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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker tells a story about a woman who experiences spiritual transformation and is in a stressful situation. She experiences a "naughty in the background" and experiences a "naughty in the background" before eventually being knocked out of a gym. She is interrupted by a call from someone and eventually hears two voices in the background. She is reassured that she is okay and offers advice on how to handle fear.
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Learn Allah let me give you a good Jean story. Can you verify the story like we need something 100% me

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so so I traveled traveled to India

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this was in 2016 Was it 2016

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Yeah, so I went for an autograph in a masjid in Delhi it's just me and this other brother and he was by the it's by the place where shout Imam Shalala Ramallah is buried. So this Masjid is literally surrounded like surrounded by graveyard right? So small Masjid by it's it's so spiritual I spent the full 10 days there

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and you know like you're sitting there in the night is erratic after the last 10 days of Ramadan you're sitting there and I'm trying to do some bother and then I just lie down and then what happens you just sleep right you sleep

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and so what is going to be a 330 like end of end of So what is 330 So other than the fact that is gonna go off after that and I'm knocked out in the in the in the muscle and this would happen pretty much I think for the for the last 10 Nights right the Republicans you get a bit tired you lie down you're not next year knocked down.

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I kid you not these to be something something used to wake me up for SOHO

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and he used to grab my toe and shake my toe

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there's nothing there that the other brother is in the corner he's asleep when I wake up I got nothing but somebody just grabbed my toe and just woke me up. This is a good gym believer waking me up for so who so that I don't miss this hole. Then I would get up and I'll do my soul. And every morning as I say out of the seven out of 10 Nights at least seven nights shook my toe and I have been an insect

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is India's

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spirit it's a spirit like they cannot take a form like doesn't take the thing is looking the same Masjid I would I would think is okay. You can call me possessed you can start saying I'm possessed but I'm not. It's the only only place that I'm hearing it. So I'm in the masjid and I'm trying to introduce them to the chorus on the masjid

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and I'm hearing

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the wicked in the background.

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So small Masjid I small masjid and I can clearly hear at least two different voices coming from the back of the masjid. And they do the Dhikr of Allah

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and I can hear and I can hear that a night after night. I mean why didn't bother because they're the believing genes. And they love they love human beings that are in this decade in try and they will try and be good to you and I'm giving trying to give you a good example of of a genes turning to be scared from genes. No they help you and when you know when time can black brothers help you? Don't worry bye

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