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And run away. And so he explained to them why this happened. So this is called the the expedition of color to

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the second expedition, which is

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interesting in its own way, it is called the Battle of so we have the Battle of Serbia.

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And this occurred around two or three months after burden, probably in the early part of the ledger of the second year of the ledger. And the reason for this battle is a little bit a little bit disgusting, to be honest. And that is that Abu sufian had made a promise a vow another to Allah,

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that he would not take a bath

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until he avenged

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so how long is the guy can Oh, wait,

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he would not take a bath even from Genova.

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And this shows us by the way that taking a bath from Genova was in their custom. And of course, this must have come from Ibrahim alayhis salaam, right. So he remained in that state, unbelievably, without touching water for months. And I guess Finally, he really had to do something. Right. And so he gathered together, probably around 150 250. Again, we don't have an exact quantity, but probably around 200 similar as the previous battle gathered together 200 of the kurush and he launched an offensive and the bundle

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which was the second year with the tribe, the burner lead gave him protection and they gave him food and supplies and water. So we're going to come back to the bundle the later on, but this is now blatant treachery because the one of the one of the treaty, one of the conditions of the treaty is you will not help the crush against us. And one of the conditions if we are externally attacked, the two of us will act as one. Right? So the binondo did actually gave supplies and food and water to the the small entourage of Abu sufian and they hosted him to reinvigorate reinvigorate and reinforce him before he attacked Medina and then Abu sufian with a smaller group blood 200 maybe 20 or so he

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launched an offensive into one of the date gardens of Medina and complete surprised upon the people there he frightened the women and children he killed two of the unsolved he burnt down the garden and when the commotion began to spread so this is blatant if you like played you know terrorism or whatnot and so when the commotion spreads the Muslim say Abu sufian is here the the the the culture here, so a small force gathers and they start attacking the caravan that was not the caravan, the the the army those who can has come with and in their rush to once again flee once again, just like what happened on

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the horizon, turn their backs and leave their belongings. And what happened in this particular expedition, why is it called so with what is so we have so we have is dried porridge, it is like their food that they would put on their camels that they could eat it for a long period of time. You mix barley and milk and butter and honey and then you dry it. So it's packets of food, that this is what they would eat on a long journey. This is so weird, right? And so they would basically fill their camel, you know, sacks with so weak, and that is their food, if they don't get fine, something else. And of course they have water as well. So when they saw the Muslims coming and they're

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galloping on their horses and on their camels to get away, in order to lighten the load, they cut off the bags of so

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they cut off the bags of swift and that is why the battle is called the Battle of so we literally means the Battle of porridge. It doesn't sound very interesting. But this is why it's called the Battle of porridge so that they cut off all of this. So we'll and that's what caused them to basically speed up and flee away. And so the Muslims were able to capture so we have a lot of porridge. But they didn't have they weren't able to harm Abu sufian and Abu sufian and his entourage returned but at least he could now take a bath because he killed two of the unsought right so his goal of basically somehow avenging what happened at whether even if it's just a thorn prick, he has

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to do something so that was what he did. And that is the Battle of so we have

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yet another incident that took place. Yet another incident that took place

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is the city of corridor the city and city me is the process of did not did not participate. If you remember I think it's almost been a year now. We differentiated between the hostile world and city yet and was what is what the process of participated in. So we give it a much higher status study yet there are hundreds of saraya there are hundreds of saraya and said he is any expedition that the process of commanded but he didn't participate in and this

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city because the process was did not participate. He did not participate in so with

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the next one we said the city of Florida which is

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took place a few months before offered, most likely in Robin Hood over over the third year. And this was an important stepping stone to the actual bottle of water. So what happened was that the kurush

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when the annual caravan was going to take place for the third year, they had a meeting what can we do about the caravan? which route to take, what are we going to do? Last year obviously better had shown them they cannot take the standard route, they have to find something else. And so, so find him in omiya, who had been placed in charge of this year's caravan. unlikable Sophia No. So this is also funny Romania. This is the same software we talked about last last Wednesday, the same soft one. And he's the son of oma, you haven't heard of so finally been over a year, gathered together all of the kurush. And he said Mohammed and his companions have blocked our passages. If we take the

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sea route, close to the ocean, most of them have already given their allegiance to Mohammed Salim and they're upon his religion. So what do we do? pause here this shows us that Islam was spreading the shows us that Islam was spreading, that these people have not been attacked the ones on the coastal line, but soft one, Ivanova is saying most of them are Muslims. And this now one of the problems is and I've said this many times, that the biographers of the Prophet system recorded mainly battles in the Medina and face. And a wealth of information is simply you have to extract it.

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The Medina and Sierra is 90% battles. And sadly, we can't do much about it. Because these are what our source books say. So this type of sentence just comes in the middle. And we actually extract from it much information. And that is that it wasn't just battles that Islam is spreading. And so much so that so far, they've been saying that most of the coastal regions are now either Dini right. So people are converting through that way. People are converting through preaching, people are converting through interacting with the Muslims. And then he goes on and he says, so if we remain here, we will not go on any journey. We're not going to interact with the Syrians, and we will not

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get any money and our money will dwindle down to nothing. And our life depends on that he thought it was safe. This is our lifeline. We need the two caravans. So one of the elders and his name was less would have been Abdulmutallab, not that's not that of the motive. One of the elders said, Let us go through the Iraq passage. So I mean, I don't have the map. But you all have a vague idea that Makkah is down here, Medina is up above, and generally they would go through Syria straight above. The other alternative route was to go eastwards and go towards what is Jambor, which is the coastal plain, right. westwards, westward, sorry, westwards to go westwards towards the Jamboree plane,

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right. So it is West, it is West.

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So the other option was West. And that's what and that's what someone said that someone said, we can't go west either. What do we do? Then they said, Let's go the really long way, which is literally like, semi circle. So then, and that's what they're saying. Let's go the much longer way up basically, eastwards, and then up northeast and then double back down basically, towards the route again, to make their way up to Syria. And this shows us by the way, how desperate they're getting the shows us that bother was a huge success in the long run, even not just the people who were captured and killed, but also in terms of stopping the interference, making sure that you're

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feeling the pinch, if you like. So they had to find somebody who knew the route. This is not a common road, they had to find somebody and they hunted down a person who were able to guide them from this very strange route, which is not a route that they had ever done before. And this was a route that would take them far east of Medina and then upwards northeast and then double back towards Syria. And so they decided that we're going to take this route, and they loaded up this caravan with their goods and wood silver to go to Syria and this time the leader was omiya, Eben soft one or may survive in Romania. So fundable Amaya now so this is basically by the depart to

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write the caravan. Again, this is the second year now after brother and Allah subhana wa tada had willed that all of this money go directly into the hands of the Muslims. How so? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard of this, even though it was supposed to be top secret, and he sent an expedition against them. How did you hear of it? It is mentioned that one of the people who was in on the secret so there was a very secret, you know, elite group of kurush One of them was drinking wine. With Soviet Eben Norman

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Solid urban Norman was a Muslim, who had remained in Makkah but not told anybody of his conversion. Right. And up until this point in time, White has not been prohibited. So he's drinking with his drinking buddy. And the drinking buddy is in the elite circle. So he's drinking.

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And he boasted, while he was drunk, he boasted that the Quraysh have a plan that no one will be able to outsmart. And we will basically ridicule the Muslims. We will have the upper hand over the profits of the law party who was selling them and he told them we're going to take this in this route to get to Syria. And as soon as Salat heard this, he immediately sent a message informing the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Prophet says that Um, no, this is basically a sitting duck you know, you have a caravan you have 100 camels full of you know booty and silver and whatnot. This is a sitting duck even if you have 50 people gardening it, it's a caravan it's not an army.

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Right? And that's what they had wanted that better by the way, that's what they had wanted better. And so the Profit System of course, Allah had will this is going to happen right? I mean, this is just too good to be true for 1015 people knew about it. One of them falls drunk and boasts about it. This is Allah's plan. This is how Allah subhana wa tada you know, plans and so the Prophet system heard about this. He sent Zaida bin Hadassah to to intercede this caravan, and the entire caravan with all of the camels, and it has said over 50,000 dead humps, which is a fortune even in our times, if we were to have 50,000 dinars imagined back then, plus the leather plus all of the other

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goods. Basically the whole caravan lock, stock and barrel came into the hands of the Prophet system and the Muslims now pause here. Allies the region had promised the Muslims that better that I'll give you one of the two. In fact, I'll give them both.

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Think about it. You guys following what is the ideal como la

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backupbuddy. Allah had said, Don't worry, you will have one of the two. But a lot is occurring. And when the Muslims got what they didn't want, a law gave them what they wanted.

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This was the father of a law right? So when they didn't get the actual first caravan How was the second one with zero casualties? By the way? Zero casualties. They got lock, stock and barrel the entire caravan. And this made the koresh so desperate that it led up to

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it because now Halas they have no way. Right imagine now, nothing is left. And so there's a level of desperation now that they have to do something. And this is what led to the Battle of offered. And developers we will discuss when we come back. There is one major incident left which I was dreading to do. But it needs to be done. It is one of the most controversial.

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It is one of them. This is the city of Parata corridor with the doll corridor.

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And it's there was no battle per se, again, zero casualties. Right? You have 100 you know, Muslims coming in the caravan is protected by, you know, just to life protection, because they really did not think that the process would ever figure this out. It's such a desperate move to go from this unknown passage, you have to find a guide who's going to figure this out, but a larger version one two to expose them. Nonetheless, let us now get to this controversial issue. What is this controversial issue? It is the issue of gab, even a sheriff cabinet and the killing of gab Ignatieff, right. And this is no doubt one of the most sensitive issues of this era. And it deserves

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some special attention. So who is gab and what's so sensitive about this issue? Gavin Ashraf

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he was the son of an Arab father and the Jewish mother.

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So he has a unique merging. His father was a pure Arabic pagan. His father was an Arab. And his mother was of the Jews of the banana lead. His father was from the tribe of the banana pan, which is far away from Medina. But he had committed murder his father, not him. So he had to flee his own people who rose to get safe, he had to flee his own people. And so he fled, and he was adopted by the Bernal deal of yesterday. We're talking about way before Islam 5040 years before Islam is adopted by the bunu. No Deal. Right. And when they adopted him, then they allowed him to marry one of their women. Okay, so he marries one of them. And then from this marriage gap, even Ashraf is

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born. And so Caleb is basically an full Arab and afford you because, of course, in Judaism, the religion is from the mother, right? And so he has lineage he has basically the nest hub of the Arabs and he also has the religion and the tibia, and the

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Under under the nobility that the bundle Nadia has, and he was of the Shroff of the butanol, D which means he was of the leaders of the bundle, Nadia and he was known for many things. Number one, his richness. He was a rich man. He had his own fortress, he lived in his own fortress. Number two, he was known for his handsomeness. He was one of the most handsome people of yesterday. He was one of the most handsome people of yesterday. And generally when you have two races mixing together you get the best of both This is the son of Allah. So he was known for his handsomeness. And number three, he was known for his shared his poetry. He was a poet. He was a poet. And his animosity to Islam was

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demonstrated from very early on.

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of the earliest was right when the process of emigrated and the Qibla was changed. This is way early on, like the second month, third month after they draw, right when the Qibla is changed, that when the Scribbler was changed, it was God who said, ma will La Mancha Bella to him, why would they change their curricula that they used to have? And Allah says in the Quran, sepuluh sufa Amina nasi, and he quotes gap This is the second juice look it up the first I have the second juice, this is gap say oh sofa nassima. Well,

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this is gap right? So he's mocking now they were praying this way now they're going to pray this wait what type of religion is this? So very early on we see his mocking this. One the commandment for Zakah was revealed also very early on in the second stage when the commandment of zakaah was revealed. cab went to his friends who had converted from the unsalted now so his friends from pre Islam who had converted and he said do not give any of your money. Because I am worried that you will become poor if you keep on giving your money away like this. And Don't be hasty and getting rid of this wealth because you don't know what's going to happen to this man meaning maybe the situation

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will change we'll go back to the way it used to be and add this Allah subhana wa tada revealed in sort of Tennessee it is mentioned alladhina yoba hi Luna via Marina NASA will ball. Those people who are stingy and they command others to be stingy. Dr. Mona Mata whom Allahu minffordd Li, and they hide what Allah azza wa jal has given of his blessings. So this is a description of God, that He was stingy and being charitable. He was very rich, by the way, but he was not charitable. And he was commanding others to be stingy as well. And many other small things like this are mentioned a number of verses in the Quran that talk about certain things that are said it is gabin we don't have time

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to go every one of them at the bottom of budget. When the two criers came back at them and how data and the other crier when they came back from better announcing so and so has died, so and so has died. When cab heard the news, he said, mocking Lisa, sarcastically. If Mohammed Salim has really killed all of these people, then it is better to be inside the earth than outside of it. It's better to be dead than a life, if truly These men are dead. And he added and these are from the noble list of the Arabs, if he has really killed all of these people, then we might as well be dead, it is better to be dead than alive. and dare I say he pronounced the verdict against himself. Okay, if

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that's what you want, you will get it. Great. So he said it's better to be dead than alive. And indeed, that is what happened in a while. When the victory of butter was fully manifested in front of gab, he undertook a secret expedition to Abu sufian with a small group of the brunotti. Now the bundle deal will be the second tribe that we're going to deal with, right. So keep these points in mind what is happening now? Firstly, they already helped us with one, right. Now another thing is going to happen that

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the cabinet shop goes with a small entourage to Abu sufian in Makkah, and he formed an alliance with him against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now, what are the details of this alliance? We have no idea. None of the books of sera mentioned because again, this was something between the two of them, and then he was killed shortly afterwards, what is known as you formed an alliance, what could this alliance be other than a surprise attack other than a tactic? What is to be done? Right? Other than details you come? I'll help you here. This is common sense, but what are the details? We do not know. So he formed an alliance with Abu sufian. And he then

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and Abu sufian. One of the last things that we asked him, he said una Shu kala, I asked you swearing by Allah. I was a fan is asking God, which of the two religions is closer and more beloved to Allah, our religion, or the religion of Mohammed sociala. Now he's asking a monotheist. Kavitha monotheist is a yahoodi

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Which of the two religions is better paganism, or the monotheism of Islam? right and so, Kava is a yahudi

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and he wants to know or so, he is asking kab In your opinion, which of these two religions is more beloved to Allah? Right? Remember, remember the pagans felt an inferiority complex towards the hood. Remember, they felt an inferiority complex towards the hood because the hood were subpar for people of civilization, your own they would read and write, they have Teddy, they have the Torah. So they felt inferior to them, and this is where many incidents show this right. So, he is saying now, that who which of these two religions is more beloved to to Allah subhanho wa Taala and

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gab said that

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and to add min whom sebelah and to Adam in whom sabirah you are more rightly guided than them. You are more rightly guided than them. And a lot of references this conversation in the Quran in Surah Nisa, verse 50. That Adam Tara either Latina is Ramona, and I'm Tara Illa, Latina una ceiba mineral Kitab. Don't you see those who have been given a share of the book? Right? Well, you know, double duty will pollute, and they believe in judo, Judo, there's a lot of controversy, what exactly it means, but it basically means things that are evil. And you were called already larina cafaro. And they say to those who have done Cooper, how will I mean alladhina amanu said Sevilla, he's quoting

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carb again, Allah is quoting this private conversation, that they are more rightly guided than the believers, how would I add them in a Latina amanu Sevilla and this is exactly what God said in that private conversation. Allah subhana wa tada quotes him again, this was one of the Nyssa verse 50. So, he then returns to Medina after having formed this secret alliance with Abu sufian. But Allah has told the process of the secret Alliance, then he does the last straw when he returns to Medina, he has the last straw and that is, he is a poet and and I did not mention that he has already written a lot of poetry against the Prophet system against the Muslims. Now he starts writing How

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should we say this?

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sensual poetry about Muslim ladies, ie basically erotic poetry, to make fun of the Muslim ladies and to entice men to think about them basically. Right? So it's very vivid poetry you get the point here, that as a satire as a as a mockery, he starts describing and talking about specific by name, by the way specific ladies Muslim ladies, right? Now, this is obviously really like a little bit too crude. It's a little bit too crude is really crossing the line in all in all in all, especially at that time, a thief amongst me, but the only this is a little bit too much. Right. And so, this is basically the final straw. Now I have to add one more point here. So

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according to urbanists have it been a sham and walk the club was assassinated between Berlin and Ohio, which is why we're doing it now. But there is another opinion, and that is the opinion of great scholars as well. McCarthy had been sued A man and a Bahai, and others assaulted him as well who is who has a very one of the largest books of Syrah ever written is Sue Berlin. Hooda was shot by a solid A, which is literally literally like 12 volumes is one of the largest books ever written. And he's a very famous scholar of Syrah died around I want to say 900 something so you know, medieval, not ancient and medieval. So according to cite his Well, God was executed cow was was

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killed basically, after hood and not after butter.

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After overheard, and beforehand, right after, and all of them add one more reason, which alacrity and abundance How can it be a sham cannot add because it didn't take place in their time. And that is the blatant assassination attempt against the Prophet system, which the bonavia did. Now we're jumping the story here, but we have to just mention, you all are familiar with the the vague story of the process of having been invited to our boys poisoned meal. Right. Now, this occurred after orchard

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so we're not talking about it now. But according to a solid a and a more positive is Solomon and Alibaba we and others. The guy behind the plot was God,

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that it was his idea to poison the food. And he was killed that the night of literally 12 hours before been another battle. The battle have been under the like they got rid of him and then the next morning, literally maybe even five, six hours because he was killed the middle of the night. They killed cab in the middle of the night and then then

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Next morning, according to those authorities, they marched upon button earlier. So if we follow that version of events, then it's even more clear what's going on. However, we'll stick with Urbanus half because he's Urbanus Hawk. So you know, Allahu Adam. And frankly, this is one of those issues of Sera, how are we going to resolve it? Now? When did he die? If it's before the Battle of overdone, the issue of the issue of the poison doesn't take place. However, I saw that he also says that, and this is perhaps joining between the two stories, that the idea of poisoning the food came from him. So it wasn't able to be executed at the time, they had to wait until after oil. But it was his idea

00:30:40--> 00:31:21

that why don't you invite him to Tom Muslim? You put poison in it, right? So we'll have a big feast, and he will eat the food and then he will die. And then eventually they did that after his death. And then if that is the case, and obviously we can add even one more reason. But even if we don't follow Baba with chronology, then still we have enough reasons as it is, in any case, when all of this took place, the prophet system stood up and he said, Who will take care of God, even I shall have mainly because who will take care of God, even I should have? And so because he has harmed or irritated alone, his message, what are the law? What are pseudo? Yeah, the other other here means to

00:31:21--> 00:31:25

to not to harm because Allah is never harm, but he has irritated he has, you know,

00:31:26--> 00:31:36

basically gone beyond the bounds here. And so Mohammed bin, Ms. Lama stood up. And he said, I will do it or messenger of Allah, Mohammed internationella was from the house.

00:31:38--> 00:32:14

And God had before, before the days of jelly, remember the house and the bundle? There were one, right. And of course, this is of his wisdom that he didn't want the hazaragi to do it, or else this would bring a black bad blood. You understand the point here that the husband Raj, and the both of you already have problems from pre Islam, whereas the Oh send abundant earlier don't have any problems. So Mohammed, University of Benin, being one of the senior of the house, said, I will do it. And then if he does it, there can be no problems between the house and the husband's becoming sorry, the Olsen the bonavia, because they were one in the days of jelly. Remember, we talked about

00:32:14--> 00:32:42

this, right, the the who the tribes had a light and and so the Alliance has played a big role here. So somebody that had already allied with gab, in the days of Jay Leo, he's the one who volunteered in order to save the potential of the jolly Civil War, being resurrected. You see the point, right? So 100, stemma, volunteered to do it, according to it, even a sham. For three days after this, how many Muslim stopped eating and drinking,

00:32:43--> 00:33:23

until finally somebody came to the process and to tell him that Muhammad must, Emma is not eating and drinking. So he visited me said, What is the matter? So he said, O Messenger of Allah, I promised you something. And then I realized I might not be able to fulfill that promise. And so in his anxiety, basically, he's so anxious. Can you imagine like, he got so worried that I promised you I do it? And then I realized, what if I can't? How am I going to then basically make up for this, right? Remember, he's a rich man, he has his own fortress, he's well guarded. He has an entourage? How am I gonna do this? And so the profitsystem said, all you need to do is try I'm not asking you

00:33:23--> 00:34:03

to, you know, successes with a larger without, you have to try. That's all. And so this calmed him down, obviously, because he was thinking, what if I'm not able to do I'm in big trouble then. And so he said, in that case, a messenger of Allah, Allah allow me to say something. Meaning, you have to allow me to say things that I don't mean, allow me to say something. And so the process of said, say, as you like, say, as you like, so Mohammed in the Muslim are then called upon cab in his, let's say, in his office hours, are you at a time when is clearly nothing can be done? He called upon cab there were other people sitting there. He said to cab Look, I have something very private I need to

00:34:03--> 00:34:48

talk to you with. So they went to a corner. And he said, so now. You must have a saying to come Mohammed, the center cab, that this man meaning the prophets of Sodom, has come and caused us irritation for the last years, few years. And the Arabs are now all against us. And on top of that, he's asking for our money, charity, because there was didn't have a concept of charity. Right? So he's asking for our money. And he has put us through so much trouble and a hardship with this war in the Battle of budget and this and that put us through so much hardship. When God heard this, he felt so happy, because he was thinking Mohammed is a convert. Right? He was thinking that Muslim Muslim

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

is on their side, and now he's coming to him and showing that no, in reality, he's just on the same wavelength as his scalp. So he got really happy at this. And he goes, Well, he This is just the beginning.

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

He is going to put you through much more hardship. Just you wait. And you see, he's going to put you through much more hardship. And so they continued along this vein. So you understand why did Mohammed the Muslim have to give a special dispensation that I'm not, you know, I'm not able to say things that, you know, I need to say things that otherwise I would not be wanting to say, until finally he said that, well, now we are His followers, and we cannot forsake Him until the situation turns a little bit I eat, let something happen. And then we can change and show our true colors. Until that time, I need you to loan me to pay him that money is a cat, give me some loan, and I

00:35:41--> 00:36:13

will, and I will give it to the process and then pay you back now. Mohammed did muslimah, one of the ways he got rich was by by giving money, right? So he's a money lender, if you like. And of course, when you lend money, then you will get more back from it. So this is one of the ways that he got so rich, so he had a system or routine. And everybody knows that that's why he's here now. That's why Mohammed muslimah is in cabs office basically asking for a loan. And so this procedure back then still is to this day, what's your mortgage?

00:36:14--> 00:36:55

Give me a mortgage. So he said, I don't have anything to give him and that's why I'm here. I'm here for the money, I don't have anything to give. So he said, Okay, leave your leave your wife and my house. Leave your wife in my house. So he said, By Allah, you are the most handsome of men. So he's praising buttering him up, right? And he was handsome, you are the most handsome of men, and you expect me to trust a woman in your presence. So he puts it on him that you're so charming and alluring, like us, so that the women are going to rush to you expect me to trust a woman in your presence, I can't do that. So he's flattered, he takes the you know, the bait, and then he goes,

00:36:55--> 00:37:35

Okay, then leave your sons with me, call us if you're worried about you, I believe your son's with me. And you know, until you can pay it off in a few days, and you can take your sons back. So he said, My sons, so they will grow up for the rest of their lives and their friends are teasing them that you were the mortgage for some barley some grain. So you know, the you know, you were the the mortgage that your father had to give. Right now, I can't have this as a permanent dishonor. I can't give you my son's. So he said, What do you need to give me some some mortgage? So he said, What if I bring you weapons? My weapons? You see where he's heading with this? Right? What if I bring you my

00:37:35--> 00:37:47

weapons, swords and spears? And what if I bring that to you? And you know, we need these weapons now, because of all these wars going on. So I'm desperate to get them back. So this is a very urgent mortgage that you will possess.

00:37:49--> 00:38:05

So he said, Great idea. Okay, bring your weapons. And of course, you understand the tactic here, that he'll show up armed to the hilt, and there's no suspicion, right? This is, you have to say there's a little bit of genius here, right. Now, a little bit of gray area what exactly happened, but

00:38:06--> 00:38:47

it seems that two or three of the other Sahaba along with Mohammed, every Muslim had basically also gotten mortgages from from gab, along the similar lines, right that once the idea of weapons came up, so then two or three others, silicon, Eben selama, abona are mentioned here that they came and they basically said, Look, you gave him money for the for weapons, let's do the same, we also need the money. And we'll give you our weapons as well. And so he agreed to all of this, because obviously, he's going to get back much more as you understand how money exchanging works. And therefore, he abouna either set a particular time it goes, look, we have to do this in secret,

00:38:47--> 00:39:24

because we don't want anybody to see us. So let's come such and such a time at night, we will come and we will basically give all of this to you can give us the money. And we'll be on our way. So according to a walker, the this took place on the 14th of Roberto Hall in the third year of the Hydra. And that's why because he has the date, it seems he knows more than what about what we know. So to be fair, it seems the stronger position is that of a walker, the and abundance happen in his shop. And in any case, they are the more authoritative in this era than the others whom we mentioned. And so to be academically fair, it seems closer to the truth that gab was killed between

00:39:24--> 00:40:00

Biden and ostrich. Okay, this seems to be more authentic, because the bigger authorities are mentioning this, nonetheless, you should be aware that there is another interpretation. And if that is true, then it's even easier, but even if it's not true, we have enough, you know, to to justify this for that time. So, they so they agreed to come on the 14th of reveal Oh well, and it was a full moon It was a full moon the books of Sierra mentioned that there was no clouds in the sky was a full moon and the profitsystem walked with them to botelho market. And at the very end he said, May Allah help you in your mission. So he blessed them basically May Allah

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

To help you in your mission, and they then went to his castle, which was fortress, which was on the outskirts of the city, and they called out to him from below to come to come on outside. And it just said that he had just married another wife. So he is now a newlywed with another lady. And he was lying with her when he heard the voice. So he stood up to go. And she held on to him. And she said, Where are you going at this time? So he said, Oh, this is a we're not in a restaurant, they have come to give me some of their goods. So she held on and she said, This is not right. Why are they coming at this time? And then she said, and we're gonna come back to this phrase, you are a man at

00:40:40--> 00:41:20

war. And I'm worried for you. We're gonna come back to this phrase, you are a man at war. And I'm worried for you what you're doing at this time? So he said, No, I will not either is my foster brother. So this shows us that one of the people that has basically joined Mohammed bin muslimah was the foster brother, which means the same lady. So I called him and I will not either, right, I will not either is my foster brother, and Mohammed Muslim. I know him from pre Islam, basically us. That's why Mr. Henderson volunteered. I know him from pure Islam. I trust them, basically. So he basically dragged himself off of her, and he went down. And

00:41:21--> 00:41:59

Muhammad Muslim had already told them what he was going to do. And that is that he will, through some rules or tactic hold on to his head, and have them in an arm grip. And then the others will do the deed right. Now, they knew that he was going to be armed because he was always heavily armed. He was a strong man, he had one of the most expensive armors, because that's what they were known for, to build armors to buy armor. So he has wearing his personal armor, armor as well. So they come down. And it is a beautiful night, the moon is shining, full moon, and they began talking and just you know, gossiping, and whatnot, as was the way in the days of Jay Z. And then a buena Illa said, I

00:41:59--> 00:42:39

smell the nicest perfume coming from you. I smell the sweetness. And where is this from? So he answered, Yes, I have with me, a young lady, who is the most scented of all of the women of Arabia. Now the arrows prize their sense, they love their, their mosque, and she's with me in bed. Basically, this is where that smell is coming from. So he said, allow me to smell it. It smells so good. Allow me to smell it. So he came closer, said smelled it right. So then he said, Oh, it's coming from your hair, please let me smell it. So he lowered his hair too, so you can smell it. And so he held on to him. And then the others basically did the deed. But it wasn't easy. Because of his

00:42:39--> 00:43:15

armor that he was wearing. It wasn't easy. And it is said that one of them had had it in the house. He was severely wounded by the others who were attacking, he was severely wounded. And he was bleeding badly had to limp back to Medina. And so they returned back to Medina. And the Prophet says that I met them. And he put some of his saliva on his wounds and it healed instantaneously. And this was basically the end of gab even a shut off. Now, it is very obvious why this incident is problematic in light of modern times, it's very obvious why this is a very sensitive issue.

00:43:16--> 00:43:50

And that is because the charges given that this is a blatant assassination attempt that is justified by the profits of the law while he was setting them. And it is an authentic incident. It is mentioned as a body as mentioned, it had been his I mean, there is no way to deny this even though some Muslims, you know, they have this methodology, anything that's embarrassing, try to get rid of it. And you know, this is not my philosophy. So some of them to try to get rid of it. But it is obviously an authentic and authentic incident. So his body has a whole chapter, the chapter of the killing of Gabrielle Ashraf, and you have a number of narrations. You're very explicit Sahih Muslim,

00:43:50--> 00:44:31

it isn't even his whole cabinet. I mean, there is no book of seal except that it mentions it right? If you're going to deny this, and voila, you've denied everything that we have with the serum. Clearly it took place now, a number of reasons are given why this assassination took place. The most obvious reason is this treaty with Abu Sofia is the most obvious number one on the list, that he goes all the way to Makkah and he enacts some top secrets treaty that we don't know the details about, but it is very clear. I mean, what else can it be other than a type of battle that will take place with the burden of the and the kurush helping one another against the Muslims? This is

00:44:31--> 00:44:40

understood, right? So a time a place weapons, what not all of this has been agreed and discussed. So it's very clear that this is a threat to the community.

00:44:41--> 00:44:59

Another issue that is mentioned is the verses or there's the poetry against the the women, the Muslim ladies. Another reason that is mentioned is if you want to follow about always chronology. Then of course we have the number one reason would be the direct attempt at assassinating the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

And frankly, I mean, here is one of those issues that of course, the reasons are very solid, by the way. So these reasons are very solid. I mean, apart from bajo is one which has an issue of chronology. The other soufiane treaty is very clear that this is a man who needs to be taken care of for his political danger to Islam, and to the Muslims. The problem comes, not that he wasn't a criminal, but in the manner of getting rid of him. Right. And that is basically an execution or an assassination. Not that he wasn't guilty, but that in our time and our place, technically, we would put him on trial, and then pronounced the verdict, and then maybe execute, okay, if that's the

00:45:43--> 00:45:46

thing, right. So this is really the main,

00:45:47--> 00:46:32

if you like charge that is laid, and that is the charge of assassination. Now, frankly, here is one of those points where I think one of our problems is we are judging the political situation in the time of the Prophet system, as if it is in our time. And we're judging him with our own laws and customs and trying to retro actively look at the Sierra, in light of modern laws. Frankly, those were different societies, those were different times. And the people who lived in those societies, they understood the dynamics of that society. And that is why we go back to that interesting phrase of his wife, when she told him that you are a man at war, even though he himself, we did not

00:46:32--> 00:47:14

participate in a battle up until that point against the Muslims, right. But she, and she's a woman understood that what my husband is doing, you're declaring war, and you are not safe. And she understood this, because the customs of the time the political landscape at that time was very different than our landscape. And the laws at that time, were very different. And therefore, in my humble opinion, I don't feel the need to try to justify in light of our laws, that's something that they did, and they understood it. And it was understood for that point in time, the fact that in our time, it might not be done. Okay, so be it. If we had a theoretical modern Islamic State, and the

00:47:14--> 00:47:56

laws were different, it is not logic to follow those types of laws in our times, still not at all logic, we can have our own system of laws. And if we have a different system than those systems, there is no problem in that at all. But the main point here, at that time, the Profit System is basically the government of Islam. And his decree is political and religious and legal all in one. And therefore he is the judge, and he is the ruler. And therefore it is legal for him to do this in this manner. He didn't do this in Macau, when he doesn't have any authority, political authority. He didn't do it in Macau, hold on, we're getting the official. We didn't do it in Macau, when he didn't

00:47:56--> 00:48:43

have any political authority. He didn't do it when he didn't have sulfur, we call it which is executive power. Rather, he did it when he himself now has actual political power. And therefore, frankly, I don't see the need to, quote unquote, defend this action. This is what it is. And we don't need to try to sugarcoat it, it is what it is, he did it. And in that time and place completely justified, should do we have to recreate that type of, if you like tactic in our time, it is up to the Islamic government. Theoretically, if they want to decide this, there is no longer if there is one, it is up to them to decide what laws to run. And what is clear, and this is the main

00:48:43--> 00:49:08

point here is that the reason he has been killed is not because he rejected Islam, you can be a caffeine. It's not even because he really killed the Prophet system personally. It is because of his political actions. And then frankly, there is that line of we know we have we do have and it is very true. And it is a part of our Islamic culture to have an extra respect and in Arabic is lira, which is

00:49:09--> 00:49:13

there is no English term thought about this flood there is no English term for hero.

00:49:15--> 00:49:26

No, no hero is a very specific term. It's a it's a it's a positive jealousy or whatnot, or an honor that you have for those who are defenseless and you so

00:49:27--> 00:49:59

basically, the the issue of gab, even though, in my humble opinion, there's no need to become apologetic. It's very clear that what the process that I'm did was completely understood, expected and legal for his time in place. And as for our time in place, it's something that we can, the Islamic State can decide what to do. And then we also have to add here very frankly, in light of recent developments, where our own country and government has now opened this door of targeted assassinations, and if killing its own

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

Citizens knowing it's killing them, right, and of sending drones against even 16 year old kids. Now, we have to be very frank here. Nobody who agrees with this tactic can find any problem with the story of gap. That's just silence that immediately, you cannot, you cannot have your cake and eat it as well. Right You cannot be a kettle calling the pot, there is just not going to happen. You cannot agree to this tactic, which is, by the way, much worse for many reasons, which we won't get into now. But it is much worse, right to send a drone bomb on to a 16 year old kid. And then not one squeakers raised. And not just this, but everybody that that they have killed more than their own

00:50:40--> 00:51:26

citizens. This is now open policy. Right. And it is now constitutional and legal. As of yet it has not been challenged in any court and no court has been able to take it. So this is now what is happening is 10 or 100 times worse than what happened back then. And anybody who then agrees with this cannot have any problem with that. Nonetheless, I don't feel the need to to try to justify or defend. I think it is what it is that the prophet SAW the threat that God was. And in fact, it showed us as well. And even as he mentions this, that with the killing of cab, the other yahood. They were inflicted with a fear. They understood what's going on the dynamics, and many of them did

00:51:26--> 00:52:00

not leave their fortresses for days after that, right. And there is a message being sent. And frankly, if you look at the processors relationship with the hood, it does get stricter over time. And this is what you expect that if this is not going to work, then how about this? If this is not gonna work, then how about that? Right? It's getting stricter, because they themselves are getting more blatant, right? You have the volcano caught threatening him directly to his face. You didn't fight men. Remember this last week? You didn't fight men? You fought a bunch of cowards. If you had fought real men, you would have seen what would have happened. Can you believe you're telling this

00:52:00--> 00:52:40

to your leader? Right? And then you have over here the balloon alien? Already now helping a booster fan out, by the way, right now, I tried my best to find out. Did they help Abu sufian in this expedition of Kolkata, to Qatar or not did kab in particular help? Because it says the bonavia helped Abu sufian. Right, I tried my best to look every single book up today. And nothing is mentioned who from the burden of you helped. But if we were to add the possibility that gab was one of the main people who helped with Sofia, and it would make sense that a few weeks later, he then travels to Abu sufian. Right now this is my theory, take it or leave it and we'll never know fully.

00:52:40--> 00:53:23

But it makes sense to me to add one in one to get to, which is a few weeks after Abu sufian attacks. Medina garb goes all the way to Abu sufian. So I have a theory and it's just a theory, we're never gonna know, maybe it was God himself who helped Abu sufian in that attack on Medina. Right. And if this is the case, then even more, because what is the book of zero say the burden of deal helped him and cabbies of the scharffenberger not. So frankly, there's just too much of a gray area, if you like to, you know, to put all of this together. Allah knows best. But I think it is a good, if you like guess to make that it was gab and a group of gab that helped and the group of gab that helped

00:53:23--> 00:54:05

aboot. Sophia, in any case, to summarize them in a Shall we open the floor for q&a, because I don't want to start over there also, we will is not going to be appropriate. Right now, to summarize, I think that the incident of gab, even Ashraf needs to be told like it is and that is that it is a political incident that the Prophet system approved. It was in accordance with the norms, with the understandings with the political society and laws of his time. And it was done. Not because God was a poet, even though Yes, that added to it. But it was because God was a genuine political threat. And that he had gone above and beyond merely rejecting Islam. And we notice here in in the serum,

00:54:05--> 00:54:43

that a calf is never harmed or killed just because he's a calf. Rather, there is a line. And that line is obvious. You start describing women, then in Muslim women, you start telling men to visit them, that's what the you know, the poetry is is there you can read it like literally is like he's I mean, I don't want to mention this in the but you get the point to you know, like he's literally saying things. He there's a line, you just don't cross it, you know, and for him to go to this level. He knows what he's getting involved with right to have an alliance with Abu sufian. He knows what he's getting involved with. Therefore, honestly, he knows the risks. His wife understood the

00:54:43--> 00:55:00

risks and she's a woman. She's not even involved. She understands the risks, right, that my husband is doing these things. So here it is. That is the story of cabin Ashraf, and we have no qualms in saying this is exactly what happened. I don't see the point sugarcoating it. It is what it is.

00:55:00--> 00:55:11

And it is something that, frankly, I don't see any problem with as the profit source of having done with this inshallah Tada, we will take a few questions and a break for salaat. Alicia

00:55:16--> 00:55:18

how you're raising this issue between me and him,

00:55:20--> 00:55:21

of the heart of the Prophet says

00:55:24--> 00:55:43

whatever the Prophet says Adam did, whether it was directly commanded or not, Allah azzawajal indirectly approved. So in the end, it is all from Allah subhana wa Tada, whether it is direct or indirect, it's semantics. In the end, it is from Allah subhana wa Tada.

00:55:44--> 00:55:46

Okay, this

00:55:49--> 00:55:50

job was from one another.

00:55:58--> 00:56:01

So that's the point he violated the treaty, the Constitution.

00:56:03--> 00:56:07

So again, the problem comes not that he should be punished, but how he was punished.

00:56:09--> 00:56:35

The the, there is no judge trial jury, this is the point. There's no jail, he didn't. By the way, there was no jail in Medina, the concept of jails was much later on. It's not. So the point that that non Muslim, there's a whole article, I mean, you're gonna understand this story. I mean, it's not for the law, but the the anti Islamic websites, this is probably the top two, three stories, this is one of those that they love to harp on. Right, and that is the assassination of the processor.

00:56:41--> 00:56:43

This is our job to show the double standards.

00:56:47--> 00:57:04

This is our job to show the double standards, right? This is our job. That's a part of what we do that they have no right to criticize in light of their own history. And that's what I said as well, especially in light of recent history, which is what is happening is even more blatant targeted assassinations. Okay, yes.

00:57:08--> 00:57:13

Stated very clearly that the city has been broken. Yes. Why didn't that happen this time?

00:57:14--> 00:57:36

It's going to happen right after. So just give it a few months, right? It's building up is going to happen with the banana leaf, right? So things are happening that shows the character of binondo do and then the time will come when it is right to basically take action against them. Right. But right now, action is taken against the main instigator within the bonati.

00:57:39--> 00:57:48

But taking action against him is an indirect message to the whole tribe. Right. sisters? Any question? Yes.

00:57:54--> 00:58:37

So the books of Sierra mentioned that not just about the other tribes, they all basically complained about this. And the profitsystem did not basically take their complaints, give, you know, do anything about them. Those complaints, because he had in fact, ordered it himself. And the message was given a bit as Hawk says that not a single tribal of them basically felt safe afterwards, that they felt that the threat is you know, coming around them. And this is one of the direct basically reasons, you know, for, for doing this, and that is to send the message. You can't get away with this. You cannot get away with blatant treason. I mean, that's no country allows us, you know, so

00:58:37--> 00:58:46

yes, they did complain. And their complaints were not basically responded to because that's justified. Okay, yes.

00:58:48--> 00:58:49

Just before

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00:58:54--> 00:58:55

which one are you talking about?

00:58:57--> 00:59:38

The caravan? No, they fled the harsh flood. There was no there were no prisoners of war, and there were no casualties. Low blood was shed. And this is the whole beauty that Allah gifted them this entire Geneva without a drop of blood. This is as I said, it's an amazing Just think about it. Well, like this is the generosity of Allah azza wa jal, who just you know, amazing, right? They get all of this and then on top of that, they get that as well. Without even you know, they didn't realize it even at the time. And allies would give it to them without a drop of blood being shed. So literally, just this wealth of knowledge just comes in. And by remember this point, because put yourself you

00:59:38--> 00:59:58

know, basically, from their perspective, how desperate Are you going to be now? You can't go with the main route. You can't go the alternative route, the only other route that's also taken off right, you are cutting off the oxygen. And they're desperate now, and this is what was exactly the intent of the profitsystem. Right? Yes.

01:00:07--> 01:00:09

He didn't, that's why they came at night.

01:00:10--> 01:00:12

Know that there was nobody.

01:00:13--> 01:00:46

Nobody came. Because that's the point they came late at night because they themselves don't want the people to know that they're getting money and putting the stuff there. And so they, they accept that the the time with him, the more the appointment time, they said will come at night, you know, on the 14th, basically. And so it was completely empty, it was desolate. He came alone, his wife was begging him to come in, he came along. So this was the whole point of having convinced him that they genuinely want to give him this to get more money and whatnot. So he fell for it basically. Yes.

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rhetoric assessment is the establishing

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the libertarian in

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in the

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it is.

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This is a good point, then that is that what doctors might have saying is that,

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at this point in time, there is no established law and order. Still, there's a lot of threats internally and externally. And if you look at any revolution, even the American Revolution, George Washington when he was fighting the British, and others, you know, every every every revolution that takes place, it's not a clean thing, you know, any type of look around what's happening these days, you know, and and then our own Arab springs was happening, you know, it's the chaos and confusion. Yes, this can also be said, This can also be said that this is this is a good point that there is no system up and running yet and that the system is still being established. Yes, this is a good point.

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No one knows best final question before