Different Types of Dua

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you when you make dua, you make God directly to Allah so something very special and now dry something which we can do any moment like you want. Okay? What is your advice calling Allah literally means to call Allah azza wa jal we can call Allah azza wa jal anytime we want so literally when you're walking when you're lying down when you are, you know, let's say your train station anyway you can make drive without even raising your hands. This is one form of Dada okay? This is without raising your hands, you know just undergo this dua undergo you can make it anytime you want and there are reports from the prompts that Allah has him that he may do are like that. Okay. A

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second type is are those dollars that we do on special occasions or certain occasions? So for example, you are about to go into your house there is a dua for the blessing of your house. Hola Miami, Ahsoka. Hiral moulage I heard him referred and so on, and you can make a dua when you're exiting your house you can make dua when you're getting in your vehicle or Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam used to make it when he used to mount the come on and so on. You can make dua when he started to rain when you see the when the wind is blowing even when you hear the cockerel making its sound you can make a dua at that time. There are so many occasions Okay, going into masters coming

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out the Masters when you're when you're traveling, there are so these are drawers of occasions. Okay? Again, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam would just make the drawers he wouldn't raise his hands. Now there's a third one which was Allah Allah has much to do specifically okay, this is when he is sitting down. He's dedicated to Allah azza wa jal when he has turned to the attention towards the Qibla when he has raised his hands, okay, he's got three different durations of raising his hands. One is to his chest level, okay, he's just level one is to his face level, and one is right up there till the Sahaba said that they could see the whiteness of his armpits