Ammar Alshukry – Jummah Khutbah 02-06-2023

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of forgiveness and how it is a result of actions and choices. They emphasize the need for forgiveness as it brings happiness to people's lives and offers advice on achieving it. The history and struggles of Islam, including the loss of love and forgiveness, are also discussed. The speakers express their desire to read the Hadith and acknowledge forgiveness from the person they killed.
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walk bottle

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and then hamdulillah

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nama do who want to stay in home and stuff futile winner oh the bIllahi min shadow them fusina Amin say Dr Medina me yeah he Allahu Philomel de la jolla Euclid further Hi the Ala Wai shadow Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola shady kiddo. I shall do a no Muhammad Abdul Allah SU was a few whom insulting you have a little Bella rissalah A man also had OMA Salah Kumar and Mahajan, very la ladle ha can I hide the highlight in LA Haddix a lot of abuse and I'm writing

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about Allah, Allah Allah azza wa jal vikita will carry him by the rules we live in a shaytani R rajim. Yeah, you already and I'm going to talk a la Hatha toccata who ultimo tuna Illa anti Muslim Moon Kira to Allah you heard NASA talk or a Baku Mala the Halacha ADA Wirkkala come in has Oh Jaha well that's the mean humare Jalan cathedral when he said we're talking Allah Allah de Luna be well or have in Allah can i They kumara Kiba Bacara to Allah Yeah, you Allah de taco Lucha Kulu colon said EDA, useless nakoma Hola como la. Welcome when they used to allow Sudha who forgot the visor foes and I'll tell you my my bad, all praises due to Allah. We seek His guidance and his forgiveness

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and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves in the whispering of our desires, whom Allah guides no one can miss guide and whom he allows to be misled. No one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah alone, having no partners, and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his slave and His messenger and his perfect worshiper asked to proceed.

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In the 20 seconds that I started this football, I saw four people checking their phones and talking to each other. And I just want to remind you all

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that Rasulullah sallallahu DE SILVA made of the etiquettes of Joomla that we don't touch anything, and we don't do anything other than listen to the hubbub. Rasulullah sallallahu. s&m says Malema son Hassan felt that love a woman love of Elijah Umatilla, that whoever touches a pebble, they have committed Lovell vain speech, and whoever commits vain Speech and Drama, then they have no reward for Jamal. So a person came and they drove all the way over here, and they sat

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they left work, but they also need to refrain for these 20 minutes

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and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam back to the topic of my hair, but inshallah Tada I do believe that we need to spend more time reviewing even the film of Jamal because we tend to forget, and I don't want anyone to think that I'm talking to young people because the elderly are just as attached to their phones as the young

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even when I'm asleep. Not when I'm not a hottie. I was recently sitting attending a gym alpha. And the man next to me was buying stocks during the football

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and that's a combination of

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Not only false speech but false actions because the province told a lie they said I'm told us that whoever buys or sells in the masjid then the Sunnah is to say May Allah Subhana Allah not bless your transaction. Man, not May Allah not bless your transaction because the drum of the misery does not for that there must be there's not for the dunya it is for the seeking of the reward of the Hereafter. In any case.

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Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam

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tells us in the hadith of Anna Sidney Malik reported by Timothy

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he says, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says

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I Abdi in NACA Muda. I will tell you what a Joe Tony has offered to look at Isla makan, I mean koala. Auberry

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Oh my servant.

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As long as you call upon me, and have hope in me, I will forgive you, no matter what you have done, and I will not mind.

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We are told by Allah Subhana Allah data, that no matter what sin a person has created, no matter what they've done, that if they turn to Allah Subhana Allah and they have hope in him Allah Subhana Allah Allah will forgive

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and he will not mind.

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I want to talk briefly about this concept of his default seeking forgiveness.

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Qatada says in her the Quran Yeah, do LUCAM Allah Ecomondo he says this Quran guides you directs you instructs you to your disease and to your cure. He says I'm not the outcome for the group. As for your disease, it is your sins. What am I the outcome and as for your cure it is to seek forgiveness. Allah subhanho dias says lol facade will bury well Barry Bhima Kazaa but at NUS. Allah says corruption has appeared in the land and the sea due to what people's hands have earned.

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All over the world you look and you see civil war and you see strife and you see calamity and you see disease and you see poverty and you see drought. And Allah subhanaw taala says corruption has appeared in the land and the sea due to what people's hands have earned,

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that he may give them a taste of what they have done

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on your drone, perhaps they may come back. And so this corruption that we see in the land is a result of what our hands have earned. And it is just a bit of the return on the investment of our sins that Allah subhanaw taala brings to us perhaps by seeing the effects of our sins will come back to Allah subhanho data and repentance.

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And so by seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala I don't want you to think that it is simply a cure for our sins on the Day of Judgment. But that says it directs you to your that your ailments and it directs you to your cure your that your ailment is your sins, and your cure is seeking Allah Subhana Allah diatas forgiveness, seeking ALLAH SubhanA di this forgiveness does not change just the trajectory of your hereafter, but it changes the trajectory of your life. It changes your life today. There was a brother

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who was one of the first of my group to get married the first of my friends.

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He was the first one after college.

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And everybody he was the first one to get married. And I remember we all when we went to his wedding.

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People at the wedding were asking him they said how did you get married? Like, how did this happen? We didn't think it would be you.

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And so he said

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you guys want to know the answer? said yes. He said it's the fall.

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I made a lot of his stuff.

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And that's in the book of Allah. Know Allah is Salam. He says for him to stick through Roberto in the hookah Farah, you will see some i They call me the rara way and it can be a mining weapon in which I look them Jannetty wedge and look man Hara no Alayhis Salam, he said, make us the far to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah your Lord is off forgiving. So not only is your Lord oft forgiving, meaning that he will forgive you.

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But look at everything that will happen as a result of your seeking forgiveness. He will send the rain down upon you and He will grant you children and he will grant you wealth and you will make for you rivers. All of that will happen as a result of years of thought. And for you to have children you have to have a spouse first.

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So it has an adversity when a man came to him and he complained of drought, and hasn't told him he said go and make us default. And another man came and he complained of poverty and hasn't told them go and make us default and another man Campton and complained of his inability to have children that hasn't told him go and make his default. And when people came to him after or his students had witnessed all three discussions, they said three people came with three different symptoms and you gave them

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have the same prescription. He said, Did you not hear what No, I didn't say um said no. I said, seek forgiveness from your Lord. Your Lord is all forgiving. He will make the sky cascade rain down upon you. So that farmer who's complaining of drought make us default Allah subhanaw taala will cause the rain to come, that father who's complaining of lack of children, or that husband who's complaining that he's not a father yet, indeed can be acquired in weapony and Allah Subhana Allah when you make a step forward, he will extend for you wealth and he will extend for you children.

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My Allah Camilla, Tata Junaid, Allahu ACARA. He says, No la Salam, he says, Why is it that you don't give Allah his due? Amount? Why is it that when it comes to the equation of success in your life, you remove Allah from the equation. And so you think of studying and you think of getting good grades and you think of networking and you think of knocking on this person's door and meeting this person and asking this person, but

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you don't think about Allah Subhana Allah, that if Allah Subhana Allah says, yes, it doesn't matter who says no, and if Allah subhanaw taala says, No, it doesn't matter who says yes, and so seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala, but we don't just seek ALLAH SubhanA diatas forgiveness for our sins, but it is beautiful, that in Islam, we know and we believe that there is no sin that Allah subhanaw taala does not forgive or cannot forgive. If a person simply turns to Allah subhana wa Tada and ask forgiveness.

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As long as you turn to Allah,

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our relationship our servitude is a lord or is to a Lord who is so perfect in his ability to forgive.

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Allah Subhana Allah says in surah that

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he says well, who will have a fortune? Well dude, that is solid oil broach. It is a beautiful, beautiful pairing.

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Allah subhanaw taala says Hua Hua affordable dude. You know, sorcerer Bucha is the only Surah inches Amma where Allah Subhana. Allah mentions to have his names together. Well, who else will afford and will do it? And he mentioned a minute ago when we know Eli, you made a beeline as he said, hammock. I don't have time for this right now. But Well, whoever fooled will do it. Allah subhanaw taala calls himself the forgiving and the loving. His loving is, and his forgiveness is so perfect.

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Some of us

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if we are injured by somebody who's very close to us, we might get to the point. Over time where we're able to forgive them, I want you to imagine the most severe betrayal.

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And if that person comes and ask for forgiveness, and tries and shows change behavior, then I might get to the point where I forgive them.

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But am I ever going to love them perfectly again, it's very hard. It's very hard for the love and that closeness to come back.

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I don't want him to follow the line who was standing in front of the man who killed his brother's eight.

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Rama is the Khalifa.

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And he says to the man,

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I asked you about Allah did you kill my brother's eight, because Zaid was murdered in the battles of Rinda.

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And those people who had apostate it accepted Islam again, after they lost those who survived, they accepted Islam and they became absorbed into the Muslim community again. So now I'm gonna standing in front of one of those people. And he said, did you kill my brother's aid? And the man said, Yes, I did. So now everything we know about the rage and the power and the justice of modern hip hop, his older brothers aid that he loved so much, he is now standing in front of his killer, an omen and hip hop simply says to him, then stay away from me.

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Because I am never going to love you. Just like the the earth never likes blood, we're never going to mix.

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And then he says, a middle meaning is your lack of love for me going to cause me to lose out on any of my rights. And he says Know

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your rights as a Muslim is one thing and my love is another thing.

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But oh my God, Allah and who is saying that I

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even if you are forgiven because you've accepted Islam again, there will never be a scenario where I can love you because you killed my brother.

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And even someone who had a greater capacity of love and forgiveness than is little sort of lost them Elijah is and it is amazing how the Prophet sallallahu sallam was able to absorb all of these people, one after the other of people who fought against him.

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People who insulted him, people who mocked him people who are and people who ridiculed Him, people who fought against him, all of these people who became Sahaba

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he absorbed them all and he loved them all. But there was one man who injured the province of Allah Azza

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them so much

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that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam forgave him and accepted his Islam. But he simply told him and he said, Can you please stay away from me? And that was why she the killer of his uncle Hamza. Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi salam it was such a painful image for him the mutilation of his uncle on the battlefield of battle pseudo last Elijah said I'm simply told what she said I don't want to see you around if that's okay, just stay away from me. You're a companion you're a Saddam has accepted your sins are forgiven all of that.

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Even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had limits when it came to his love.

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And yet, when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Well, who is a fool do I do it?

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It shows us that there is no one who is alive. Who is not only beyond being forgiven by Allah, Allah for being loved by Allah, Allah doot.

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And this surah comes in the sequence of a people who had committed genocide. Go to the US horrible ordeal with Allah subhanaw taala says, Cursed are the killers or the people who caused the genocide in the trench. But Allah subhana Tada still says, will who will afford it would. Allah is the forgiving and Allah Subhana Allah is the loving and so we are fortunate that we worship a God who never disqualifies us from His mercy from his forgiveness and from his love. The minute that we turn back to him, of course the massive metal monster Corolla they were looking for stuff thrown overboard, right.

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam says,

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in the Hadith,

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of * and I want to conclude with this I want to I want to read the whole Hadith. He says at the Nicoma Dalton Yola Joe tinea referred to Luca Allah ma i mean COVID Everybody, oh my lord, all my servant. As long as you seek forgiveness from me and have opened me I will forgive you no matter what you have done and I will not mind

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I've Dillo Bella Zulu Buka Anna Anna sama for Mr. Furth turning over to like, Oh, my service if your sins were to reach the sky, and then you saw forgiveness from me, I would forgive you.

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At the low end Nikka Tate and Robin are the hatha yoga.

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If you were to meet me with the Earth's weight and sin, imagine somebody comes with with whatever the weight of the Earth is.

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And you came to that

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with Allah subhanaw taala NSAID through my lucky attorney, and then you met me, not committing ship with me as long as you do not commit ship.

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I would meet you with what is equal to it of forgiveness.

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And so we offer what we offer to Allah Subhana Allah and we stumbled along the way.

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But we have to make sure that we continue to seek Allah Subhana Allah that is forgiveness. Make us the Father, your constant companion. Make us the Father that which you use to illuminate your heart. Make us the Father that which you end your day with. Make us the Father that what you do after your obligations and after our Salah we are taught to say stuff that Allah stuff that Allah stuff for Allah. We seek Allah's forgiveness even after our good deeds, much less our sins, because even these good deeds that we offer Allah subhanaw taala we're not offering him what he deserves. We're not offering him what he deserves. So we offer what we offer, and we seek ALLAH SubhanA wa diatas

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forgiveness for our shortcomings and our human deficiencies. We ask Allah azza wa jal to allow us to hear the speech and follow the best of it. Allahumma Inanna is a local general Makabe hum encoding When? When a ruler becoming a narrow Makabe Hi Nicodemo Allahu matin. husana Taqwa Zakia anticoagulants aka Antonio Mola Allahu Maximilian Amica sciatica matter Julio behavior in our being Mr. Sciatic I mean I take him out to buy Laguna Beach jannettek Wamena Lea teeny moto when we Elena masa dunya or materion Allahumma be smart you know upside in our waiting a bit of data, which I'll hold it for me now, which I thought I know I'm Philomena on student Allahumma Adam and Donna. Well,

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I said Jared will say butterknife Ed Nina Willa terjadi dunya Kabbalah Hamina Willa, my beloved Amina Allah in a narrow mossy Rana watch our agenda here Dora nebula Hamitic Al Hamra Hamid probably hamaca Mala Bernie so Hera a little bit hum Hallmark amount of battery so they Allahumma hum Mota and omoton Muslimeen Allahumma Hamilton omoton misdemeanor battery Madonna Mater Muslimeen Allahumma Maccabee anenome Salah fina mon Kobina frequently makan Alohomora Makeba Halina for Cena Phyllis Phyllis wetterstein was Sudan, Kashmir or wasa Ilhabela the Muslim and Allahu La Marina near McAllen moraine coulomb Nasir Daniel McCullough, Nasr Salalah. I'd say that Mohammed Khomeini la sala de la

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