Hasan Ali – Dua with the Greatest Name of Allah

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a video on memorization and a song about a man saying "by the one who has my" (Speaker La ilahainking). They also mention a video about a person named Russell Larow and a recording of a song about a man named Russell Larow. The speaker emphasizes the importance of memorization and offers advice on finding it online.
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Just before you're going to ask Allah azza wa jal I'm going to share with you a beautiful Hadith okay this hadith is indeed me the Hadith 3475 Hadith that is sound okay it's a sound Hadith bourree bourree that save and Aslam it will be Allah Han says that the Prophet sallallahu ala Tama heard a man saying these words and when he said these words I'll come and tell you the words in a bit when he said these words the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he, he remarked, he said, Well, levy Neff sibiya, the I swear by the one who has my soul in his hands. This man has asked Allah this Salah Bisbee Hill album, he has asked Allah through Allah's Greatest Name, either do a Joby or Jabba

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when that name is invoked and called Allah answers ones doors were either Sue either Allah Allah will answer to them will either sue in or be outta when a person when Allah is asked through this name, then Allah is ready to give. Okay, what is that? What is that? What are those words? The person said this, he said this and I want you to memorize this in Arabic as you can, okay, I want to try at least you know, you should at least be able to memorize a few things. Okay, now, generation is getting worse with memorization La ilaha illa with all these tick tock generation, I don't know what else is going on, you know, it just getting more and more like, you know, you just get

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information, you don't have to digest it. You don't have to memorize anything, you just, you know, yeah, Allah, I'm already you know, I'm there in life, right? I've made it in life, La Hawla, wala Katella use your brain cells, guys, if you use your brains, you know, if you you know, the brain is a muscle, I don't know, if you know that the brain is actually like a muscle. If you don't use your muscle here browser showing you if you don't use the muscles yet, what's gonna happen, you're gonna lose all those abs and one of the biceps and whatever you've got there, the triceps are gonna, you're gonna lose all of that. The same way the brain, okay? The brain is a, you know, a muscle that

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if you use it, the more you use it, the better it remains, the moment you stop using your arm, it's going to become dead, right? The moment you stop using your brains to memorize, it's going to be very bad at memorizing. So if you want a solution that look people don't get worse over time in memorizing, people don't get worse. It's just a you have stopped using your brain. Like they forced you to use your brain when you're at school. Once you left school, once you left college, university, you stopped using your brain for those things. And then after that one, you just start forgetting. You forget it and you can't keep things in your mind. The more you memorize, the more

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you'll actually be able to keep in your mind. So those of you who don't know the certain suitors and things I'm going to ask you kindly please get it get a you know, a whole goal in your head that I'm going to memorize. I'm going to memorize this Syrah the NASA even if it's a small Surah I'm going to memorize those sutras and make a mission in your head that you're going to do that okay insha Allah say that in sha Allah is to be so this this thing can memorize this is a beautiful beautiful thing that will just look what Russell's and said your dough how's it going to be answered? Because this is the greatest is Mala your album it's the greatest of Allah's names. He said Allahumma in the US

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and Luca Oh Allah I am asking you be any eyeshadow by testifying Unaka Angela that you only you are Allah La ilaha illa Anta there is no other day to day is no other one worthy of worship except for you. I had a summon you are the one okay you are the one and only as someone and you are the one that is totally independent from your from your creation yet to creation is dependent on you and levy lemmya lead while I'm EULA, the one who has never given birth no has he been begotten while I'm Nicola who one I had and there is nothing that is similar to you in any single way there is no one or anything that is similar to you. These are the words okay so if you managed to memorize that okay

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say those words and you got a very good high chance now inshallah vanilla of having your dough as answered now

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in you can you can you can listen to the recording inshallah later on we didn't know because I'm not going to be able to carry on repeat the music it's going to take a little bit of time but you can find the Hadith okay, I've just told you this look online you can find just typing tip me the 3475 and inshallah online that hadith should come up and you should be able to find that hadith.

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