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The speakers discuss the meaning of "verbal" in praise and how it relates to the use of words like hamster and "verbal" in helping people achieve their health goals. They stress the importance of avoiding "verbal" in one's daily lives and how it relates to their health. The speakers also emphasize the need to not say anything during stressful situations and to not say anything when things go wrong.

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Alhamdulillah What does it mean when somebody says Alhamdulillah? You know what it means when somebody says Alhamdulillah? People again don't listen, they said humbler?

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See the Allen Flan in the beginning of Al Alhamdulillah is really important. Why? Because every flam there is four is still Iraq. Iraq means you're completely surrounding every type of its kind. So for example, when you say a hand Hamed means praise, if you say hamdu Lillah, it means praise for Allah. That's all it means. But when you say Alhamdulillah, it means every type of praise ever that can be a form of praise, or that is worthy of being praised, or any praise were the words that are being used. They all belong to Allah. Anyway, whether it's in the past in the future right now, whether it is being done by anyone in any circumstance, whenever they praise, All praise is belongs to Allah.

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You know why? You know, whenever you've had anything like give me an example, why would you say Alhamdulillah in your life was put your hand determine why would anybody say Alhamdulillah? life and limb have an example? That one? Sorry. So if you were saved by something you said hamdulillah? Right, Auntie, let me get another example. Another example can cause why would you sell under Lockman. Health if you're healthy? And you know, you saw your good health to sell hamdulillah? Okay, that's another example. Anybody else?

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Sorry, you passed your exams? Yes. Alhamdulillah. Now, let's just take these three examples. You've just seen safety, you've become healthy, or you are healthy, and you passed your exams. And you said handler, you know what that means. When you say if you recognize that, the the last moment when I was suddenly I just saw from the glimpse of my distinct coming to the car, and I just moved in, in the moment of time. I couldn't have moved except through the window,

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to the power of who a lot. And that's why you say Alhamdulillah if you're saving as they say, it wasn't a disaster, it wasn't an accident that was about to happen. You're in your house and you're safe, you feel safe, or like the brother said, I'm feeling healthy. I'm feeling healthy, you know that every muscle in your body is moved by who.

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But Allah, every cell is controlled by who Come on, take his name, allow you to take his name a lot. Every vein in your bodies is controlled by who? Allah, every flow of blood happens through who Allah the white cells are there by who the red cells are there by who Allah de heartbeats by whose permission, Allah the lungs move and they pump air through whose permission Allah the brain works through whose permission Allah the site happens and he sees because who gave me permission, Allah, the is here because of Allah. So when your whole body is feeling healthy, and your limbs are okay, you know that every single limb that is there in every single limb, there is a way of life, there's

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a deserving thing that I should say Allah deserves for me to say, Alhamdulillah for this, and hamdulillah for that, and humbler for this day. And hamdulillah for that is All praise belongs to Allah for this limb Mooji without paying for that limb. We do that without pain. And that's why it goes to the last Lala Hardison setting. A Muslim kulu salaam Amina NASS. Alayhi sadaqa he said, every every limb of a human being could lie Yeoman toddler or Fie, his chumps. Every day the sun gets up every human he has it older duty to to, to praise Allah azza wa jal, and as every human being sorry, has a duty of giving sadaqa for every limb. Now the Sahaba were thinking how do we give

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a sonata for every single limb that we've got? Every limb every joint, we've got every joint that we've got, we've got to say you know, we've got to give sadaqa so that's when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us be Cooley Tommy that in South Africa. He said every time you sell a hungry law that is a form of charity. Every time you do a good deed because of your joints, when you basically take these joints, you take someone's bag, and you hoisted onto his conveyance onto his car, that is a form of sadhaka your limbs have have given charity to Allah that is a way of doing some good work with the

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With your hands in your arm, this is a form of praising Allah. Now, the ultimate thing is this one Alhamdulillah can be enough for you on the Day of Judgment.

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One Alhamdulillah can be enough for your salvation on the Day of Judgment, which one? Let me tell you this. I'm gonna tell you which happened because the Hadith Muslim says, Well, hamdu lillahi, Tamla

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tamela and so Holla Holla Holla autumn la ma baina sama hamdulillah is enough to feel from this earth to the sky. And he said in one generation Tamla Oniisan on the whole of the scales on the Day of Judgment, the heaviest thing that will completely fill my whole scale on the Day of Judgment can be one Alhamdulillah say Alhamdulillah I want to tell you which Alhamdulillah is going to reach that is the one that from the bottom of the heart, from the bottom of the heart, everything in my life, my health, my wealth, my house, my projects, my like the brother said the exams, okay, my business, my properties, my good nature, my, my good character, my children, the happiness, there moments I've

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had in this life, where I enjoy things and even then the other side as well, even if I'm not being happy.

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Because Rasulullah sallallahu told us, when you're not happy with something, you still should say Alhamdulillah he Allah call me Hell, I still prays a lot in every condition. It doesn't mean the Muslims are saying Alhamdulillah when something goes good, and when suddenly goes bad is that

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I'm not gonna say anything. I'm gonna say anything. It doesn't mean that you suddenly got some issue with Allah because something's gone wrong in your life. No, is Alhamdulillah for normal occasions, I when something goes wrong, you say Al Hamdulillah Allah, I'm going to sell hamdulillah on every occasion. And every in every situation, I'm going to say Alhamdulillah as a Muslim, now that hand that praise that comes to the bottom of the heart, for everything in my life, for every year of my life, for every day of my life, for every moment of my life, for everything Allah has given me and for everything I can ever think of and for the fact that Allah has made me a believer, and for the

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fact that Allah has given me health and whatever situation has kept me in, I'm going to say from the bottom of the heart from bottom, my heart Alhamdulillah which means every single praise of mine or anybody else's praise belongs to you and

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that one will fill your entire scales, try it inshallah, that one will fill your entire scales and that's a big that's a big thing that I've just said. Okay, hey,