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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the negative consequences of the lack of knowledge and the potential consequences of alcoholism, including negative behavior and distraction. The use of punishment and the potential consequences of face-to-face interactions are also discussed. The importance of protecting one's soul and avoiding suffering from the creation of the beast are also emphasized. The segment also touches on the origin of the world and the importance of avoiding suffering from the creation of the beast.
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What's the letter survivals gonna be you know, we've you know, somebody said aloha to you, Allah He also he was selling

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earlier on Ash Dasha Shahi Shavon Alfa Romeo was never bound and more ethically

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comes she initially Mars

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Maurice alpha in washing machine you also hear the activity Mubaraka that were sort of lost data and you have learned to live while your camera went off one

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year earlier

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whether it will be the

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last time we stop at the scene of my life

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year called allow tobacco to allow me

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you hint Allahu Allahu me mockery in the live Allah Masha.

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So today in sha Allah that was the end of a chapter. So in continuation to what we have been doing

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quite long talking about the evil consequences of democracy and this is what the model is the one giving you that disease you are suffering from whether you understand it or not, and also the cure for that disease. So the book was established for this purpose. So that's why he

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enjoys his time talking about these these matters. So soon inshallah we'll be done with these consequences and move forward to other other chapters be the

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most likely after.

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So, Ecole Mala Mala? Firstly, women are Kobata anatomy of a certain country what happened is you know, what does it do to Kalmyk What do

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you see one of the evil consequences of democracy and how to reverse it I can now see takes the zero of the country

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how to I mean, it takes them a sera. SeRa is the insight and not just understanding but deep understanding that last volatilized granting a person

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which is beyond the normal knowledge.

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This one a person can only get it when he has the Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala.

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But Sierra is a special gift. Last Muhammad Allah to be able to understand things in the media as a last resort, and as these will topple Allah or your limo Kamala, fear Allah subhanaw taala and Allah subhanaw taala is teaching you or will grant you knowledge. Allah intertap Elijah I'm looking for a file where you can fit on come see article microfiber, if you fear Allah subhanahu Bucha Allah, Allah azza wa jal will grant you that which will

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help you to differentiate between hack and market. So, this is Masirah to be granted Masirah by Allah subhanaw taala which is knowledge, actually the essence of the knowledge not that deep understanding of the knowledge, so a little coworking can grant a person this. So he says, alas, he taught me was what helped me Sonora, and extinguishes the light and Last Mountain, a cast in the heart. So it threw away double zero and also remove the light that allows me to put on the heart so when that that light is not in existence, that is no way for a person to get things properly, no matter how much he thinks he's not a last minute I will let his smartness be the reason why he will,

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he will get into trouble.

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What is the total and on top of that, it will block all the means for him to learn. Because

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if Allah subhanaw taala blocked the heart, his heart is not functioning anymore.

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There is no way for him to get the knowledge you know, so it would cut him off from the from the knowledge.

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Well, tangible mighty to me that and it also blocks the means of Veda. Allah Subhana Allah says in surah, two Alkaff image Allah, Allah colloquium akinetic who here done him Rocco? We're in Philly. Yeah, totally that last one or the last as we, we put in the heart. I can get an F copy. Last month I put

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something strong you know a barrier to cover their heart

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so it is closed and locked off the attorney Walker and he is also Allah subhanaw taala put something on the ears

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so the heart is locked and the ears also is locked. That's where I lost 100 dialysis into the room you know who definitely you have to do it and if you were to invite them to, to guidance Lenya told me that they would never be guided at all.

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If you were to call them upon the guidance, they will never be guided. And I guess every one of us can make this conclusion because if there is no way for the heart to receive information and it was locked in a place and the ears you know is closed and blocked even in the ICS we'll never know what that person is talking about.

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So has such a semi Ashok woman hustle and bustle because you can have the the eyes being closed, that the ears is open. So when the reminder comes you will be able to grasp it and also to put into practice and action although you don't see

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it most instances you don't need to see for you to do something correct.

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So last Mahalo to Allah

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mentioned that it's also the calf so even Kareem says one of the evil consequences of democracy is that it blocks the heart from getting the truth.

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Carla Malik le Shafi la lump sum IB he went to Africa high

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in there are a lot of alcoholic and Fallout will be dramatic. And Marcia Malik said to Mr. Shafi when he saw you know, the perfect and excellence in terms of memorization, and I wish it was by strong in the way he memorize things as a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. I know some people they just read something once, and it's more than enough for them to memorize it. So, I Shafi told Malik when he saw that stronger capacity and ability to memorize it all.

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Imam Shafi I'm sorry Imam Malik told Imam Shafi when he saw that capacity of Nam Shafi an ability to memorize very easily and quickly. He told them in the Ara Ara Allah to Allah, Alka alayka

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he said, I can understand and I can see that Alas, Rotella cast in your heart a light Fallout to the few who will be the ultimate Ignacia Don't you ever extinguish this light because of the darkness of wysing Don't commit sin in a way this light will be will be taken away from you

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well as Aloha haven't loaded yet or wherever my head while I'm gonna Marcia Dr. Hotez, you don't call goofy Miss Lee, allegedly. So this lighter Alas, Boteler is putting in the heart because of the sins will keep decreasingly until the time he would come like, very dark night.

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I'll ever come in Malik Jasco. If he arrives through and in a way Subhanallah person will be thrown himself in the place of destruction and a place of danger. Oh, well, I have zero and he doesn't see. Although he has his own eyes. He put himself from time to time into trouble. Well, from the angle he doesn't know.

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That mechanical market it just like an enlightened person who went out at night and no guidance, you know, following the road that has a lot of Maharlika mouth

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that has a lot of Maharlika mouth. Mahalik is

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things that are I mean, destructive,

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destructive things, things that destroy art, they're not things that takes a person to a HELOC to death.

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So he is using a road that has a lot of things

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going on complete.

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So he's using the road which has a lot of

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issues of having a lot of obstacles and things on the road that

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are capable. I mean, leading him to destruction and there is nobody to guide you on that. That place

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is at a salon but you were so sad situation. You know, it will be very difficult for a person to pass the test, you know to be safe. That's why he called a sellout as easy as he is I mean it's very rare. In a very rare situation you find a person who is in this nature to succeed and survive

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and these kinds of situation

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A person will quickly get into trouble and destroy himself

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Collison by Topo typical Volmer will typically call the editor worry I ever shall call Berman has, it has to be called What? What is that you will have either a cat in the multi the hot fill, but as

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he says and then there's darkness will keep increasing. And it will not just restrict itself to the heart it will be extended to the to the limbs so

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so it will keep on increasing.

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According to

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the way he is increasing the scenes, the more he commits, and the more he gets that problems.

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The more he gets that problem for a second endl Moti Vahana

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And the problem of this is he might not be able to see that much here in this life. Or when he reaches death. This is when that problem is going to take place. You know it's going to it's going to appear to him. We'll see it clearly.

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And since since it comes out now, right but he doesn't see the darkness in his limbs, he doesn't see the darkness in the place where he stays by when he dies. And he is taken to the grid that don't mind is going to to appear. So it's going to come so he will see it in that place with a proper set of law to yourself in the how the helicopter Mom No, the Wilma, mom tell you I think

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we're in the la mala. We don't have this on it. So these graves, they are full of darkness and last Moto is making it full of darkness

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for the people who are in, but Allah subhanaw taala is giving them light if the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, I pray for them to janazah.

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So, so that doesn't matter Kabul scholars have been talking about it is the reflection of the life of a person in this in this in this life of the dunya seems, collections of the sins that a person is committing. These are the ones that are going to be reflected when he goes to degree

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that carry on with the body. But her sherilee about Allah to Allah one by one era who called

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the when the bad comes, you know, that's the Day of Judgment, this is when it is going to be very physical to everyone to himself and also to everyone to see that darkness on the faces as a last resort and as if the devil will do. What is what

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Salah Salah here at St. Cyril was you asked whether we had Amati Fela Hammond COVID That was in that dunya as well.

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So, he is going to be having that kind of phase which is worse, might be worse than the top. So black, so dark

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evil kind of says Subhanallah what kind of punishment is this? And

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and which cannot be compared with any kind of the blessings that the person used to enjoy in this life. You know, he enjoys himself so much here in this life. But if you are to look at that kind of punishment that Allah subhanaw taala placed on him. Everything that he used to enjoy will perish cannot see it at all.

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So he says that the German did the dunya from the beginning to the end will be useless and insignificant in the presence of that. As the Prophet said Allah holy Silva said Allah subhanaw taala might ask the one who enjoys dunya the most of the greatest people in terms of richness in this dunya you might be questioned by Allah's Maha Rotella about

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the enjoyment he he got in the dunya.

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Last month, I would ask him Did you ever see in German in your life, he will say no.

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That's one stain in that in that place. will cause him to forget everything.

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So this is message actually to all of us. The last water granted stuff you can Good.

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I'll have a case of a pistol Abdi, El Mirage, Korea, Allah.

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When I travel market,

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hegemony in the Mahabharata

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and after that, if let's say he lives in an area

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that's so deficient, if you are related to the name of the Akira and if you relate it to the punishment in the era, that will be useless.

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How about life in this dunya which there is no Natoma, that is can

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genius, you know, it is mixed with things that will make it so evil. So, so bad and uncomfortable, to not be converted, although you have it but you know, from time to time, you know how life is, from time to time Alaska is making things tough for you. So, if you take this network, and then that which is the efficient, which is full of things which are not wanted by a person in this life,

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it's also not continuous, if you relate it to, to this punishment in the akhira. Technically, that is no, no, no, no in this dunya at all, you know.

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So he says, an add to that layer on Mr. That is just sad. It's just like a dream. Because it comes and goes, it comes and goes, you know, something like, like that signal light, it comes across.

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And even if it stays with a person for quite long, they will come and that's what I will do completely, will never stay, they will never stay forever. And in Africa, both the two will stay forever. That too, will be stay informed.

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All of us want me to go back to start getting upset, what talking about what I want you to see how to handle one of the evil consequences of the sin that is so strange, this is true.

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It will make the soul actually quite small. In a way, you yourself you will feel that you're so insignificant in this life. And also nobody will

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respect you that much.

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So to suddenly run laps, I mean, it's making this the soul that is more

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attack more hard coated, put it down to the low level,

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to the car or to hacker attack.

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And if the soul is going to be the most insignificant thing in this life, come on that particular me how it is a key outcome. Just like the way that our obedience and he grows it and make it big, you know?

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What to compare how to what is the key, it purifies the soul? The same goes to the sin, the sin also make it in the opposite

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call Oh Allah, Allah Hammonds, a cow aka column and this, Allah Subhana Allah says, Muhammad is the one who purifies his old succeed and the one who destroys his soul with the massive fail in life.

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Well, Amana kind of lemon combat of how Allah had with it like he was

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the one who

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makes his soul great, through the DA the obedience to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And what the hara and he clean it, you know, from any disease that can destroyed the exposes to the power of Allah subhanaw taala succeed. And Hasim Rahman aqua and the one who hid his soul, his soul and conceal it, you know, and hide it or have caught her and disrespected and humiliated

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you know, Sakara and make us so little belittle the mossy Tila through the sins, you know and disobedience against Allah subhanaw taala have this person fail, and he lost if you're looking for a loser, this should be the one that you should see.

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Follow us looted. See, Allah, Allah says, Allah will complement this and the one who destroys his soul, you know, through them assay you know, definitely this one feels a loss in life.

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So he says we're also Tennessee at

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the origin of the TED here last month actually is meant to say the one who destroys you know, and who covers so with the scenes. So at TED is here in Arabic means and to hide something.

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Alas, muhurta Allah theater Ara Malecon Missoula, Mabu shabby. Are you sick? Who? Allahu Nein, I may just move it up. In the past some of the Arabs they don't like to have daughters, when he has a goal at go. He will be thinking of what to do.

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So one of the options is to to keep it in the state of humiliation because they think it's an insult and also

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is like, I don't want to put

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They like that but it's a very shameful thing to have a daughter with you. So he will be thinking of one of the two things Either he keeps him in a state of disrespect and humiliation doesn't know how to face people as well as easier to economy so emotionally it will be hiding from people because of the evil of that which the news he just got. And then he will be trying to make a decision I'm gonna Amity Sophie Tara is going to keep it in a state of disrespect and humiliation. Or he just go on buried there just sue Peter of Alaska says you have to sue the Sahara it is so so oil just got buried in that in that rock. That's why some of them they buried otters alive.

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So so this is the origin of the world this

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colorful RC edition of soulful Marcia, so the one who is committing sin is covering himself in the in the scenes.

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That's where he lost he's covering himself in the scenes

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where you're FEMA Canada and he's hiding the place of the soul. Yeah Tara milky means to MIT.

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And you see him trying to hide from the creation of Allah subhanaw taala because of the evil ness of that which which

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was committed sin doesn't relax at all, as already cannot relax at all.

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How can you see my Bucha my ITB Kadin comma and then FC one comma in the lie on comma interhealth.

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So, he will be humiliated and disrespected you know, he himself also will not value and respect himself

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and also Allah subhanaw taala will never see him with the eyes of respect.

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But also people also will never see him with eyes of respect.

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Out of a bar to will be able to conclude NAFSA water is too hot which really righteousness brings a person

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lift a person

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and Eve Allah I guess this one need no.

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Zainab Shu Quran

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this okay,

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this issue I don't think somebody needs to

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make any any any explanation but we see in the community, the righteous people, the good one. People just feel they like them. People just feel they love them.

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Wherever they go, people feel

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that they should be respected wherever they

00:22:50--> 00:22:56

have a thought will be able to come to NASA as to how it already. So I see the scholars when they

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hold their breath and they maintain their righteousness. And they preserve and protect their honor dignity, will see them be respected in any community wherever people

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but the moment they started affiliating themselves to others to the people of the dunya that respect will be taken from them. That respect will be taken from them. They don't get the respect from the Caledonia and they also lost the respect of the community as one of the scholars said, wallow and Anil Elizondo husana.

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In the fusina, with Dima

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it says if the scholars they

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respect the knowledge

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you know, they protected the Knowledge Center knowledge are protected

00:23:53--> 00:24:02

while removing the pusilla oedema if they make it so great, you know in the hearts of the people people respect it and will respect them also.

00:24:04--> 00:24:13

So, there's a very important you know, point to be noted here, you are respecting this life Be with Allah subhanaw taala and then at last month, I will let people respect you

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for part two, will it be rude to come during next hour to do what you really had to see Russia Russia in what Akbar who was cow who Allah until the time that the soul becomes Ashra cache, the best thing you can ever see

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was QA and the most pure, clean something where Allah and the highest thing a person has

00:24:47--> 00:24:59

or my valley cover here as undershooting, Wakata, who was not a holy Lena searching and at the same time, in bout itself, and he muted himself. It's up in the presence of the last 100 wore down

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We have so the person brought himself down through the obedience to Allah smarter put in his forehead to the ground, go into my praying to Allah smarter doing all the rituals, you know all of these things if you look at them you know those people who claim authority and richness you know many of them delight these type of things you but you you go for it why is that because this is what your Lord alas Martin are the One who created you once and they're doing it to please Allah subhanaw taala hello we have the house that Allah ha ha that as you were shuffling. So when he brought himself down for last I heard that I load last month and I think

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that's how it is particularly take yourself your self doubt for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and to him alone allows me to raise you

00:25:50--> 00:25:51

raise you up,

00:25:52--> 00:26:00

you raise up your head against the last Muhammad Ali rate of your head against Allah, Allah is meant to take you down to the lowest level

00:26:02--> 00:26:05

Allah for my son God and Musa

00:26:06--> 00:26:10

mythical mouse at night, well my cup bhairahawa shafa

00:26:12--> 00:26:21

whatever and metadata and they say that there is nothing that Sargon Fusa bring the soul Tao

00:26:23--> 00:26:35

metadata there is nothing that is bringing the soul down, you know, and making it so little mythological Scintilla has origin that is similar to that since

00:26:37--> 00:26:41

when you commit sin, you're bringing yourself to the lower level. So

00:26:44--> 00:26:57

so if you look, I'm saying that there is nothing that is bringing the soul down to the lowest level myth Lumosity LaserJet that is similar to the Cintiq that a person has committed.

00:26:59--> 00:27:32

So, you want to be a little in this life, you want to be in the low level in this life, the path to that is since you know all the facade that is taking place on earth, all of the monitors which you know, we consider them, you know, monitors that are putting the humankind in a very degenerated situation. They they happen because of our sins. No doubt about this, you know, it is just up to us to fix it or to live it the way it is and keep suffering

00:27:33--> 00:27:45

and keep suffering. Whatever we do with suffering from nowadays it is because of our sins. We like it I like it, but this is the reality. And the only way for it to be taken is the Toba

00:27:46--> 00:27:49

man has Allah Allah Allah Allah didn't come out of the eyelid.

00:27:51--> 00:27:58

No mercy by that ever comes to humankind except because of the sins of the creation, either collectively or some of them.

00:28:00--> 00:28:01

either collectively or some of

00:28:03--> 00:28:18

Allah subhanaw taala says photography that matters even a Latina woman can hustle. So almost like it will call up. All the Messiah that we'll see about that is taking place on Earth. These are taking place because of our attitude and our cities.

00:28:19--> 00:28:24

And more you commit sin the more last month at our visit you will calamities and test

00:28:25--> 00:28:26

and test.

00:28:27--> 00:28:34

And the only way to remove this calamity is to go back to a Muslim tonight in repentance and obedience.

00:28:36--> 00:29:24

PALOMA Kabara HA HA HA HA HA HA me through document. That is nothing that usually brings us all up to the highest position to shut off on nobility, you know and greatness in this life. That is greater the righteousness. So the more righteous you are, the better position you get from Alaska or to Allah and also this is going to be reflected in the I mean the community, the community will love you so much. And this is from Allah subhanho wa taala. And as I said, this is what we have seen, you know, as long as you maintain your righteousness, you maintain your righteousness and you don't get involved in the, the, what do you call that? The silly things of this dunya you know, a last minute

00:29:24--> 00:29:38

I'll put that strong prestige in the eyes and in the heart of others, wherever they meet you they meet you with respect. You know, you will never be in a situation where a person will disrespect you unless if he does.

00:29:39--> 00:29:51

And sometimes you feel like the person that doesn't know another person but you can see the mutual respect between them. Why? Because you're having the heart addressing each other

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a lot more homogeneous.

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In our economy

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Hot sell off on the other Femina

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as the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam as they said, Your Allah Kelly had Taco birds they usually go to the same cupboard so people who are looking for righteousness and people who are upon the righteousness they always respect and go with the righteous people

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may last for wholesaler grant is good and success in life. Today I

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an issue which will not

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grant me ability to go beyond this lesson I just don't want to stop it. That's why I have the class. So inshallah we'll compensate you on

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on Saturday and Monday inshallah. So I will stop here in sha Allah if there is some question of government come up with Ultraman then we close the consumption

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I mean

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there isn't any questions

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let's get one minute Shala because nobody expects me to stop the class

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sometimes this is the time I joined the class

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seems like

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that lesson was very clear to them

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have you told them not to ask questions

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okay, there is no question then I will I will apologize for everyone for this very short class for I think 30 minutes this is good insha Allah Allah accepted from us.

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We'll get a lot inshallah Allah small to the grantee good. I love you all. And we are last quarter be with you and make you happy in both dunya and akhira. In there will be equally Jamil and caffeine Subhanak Allah Mohammed Akasha Allah, Allah and as faithful to Vedic, I see you in sha Allah on

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Saturday in sha Allah radical love you come Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh