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Isha Khatirah


AI: Summary © The title of Aisha Radi Allahu Rana is considered theventeenth century book and is considered a "anteenth century book" by the title. The group discusses various incident and mistakes, including pressured women who refuse to allow them to go into rooms and pressured them into speaking in English. They also mention a woman named Miss Leia who refuses to allow her to go into a room and is pressured into speaking in French.
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overload means that Allah said I'm gonna kind of you know, Muhammad Anwar Ali was talking about selling the Sleeman Kathira to mama ban. Are you allowed to boycott your aunt?

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Are you allowed to boycott your auntie Gemma? Okay, your uncle Avada?

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Are you allowed to boycott them?

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Are you Are are you allowed to boycott your nephew or your niece?

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Can you do that? So how come they cannot boycott you, you can come back at dinner.

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Is it even possible is that even something and in the life of the sahaba? Are they allowed Ramadan? You see them and we always will talk about the Sahaba Delana. we idealize their life as if they have the Beyond being human sometimes, but they're also human, they have emotions, their feelings of emotions, they get upset sometimes. And this hadith is one of those unique stories that I'm not sure. You know, if if anybody maybe never got across the story here about Aisha Radi Allahu Rana and Abdullah because of it. So let's hear the story of Charlotte Tabata Coda Hadith number 1859 and alphanumerical the Allahu Anhu analogy of the love that I heard this and Abdullah Edna Zubaydah Radi

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Allahu Anhu oh my god, if you bet and I thought and I thought, God Allah, Allah.

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Allahu Allah tend to Janna insha Allah Rana Allah. Yeah.

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So I showed you love Tirana. She was a very generous woman.

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Whatever Allah subhana blesses her word, she just gives generously, like she doesn't even calculate seriously. She does not calculate what she gives. Eventually, um, the loved ones are very few guys remember, he was the governor of mica the term or the hijas in general. So he got some news that I should have the law on her, she spent some money, it seems that she gave it as a gift. Or she put this in a charity but the amount was gonna like to him was outrageous.

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A big amount. So he said something in that kind of gathering. He goes she did that. She didn't do this. She didn't give this much. God will Allah He. If I was there, if I was there, I will stop her. I would stop her God Allah Allah says if she's not going to stop keep doing that is that I will I will eventually I will stop from doing that. Or I will block her basically what you call consider him

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income incompetent, incompetent of making any transaction like this anymore.

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Interjection visit put on here. This is it. She's not allowed to use your money without supervision from the state or from a guardian.

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Obviously for I shall be allowed to Rhonda that's offensive isn't. First of all, she's older than him. She's his aunt. She is the sister of

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SmartMeter microsurgical Alana. She was the wife of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam she has her own mini and so there's so much in terms of status and how they're Abdullah Mr. Burke says something like this but the beginning the first thing is your ma word was the biggest problem over here and what is it and what he said or what someone did what is people do

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somebody went to high surely ALLAH Tirana and he got saved Abdullah was a bit over there. Because did you hear what I'm the numbers were said about you?

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And when I showed the launch, you heard that God who akala look for him. He said that although Corona, as well as he did call a tour de la He Allah, Allah Colima Zubair, Nevada, so she made a vow, but I swear I would never talk to other lovers of Oregon. I would never ever talk to them.

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I mean, look at another is that a Joomla? That you say I will never talk to my my nephew. I will never talk to my aunt whenever I talk to my, my uncle, or my mother in law or this or that. What kind of neither is that to vous I'm gonna this but I should allow Anna. She was hurt. She was hurt by that statement that loves debated publicly for of people. God knows how many. And who were they? And he was talking about her. Like as if he's saying to the whole world that look, she's not even qualified to make financial judgment like this. And she was really, really hurt. So she made that vow. Eventually.

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That kind of like rich Abdullah was a bear who tried to reconcile with his aunt and she would refuse to talk to her. She would never ever allow him actually to come in.

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Even though his mom to her, but he would never she would never allow him to come in. He tried. He sent people to talk to her to reconcile with her and she said no, not interested. I'm not gonna talk to him.

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So he kept trying and trying and trying for such fabulous villa. Hey Napolitan Hijra when that boycott took too long. He tried his best to break that actually with him. For COVID Love Hola. Hola. Ashrafi EBITDA. Should you guys swear I'm never gonna

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except any intercession, anyone to come and talk to him about him, that's it. I'm done with him. He would never come to me. God Allah Subhana Allah Ilana, she said I'm not gonna break my oath because for him, I would never break my oath that I meant for Allah subhanho wa Taala because of him, fella matar Adela Caliban is a bit by the way, keep in mind that Abdullah was aware, and Ayesha de la Hana in that age they were all the old people

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And subhanAllah harass at that age. Everything lifts for you is what your pride

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you will also be the product of dunya the anything in this dunya matters to you at all, but your part is the biggest thing. So I shared the Lohana was holding on says you know what, I'm not gonna learn to say that. Someone I might they say perhaps I was upset for Abdullah Zubair for many reasons that are legit. One of them obviously, is that the status of Abdullah Munna severe he is speaking something Ill about the Mother of the Believers to the public like this, even though it was a private actual conversation. But whoever did that gossip Allah was done. He did the big mistake that he conveyed that NEMA and he did that to that then a kind of like statement to Aisha Alana. Some

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they say because I show the law on how she's offended by that statement because of who she was the Mother of the Believers. Eventually, Abdullah has a very finely he went to to have some of the elders of the Sahaba della Tron very well respected members of the Sahaba the older diva Sahaba right now, tell me so when Muhammad Quadra

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al Mr. Bill McCollum

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were Abdul Rahman even less word when Abdel he went to them and he said please help me out. Find a way to talk to her. She comes back at me like this tell her is haram the um her kin this and everything they tried. For Carla and sure to come Allah Halima called to Manny Allah He said I swear by law you will make me enter right now to Azure the line that helped me out to go and that's all what he needed just to get in.

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So eventually what the call for Hannah Leia Hello hola and 10 Dara Tati Abdullah he says she's she's wrong she has no right to completely boycott language is haram she can't boycott her nephew. That's not right. Like Abdullah he said he's concerned for his aunt. Like I'm not gonna allow her to go into this haram Yeah, and like this person called for in hola hola and that entendre Katya it so when he started speaking like this about about her and for Mr. Mark Rama, Rama will as well they both kind of realized you know what, you're right. We have to do something about this. For Karla for Aqua Hill, Miss Wawa, Abdul Rahman had less than Elijah. So they both came and they brought up the

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lameness bear with them. And they came and they basically asked permission to get into the place rashes rather low Anna because they have to out of respect to seek permission before they can get in

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for color as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu and as they said, Sara Marie Rahmatullah. Can we come in?

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Color the eyeshadow Anna owed Hello, Carmen.

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They said coluna all of us

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now there are two speaking right but they said all of us of course she didn't she'd understand what's going on but they kind of a threat detector with that forgot cool look. Yeah, all of us come on in. Got Nam otaku Luca Luca wala to alum anna Muhammad Musa. She didn't know that he was with them, fella Madoka Lu, when they came in, just to give you

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a perspective over here, and we request the parents to make sure that their kids actually acquired those conversations akmola.

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this will get you understanding how I should align his places. So usually the room is divided into two sections. There's the public place where the people who want to meet I should Alana they come and there is a place with a hijab, they don't see her. That's places only for the women and for those Maharaja Delana so I'll miss sort of a mark Rama and other man S word. They entered that public place of the house or the room but Abdullah was aware at the moment Yeah, that was allowed to come in. What did he do? He went straight in there.

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Of course starting and surprising I showed a long time ago. His mom to her Of course, obviously. He didn't give her even a chance. He immediately hugged her and he started crying to her

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and he was crying to your mama your mother please You can do this to me.

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And you kept busy the Holden here asking her called for Atlanta Casa de la and our topic I'm gonna shut the hell up.

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I'm gonna give an old man crying for moving it to the low Anna and it keeps a caller Well, whatever you call Mr. Rob Ramona, she doesn't have an RA Sita and Rama will as well as well from behind the curtain or the barrier. He they're also actively pressuring Arusha yamamo money you can do this to him. That's not allowed the it's not good for you. You shouldn't be doing that. And Abdullah inside crying

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there and the other two Sahaba just kind of like pushing her to accept from him or the ultra Nevada. So that he kept in that situation. Then I showed the law and he

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was quiet obviously, because she said, I'm not going to talk to him. So he was keeping quiet and they asked her, just at least talk them talk to them. So she started talking to Abdul Rahman and missa not Abdullah because her vow was not to talk to Abdullah and she started telling them but I can't do this. I can do this. And they kept telling her you know, how the Prophet saw some forbearance from boycotting each other more than three days and, and has been more than that for you. And that's of course, there's too much and you know, that is wrong. Film actor Wallah as your one they were pressuring her too much. Eventually she can like she she came she came in basically

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and she said call it but you know, I vowed I give I made another like I made another I'm not gonna break my mother, I can't break my mother, how do I break my mother and they kept turning here but you break into something better. You break into something better I know the Prophet salaallah sensitivity made another and he found something better should break good another and then eventually take that what is best for you so the clips can appreciate and hear from from yours. Allah had killed limitedness zubaid Until she spoke to them. So she broke her.

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And now she needs to pay the Cafaro obviously for another but Rajala on her because she was very generous. She didn't just free a slave. Or just you know, give you charity here and there. No, adequate fina daddy carbine Arakawa she freed more than 40 slaves. It's all free. for that. We're gonna do that. Ted Coronado Raha Derek Mahtab T Hattah Taboola Dumas Femara. And every, every time she remembered herself, what she has done, because he felt guilty that it was wrong to begin with. She felt wrong about it. Every time she remembers that another she would cry. Like what have I done to myself? Whatever. Subhanallah that is just one of the examples that we see from the Sahaba of the

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Ultron home, which is an absolute proof that the Sahaba were human beings after all.

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They were incidents among the Sahaba were sometimes you don't even you could even imagine. This could happen between them. But again, they're the best example for us. Even when they are wrong. They fix it properly. Even when they are having an issue they still they there is a way to deal with the situation that they're actually fighting over even Subhanallah at war, when they were firing. There was still some incident that can teach you Adam even in such a situation like this even at war. They will just teach people how to handle and deal with each other May Allah subhanaw taala forgive all the Sahaba are they allowed?

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And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bring us with them agenda for those Adana wala who Tanana any questions

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said again

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so another another example a lot of mistakes

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of the Sahaba Delano. I mean they already I mean there was even a time between earlier of the hola Juan and the Ibis were fighting to the extent they were yelling at each other right in front of us man and Robin alpha and others. And they had to intervene says Take it easy, man. You can't do this. And they were again, uncle and nephew, Pamela. There are other examples but we don't want to delve into this right now. We'll also have our dilemma.

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This was part of the law 100 As soon as the router will take us around Welcome to load