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Hello James filler man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad Ali. He was my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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How's everybody doing?

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hamdulillah inshallah we'll continue tonight after the next week. I'm not here. We skip. We're not going to finish the life of cinema before I move on and I really would like us to finish this time.

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Can we even meet up maybe Thursday night off the market by Thursday. inshallah. Before we start, I got a question about the straightening of the subwoofer. I know we're gonna talk about talking about confidentiality. But someone asked me to talk a little bit about straightening the softness and the importance of this and I thought I will go through some of the Hadeeth on this. So then a resource alum, many many Aditya mentions, in many, many a hadith he mentions this issue of straightening the rose and therefore it is critically critical opinion scholars. It is actually compulsory. When we make Salah in Java, the rose must be straightened. That is not straighten besides accepted, but it's

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actually sinful. In that regard, I promise and Salam says it is narrated by nsmt Malik that the promises of stating euros for staking The Rose is mean tamiami sora is part of the perfection of salah and another Heidi theses mean iqama disorder. It's part of Salah, straightening the rose and even the ladies when they send in Gemma that it is part of the establishment of Salah this hadith in Bukhari and Muslim you must own the rights the provinces make their own straight and do not differ lists your hearts would differ in Muslim. So one of the punishments one of the side effects of not having strict Sharif is that you'll have disunity you will have disagreement, you will have

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fightings and quarrels and arguments which we see today's vanilla which we see very clearly today in the AMA the promises is the Messenger of Allah said not mining machines is then used to straighten out rows as if though he was straightening arrows until he saw that we had learned it meaning he Posada began, the karma was about to be given. He would take maybe a few minutes to go up and down each off, making them straight. You stand where you stand, they likely would make how you take arrows, you'd put them in line. And he did this every single day until they learned now Okay, they got the message. So they could do it on their own. When he came out and he would make beer and he

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would make salah and one day he was about to make salsa and he saw one so Hobbes chest was out now, our socks out today, right? Rather he's he's chasing us around meaning he wasn't standing up straight, he was leaning forward. And so the proceed to him, slaves of Allah make euro straight or Allah will cause this unity amongst you discourse fighting, right? This is important. And Muslim again. This is a chapter even Buhari called the sun. The chapter Hadith of the Hadith is that the son of those who do not complete the rose, and do not make them straight, okay. And it mentions here that even lsvt Malik, famous Sahabi he lived till very, very late in his life. And when off the

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Sahaba there was fitna and tribulation wasn't like the time going to be so solemn. And so they asked him, What are we doing wrong? The next generation in Japan or that next generation compared to us is like, we saw them we think that these are ambia on Earth, they were thinking, what are we doing wrong? What are we missing versus the day of the Sahaba. So unless I cannot find anything, I don't see you guys fast you make that you are good people, but you don't use often have strict like our software. You don't have that strictness in your support like we had in the time of the Navy so seldom, right. So that's what he's saying is the problem was the oma at that time, the swannanoa.

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For us, it's even, it's even more pronounced. Another more had in the process of this faking the rose and stand shoulder to shoulder and fill the gaps and be gentle with your hands of your brothers and do not leave the gaps for the shape on will ever connect or Oh, a level connecting in the dunya and will ever breaks or Allah will cut him off from his mercy what is connected on me, meaning if the row in front of you is not complete, then it's your responsibility to complete it, you cannot start the next row. If the front stuff ahead of you is not complete, meaning it's actually a punishment for doing that. It's actually a punishment for doing that if you see the front stuff, and

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sometimes what we do is the mangoes in the Roku and we want to rush in and get the rocker, it's more important to pull this off than to get the rocker. Right if you came late, don't rush don't run till the front's off. And then if you go into Roku, if the Roku is finishing smack the rocker up that's the purpose of it. The Prophet Samson describes a Muslim he says, Why do you not make your rose as the angels make the rose in the Presence of Allah so when the angels make smaller pieces make the rose like them. And so the Sahaba asked, how do they do it? So then everything says they complete the first stuff and the rows are compact. It's interesting. The rows are fold, meaning there are no

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gaps meaning against one another like bricks, we standing against one another. So you should stand shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee foot to foot and this is how it should be done in this video.

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Now what does this mean? What does it mean to stand shoulder to shoulder or knee to knee or ankle? Does it mean you have to physically your feet must touch your ankles mustachio, heels, your knees with touch, not necessarily what is. So how about what they will do? You know, you find some people, they split the legs for outside, they can touch, right? If your shoulders are touching, if two people stand side by side, and they usually they you stand with your arms like this, like insula, the part that sticks out the most would be your elbows, right, your feet, you really go beyond your reach to be normal, like you're standing straight. And that part usually touches. So that's why

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enemies is your shoulder to shoulder. So you should try, you should try to stand as close as possible to each other. Normally, without stretching your arms out your legs out, or really in some people stand when they feel almost together. There's also not great stand normally stand up right like your feet and your shoulders should be in line, your elbows, your shoulders, your elbow, your feet are sort of in line and stand against elbow to elbow with the person next to you really little cool, you'll find that your elbows are the things that stick out sort of the most that you touch, because you find people don't like feet touch each other. And that's fine, that's fine. Some people,

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you know, if you stand in the fetus equals a foot away, don't force him and some people follow he chases him, chases him. That's, that's not how we should be. But as we said, they should not be gaps, they should not be gaps. And you should not stretch yourself out to fill those gaps. But all they have is a gap and the person how it is you fall from the right to lift, and you move together compact yourself. And then at the ends, people fill in, this is how we should be and Subhanallah something simple, but something which we get wrong quite a bit. And what's sad is I got a request to say that some people you can feel that if a person of a different color stands next to them, and

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they sort of pull away and says bad. That is this disagreement. That is this difference that even in Salah you come as a slave, you come as nothing before Allah and you feel sort of your lineage you your wealth, your color, this man, I can't stand against him. I can't squat stand against him. Of course, if you come and you have bad hygiene, you smell bad, that you shouldn't be coming to the manager, the hygienist if you eat garlic or onions and you have a smell on you, right? Because then you're not even supposed to come to the masjid. Right, because you're annoying the person, it's not your fault that he doesn't want to I mean, not useful, he does want to stand next to you cuz you're

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smelling. So if you obviously in good hygiene, and a person, you should then stand shoulder to shoulder because if you find that difficulty, that difficulty shows you something along with all something wrong with the hawk. So this, as I mentioned in the Miraj took that heinola this issue if the whole oma focus on this one issue, that when we stand, we are going to stand shoulder to shoulder fill the gaps in a straight line, every single manager did this. But of course, you'd see the Unity you'd find pantries fixing themselves, communities will fix himself. Let's see. So this is the promise from Allah. And the sad thing is, if this is the mosquito, the problem of not standing

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in line, you come to the masjid, you stand next to each other, but you are out of sync and the unity is lost. And what about us is that women are coming to the machine at all? That's a scary thought. So there's just a question that someone had on filling the sufu we get back to say no Baccarat Giovanni's caliphate. And we speaking about hardening leads campaign, we said these two campaigns are happening at the same time. The one is going into Iraq, and the one is going into Syria. And the focus of the army is actually in Syria. But we speaking about the campaign in Iraq and Holly rhodiola. And, and he's been very successful. So if you look at this map that I'm showing you here,

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Iraq has two rivers going through it, Iraq, the country, I hope, you know, there's a country called Iraq, these two rivers going through it, the one on the west is called the Euphrates. This is called the Euphrates river Euphrates River. And on the other side move to the east is called the Tigris River and beyond the Tigers even further east, East Iran, with the capital of the Persian Empire. TC fun is, and this is the biggest city in the world. The Persian Empire is on the other side. So the Muslims are on the west of the Euphrates, meaning the mackowski Euphrates, go through Iraq, cross the Tigris River, and then you get into DC from the capital of, of Persia. How's the other one? As

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we said, the army comes up on the, on the western side of the Euphrates on this side, this this green here is Arabia, the yellow or the orange, or the yellow is is Persia, the Persian Empire, and that pink tree in the corner is the Roman Empire. Okay, so the Muslims are coming up from the south, and they're marching along the Euphrates River, and they've been fighting battle off the battle. We should they fought for big battles in the south of Iraq. And the main mission was to get the city of Hera the city here in the middle of Iraq. This was the big city of Iraq, City of Iraq, and that was the objective mission number one. So we see within a few months of those four big battles, the

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battle against Hormuz, we made the march up and down, defeated him then you had the Battle of the

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Have a default along the banks and the Persians were drowned. In the Battle of one ledger, we, as we said, I spoke with Hannibal last week. This was the only the second time in history where a small army managed to wrap itself around the bigger army completely, and defeated, right. This was the Battle of Fallujah. And then there was a battle of kool aid for big battles, and in the city of Iraq was conquered. Then hardrada lon. That was his first mission, he moved further up the river. And he conquered this place here. You can see on the map, he conquered this place here called aina. Demo. And Amar, we said that city that had a moat, a moat, and he couldn't cross into the city. So what

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did he do? All the old sick animals slaughtered them. And he could they parties in that mode until it was like a bridge of camels. And that's how he crossed over into the city. And then, after capturing these areas, so most of Iraq now is under the control of the Muslims, and he set up consolidating power each time we sit, he will be captured. We said, our policy of expansion is the first time we conquering cities, our policy as Muslims was we offer you we see the jizya you pay us jizya. And we leave you or you fight us is yet we embrace Islam, of course, is the main objective. And you become our brothers in the Dean's. we've embraced Islam joined. And usually when you fought

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against us, if you fought as a new surrendered, well, now the GCs become the terms are, but most of you are now, because you you peacefully surrendered without fighting, then then there's no then the jizya is very mild. But if it's severe, and is more punitive, meaning maybe your family's taking a slave or something like that, there'll be executions, that kind of stuff. But if most of the time the cities, what would happen, the Army goes out the army fights to the cities empty. So the city basically setting this peacefully, there's not much fighting inside the city. And so these cities will live very much intact. And the Muslims, as we said, it would be like the city of a little more,

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where they would say the GCR is X amount, which is a small amount plus one settle once a while we didn't have a settle is it and one settle? That's the jizya. And then at old lady, remember that at old lady. Right, that was the GCF. So that was one thing, the classroom looking confused. What are we talking about? Basically, so how he heard about this great, beautiful woman, and he said the prophecy He said, The Prophet promised me I'd one day get this woman. And so when he said this lady's your jizya, he heard about 50 years in the past when he saw her now she was an old lady. He said hello to our other handsome ubec 4000 theorems. And they said, Why didn't you ask for more 1000

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or so that was such a high profile. It said 1000 is the biggest number I can think of is no number bigger than that. I didn't know there was a number bigger than 1000. That's very simple. Some of the Sahaba very humble, simple folk. So nothing he left we see, I think this will be lifted last week. He is now consolidating power the army, he only came with 18,000 men, these armies were all in plus 50 60,000, these massive armies. And then he leaves iraq because there's a Muslim army here in the south, which is being besieged right now mental gender, and he goes in and he breaks the siege, and he returns back to Iraq. So he comes back to Iraq. Now, while he was gone, the Persians have

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basically re strategize in discipline, they again, they heard he left and they thought maybe he's done his, you know, plan that he's taken what he wanted, and now he's gone. But of course, this was only a momentary break, but he gave the the Persians a breather, meantime, the Persian royal family still killing one another every two weeks as a new Emperor killing each other one by one. And so they're able to send an army across the Euphrates, and they're starting to re consolidate power starting to rebuild an army holiday returns back to hero with his 18,000 men. This is not the center the base of his operations in Iraq, and he begins to hear again, the Persians are rebuilding the

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Empire. In fact, what they did was, they pulled out all the soldiers in TC one, meaning the capital city has almost soldiers, if he crossed in state 47, you could actually attack the capital of the Persian Empire. And he likes to

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stay on the side of the river then wanted to go further into Persian lands. And so he decides what to do while the Persians are slowly building up. And this is his strategy. He strategy was he didn't want small armies to get into one big army, because he knew ultimately we are small army with the bigger the enemies, we can rather find lots of small battles than one big one. That's what he preferred. And so he breaks his army up into three. And he attacks, different Garrison's or different positions of the of the Persians, and he slowly breaks those on going to all the battles there's so many little little battles here and there, and he manages to defeat them. The Persian

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army gets consolidated into one massive area, right? This if you look up in the map, you probably can't see the name. So clearly right up here now so far to the north. It's called mosaic mosaic. So the army of the Persian, the Imperial Army, the last army of the Persians really is here in the north Messiah, and they they are building the troops hurry that split his army up etc.

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And they busy fighting in different areas, and each one is successful. So now he attempts something which is a very difficult strategy, the Army's three armies all over Iraq, he writes to all of them. He says, Let's have a coordinated assault on this. You come from the north, I come from the south, you come from the east different directions, without them expecting us will attack them in Musiah will. So what usually happens is two armies face each other, they line up, they get to know each other strings and then they fight. The Muslim army is of course broken into three parts. He says, Let's not all meet up in one place, let's all meet at mosaic at the same time. At night, we're going

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to get the F night. Now this takes a lot of coordination. And this is really the strength of harmonics. Allen's ability he moved his cavalry like you could move a piece on the chessboard like you move your arms it's easy to say this army with Yeah, and he logistically it's a big thing swallow you take some schoolchildren from the primary school, up to the up the road, how difficult is that to coordinate and a maneuver in the Army or the Army during night to reach their a certain point the exact same time very, very difficult. But he was able to do this successfully. And so the last garrison The last major army of the Persians, and Muslims got to mosaic it was in the middle of

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the night, and they had just set up camp, the Muslims were nowhere to be to be found that the day before. And all of a sudden at night, the camp was overrun. And that army was completely caught off guard, there wasn't much fighting by fudger. The next morning, the army was finished. So this was the end of really the Persians in Iraq. And now he pushes a little further, right to the border, to the border between the pink and the Haiti. That's where the Romans in the frontier of the Persians and the Romans. And there was a plan between the Persians and the Romans to get together and to fight with each other against the Muslims. But of course, they two of them couldn't agree. And so

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this last garrison of the Persians was defeated as well for us that battle also interesting during the battle, not much details that we know about. But during the Battle of Hadith earlier, one makes a promise to Allah. He says, If I win in this battle, if you grant us victory, I'll make Hajj because as close to hatch time was the end of the year, close to hedge. And so when the battle was concluded, he now moves the army back south Are you guys following on the map? Right, so he's all the way up the us all the way all the way up in the in the north year for us. And now they're moving back to hero, which is the center of his baseness area. So this is a long, March back to consolidate

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power. So after they defeated the army in Shiraz, and they, you know, defeated the Persians, the last garrison the end of the Empire, he told the army you go, I'm going to be in the area at the end of the army. And the army had marched on, he quickly rushed away with a few of his soldiers. He rushed quickly to Makkah, he made a few men through the desert, they made Hutch. And by the time he got back to hero, the army had just entered hero, he met up with the army just they didn't even know he had left. And he thought I got away without anybody knowing because he didn't want anyone to know I've lived the frontier, this might cause panic. And he gets a letter from all buckets saying,

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don't do this again, without my permission. He didn't realize that he was spotted. And when he receives message is an emergency, you need to leave Iraq and you need to go to Syria emergency is a problem. That is a crisis on the frontier in Syria is a crisis in Syria. There's not such a nice map. But what I'm going to try and explain is we said as abubaker had the real bulk of the Sahaba in the speak name for the Sahaba they actually were sent to north into Syria Holly than some of the tribes that for say lemma will lift the in the East they went in and they did all this damage within a few within one year they were damaging the Persian so severely say now Baccarat dispatched for

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battalions for armies basically with 7000 each one of the other American us help hope by now you know who he is as a hobby that said, Who do you love the most? yasumasa lamb? And then ambiances abubaker Ayesha, a father, then Omar, and then you keep quiet, right? That's our mobile apps. He's the head of the one army, your job go to Palestine. So he's on the most western. This map here is this map is off. That's the Mediterranean Sea. This is the coast of Palestine and Syria. Okay. Over here is Palestine. Over here is the western part of Syria. Over here is Jordan over these the northern part of Syria, okay. Okay, so I've written Asterix the first 7000 and he goes all the way

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basically to Jerusalem, Gaza, on the coast of Mediterranean Palestine, when the next army was by a school was was in charge and other great generals chahatein shahabi Hasina, he took the Second Army and his job was to take it further into Palestine. When you have yazeed, the son of Abu sufian yazeed. Don't be confused as he as he that kills Hussein. But not that he has he This is his uncle.

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Right somehow we are named the sun. Yes, each of these brother Abu sufian abou Sabina, Somalia for the lawn and yazeed yazeed is actually one of the early Sahaba luciferians other son, very famous Wahhabi. So he's in charge of another battalion and he sent into Jordan and in the fourth one in the last army, Abu Zubaydah undara again the man you must know one of the 10 promised Jenna the man but the arrow out of nerissa sometimes cheek and he lost his front teeth will obey the smiles he doesn't have teeth. Why? Because he lost it in button offered. His job was to take the army straight to Damascus. Now Damascus was the biggest city was the Think of it like Joburg and Pretoria. The mosque

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is like Joburg is the big city, population wise agriculture wise, but Pretoria is sort of the the imperial city so north of Damascus, the city called

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mass, right. And this is where the emperor of Rome was. So the emperor of Rome wasn't in in Constantinople. Hercules himself was sitting there in north of Damascus. This is actually something very, and so the armies are seen in these four directions.

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With Abu Zubaydah being the Commander and Chief of this army, I Bader is the overall leader. So our work is in each one of you go and you fight in those areas. And then your first objective will be the city of Buzzer Buzzer Buzzer. This is a city just before Damascus

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conquer Basra. That's mission number one in Abu Zubaydah. You're in charge of this command. Sahaba move in. And they have a few skirmishes with the Romans. And they win, but it's tough fighting, and it's slow going. Each one is fighting and they're not really making much headway.

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Long while they why are they doing this, they realize the Romans are gathering the armies together.

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The Emperor of Rome himself, as you said he was in Syria. And he has personally come from Constantinople to this area to strategize and he sent his brother to be in charge of the overall coordination. He's not he learned from what he saw happened with the Persians. He's not gonna fight small battles, he'll say, look, I will use my strength in one big battle. I'm going to put all my army my strength I'm going to make you come to me. You add ups, you're going to come to me you're going to fight on our terms. I will mess massive, you know, organized army against your smaller armies and will fight you complete you destroy you in one go. That was his strategy. And so he's he

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is concentrating all these soldiers in a place called arginine. arginine is just north of of aza or north of Jerusalem, meaning I'm gonna ask armies in trouble. I'm gonna ask the first one, the one that went to Jerusalem, he's directly in front of the massive Roman army. And so now the right to the rest of the Muslims, the four armies right to Abu Zubaydah, what are we going to do? Should we all regroup and go back to Medina? Because this army is so big, they find the army about 100,000 men? They are 7000 7000. What should I do? Should we join up with you? Are we gonna fight this army? Are we gonna go back? We are 28,000. Okay, 200,000, this is a big problem. We're not ready to fight

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this. So they right back to abubaker? I need help. I need help. I can't, I can't do this on my own. What What do you want me to do? And so that's when I will buckle right? so hard. And what he does is take your men divided in half, and go immediately to sit here. And I'm going to put you in charge over a beta, like you're going to be overall commander of the army against the Romans. So he receives us later heart is in here. And he realized the times urgent. He's got his needs to get to Syria immediately. So first, what he does is he divides his army up in half, and he leaves half with within and within this is no, this is not FY. You've kept all the senior Sahaba with you. And it's

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because of them that we are succeeding the pious ones, I want them as well, you need to give me some of the top leadership is not 9000 9000 of the same, the quality is not the same. And so he needs to relook at it. And he gives many of his senior generals over to muthana. So some of the big names that we're talking about. They're stuck now in Hera. And Holly needs to take a bunch of some of the new kinds of men in his army, you have a man, the son of a walker, Walker son is in need. You have a young Sahabi young young man named Dr. is going to become known as the naked warrior, right? Because he takes off his clothes when he fights. We'll talk about him there are some say no, my son. So

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these are some of the amendments in harlots, Army. And he sits with these generals and he says, look, we need to get to Syria immediately. We have two options we can take this to this to this, in the middle between Syria in the middle of Iraq is what we call

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The Syrian desert, which is one of the driest places on earth, no one loves the this is in the middle between between these rivers. And he says, we can, there's only two routes to get here, one, we can go via back down into Arabia all the way around the desert from the south and come back up here. And we join us from the south. Or we can take this route along the river and come out here in the north. But now this area is highly fortified. This is where the Romans and the Persians are always fighting. There's lots of basis Garrison's on this road. The one road to the south is very long, and other road is very dangerous. A lot of fighting either way, I'm going to end up, it's

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going to be a long slog to get the how are we going to do it? And I said, Look, there's no other way. There's only one, these are the only two options to go around the desert from the south to the north, you can't do anything else. One guy said, as a young boy, I remember we went through the desert, and there's no water for five days is absolutely no water. And it's impossible for us to get through it. I just did it once with my dad, many, many years ago. It's hard to ask you have done it, it is possible to cross the desert has been done before. Yes, but it's like suicide. No army has ever done this. Let's switch to this. And of course, he convinces the soldiers will look we fought

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so many battles, again, so many enemies against such unbelievable odds, allies on our side, which put our faith in Allah and we're going to go now this is really like certain death you going into. You can't survive many days without water. And this is in June, is the summer, the hottest month of June. And so of the strategies he did, he made the candles, dehydrated for a few days, he didn't allow them to drink water, eat anything for a few days, when when they were like really, really thirsty, he allowed the animals to drink. And when you when you thirsty you drink too much. So the camels drank more than they needed. And so then he left and within I said this march through the

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Syrian desert, and it's amazing till today. Before that, and until after that no army has ever done this in history. No army has done this 9000 men crossing the Syrian desert. And within three days the water and up there two days to go. It was extremely hot. The middle of June, they slaughtered some of the camels and we said to eat and drink from that. Inside the guts there was obviously moisture that would suck on metal eat on that. But after really on the last day they were on the verge of death when Alhamdulillah they were guided to a place and finally they came to a place with a with plants and they dug up under the and there was water. So this march across the desert is

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something which is unique that no other general had done before. So this red line you can see crosses right over and he popped up the army of Hollywood these 9000 men they pop up in a place in Syria with the Romans had no no fortification because no one expects an army to come from that direction. On 45, the desert no one's gonna come out from the desert. And then all of a sudden an army comes out from the and when it crosses over. Close to Damascus. He Holly's flag is a black flag that's actually a flag which Madison gave him the flag. It's just a black flag, nothing on it. And it was called a probe the eagle the Falcon. Until today it's called the octopus. Holly put that flag

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down when they came across the mountain till today. If you look Google the aka pass, this is highly my lead army coming across this area. And he put the flag in for one week, you know, we crossed this desert. So however the army comes to this area, and the a few towns they and basically when the year that this is finally when he realizes his name has become kind of famous. people heard this guy Harley, it's like a monster. wherever he goes, he just brings death. So people just sit in the sun in this arena. And he now immediately moves his army and he gets to Damascus. And he sees the city of Damascus, no army, the whole remember all of the Romans are joining up south. So just to remind

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you, the Muslims are here. abou VEDA and his main, the Romans are here hardly disappear, popped up on the top. And so he sees Damascus. And he basically realizes I can take the city. But this is not the objective. I need to join the army. And he comes as the Muslims are being besieged. And he basically they're busy fighting against the Romans and he comes in to the rescue site takes control of the army. And above the line is more than happy to hand over the command the highest of all B there's another man that is wants to be in charge of this. He says I'm all the more happy that other workers made you in charge. What should we do? So immediately he writes to the four commanders and

00:29:38--> 00:29:59

he said, we need to join up that if the Romans are going to, you know, condense into one army, then we need to do the same. And so the armies of hottie join all the four armies that went forward. They join up and highly to 9000 men. So this is about 35,000 in the Muslims about 35 there are almost over 100,000 and this is going to be the major major battle in the life.

00:30:00--> 00:30:42

Mr. Obama, this is the big, big battle of his life abubaker odilon as the halifa, the Roman Emperor himself is just his put his brother in charge of this army. And it's called the Battle of educating the Battle of Arjuna day, this will be the first time that the Muslims really seriously fight the Romans, and hydrogen is in charge. And the Emperor, the Roman Emperor, his brother, Theodore, is in charge of the army have been so hard, he can't really do much now, in terms of choose a location, uses maneuverability, he has to meet the Romans, they've already chosen a spot. And they've set up the command post, and took the Romans two months to really set up the army in a position that they

00:30:42--> 00:31:20

preferred. And so now the Sahaba, under the command of Hadith, they go and they meet this enemy, and this back and forth negotiations and talking, what have you come here, one of them, they send the bishop, they send the high priest of the Romans to Holland, they speak to them and they say, look, the Emperor has given me permission, that if you guys go back to Arabia, we'll give each and every one of you a certain amount of manual army, every person will get a few items, you will get a new pair of clothing, a new turban, an animal, and for you and your leaders, your generals, they will get whatever they want. Just go back to Arabia. And so Khalid says is only the same line, three

00:31:20--> 00:32:03

options, Islam jizya with the sword, three options, Muslim, pious, the jizya, you'll be safe, or there's no other option, that's my response. Or I will send you mean, we love death, as much as you love life mean that we'll fight for this as much as you love. As you mentioned, you fight to stay alive. And so they realize this, there's no negotiations with us, man. There's no reasoning with this man. And so the army is now structured, how and strong law you know, it's amazing. Then obese wasallam was the very first person to structure the Arabs into a military formation alone in the Quran. Fight in a rose almost like Sala fight in rows before the Arabs would fight like gangs, you

00:32:03--> 00:32:43

know, just like you know, our children play soccer, there is no formation that runs every way. That's how the Arabs fought before Islam. Now, the abbyson was the one that started the formation of a center of wings of a cavalry on the side, infantry on the side. That's how he structured the hologram follows that same procedure. So what he would have he would have a center because mostly infantry men on the ground, and you'd have wings, which was made of a Calvin the his cavalry would be on the wings. And he would use this cavalry like, like Spears, you would put them here and then you would put them in a good mood. They were highly mobile. So in this battle now, the center was

00:32:43--> 00:33:24

actually in the UN each division had a commander, the commander of the center, the commander of the wings of those who was commanding the center was more active in the javelin famous in general. So Sallam said, Jamar, I love you. And he made him the commander in Yemen made him the governor, the man want to be some C's, when the fuqaha all those scholars pick him up. shafia Monica, when they come forward, he's the Imam of him. Why the ninja? Not just the scholar. He's also the commander in chief in the center of Aveda and one side say now Baba couldn't say no. Merson Abdullah bin Omar, there are Sahabi takes off his shirt when he fights and folly over all command of the army to two

00:33:24--> 00:34:02

armies line up and wide want to go in and charge him so hard. He told me. Wait, wait, wait, don't be Don't be hasty. That's why the neighbors, they don't have the remember the soldiers on this side on the Western Front. They didn't fight like the soldiers in the east as Holly's 9000. Men are well trained, they know what to do the Sahaba not yet. They want in battles like this holiday, just relax. I have a plan. And the normal plan, what you would do is he would challenge the leaders, you bring your base, I bring our best. Now, if you as a general, you're called out by name, you're the king. You're the leader of Yeoman. Come face me for the man. Now if you say no, what's the reason so

00:34:02--> 00:34:38

doesn't look like your soldiers are gonna look at you like nobody's scared, they will lose morale. So he has to accept this challenge. And so when they accept the challenge Hollywood scene, one of his generals and they were fighting many times, the Muslim would win. So now that enemy lost a senior leader, and this would cause now when you have a massive army, you need these kinds of personnel to coordinate with each other. You can't change personnel now in the middle of the middle of the battle. And so this is what he told me, wait, it's challenging one by one. And they would you know, every time they would ask who goes in there or would say I'd go up and he takes off his armor.

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

And this young, scrawny looking boy, and he would challenge and he would win one by one, one by one until many of the senior leaders fell in this dueling. And then when he when Harley Davidson was satisfied with of course, enough chaos in the management, then he ordered the charge. And so we're either on the line, you know, pushes forward and the wings again, what they

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

will do is he will allow the scene to fight and fight and fight and fight and see which way it's going. If the center falls back, then he sends the cavalry into push it up. So for one whole day, the two centers are fighting and harden is keeping his wings on sight to see. And no one is really making headway. Both the Muslims and the Romans, no one is pushing the advantage and agenda. And so the Roman, general overall General of the Army of the end of the day, he sees how the death toll, but for every one or two muslimah dies about 516 of his meaning, this is not sustainable. And so he says, Look, let us do what he did to us, let's kill if we get caught, we kill him when we've taken

00:35:42--> 00:36:19

out the head. That's it, then the army will be it will demoralizing completely. So he said Tomorrow, I will call him forward in a trap. I will say, look, let's have peace, and then we'll sign a document. And while he's busy with that, I grabbed him. And then the rest of you come in, there's a few men, you come out and you ambush us. And if I die, no problem, but just make sure we kill Khalid. And that's what we're gonna do. And so Holly gaglione, the messenger, the emissary, the servant of the leader of the Romans, he comes to halt and he says, My master wants to speak to you for peace in the morning. Do you agree on this? And so call it or the owner says, I don't know what

00:36:19--> 00:36:57

more talking you want. My answers are the same thing. So the soul, which is to Islam, you choose which one of those three and I think, I think further to talk about, and he said, No, my master wants to have peace. We don't want this bloodshed, we literally agree to jizya or something. And so how is it that the Alon agreed, and it's mentioned that this man, what he saw in the camp we see at night, they're like, since they are worshipping Him, when I asked him, What was these people like? He says at night, they would worship like saints. And in the day, they are warriors that they fight with no fear, that even not even Baba son is inside that army, the halifa if the Caliph son were to

00:36:57--> 00:37:35

steal, they would have his hand or they would stole him today, if Hollywood himself committed a crime, then he will be punished. So the men, the such a group of people is almost impossible to defeat, and so hard to degrease on the next day, and he meets up with this man, and he's about to agree and it was he talking when the guy grabs him, and he signals for this crack to come. And these Roman soldiers come out to ambush 10 of them come out. And holiday is being held by this guy. And before they get to the leader, they find one of them his shirt is off. So there are as a scout, he discovered them, he killed these Roman soldiers, and he dressed up like them. And he basically the

00:37:35--> 00:38:10

captured the the general of the Roman Empire, the army, the general they captured him, and in front of them, they executed him. When that happened. The army was completely demoralized, and the muscles pushed in and so they ran away. So this is the big victory of isolating completely out the army of the Romans not even destroy the army, because when they saw that they basically ran away, many of them went to Jerusalem, many of them went back to different cities, and they will themselves up in in a garrison say now Barker was informed that we've beaten this army in Rome was a big, big victory. And all of Syria is open now. And so he gives the order go to Damascus and conquer

00:38:10--> 00:38:49

Damascus. Damascus is probably the third or second most important city in the world. The two capitals of the world is TC one, and Constantinople, Istanbul. And in Damascus, in fact, I mentioned this last week that Damascus is the oldest city on Earth. The mosque is the first city to really be built up and even in the many, many narrations it's interesting, the prophecies remember, maybe Isa will come down in Damascus, right? Not Jerusalem, not knocking at Medina. It's in Damascus that now Isa will come down at the white mosque. Now the mosque is is firmly in the hands of the Romans till now no Muslim has really gone to Damascus. This is when Damascus becomes a Muslim city. This is

00:38:49--> 00:39:24

going to happen now. And even in the Bible, it mentions close to the end of time is one of the signs of km from the Bible is when the mosque is in the ruins of the mosque is in ruins. Unfortunately, civil war in Syria, right this is what's happening now. Mallanna can easily the mosque is in the ruins. It's one of the predictions in the Bible. So now the Sahaba moved towards Damascus and they received it now the Muslims now when you besiege a big city with Wolves these obviously cities with wolves, they don't Adams don't have wolves. They don't have structures. So they don't have catapults. They don't have things to break through. So all you could do was you could cut off its

00:39:24--> 00:39:59

supplies and hopefully with time the people inside will be so hungry that they will open the gates and they would agree. And the Emperor or the ruler of Damascus his name was Thomas he was hoping that look. The Emperor would seem reinforcements. After a few weeks he realizes his own reinforcements coming and the mask is on its own. And if he wants to easily to wait it out which he can't didn't prepare for siege. Never before did an army come this wall to capture the masters. So they weren't ready for a siege or wait that long or they need to go out and fight the Muslims. So we have to do so the mosque has had 16

00:40:00--> 00:40:34

gates, six different gates, intrinsic all of them are closed up now and harder on your lawn. The city is so big that he's army had to be put into little divisions to make sure it's surrounded the whole city. So no one can come in and we can go out, no supplies can come in. And they have to have patrols around the city all the time, because the city is bigger than the army. And what the army would do is the guys in the Army or the Thomas the heat of the guy in charge of the city, he would look for ways the Muslims will weaken, you open the gate, and he would charge you would fight, right. So you would charge and fight. And then if the rest of the Muslims, we have to come down and

00:40:34--> 00:41:11

secure that area and then run back into the, into the city. That's what he was doing for a few days, trying to break the siege, trying to break the Muslims down. But no, he wasn't able to succeed. So after a month of besieging this, Khalid is frustrated. And he eventually finds that one of the people of the muscles becomes Muslim. And he says there is a certain wall, the highest wall of the city. There's no guards on the other side, because they thought no one's gonna come from you. If you can get over the wall from that side, you can open the city from the inside, and so harden himself on the lawn. And we mentioned that one man reinforcement, the two of them, they climb the wall, and

00:41:11--> 00:41:47

they get in from the other side and they open the gates and so that group of the Muslims into the city from that side and they start fighting, and when the Thomas when he's a very intelligent man, when he hears that the city has been breached, immediately opens another gate. And he goes to Aveda Barbados came by now you get to know each other, you know, abou beta is the second in command and there's a soft copy to Holly. And he immediately goes to Abu Zubaydah, and he says I want to holla I've had enough of the siege licks into into a peace treaty, a Bobo says wanna fight. So he says, Okay, let's have peace. And the agreement is just jizya no slavery, no one is going to be taking

00:41:47--> 00:42:21

capital, no execution, even those who fought you, you must let us go for free, we're gonna go back to our input, we'll just pay you a small tax and the city is yours. And our movie agrees to that, and then avoid as it tells the city's taken, we've already entered into a piece of fighting, Hollywood is furious. He said, this was a thing that we were going to take the city if you just waited like half an hour would have taken the city. We didn't have to agree to this. But of course, abubaker his command was if you make an agreement, you can't break it. This is not only our Islam, and so Abu Zubaydah Street, he was already in effect. And so Holly basically said, Well, if that's

00:42:21--> 00:42:55

the case, you've made the agreement, we'll keep to that. Whoever would like to stay in the city is free, your property will not be taken, your churches will not be harmed, and those who don't want to be in it and the fighters your three days to live, if after three days, no one is left, we capture you will execute you. And so one by one the soldiers are to live within three days. Some of them thought that they were in a safe distance, they went fine enough, but it's completely caught up with some of them and captured them excluded some of them. And now the city was Alhamdulillah under Muslim control until today, right? This is this is how Damascus became a Muslim city. I mean, a

00:42:55--> 00:43:32

letter is received from Medina opened later, sad news of Walker is dead abubaker died. So abubaker the lawn didn't get to love to see the conquest of Damascus. He only loves to see that it began. Now we jump back to Medina. For the last month of his life, the city of Damascus being besieged. A few weeks before that, or during the siege, he becomes very, very sick. And he says to Ayesha, I think this is the sickness that's gonna finish I went to die on the sickness. I don't think I'm coming back from this. Or someone visits him and with mine says your fever is really really bad. Don't you want to see that? Leave the doctor. So say no, but this is I have already seen the Toby The one who

00:43:32--> 00:44:07

gives a cure. And he has already given me a diagnosis that I am is no cure. So you mean, see me and that's it. I'm not gonna be I'm not gonna live through this. And so now when he realizes that it is indeed close, decodes a panel of senior leaders, including Sonali Rama, even to follow her all the tin, promise Jana, those who are still around in Madeira. And he says to them, Look soon, I feel I'm going to die. And our agreement between associations, you've asked me to be your believer. I've accepted and then I'm going to give it back to you. Right. But my last acting thing, if you permit, I'd like to choose a successor. What do you think about the specifier? We'll leave it to you, you

00:44:07--> 00:44:45

can decide who should be the next successor. And so now he calls them one by one equals up there in the office, one of the team from the gentleman earlier Sahaba. And he says, What do you think of Omar and Abdul Rahman is what he asked me what can I say about Omar? So up there a man tells abubaker I see that you have a high opinion of Omar right you think quite highly of him is your right hand man. Walker says yes, man says what? Whatever you think of humor, I have an even better opinion of him than you do. I even see him better than you see him. So you know where I stand with regard someone say no, but the call center Ollie, we don't have any details. But there was no he had

00:44:45--> 00:44:59

no issues. There was no he had no issues will say no, say normal, he calls say North man and he says with mine. What about abubaker? Omar, what do you think of Omar? So as mine says, he's a good man in public, which we all can see. And he's even a better man.

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

In private, the many is behind closed doors is even better than that. That's all I can say about Omar and saalbach. Resisting, you know, man, if it wasn't for humor, you would be the one I would select. So radiobacter is thinking that basically you would have been, you are actually next in line. But Omar is a step above that. And so one person did actually mentioned something negative thunka ball has also another thing, the team promise Jana who stole her, he was the hero. He was the guy that was the last line of defense within a visa Salaam and they were about when he team, the last man to stand was a last resort, it only could do was use his hand to block the blows until he

00:45:41--> 00:46:19

then became paralyzed and was paralyzed. So this is called. And he's one of the things from agenda. So palha is asked about bucket What do you say about Omar satara? says to abubaker? How will you answer to Allah when Allah asks you how could you put such a stern harsh man in charge of the face of the Muslim? A someone who is nothing not what obviously had this blunt ways, maybe you find certain personalities are abrasive. And you find that say, Norman, Khalid, Molly didn't like each other very much. It was a lot of tension between them. I told many times, if I was in charge, I will not allow you to be doing what you're doing. A worker is giving you a lot of a lot of leeway. Every

00:46:19--> 00:46:29

time he would get a reprimand from a worker. Right. So how do we get notices from a worker? And if we don't do this, I heard you did that. Why'd you do this? Then you say it's the left hand without this meaning over

00:46:30--> 00:47:10

the left hand, every time Omar complaints about Holly then say now back is what can I do? I can't shoot a sword that Allah himself has unsheath I'm not gonna do that. So there were certain personalities that didn't click. And these are human beings. Not all of them lived hunky dory with everyone. So toalhas is Omar is known for his harshness, he's abrasiveness he upsets people, how are you going to answer Allah with us, so that our workers, his three servants, put me up on his bed. I need to this is a serious issue now. And so he says to tell her, if you are making you want to make me scrape by bringing our name into this thing, understand, I have my consciousness clean. Because

00:47:10--> 00:47:50

if I'm asked this question, I will say to Allah Subhana, Allah, that I chose the best amongst them to be the leader. I couldn't find anyone better than Omar. And then he says, tell her Also, remember, almost harshness is only being harsh, to counterbalance my softness. I'm a soft guy. So he has to be extra harsh to counterbalance me. But you see, he's not like that when he's in charge. Right. So he's making an excuse, former. I mean, abubaker nakoma. And he says, I've made my decision. I've selected you to be in charge of the Muslims and I selected you, you will now lead this for lack of work is too weak to eat the Salah, and, of course, protests and says no innovation,

00:47:51--> 00:48:25

forces him to be home alone. By now you can take the subway ibaka retried many times before to try and dissuade a buck and he's going to get it right. So now say nobody accepts he is going to be the successor. And he gives him advice. And he says to Omer fear Allah was a taqwa of Allah. And remember, he says his beautiful words, he says, there are certain acts of worship You can only do during the day that you can't do at night. And there's certain acts of worship, which you are, Allah is old at night, which you can't do during the day, in a way say, there are certain things which you do publicly. And certainly if you do private, don't neglect one against the other. Worship online,

00:48:25--> 00:49:00

the night and the day that you're going to assume a public office, remember to maintain your private affairs as it should be. And it's a very, very powerful thing for to be said. Because usually what we do is we focus on the public and we neglect at home and he's saying that and when he says to him, Omar, if you read in the Quran, you'll find when Allah speaks about the people of Ghana, he only mentions the good deeds, but the people of Ghana committed sin, yes, no one is perfect. But Allah overlook this and because of the good deeds, and when he speaks about the people of Ghana, alone, you mentioned the reds, there are many of them that are good in terms of the gift charity and do

00:49:00--> 00:49:37

good deeds, but Allah rejected the good deeds because of the sin was more, so be careful. Like you say, Be careful. Do not think that your good deeds are good enough to save you if you have sin. But at the same time, the only two negatives make you so bad, a little overlook those things. If you're good. You're always in this balance of hope and fear, you can hope to go to jail without punishment, but you also fear that you could be able to go to Jannah without going to jail. So believe between that hope and fear. And then say no more is now leading the Salah, say now buckle calls Ayesha. And he says to her, you are the most beloved person of my family. I love you the most. So look after

00:49:37--> 00:49:59

your siblings, even though our siblings were older. He says, look off your brothers and your sisters. Now he says I only have one sister. I don't mean sisters. So he says say now what is it? Basically her stepmom wanted another wife. I feel that she's pregnant and she will she will have a daughter and it's so tame that a bucket is my feet give birth to a daughter. She never saw her dad. So Abubakar says to her.

00:50:00--> 00:50:36

off to your siblings. And then he said to calculate all my wealth, how much do I have looked at all my wealth, and he compared it to the wealthy head now he was a Holly for two and a half years. And this time remember Hollins, conquering all these cities, huge amounts of money is coming into Medina, many people are becoming wealthy now, because there's so much money that he actually started giving salaries to surgeons hollow ball to everyone they a pension from the Treasury. This wasn't in the time going to be suspended. But now there was a pension for every person. And so he said, Look at how much my wealth has increased. And she said from when you became the halifa, until now, you're

00:50:36--> 00:51:14

only got one extra camel and one extra servant. So this is take these two and send it to Omer. I should not profit from the position. My job is the halifa I should not benefit from it personally. There should be no personal benefit. Give it to Omar, it belongs to the halifa he sorry for now. So when Omar receives this after Bukka dies, he begins to cry and he says abubaker made it very difficult. You've said that bar very, very high for anyone to follow off to you. And so abubaker Avalon on a Monday, his sickness became very, very bad. And he says to Ayesha, which they use an obese is impossible. So she said he died on a Monday. So he smiled and he said before moderate it's

00:51:14--> 00:51:55

gonna happen before Modi and he died that afternoon of the door and say normal performing the janazah on him and he asked his wife asthma into mice or smile us remember asthma this lady she was Jennifer's wife. Jaffa died. abacha married her and on Hajj on the day which was then Elisa Lam. She gave birth to the abacus and Muhammad and then she offered bokashi medicinally. Sonali raised this point, Mohammed Mohammed. So this lady Asma abubaker, Oster Aziz was here. You should also me so it's permissible for the wife to so the husband and vice versa, the Shia who saw the husband, and he said to Ayesha, well, how did the nervous system shut out himself? So she took three cloths, that's

00:51:55--> 00:52:35

all we had. And that's what we wrapped him up. So I have three old cloth the same way. Take it, wash it, put saffron on it, I can get you a new one. And you have like nucleaus here. So this is the loving need this more than me give that away. But give me the old ones and racked me up. And then he said to her bury me next to Neville Salaam. So he followed the sooner even in death. He died on Monday, like nobody saw him and he died at the age of 63. And he was buried next we're gonna Lisa lamb behind services, of course on his right facing the Qibla. And abubaker was also on his right but not parallel to him. His head was in line with the shoulder of Neville Salaam behind him. And

00:52:35--> 00:53:11

that's how he was buried in the house in the house of Ayesha. And of course, hollywood he gets that message from Medina that Abu Bakr has passed away. And Omar is now the halifa. And as we said, harden Omar had some some issues with each other. There's going to be some clash of personalities. Of course, the war is still happening. Iraq is going to go into chaos, the Persians are going to get their act together, and they basically push the Muslims out. The Romans are not done yet. The Emperor is still alive. And he's seen a massive army and the big, big battles. What happened now in America Stein was the beginning, the major victories and the real expansion is going to happen in

00:53:11--> 00:53:27

the caliphate of Satan armor, battles of Yarmouk. kuzia the complete expansion of that area, and we'll talk about that next week in sha Allah even Illa Sakura. Hi, any questions me on Thursday inshallah. inshallah next Thursday off the mothership.

00:53:28--> 00:54:06

Yeah, and we just conclude once again to say now back here and when life isn't over, you know, from the beginning, we became a Muslim seeing every single from the difficult days of the remember that first day when I became Muslim, the first person he went to outside the house was abubaker. Except Islam in the provinces, all of you doubted when I came up with a message, even though you accepted us reservations, except that one except he was the only one that had known that innovations when all of you doubted I went in the mirage. He was acidic when I was on hegira he was with me at buzzer at the French Congress ama, every single event. He was the and remember how we took the caliphate,

00:54:07--> 00:54:40

complete chaos mutaz was a llama. And how did he leave it now? How did he close? This chapter is califa the Quran being preserved the Muslim Empire Muslim you know, you know the zakka issue and then of course the campaigns into Syria and Persia, what a legacy is left a cd coriolan what a after the ambia you can see why this man is the basement off to the acidic or the lawn. We try to be a little bit like a miss will never be there like Emerson. Abubakar is in a league of his own, I will never get the

00:54:42--> 00:54:59

data allows us to get these are just these are normal people but achieve these high. high status is it's possible. We just get a few you know a few a little bit in the footsteps. I mean, I'll be pleased with with him and us and forgive me

00:55:00--> 00:55:06

And us and grant all of us gentle for those. I mean, some of us say no Mohammed Yusuf Islam serene handler alameen. salaam aleikum wa