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So this is what happened.

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This is the incident pertaining to

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the reconstruction of the cabin, what lessons do we learn from this incident we always have to have this part in our story time, the lessons, the benefits. Firstly, brothers and sisters a lesson which is as clear as the sun

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is that the new pure sources of wealth from impure sources not so,

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of course, they knew it, because what are you saying we will only use pure sources with the capital, which means they knew they knew their wrongs, they knew what was filthy Well, they knew this, right? They knew this is the first lesson that weekend.

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And they knew the soul well, so well how evil this money was from gambling money from usually money from alcohol, that even when they ran out of money, they said rather leave the car incomplete, then using bad money to complete it, look at look at look at this, look at the event, the house, the cars, the cars, you can understand why those muscle allaahu I don't even sell them if the car was

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right. It was so sacred to them, that rather leave it as it is incomplete, then,

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to use improper money to finish it. So Pamela, this is an amazing lesson brothers and sisters, you know, today we have testimony that said we will not use debt.

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Because now brothers and sisters, this was the way of people of disbelief. This was the way of people of disbelief they could not attach

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to something sacred.

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What about you and I today? Who are people of belief, and we have the sacred thing known as a man?

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How many of us attach interest to our email?

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This is a lesson inshallah we learn from them. But this is something which exists in communities and a great lesson which we need to touch on here. I'm just trying to bring it closer to us. Look, we know who the people are.

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These ignorant people, we say that we're ignorant, but they would rather leave the character unfinished than useful for money. This is too sacred with this money to go there. rather leave it unfinished than polluted with this gentleman. You and I have a man and

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this is immensely sacred, my dear brothers and sisters. But how many times do we find the people to lose the sacredness with debt he was usually and reback with the phenomenon of practice, an evil practice which has a mighty punishment taught to us by Allah subhanho wa Taala in his book, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, train them to

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be happy mean

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if you don't need anybody, if you don't need interest, then understand that a war has been declared a war between you and Allah Subhana Allah and Allah who can win in a war against Allah subhanho wa Taala

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if they were ignorant, what is the state of a person who does this today? People have imagined Islam. This was before Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam came to them five years before looking look at the people of Gen Ed. Yeah, so what do you say about a person who does this after Ramadan? Allahu Allah He was came to

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LA he brothers and sisters Riba is nothing but even nothing you say or do can justify Even if you say I live in a capitalist reverse society. This will not make any this will not add any value any goodness to everybody. And I'm amazed. I'm amazed at how SharePoint has deceived some people were shaped It seems that they say I'm not taking revamping something wrong.

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Right. I'm on paper about taking. I'm painting.

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This what we hear from some people, right? This is a deception.

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Some people say why is it bad? There's no oppression. Riba was always forbidden because of oppression. I have excess money. There's a friend of mine who needs money. He wants the money. He's not gonna feel oppressed. If I give him if I lend it to him based on interest. I win and he wins when we

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This is how some people shape and deceive some people, brothers and sisters, let me tell you something. Let me tell you something, the Sherry is far more wise than you and I.

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And the Sherry looks after the benefit of the majority than the minority.

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Sherry Shetty. I know that yes, maybe if two people only practice Riba they won't be harmed, but the *ty I knows if it becomes a community practice, they will be harmed. So the Sharia councils any benefit you can bring to justify any benefit is considered any benefit. You know, Economic Studies economics here, anybody?

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economics Have you heard of the fallacy of composition?

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No. the fallacy of composition. Economists talk about this. Right? the fallacy of composition. the fallacy of composition, refers to this stingy attitude where you only look at you and you benefiting only you look at the harms that come about as long as you benefit. I'll give you an example. They use the story to to make us understand the fallacy of composition. This is one day there was a shortage of Luke. So the king erected a mighty steel jug in the middle of the city, and told everyone, when you milk your goats today, you have to deposit just one glass of milk. In this big mighty jug, just one cup, you have the jug, only one cup deposited, if everybody deposits we have a

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full jug. And then the king can use it to feed the poor people and so on and so forth. Right. So one brightspark

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he said, I'll go at night when it's dark. And I'll have with me a cup of water.

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Who's gonna know cup of water, nobody's gonna see it's dark. There are no street lights then. And I'll drop a cup of water inside this jug. And our benefit in the jug would benefit as my jug of milk and this jug level will increase right to dilute with the milk and there'll be increased Win win. Remember, win win situation. I benefit even if it was the oppression by what happened. The next day they opened the lid. And what did they find? a jug of water.

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They found a jug of water.

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Everybody thought like this bright Spark. They were all bright sparks everyone was depositing a nine cups of water. You see when everybody does a practice what happens is they have more benefits.

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So the Sherry cuts the door closes the door doesn't leave it open THD had the Sherry I knows that if the community as a whole practice, Reba, you can only have harm. So it blocks out any benefit you can dream of. It says your benefit is obsolete. It is hard, like alcohol. Allah tells us in the Quran his benefit for it, but the sun is far greater than the benefit. The sin is far greater than the benefit. Thus Allah said first enable him to stay away from it so that you can be successful. The Sherry knows that rebar society is a society that will create debt far faster than wealth creation. Think about it. Think about it. Debt creation in a river society is far greater than

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wealth creation. This common sense. And the river society will cause wealth to shift to one segment of society. It won't have wealth distributed amongst everybody. Why? Because Allah has distributed the wealth based on divine wisdom.

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Some people have more wealth than others. Some people have no wealth. So people will need to borrow. If the people who have Allah has given the rich man a chance to worship Allah by lending, right?

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Allah has given the rich man a chance to worship Allah by lending. And Allah subhanho wa Taala gave the poor person less money so he can go and create an opportunity for the rich man to worship Allah when he asked for a loan.

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If this person asks for a loan,

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and the loan comes with an interest close what happens when you want to start a business today? How long does it take for your business just to break even just to break even forget about profit making to make your business break even you probably need 10 months, six months depending on the nature of the business maybe one year and then when you go into a profit, it's a slow profit 1% 1.5% half a percent quarter of a percent not so you don't know you don't have businesses yet. You shall know when you do you know, right.

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Now, before you break even and strike a profit, your debt meter has been climbing. Why? Because for Reba for interest to happen you only need the second hand on the clock to tick that's all you need.

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But to make money you need time, not seconds time and effort

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to dig gold out of the ground needs time and effort. You need to plow you need to go deep you need to extract them you need to, you need to run it through a process before it can be value before it can be gold of value. That takes time. But if you borrowed money from the bank will probably take you a few months to get gold out of the ground, you borrowed $100 by the time you got the gold out, you owe them 150 or 200. You see what's happened. Debt creation surpasses wealth creation, debt creation, wealth creation, debt creation, wealth creation. So what happens? What happens? There's not enough wealth in society, there's not enough money to meet this debt. That's what you have a

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crash of financial that will cut What did they do, they have to write off the debts is common sense, the Sharia knows this. So the Sharia law says if you lend intend Allah only no benefit in the dunya, meaning physical, but you will get rewards from Allah and Allah will give you Baraka in your sustenance in sha Allah and increase your alpha you but if you give, you can only take the principle you cannot take more, allow that person to have the profits that he gained, and, and become independent in society. The Sharia also knows this is how the *tier builds an economic, sustainable society. Because the Sharia I knows that if more people in society are trading, trading,

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this is going to grow the economy, wealth creation is going to increase in society, because more people are practicing real trade, and Subhanallah It's amazing. Even today, they will tell you, you have the financial market and the real market SubhanAllah. What's the real markets, surely the real market is more appealing to us. This is the real market is where you trade properly. The financial market is the fake market, you know, where money grows, and there's really nothing it's all interest, right? And society today causes wealth to be stuck in the financial sector, because everyone in the real sector is a slave of the bank. Because they've borrowed their house, they

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borrowed money for their house, they borrowed money for the car, they borrowed money for their business. So these people, whatever profit they make, it gets sucked back into one end of society. Allah doesn't want this. Allah doesn't want one segment of society to be able to create wealth. It's not healthy for the economy. And that is why we have the institution of Zika is that Zika is not just an obligation, it's an economical system. If you understood this brothers and sisters, because you have to have two and a half to take two and a half percent because Allah is so wise, two and a half percent and give it to the poor person. So they can start trading as well. Money is shared and

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not stuck only with the rich. And when they trade, they contribute to the economy, even though it's a small way, but this contribution, and you contribute as well, when there's a car is given the month after the car should see the economy grow.

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This is a car it's a financial system, many of us think is just an obligation. No, it's we playing our part as well towards the development of the economy. This is a must. This is how robust The theory is when it looks at matters and makes matters permissible. And makes matters harder.

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If only we knew, I wish this was an economics lesson. Well I can talk to

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because this matter of rebar is a serious one. Right? And that's why with Zika the Sharia teaches us to distribute our soccer locally fast. From the outset, you distribute locally, you don't send it out. Because distributing locally helps you grow your own economy and helps make people who was the caretakers Today's a car pay is tomorrow. Sustainable Economies Sustainable Economies law covered I need to keep quiet now and move on with the lesson for today.

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There's two principles in the Sharia that will offset them or cut them demo.

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And Alma

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mocha demo Allah Mr. hatten Haas, these are principles in the Sharia, that the prevention of harm takes precedence over the attainment of a benefit. You can say it's a win win if we do it between us. But the prevention of harm takes precedence over any benefit you can attain the Sharia will block out that benefit and ensure the harm is prevented. Also, the benefit of the majority takes precedence over the benefit of the minority. You can say it's my money is my friend. He won't feel oppressed. He won't feel harmed. He wants the money he wants to pay Riba it's a win win. We say the benefit of the majority takes precedence over the benefit of the minority.

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Doesn't matter what you consider to be a win win. Right? What matters is what benefits everybody These are two principals in the Sharia. Allah Callahan and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best maybe the brothers can cut the segment and upload it as a financial segment

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for people to listen

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Because Allah He went you know when I did the Sierra and I see when he didn't do movie right what the police are doing and I look at some of our brothers and sisters now one night it's hard to comprehend. People of Islam, people of Eman, people that live in communities where the Islamic revival is on. We have lectures such as these the massage the hotbar is in English now we understand them. The internet is full of information on the lion hand, the Quran has come to us in the English language as well.

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And still we can't comprehend.

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And here we have people who are known as the people of ignorance and jelenia before Islam, they're saying that is sacred don't pollute it with this bad wealth.

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And well I eat my dear brothers and sisters, we get Riba and we pollute our children and our wives and our families because we buy them food with that money. We pay for the school fees with that money, Mr. Baraka Do you want to happen in your life? Well, I am happy Allahu Riba. Allah will annihilate Riba will remove every piece of goodness blessings from it, make it debased. There's no goodness that will come to it. When you see problems in your home brothers and sisters.

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Stop and think and what do I ever Am I in Riba at the moment I asked the Lord to forgive me from it.

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ask Allah to forgive you from and I'm not saying that you should default on your on your on your on your loans now, you know, to say right bank is not paying you anymore. I become practicing Muslim today I've asked Allah for forgiveness. And you know that debt I to call us I'm not paying it back against married I'm not saying that. Yeah, now you have to pay it, because you entered it.

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But seek forgiveness from Allah don't touch another loan again. That's an interest long. Aisha Allah insha Allah type. Now, we also learn from this brothers and sisters, the wisdom of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this wisdom is not strange, because we know he was being nurtured from before he was born. You remember we spoke about the experiences he had drafted a mind and understanding that nobody else had. Some of us might say, what wisdom was it? He just told him put a cloth and put the stone in the middle? Anyone could have thought about this? No, not anyone. You don't know who the Quraysh was. As I said they had swords drawn. Brothers and sisters, you and I

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would swords drawn. Never mind thinking about a cloth. We will be thinking about our exit only right? That's what we'll be thinking about. Right? So we learn from this amazing wisdom of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was so drawn. He thought he thought of a plan. Right? He's gonna have a plan and this plan worked. Indeed, his decision, his statement, his advice was not just any advice. It was historical advice, historical advice, and indeed it was. We are talking about it today. We are talking about it today. So Allah subhanho wa Taala. And for those who ponder was making him ready to receive Prophethood because five years later he did. And part of Prophet did was

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to unite the Arabs was to unite the oma and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had a mini moment to unite them, did he not unite them at the moment, when they were about to fall into warfare, he united them. So there was a mini moment for him of his abilities, of the abilities that he had and that he was ready and ripe to receive the prophethood.

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We also learn from this My dear brothers and sisters, and this is important and this is for those who who think deep, who think deep. We learn from this.

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How important it is for Islamic scholar for a day for a propagator for a Muslim, for a teacher,

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for a parent,

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to mix with the community.

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Now, where do we learn this from somebody might say, hold on a second, where where's this lesson coming from? It's coming from the fact that they

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knew that was sort of last that Allahu alayhi wa sallam was trustworthy. Where did they know this from? From him hiding away in a cave from them?

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no, he used to mix with them in that which was hell. And he was who he was, his character oozed out of him. Whoever he met immediately, they they took they understood that you know what, there's something about this person. But the point to note is he wasn't in a cave. Some people say No, you know what, we need to stay away from the community. There's this evil, there's that evil, we just lock ourselves up and be isolated. How this is not from the way of Dawa. How are you going to allow people to hear the good you're going to say Firstly, secondly, if you're just going to come out of your cave one day and tell people this is wrong, they're going to say Who are you?

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Where did you come from?

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Which cave did you come from? And they would have been right, right? You have to have relevance with the

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creation of relevance happens when you mix with the people. Yes, Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not part of their alcohol parties was not part of the evil practices and so on.

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and so forth, but they had good practices like the NFL football. We discussed the other day he went to install Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he was taken to it. So the Hillel things that they did quote unquote halal meaning that which was not bad. Rasulullah sallallahu. I we learned from this that he must have gone, because they would not have held him in such a high regard if he was someone not known to them. salallahu alayhi wasallam is this clear brothers and sisters, we must take this point. And even for parents mix with your children. You have to have relevance with them. If you just didn't work, work, work when they come to you, Baba, I'm busy. I'm in a meeting, I have a phone

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call this, you? How will you have relevance with them? Tomorrow, you're going to want to teach them something you expect them to listen to you. They're going to say Who are you? Where were you all this time? I've already have advisors, the neighbors been advising me.

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I thought that that's my advisor.

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And you see this when kids become of age, teenagers, and they start having a form of independence and they start realizing life. Right? They'll tell you well, where were you? Where were you and I used to come to us to say, so I tell them. My father's my father's will lie, he will lie. He will lie. Your words emotional support your children far greater than any business deals you can do on one line. If you only knew it was better for you to tell the person on the phone Hold on, give me one minute, even if it was the president of whichever country

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and say yes, my dear son, what is it? You know, when you when when you on the phone? And your son comes to you? Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, daddy. Dad said yes. And you say I'm on the phone. You know, if you gave him a chance, and you know, and you say what did you want to tell him? He says there's a butterflies.

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Butterflies around.

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This is wrong.

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If only you you, you went back in time when you could? And you'd say excuse me Just hold on one second here one second. Here's my DSL. What is it? There's a butterfly. Where's the butterfly there? Wow. How many colors does it have? How many legs does it have? Look at does it have wings? How many wings? Does it have? Okay, carry on looking at it. My dear son can be two minutes I'll be with you shortly. And what effect will that have to your chat? You turn that that the emotion that he had into an educational experience? He will never forget that lesson. You made him learn about colors that butterflies have colors that they have so many legs, they have just just a few seconds. We're

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lucky we are we always act in haste. That's our problem. Now Allah forgive us. We Allah forgive us, right? So brothers and sisters, we learn from this, how to mix with the people mix with our children, make sure you create relevance with them. Make sure you keep them within your sphere of influence. We talk about spheres of influence, spheres of influence are kept when you relative with the people. I tell my brothers and sisters in the dour. You know the dad was becoming very strategic Alhamdulillah very orchestrated, very structured. I tell my brothers and sisters, even if you are that the army the head, make sure what the last volunteer in your team, you have a meal with him.

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Have a meal with the last volunteer, it's good for team morale is good for the creation of relevance. So tomorrow when you need to speak up and advise it's taken in an amicable way. It's not taken with the wall of resistance. Is this clear? Some of us want to be well, no, this is my position you got to do I shouldn't be doing and so on and so forth. And then you expect them to listen to you tomorrow when you advise them. This is wrong with our children in the dour as teachers in school, sit with your children. Listen to them. lower yourself to the level share some child's stories create relevance. The issue here we learn from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. The

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way to effect quantum leaps in society is to make sure you've created relevance. Relevance between you and the people. You've brought them without them knowing into your sphere of influence, get the courage know they were within the sphere of influence of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam No, but they learned that day that they were Yama subhanho wa Taala grant is the understanding.

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We also have my dear brothers and sisters and this is the last thing I'll say the importance of good character, the importance of good character. What did they say about Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He showed his tall he's handsome know that trustworthy person. good character. They were happy to take from him and why he brothers and sisters. I've gone through the Quran. And I've gone through the Sierra, the best people who walk the face of this earth people took from them because they had good character who can use vida he said when he went into the prison, two inmates were put with him into the prison. And they saw this dream. Now they need help. Who should we ask? We don't

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know anybody here. They look around and Subhanallah they come to us of out of everyone in the prison. They said let's go ask this guy. Why? Because he had good character. How do we know? When they told that when they told him about the dream and asked for help? What did they say in general

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Come in and see who he seal from the people who do good. Look at that, in such a short period of time. They immediately said this guy does good he must be a person who can help us. Allahu Akbar. good character brothers and sisters escallonia cool movie Misa and elaborate. The yarmulke Yama tuck wala he was

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the heaviest thing that will be on our scales of good deeds on the day of the AMA is the taqwa God consciousness and good character, good character. We need to improve our characters yesterday, when we spoke about marriage issues. We spoke about having good character in the marriage as well. Well, law what will make us understand the importance of good character the importance of smiling, you know, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in a hadith

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I'm trying to remember the source. But the Hadith is authentic. And Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best. He said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that one of the people that the Hellfire has been made forbidden. Over is a person

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who is hey, you know, legging on a person who is gentle and soft. A person who

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brings happiness into people when he meets them

00:26:21--> 00:26:32

all the time, and not only with a select group of people now the head is general with the children, with his spouse, with his employees, with his employers, with his parents.

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With his community, when they see him, they feel happy. He brings happiness to them. He brings brings glad tidings to them. He smiles and he's happy. He's willing to give a helping hand.

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good character brothers and sisters, he speaks a good word. He doesn't have any vulgar this. There's no vulgar speech that comes out from he's not vulgar in his actions. He has patience. When someone speaks, he listens. And he pays attention. He might not agree with what they're saying. But he will listen attentively as if he agrees to what they say. He makes the speaker feel special, make the speaker special. And when he speaks also, he remembers that the person I'm speaking to is more important than the point I'm trying to make sometimes Subhanallah the point we trying to make is so important to us, we forget about the person and we end the conversation having hurt their feelings.

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So you will never understand there's something wrong with you know, if they remember, the person is more important than the point I want to make good character when they speak. They speak what they mean. And they mean what they speak. good character.

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When they live,

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they teach us how to die in the living and when they die. They teach us how to live in their dying. So Pamela, when they live? Sorry when they live, they teach us how to die. And when they die. They teach us how to live Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. amazing people. This is the Muslim might be a brother and sister. This is the follow of Mohammed Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanho wa Taala understand the standing, brothers and sisters May Allah make this worship part of our worship for the night of or for this particular night, the 21st night we have good hope in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah is with us as we perceive him. If we perceive Allah subhanho wa Taala, to

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have accepted this from us as worship Allah will. And we perceive Allah subhanho wa Taala to be merciful, Allah will be merciful upon us. And we perceive Allah subhanho data to be to be the most forgiving over us and He will forgive us. Let's have good hope in Allah. Let's have good hope in Allah. And

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whenever the evil of yourself tells you in the next few days, that you know what I'm tired, you know what I can't, I want you to remember

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the hadith of gibreel

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when he said and made that curse be upon the one who witnesses the month of Ramadan, and

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he's not forgiven. And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, me remember this and let this be your motivator. That I will not finish Ramadan, except that Allah accept that I'm from the freed slaves from the Hellfire except that Allah has forgiven me and except that Allah subhanho wa Taala is accepted as well. You take the means brothers and sisters, you take the means and you have good hope in Allah. Okay? I love you for the sake of Allah. Everything correct said is from Allah subhanho wa Taala and is perfect. And any mistakes are for myself and Shere Khan and I seek Allah subhanho wa Taala is forgiveness in sha Allah tomorrow we will discuss Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam becoming a prophet in sha Allah, Allah Allahu Allah sallallahu wasallam albaraka Allah Bina Mohammed, what Allah Allah He was such a big rain, so

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Pamela he will become the use of hair and come Allahumma will become deaconess shadow Allah, Allah, Allah and Mr. Furukawa to be like wa salam o Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh