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AI: Summary © A representative from a Muslim foundation announces a new vision for the Muslim Institute, which will cover all of the essentials of Islam, including faith, religion, and marriage. The program will teach Muslims about all aspects of their faith, including praying, talking about their spirituality, and the importance of their relationship with Jesus. The program will be interactive and accessible to Muslims around the world, and the goal is to help change lives around the world to Zakouma "timeen.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu This is your brother in Islam. Yeah. So Callie, I'm really excited to announce a Muslim Institute's latest vision. It is an exciting interactive online platform that summarizes comprehensively, all of the sciences of Islam, all of the branches of knowledge, and it is called faith essentials. Now, faith essentials is what we add a Muslim Institute have decided to offer online an experience that will teach the Muslims around the globe about all of the essentials of their faith, hence, faith essentials. It will deal with each and every aspect that we believe that Muslims who want to study their religion should be aware of it's

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not a basic level course. It is a course that is thorough and detailed. It's taught by many instructors it deals with theology or what to believe rituals and how to worship Allah subhana wa Tada, spirituality and the issues of the heart and thinking of a lot and doing Vica. We're also going to be discussing interacting with other people and what legal Islamic rulings we need to know marriage and divorce and inheritance and issues pertaining to business transactions. All of this will be covered in a manner that will be conducive, interactive, accessible to Muslims around the world, and it's being taught Alhamdulillah by a whole group of scholars and students of knowledge

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myself shahadi the Sunni Shia Omar Suleiman shabu Isa and many, many other instructors. It's going to be an amazing, amazing experience. And we're confident that in sha Allah, Allah, it will help change lives around the world to Zakouma lokalen. So now what I can promise will lie to you about our cattle

Sh Yasir Qadhi explains

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