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I would like a

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personal question, from the perspective of masters in educational psychology. Was it complimenting you with your articles or what was that condition?

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going to the psychology courses these days,

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because I want to be able to give you advice on that sort of modern day psychology and Western psychology doesn't really have any, any space for religion in it.

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Let alone Islam doesn't have any space for religion, I was, I'd already finished my Allium course, before I went to study psychology. So if they were saying things that were not to do with religion, or not even engaging it, and saying, you know, the human has his own psyche, the human thinks himself is independent from anything outside, all these things are there, but I'm not going to look at it like that, I'm gonna stood up got my faith. So any student has going towards psychology, or philosophy, or any of these sciences is to be careful. Your Eman needs to be strong before you go down that pathway. Because you can easily have your iman undone isn't easily going for a degree and

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then you start to question about your faith. Because that's what they'll do. The philosophy of the Western civilization and psychology has departments where they make you question your own beliefs and make you question your subconscious mind. And we know there are limitations to your questioning. And we wouldn't put those questions. But Allah Allah has messengers, Allah's Mostoles that one of the way shaytan will work is that he will carry on saying, you know, who's the creator of this, who create this and eventually a person then, you know, shaytan takes a person to the question of Herman Haleakala. So who created Allah, right? So it's a cheatin trap, to trap with the data that will take

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you down that pathway. Now, if you're not ready for it, and you're going for a study that is going to, quote, make you question like that, you have to be careful. So either your faith is very strong, or you have Muslim teachers or Muslim individuals around you, where you can find your grounding in the religion with the question that comes to your mind. You can ask Imams and Muslims around you, and they will reassure you of your faith, then Alhamdulillah. Otherwise, you need to be slightly careful of going into this thing into this whole science. So for me, it wasn't it wasn't a question because I had studied the dean for many years, that my teachers, so these questions wouldn't really

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bother me. And I wouldn't even entertain them. But for somebody else it might be might be the thing right over the question. So there are people that are youngsters who are looking for good, you know, good jobs, and so on in these in these departments, which is fine. But even when you're working, we have to understand that we may be limited to what we can say to someone in counseling, let's say your your counselor now is giving you some kind of counseling to someone or you're a child psychologist

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in that in that field, you can't use God and you can't use Allah. You can't use faith to try and talk to but if you've got the right, you know, Eman, you can sort of say the same things without mentioning those you know, without mentioning Allah and without mentioning God, you can do that. But it still takes your you know, you still need your knowledge in Islam to be very, very strong. So that you know how to direct you know, direct yourself