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AI: Summary © The upcoming job and the future are discussed by multiple speakers, including the negative impact of the coronavirus on people's lives and potential mass protests. The importance of history and the potential for mass protests to shape the future is emphasized. Discussions also touch on conspiracy theories and their potential outcomes, including peace and unity within religion, conflict within political systems, and the importance of avoiding alcohol and drinking. The job is described as long term and requires a commitment of at least six months, and viewers are encouraged to participate in a campaign to support families and people around the world.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala so you do not want to be in a Muhammad of Allah and he also read mine. Firstly salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. To all my brothers and sisters, today we're going to discuss about the coming of the job. Now we've got this this time right now from now, till the dead No, we don't know how long it is. But all the major signs are about to come, the minus signs have gone by many of the minus signs. In fact, they say that there's probably one or two minus signs left. Like the whole of the river, new freight is going to dry up and there's going to be a mountain of gold, suddenly a maximum goal behind whether

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that's literal metaphor, it's a metaphor, we don't know. But that's one of the signs still left as a as a minus sign. And another one is, imagine the coming of imati. Now, the thing is that even in my melody, you know, I know there's a lot there's a lot a lot of people that will discuss about Informatica is the bone is you're out yet is he? Is he around? The thing is, nobody knows. And if anyone gives you a timeline of this, this is the date when this is going to happen, or that is going to happen. Forget it, that's not going to be the case, because Rasulullah sallallahu isma hasn't given us actual date. What he did do though, is he gave in certain Hadith he gave, when this

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happens, then that's gonna happen or when this happens, and that will happen or generally we understand from the Hadith that certain things will come after other things. So one of the things that the prop solahart has told us is that the the minus signs are going to take place first before the major signs. And the bridge between the minus signs and the major signs is

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Eman, Maddie. So for Mr. Met Ed McMahon doesn't come or he does he the true momentum, there's going to be a lot of false memories around. And there are people out there who who will claim to be a medic, and you're going to stay away from them just like Look, when Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he talked about the black flags, right coming from the east. Again, there's gonna be many black flags, there's gonna be many false ones, there's gonna be a lot of false people trying to claim that they are that I mean that resource law hasn't talked about that yet. In our we don't know until the real signs are there. So what are the what are the real signs that are that the populism spoke about?

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You've got to look deep in the Hadees and you've got to see across the whole spectrum of what the prophet Lawson said because there's no point of view taking one particular Hadees and saying that's it, you know, this is it. This is all happening right now. You can't do that. Um, there are there are speakers out there who have spoken about already coming up big modules and so on and so forth. But it doesn't really make sense because the prompts are awesome like he spoke about the fitna of yeah dude man who's coming after the after the john has gone and and while he Salah Salam is here, that's when the magic happens. Okay, so anyway, look, that's not going to deep debate about the end

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of my dues and when what's coming, we're here to discuss about the coming of the job now. There's the jaarlijks system that takes place before the job so this also now

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this now tells us that yes, that some some people have said that there's only the genetic system and somebody will have said there's only the job but the truth is that the genetic system that takes takes place beforehand, and then the arrival of the job happens so the system itself yes it will living through it there are a lot of there are a lot of things that are happening right now in the world that might be part of the system. Now again, some of our brothers young brothers and sisters they get lost in this whole Illuminati thing this whole you know, oh my god, did y'all decide that sign? I've seen this one. I think here, they're just just just please take a break. All right. You

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know, one of the things not to do is to connect all the things that are not so clear cut. Now we have one thing Islam which is absolute clear cut and something which is conjecture, right, you're going to know the difference between the two, even in you know, logical thinking, whether it's critical thinking whether it's philosophy or thinking whatever it is, something is not for certain and something is conjecture, okay. Now Be very careful when you make that jump, right. So let me give you

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a quick idea of this. Something which is, which is actually certain could be this looked at, okay, you saw this sign you saw this one, you saw this pyramid with an iron. Okay, that's that's that right? But then when you move beyond that, okay, you might say, Okay, this is part of the Illuminati or something. Okay, fine. I'll accept that that this sign is attributed to the Illuminati. That's still somewhat okay on concrete.

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Level However, for you then to make a jump and say the Illuminati are or they are this this secret organization or that media cooperation of this thing or that organization and all these governments and they're all working together for for this one big thing that's about to happen. That's now conjecture for you to connect all those connections and say, you know, this corporation, this many corporations, this, this sort of a country of these countries and these signs they're all me and the whole music industry and this data data, they're all coming to this one big organization. Look, you're now you've not gone into the area of conjecture. For you to say how big a secret organization

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is, again, you're going into an area that has got a lot of conjecture is called guesstimate we're going on, you're guessing you're you're speculating, you're making guesses. And please don't make this mistake. I've seen this mistake happen again and again, with our young brothers and sisters, even as people in their 20s 30s 40s who are caught up with something a year I know the science of saying, look, get your concrete facts in one area and everything else which is conjecture, just just say to yourself that you know what? I just I just keep that distance may may not be true, right? And the possibility of it being true those conjectures being true is going to be relatively low. You

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don't know what what you're what you're actually stating as a fact because facts are concrete. You have the same thing in Islam. Okay, we have the same thing with the Quran and Sunnah there's there are certain things that are absolute facts. So for example, the Brompton Lawson spoke about the tall buildings happening right you know, the Arabs or the people who yesterday looking after sheep have you know, flocks of flocks of sheep or maybe has have camels and so on those people tomorrow they you know, suddenly they become not that they start to compete with each other building the tall buildings now we've got that had is that fine? Right? We're living that time right now. We know that

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in the you know, the the skyscraper is going across the Arab lands and so on, especially the UAE and so on. Is something phenomenal, phenomenal, okay, we know that. But then for you to jump into like saying that, okay, this is the time when, for example, when the Prophet Lawson said about the Zhao, that is his first day is going to be what is said as a as a fact. Okay, is that

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the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, he said that the vows rule of the earth, his first day is going to be like a year he's secondary is going to be like a month is Thursday, the third day is gonna be like a week and the rest of them I like the rest of the days for you to jump from that and start saying, Oh, this is like the dollar and the, the the pound and the yen or the shekel or whatever, pound dollar, Chef, whatever you say, when you jump to that, now you've made a super jump to conjecture. Can you see what I'm saying? Okay, now, I want all the youngsters to be very careful of this, this jumped out one of the processor mentioned is one thing, right? Yes, it's in front of your

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eyes about the days of the job. But then for you to then make a theory and jump with a conjecture to something that relates to a time. Okay, so looking at the whole thing about the power of the dollar, the power of the pound, the power of the shekel, the power of the yen, whatever it is, or currency, it is, okay. That's a separate phenomenon. Okay, that's a separate thing. But for you to join that with this Hadeeth that is pure conjecture. That is guesstimate and the possibility of that is very, very low. And I've seen this being made you know, there there are certain speakers on the internet who will speak and make these loose connections. And our youngsters are like all hyped up. Oh my

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god. Yeah, I know. It's all coming. See, I heard that. Yeah, I know that heavy. Yes. You know, the Hollies read the Hadith. Tell me why the Hadees clearly connect with all these things. And if it doesn't, then call it conjecture, call it a speculation, call it a guess call it something which is not fact not factual. All right. So so please wake up I really get. I really get annoyed when when we have a youngster, you know, youngsters and you get, you know, even mid age people, you know, get caught up in this, they get caught up in this and they kind of feel that, you know, you're the one who's not who's not tuned in with what's going on. We know what's going on. There's all separate

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things that are going on. Okay. So one of the things that Trump's not to fall in is to is to give your enemy in your mind a power that they don't have, and I've spoken about this before in other you know, reminders, which is that if the Illuminati or if let's just say that the dialing system that is going on, right? If it has one of the

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Howard It is always remember that a lot is above all of this a lot gave the allowance for these things to grow to the power they've got, right? Allah gave that so so don't think that they can escape the power of Allah as a believer I should know that Allah's power is the greatest of all powers and nothing can come in between, you know, in between yourself and the last power. If Allah's power is there, then that's the most mighty thing that we believe in. So please don't take these, you know, things

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out of out of what what they're supposed to believe believed as so whatever, whenever they lie, they lie as as things and the other thing I want to say is this conspiracy theory kind of thing. Okay, there's no end to conspiracy, conspiracy theories, okay. We've got all sorts of theories going on. And they always always, every few years, you've got a new conspiracy theory. So be careful with all of this because, yes, some of the part of the conspiracy theories might actually be true, but you know, most of conspiracy theories, they're just theories, they just bunch of thing that people just made up out of the you know, head. And that's it, you know, that they're just pump it through and

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say that this is happening right now, because we knew this was coming all along. These are these little signs that you can find look credible. Okay, so now let's talk about

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the donor EMA, Maddie, for him to come to the earth, we've got certain signs now, in my mind that doesn't just pop up like that we've got certain walls that will happen between the Muslims, and those who are in favor of those who are not in favor of the Muslims. Okay, so what will happen in these lands, which was last lovers spoke about as the lands of the absolute rule, the people of Rome, or the Roman Empire at that time, which is literally Europe and America as because Americans are actually an extension of European people. Canada also is an extension of European people, because they migrated, they went further across the ocean over there. So in all these lands, where

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you're going to find is you're going to find

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you're going to find a division, all right, eventually, you find this division and what is that division division is that there's going to be part of them that will be in favor the Muslims, and part of them that will not be paper Muslims. And then what happens is they have their wars between them. So Group A, we've got Muslims, and with the Muslims, you've actually got the sympathizing non Muslims, they'll be categorized as let's say that group one, they will fight all those non Muslims who are not in favor of this first group. And their fights will go on until this first group is victorious, and this all in Hades. And then one of the what happened one day is that you've got the

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Muslim that stands up and says, you know, our victory was because of Allah. Or the poor, I'm sorry. And the one of the Christians is no, it's our because they because the cross and and they then fall out with one another, and they have a fight between them. This time the Muslims are defeated. Okay. Now, there are many, many years in between this where there's ups and downs of how the Muslims will find their

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how Muslims will find the stability or not not find the stability in this land. So there's going to be kind of, you know, a rough ride for the Muslims. Eventually what happens is, these had even a Buddha would which talks about a succession of hula, right? This is a Sayyidina, Buddha Buddha talks about, you know, they've had a succession of hula of different rulers, Islamic rulers, okay, one after the other. And what they now want to know is how do they select the next next ruler, right? And they fall out between themselves they're having, you know, some some arguments and one man amongst them, what he does is that he runs away, he says, you know, I'm not his potential person who

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can become definitely what he does is that he runs away he goes to Hollywood in America, he says that he's going to run away to mcaloon karma. When he goes to Makkah, he doesn't want to do with any of this, right? And these potential, you know, people who can be selected as leaders, they say, where's that guy gone? And somebody says, he's gone all the way to Makkah. So they go all these, all of them go to marketers, and we want to, we want to give that guy leadership because he's the only one that never wanted the leadership.

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They go to Makkah, they find in between rookery Valley in front and right in front of the Kaaba between two of the corners. And what they do is they give you they actually force him in a way not force force, but they kind of say, you know, we're not gonna accept, accept that we're not gonna accept any other thing. But we want you to become the leader just as the oma did with a robocall of the alarm after the demise of the personal allowance that they said we're not gonna accept anyone else and so for you, so when they do that with this leader, no, no

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Nobody knows who this is. Nobody knows if this is a real material, right? How do we know from a separate heavy consign Muslim? Well, the prophets of Allah herzman speaks about the, the there's many different, you know, France in a sham in the greatest Syria and they then come all the way down to Makkah to try and kill this leader and all those who appointed him, when they come to a place called Bay that near Madina, munawwara this will be mentioned in several Hadith, the whole earth sucks them inside with all their belongings, all the, you know, cavalry, all the you know, whatever they might have with them all their weapons and asthma and so on. It sucks them inside. When that

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incident happens, then people know that that person we just gave the buyer to his email.

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Okay, so we don't know how many years there is for that to actually happen. It could be years, just years, it could be decades. It could be centuries, honestly, we don't know. I'll tell you why. Because about 1000 years ago, approximately, approximately 900,000 years ago when the titles came and they and they, you know, came straight down to the Muslim lands. Do you know that the great scholars in Damascus they closed themselves in the masjid of Damascus and they said we read all the signs and this is the time that the man is going to come out which is going to wait for him and then we're going to crush the crusty titles. Then remember that okay, this was about eight 900 years ago

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my friend so can you see sometimes you may read signs me you might get them wrong? So we don't know the whole thing about the prompts that allow Islam is that for us to be the first to do our actions the whole point of this whole thing about the job coming online Look guys, I can see a lot of comments coming up right? If you haven't, I want to say this one thing to you right? A lot of people send comments and they like the biggest naysayers and guys who know everything is going to happen and they want to say hi, you don't know what I'm talking about. I've read I've read this or I've seen these lectures and I know what's going on guys, are you even there for further

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I just want to say that

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I'll be very honest with you. They're not there for further they're not there joining the local Imam for fudger

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and they're waiting for him and Maddie

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your local Imam right let's say I know we got the lockdown right now but when the lockdown is right here and then you've got the masses that are open every morning with fire going on. Right? And there's people that can't make it to the local massager and they're like yeah, imagine the the job is Illuminati negated that What nonsense are you on? What planet are you on? Because you can't even make it for further to the master. So don't you know these comments are coming up or you don't know these you don't know that don't even write if you haven't got your deeming tactic younger you fluoride in tactic you haven't got your Sooners in place if you haven't got you know if you're not

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practicing if you don't even know how to read the parameters read a lot of these guys sitting on honestly you're you're wasting in a while has shade turned down to you saying no waste man right now. You know, you're sitting there all day, on your laptop on your computer, and your and your and your you know, following all these videos, YouTube videos in downloading all in your brilliant head of yours, right? You're doing all of that. And guess what? You don't even know how to read the Quran, which is a form and obligation from Allah

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is that I just saw, you know, once I met this guy, I'm gonna say this, I met this guy who's talking about the whole he's gonna have the philosophical ring back and he's he's, he's he's, he's basically active and he argued with me for about a decade right? I'm telling some of the true right for a decade and then when when the whole buzzword out you know what happened? line and love one day after all the buzzword you know, you know, when these guys wake up, when they could wake up I always have to say, right? These guys wake up these conspiracy theories and you know everything, they know everything and you're the only one who doesn't have anything, you know what happens? They wake up

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when two things happen, either they get married, they get a life

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or they get a job right these two things wake them up because then they get serious, right people who got got nothing else to do sit there all day, and just following all these conspiracy theories and so on and so on. So septicemia and all this is gonna happen and that's gonna happen and that's gonna happen, right? So So that's, that's that's what actually that's what happened. So this guy What happened? You know what happened after 10 years of being against me in the local area, right? One day, he comes up to me and says, ma'am, you know, what, can you just can you just check my Surah Fatiha. So sat down said okay, we do sort of attack when you read through that and you know what?

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That sort of attack

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you know, no, they say,

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Now, it wasn't happening. That sort of Fatiha was not propped up. So I kind of, I felt so sorry for this guy wasted 10 years of his life after all of this, you know, following all this, you know how he's gonna establish the whole club and so on? doesn't even know how to read sort of Fattah, probably, he's sollozzo not even done. I mean, if Khalifa came, or divine madman, he came, he probably reject this car, it looks to you.

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Like, why are these guys doing? Honestly, I don't understand what are you doing? You're so full of all the Hadith of the end of the last time, right? And you don't even know your basics of your deen. You don't even know how to how to do something simple, right? So please don't get me not on these comments, right? And telling me I don't know what this shakes and and that shade said, let's give it a break. Or I got plenty of fat and gone. And you didn't go and join the man for further and so on to do some basic things. I know some of these guys. They don't even look after the parents. And there are no constraints for the parent because the parents don't believe in their theories. So that

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means the parents are misguided. So why are you talking about Seriously? I mean, you wouldn't even be speaking if it wasn't for your parents anyway.

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When a man when Maddie finally comes about is going to take the armies with him he's going to join all the Muslims he's going to defeat this group that I rose against the Muslims and then he brings a lot of peace on the earth this peace lasts for a good few. Good few years, right? We don't know how long the failures last and then he keeps on hearing that the journalists come out the journalists come out right so he actually goes around a lot of the he goes around like what's described maybe two continents, he goes around Asia he goes around Europe These are some of the places and some of the countries that I mentioned these are in these areas. It brings a lot of stability and eventually

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the Dow comes out now when the gel comes out

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okay the Dow is going to come out with with a lot of faith and it's going to come with a lot of fitness so let me give you some of the descriptions that I mentioned about the job so we know about this his his eye that his life in which I it is that it doesn't see from but you know he's got remember this that he's got two outlets right two outlets of eyes. One is completely blind. And from one he says but it's also defected that's the way to to not to know the job. He'll have a wide forehead he'll have calf firewall written on his on his forehead and whether you're literate or not literate you'll be able to read this he will be short but well built and his he looks he's actually

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in stature he might be a little bit short but is massive meaning that there's a width to the job right so he's actually told that when you look at him look short why because his width is quite big you only see certain people that big this way they don't look that tall even though they are tall. That's that's the kind of description about the job.

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He'll he will be highlighted fair enough fair skinned with a register of complexion.

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He'll have a kind of a hot slight hunter hunchback to him. He will have no children. He will not get married. He was born to Jewish parents a contract tradition. He was born to Jewish parents after 30 years their first one an only child is this one. This child that gets born now the number of fit today comes around with now I don't know people are ready for this right? You see today people people come make a choice of a simple Okay, this is this is where I'm going this is where I'm not going. It's very clear cut answers do this. people people people can't give give up girlfriends. People can't give up drugs. People can't give up their bad habits. Are you telling me right in a

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time where people can't even get off their phone? People can't stop watching these 10s and hundreds of videos on Instagram Facebook and tik tok and you know Snapchat and wherever else people can stop that they can't stop it team can stop you know the hook come to PlayStation for them trying to Xbox One. Okay, they're hooked on to so many so many things that are that are just drooling. How many people haven't got addicted to these things? And are you telling me that when they see a man coming with real fire that looks like fire and it comes with a garden or another narration he says water and he tells people to jump into the garden or the water.

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And Rasulullah sallallahu said when you see him come visit the jowl coming. When you see that coming. He told us some allies to jump into the fire.

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So you've got to go against everything. You're feeling the heat here, and it looks like real fire. It feels like real fire but you know what? The Russell's gonna say jump into that because his fire is warm.

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His water his fire was fired the garden The garden is the fire. Wow. I mean, I can't see except for the pure believers of our time doing this. The dust can come with some serious fitna. Okay, he's gonna come with serious fitna. And and when he comes, it's not a small thing. I mean, look, some people get really excited that you know, I'll be able to do this with no end do nothing with the job. No man, no woman, I don't care how many press ups you do and how many, you know, I don't know, bench presses you do in the gym, okay, there's no way you take it out the job. In fact, the only thing you can do with the junk is to run or hide. That's the only thing you can do

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is clean the Hades, only inside memoriam is able to take on the job not even in my man, he can take on the job. He's the biggest fitter that this world has ever seen. You know, he's gonna dominate the Thai world, the entire world in one go. But when he does, that the true believers will will will be safe and one of the things to be safe, you know from the jail is to keep your soda cap. Okay, now, memorize the first part, first 10 verses of surah Kahf or memorize the last 10 verses for the calf, or recite the first 10 verses sort of calf when the gel is around, because that's the only protection you can have when you're when you say from now only true believers are going to do that.

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And people haven't even got the time to do even memorize a small suit of okra. What we should do is we should keep this is in memory because the holly says in Sahih Muslim says these are the protection we've got against the job. You can't do anything against the job. The job is, you know, his, his his around, he's gonna be around, he's gonna come as a figure. And he's gonna have huge powers on the earth. And when is around and what can you do? Do you know the professionalism said that when we are hungry, there's gonna be like his first day is that entire year? And the Sahaba were worried like, how do we and he spoke about how the job's gonna take to take away the food he's

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gonna he's gonna just point out to the sky how they does this right? And it stops raining there's no sunshine on this land and the crops will die the livestock will dies and we haven't gotten food for a year for a year my friend people can't give up you know, people can be bothered to go through the whole Ramadan fast and people even if even if they do fast people can give up with this flame of food and their favorite food you know Sahaba were so worried about and they said how do we live and how do we eat and the Prophet Lawson said at that time that your your sustenance is going to be your your your Subhana Allah your hunger your spear it's going to be you praising Allah something that's

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going to keep you alive. That's That's pure belief. Anyone who's got that belief and they're grounded before the child comes then there's a big salvation that coming their way

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I just want to say that please listen to this because this is not a full thing on the July you know I want to do a series inshallah probably dude in the future on these signs and so on about the dial in depth on but just for now, what I want to say is, if you've listened to all of this, what is it that we should do? What we should do is what was the last one said in a Hadith, which is bad, the rules are mad, he said, be quick to do your actions. The whole point of all of the karma is coming. Their judgment is coming. When when the job comes, there's going to solid fit and tribulation around people that people are gonna say, Oh my god, how do I even pray hard like and get away with trying

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to get on with my religion? And how do we do this?

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This is going to be massive. I mean, right now we feeling the messages that are closed right now we're feeling it, right You haven't even gotten all travina machines No, open normals is open now Juma and so on. are we feeling it? Um, can you imagine the time

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the dance time people are not going to be able to be free with their rabada that's why the process from said Be quick in doing your actions and ground yourself before the doll comes. That's the whole point. So if you've listened to what I've said, then the thing is that we've got to increase our armor Luger, increase your actions Anyway, guys, tomorrow I'll be talking about the horseshoe of Santa inshallah being in LA and the next day we're going to talk about the signs of labor to cover how to find out to other and some of the actions we can do on later and after that, I want to disappear into the curb inshallah. So we've got just tomorrow and the next day inshallah and I'm

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going to ask you please once again, if you look at the link below, you're going to know we just need 15 more people one 515 more people to register. I'm sure we can do by today inshallah. Meaning like today is the remembrance of the Battle of butter. This is the day when you actually happened allows you to elevate the the, the ranks of the Shahada, brother army army in their memory, you've got this brother 313 campaign, please look at the link below.

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Join the campaign there's only 15 more people we need each other we can get to the to the end of this campaign shala and those of you who have already done it, just please keep on just forwarding it to families and friends. 10 pounds 15 pounds 20 pounds. Yeah, it will be done. Marshall Alhamdulillah we are already in a good scale. And we need we need a lot more. Those of you who've done it, my deed is the other day with you. But we need a lot more support May Allah bless you to help all those people around the world who are not seeking for help alongside the others even our world and Mohammed Ali who started nine Allah we ask you to give us the best of this Ramadan to make

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us finally a little harder to worship the best we can on the level of others to give us the full reward of letting other Armenia ask you Allah keep us awake on a little further in all the last 10 nights that are coming ahead to make us find and do our best on that night. I mean our blah, blah blah I

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mean, guys, click that, that that link at the bottom inshallah. Exactly.