Zakir Naik – If Islam Preaches Universal Brotherhood then Why are the Muslims Divided into Sects

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A caller asks about how Muslims are divided into sex and whether they are part of the same church. The representative explains that the Prophet mama surgery is a sign of unity among Muslims, and that the church is not trying to divide the religion. The caller also asks about the number of vertical lines in the Prophet's message and the representative explains that it is a reflection of unity among Muslims.
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The question from brother Sunni India's when

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Islam preaches universal brotherhood, then how come Muslim themselves are divided into *?

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The question poses that when Islam preaches universal brotherhood, how come Muslims are divided into various sites, dancer view the Buddhist Quran in surah, Allah Moran chapter number three was the 103 it says, what the same will be humbled by jameelah tarraco hold to the rope of Allah strongly and be not divided, which is the rope of Allah.

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The Glorious Quran is the rope of Allah subhanaw taala. It says that the Muslims should hold the rope of Allah, the Glorious Quran and the sahadi and they should not be divided. And the Quran says, as I mentioned earlier, in Surah Anam, chapter six was 159 that anyone who divides the religion into *, you have nothing to do with him. Allah will tell him about the affairs on the Day of Judgment. That means that is prohibited for anyone to make secretary of Islam but when you ask for the Muslim order, you some say Mr. Hanafi, some samma Shafi songs, Mr. homily, some say Mr. Maliki, what are the beloved prophet or the Shafi or the humble? He was the Maliki what was he? He was a Muslim.

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The Quran says in Surah Al Imran chapter three verse 52, the Jesus peace be upon the Muslim. The Quran says well in branch chapter three, verse number 67, that Abraham is another Muslim.

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And what is the Beloved Prophet? You are the Muslim? The Quran says in Surah forcella chapter 41 was the mortality woman has a new call amendment law in the law he was solely home caller in any manner muslimeen who is better in speech than one who invites people to the will of the Lord works righteousness and says I am of those who bought the will of Allah, those who say I'm a Muslim. So when anyone pose a question, what are you you should say I'm a Muslim. I have no objection if someone says I believe in certain words, certain views given by a great scholars like Abu hanifa Imam Shafi Imam, Malik, Mo, humble mela bpv The more I respect all these gates scholars, if someone

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agrees without and view the Imam Shafi sometimes Melo pleads with them, sometimes Abu hanifa Melo plead with them. I've got no objection. But if anyone poses the question, What are you you should say you're a Muslim. And as the Buddha said earlier, the Quran says there'll be seven three sects. What are they referring to, as thing of Beloved Prophet? It's mentioned in Abu Dhabi. How this number 4579 it says that there is enough Islam will be divided into seven three sects. But if you note the wording of the Prophet mama Salas, Allah Muhammad peace be upon him, he said that the religion will be divided. He didn't say you should divide the religion. He's prophesizing. Though

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the Quran says Don't be divided, the Muslims are bound to divide. And there's another Hadith, which I mentioned to him, he has his number 171 the Beloved Prophet said, there will be 33 ferrocarriles 73 sects, and all we go to * except for one, and the companions asked which one The Prophet said the one that is on the path of the Prophet and the companions, one that follows the Quran and the Hadith.

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So anyone who follows the plan, these are the true path. Islam doesn't believe in Division, every person who is a Muslim.

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Anyone who follows the Quran says the Muslim and Islam is against dividing the religion into * and division. So if you read the Quran and Hadith Muslims should be united on the basis of Quran and say at the top down to the question

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