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With this character dynamo, he's I think, on the screens, people are hooked on to him, watching videos of him perform perform street magic.

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He goes and does all these tricks that are like to hundreds of people across the world is that there's no stage setup. There's nothing to say that he's, you know, planted and planned sort of planned all of this.

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And the tricks

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on the surface of it are absolutely amazing. In fact, what some Muslims have begun to get affected by

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is the Eman they're thinking, How is it possible? And you know, the guy doesn't even believe in Allah or something. How is it possible that he does all of that? Yeah.

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And some people start looking at well, how is it possible to even do this? And then some people think, well, you know, if you can do this, then Subhanallah, you know, you know, what is this? You know, how does Allah even allow all this to happen, right? Because it is supposed to be that the prophets only do miracles. And they're supposed to be the ones who can bring something that no human can do. So what does that put you as a question with what Dynamo is doing? Now, I want to tell you simply, that there's a difference between there's something called tricks, then there's magic, I want to say magic, we talking about like black magic. And then there's miracles, see miracles, what

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the prophets do, and they've done.

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They have done in history, no one can replicate that until the Day of Judgment, no one will ever replicate. So when our su SallAllahu Sallam pointed at the moon, and he split it in half, by taking the shahada, I challenge any magician, the whole of the world to try and do that, they will not be able to do that. Even if they reach black magic, they won't be able to do that they won't be able to make you believe that that is happening. Alright.

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The mirror there are many miracles in the history, like for example, salad salmon split in the scene too. And walking right in between the scene with a whole group of people till the other end, there's no one going to be can be able to that until the Day of Judgment, no matter how much of a big machine magician they are. Now, when you get to the level of outside of miracles, you got tricks, and you've got black magic tricks. ordinary person can do is just some you fool people in that. They don't know what you actually did. So they move the cart so fast that you aren't able to catch it only on slow motion camera, you catch it. But the stuff that Dynamo is doing and as other stream

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magicians are doing is that you don't even touch it. It just the car just flies out. Whoa. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. And people are, he's just, he just he just flew a company. Where did you go? But

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the thing is, the thing is, in the time of Musa alayhis salam, Allah mentioned the Quran, check it out in the ninth Jews. Check it out in the 19th Jews. Check it out in the 16th Jews in surah Taha, you will find it

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Allah said a beautiful phrase he said when the magicians came against Musa Musa al Salaam is doing no black magic. But the magicians have learned how to do black magic. There's a process in that, that they get. So you know, however they do it whether it's involving Jin's inside, whether it's involving something else, some demonic thing inside of the devil version, whatever it is, I don't know. But definitely, there's a there's another source in between them, which is a whether there's some kind of spell that makes the people

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the senses start acting differently to what they really are. So what Allah said in the Quran was so who are you in a nurse? So who are you in a nurse which means that they be which people's eyes so there was a massive crowd and the whole crowds were looking on. And Musa alayhis salam was called on the day of their festival day. It's like, it's like saying, you know, the biggest day of the year is like, you know, when everybody comes out, the biggest day of the year, that day, they had this this contest, and Musa Islam was on one side and all the best magicians on the other side, and they had sticks and ropes. These are actual sticks and actual ropes. So they threw them onto the ground. And

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when they threw them onto the ground, you high yellow II lay him and now hat Hassan Elysia Natasa it was made to see made not recently very carefully. It was made to seem to the eyes that they are actually running

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around, they turn into snakes. And they were they were moving around all over the and people said, Whoa, you know like Daniel dizzy. Oh yeah, but you don't want you're not seeing what you're supposed to see. You're supposed to see a stick on the ground. You're supposed to see rope on the ground, but because he's bewitched your eyes, even the camera that's looking, they see something different even when you taste you know those, I don't know, Jelly Bellies, he gets out the tasting it blueberries, you know, he just changed into Jelly Belly.

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Right? You know, it's like, it's that they can taste it, they can hear it, they can smell it, they can see they can touch it, feel it because he's had an effect on your body. These were the magician's of Musa lessons time. And one phrase Allah used was Sahar Yuna, mercy, they bewitched the people's eyes. Allah uses that phrase, when you do that people don't see what they're supposed to see, when people die, they see some different Musala Salam was a real real miracle. Allah said, oh Musa, put your stick down now and he threw down. And you know, he's one turned to a real snake. And he wasn't just a snake. He was a serpent. He wasn't just a serpent, it was massive, tall, you know,

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just come pletely towering over the people, a huge serpent, the serpent didn't even move, you know, all the other ones are like the dance, the moving around in the circle musalla salons one came up

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and just went

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I just sucked all the ropes and sticks that seemed like snakes, they were

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just who would own up, suck them all up like a vacuum cleaner. Right? And then Mousasi just touch the snake turn into a staff again. And that was it. Like, the magicians came with something like, Hey, man, he took my magic wand. He pulled me on a business, you know, business.

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You know, it's funny, they stay with strangers to do because they knew that no matter how big of a black magic person, you're a magician, you're you can't do what Muslim just did. That's real real miracle. That's not magic. Now, what I want to say to you is that dynamo, you know has reached that stage. And some of you and you can reach this stage through devil worshipping, through controlling genes, through some spells and magic and thereof, there are things out there, whether you use religion, not really most of this is non religious stuff that you do. And maybe his granddad that he always talks about, maybe taught him that how to do that. There's one other thing with which is not

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not, it doesn't include black magic. But it has a power of the eyes that any human being can train to do, which is you move things with, with just the control of the force of you looking at it, you might think this is really weird, but you're not people who look at a spoon and bend the spoon just by looking at it. That's a power a human can create within himself, and a Hindu, a Muslim, anyone if you can get that power within yourself. And it's a lot of training. So a lot of training and you have to have serious belief inside you that nothing's gonna happen, you might think is really weird. But you know what it actually you can do it and is nothing to do with religion. myostatin mana

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further himself said that there's people out there who have trained themselves to do loads of things like just by looking at something. So you know, some of these cards that move, it's either a gene that moves you, oh, it's the power of the eyes, you can train it to do that. Now there are people in India who do on a daily basis, the only thing is that they haven't got a camera following them, and to show him what they actually do. Okay, now, the thing comes to how do you know that what Dynamo is doing is magic? Well, let me tell you.

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And this I'm going to tell you and I'm gonna be staring at where I was in I was at a wedding about six years ago. And they had a magician in his wedding. And this magician was going from table to table showing his magic. Right? And when he was showing his magic, and then people were like, I'm terrible. Ha ha ha ha, wow. You know, Illinois, and he's gonna Table to Table A cake. He's come to my table, and I'll tell you how to stop a magician.

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And mess him up your mess him up big time. Yeah, you're gonna mess him up big time. Then you do this? Yeah, I did you know what happened?

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I messed the guy up.

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So what you do here is

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you read cool algebra Bill falak. Three times, the sort of falak three times you blow on the stump.

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And you close it

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real close to be nice three times. Blow on this time.

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And close it like that. Yeah. Before the machine comes on right in front of the magician. Even if he's come just do it and hold it like that. You will mess him up if he's using any magic.

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One of our teachers taught us this. And there was the only time I used it. I feel you know what, let me let me check this out. It's already on a Saturday and I had my hands on the table.

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The guy came around and he started by

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Do you know why he messed up? And he went to be red in the face and I was talking, I said, you can't do any magic. And he said, there's always one isn't. There's always one. Let me show you. Right. He tried to do the trick and he messed up so he can't put his car back together. Right? He did another trick. And he messed that one up. And there was a there was an announcement he made and before you know, you know, we, you know, the guy talked himself out and just left the table and went to the next table.

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If you want to seriously stop. If I wish I could meet Dynamo. I would want to read these ads in front of me. And the second thing is, since the second thing is, there's a really big after this, if you can read the next i i think it's Surah

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Yunus which is the

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10th Surah of the Quran

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think it's Fela Malko kala who Musa magic to me he served in Allah has a you know Hola Hola, yo, yo ha Milan mousseline, where you HC la haka. Be Kalamata he, wallow curry Hello Mooji The moon

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when one while I'm still here, is half is can take that out? It'd be good if I can actually see that I am. And I'll see

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if you can read that. Because what I think is might be around I a number. I think 6162 or something. Yeah. If you read that, and you blow on to the magician, you've completely snapped him. He will not be able to do any of his of his tricks. And with that, what I'm gonna say to you guys is

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don't think that these guys are doing anything amazing or Fantastic. All they're doing is they've reached the level of doing all of this

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through tricks through black magic through genes, but they have got no power of Allah azza wa jal, that is helping them do any and there's no miracles whatsoever. So they're doing it and you could reach the same level. I'm not gonna ask you to gain this stuff. All I'm asking you to do is you just don't get hooked on to this too much. Don't spoil your hours and hours of watching all of this. Remember, it's only bewitching the eyes Zachman the hierarchy dharana and Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen