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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of insha Allah in a message and how it can be confusing for Muslims to use. They explain that insha Allah means "has nothing to do with" and that it is a way to express one's beliefs. The speaker also talks about the meaning behind insha Allah and how it can be confusing for Muslims to use.
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Another thing we say insha Allah

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take say insha Allah fate.

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nano in sha Allah said

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it's not inshallah, inshallah

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inshallah inshallah is not the full thing that needs to be if you can stretch to see the sheen slightly in Sha, Allah if you say like that because there's actually three words there. Now there's nothing wrong if you take someone and you've right i n s h a l l a H is nothing wrong with that, especially if you want to put the second a as a capital at the beginning of a last name as a capital one that's that's fine. Some people think if you say inshallah, inshallah it means you didn't shoot because you're saying create Allah, they don't even know Arabic.

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Because if you want to say something as blasphemy so that you have to say, and ship and ship, not inshallah, and ship, it's a different form of Arabic. So those people who circulated those messages, it doesn't mean that so don't think that you've committed to for anything, because you've said in shamba, but from now on, you're going to say insha Allah, now why do we say insha Allah, why you know Muslims and meet women inshallah inshallah. inshallah, why? Because what you're trying to say here is, there's a whole mindset, it's like, I want to do this work, or I want to meet you, or I want to accomplish this. But I know I don't have the ability to accomplish this, or to meet you

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tomorrow, or to do this task. I know, I cannot do that, unless the will that I have made to the will I made a will not. Now I'm in intention, right now. I'm going to meet you tomorrow, I made an intention, I'm going to complete this task, I made an intention that I'm going to accomplish this thing.

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But I know this will of mine, can never be completed, unless a laws will, is also in accordance with my will. if Allah wills that I get this done, that I will get this done. And if Allah does not will, I get it done, it will not happen. That's why I add on, brother, I will meet you tomorrow. if Allah wills in sha Allah, that's what it means. if Allah wills meaning that if Allah also wills, what I have willed that it will happen and if Allah doesn't build, and no matter how hard I try, I can't do it. But I put my trust in Allah, my trust is in Allah, that Allah will also will what I have willed is like a way of putting your aqeedah and your beliefs in the right way, which is that I know I have

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no power, I'm gonna try my best to do it. But if Allah does not help me or if Allah does not will, along with my goal, then he's not going to happen. And that's my belief. And if he doesn't happen, See, the thing is, look, if it doesn't happen, I'm not upset.

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Because Allah never willed it. If Allah doesn't relate, then fine. I'm happy with that whatever Allah wills unhappy with that, and if Allah does, will it then I hope that it's the right thing that I've done. That's the whole thing of insha Allah. Now some Muslims they use insha Allah to just get you to go away.

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It's like brother, when I'm when I'm going to meet you in China inshallah. inshallah, like get away.

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Get away. I just said taking a last name, you know, inshallah, inshallah. domani. Last name, it shouldn't be alright. I'm saying, I look, I'm serious it to some people in sha Allah means in sha Allah means that I'm serious when they're not serious, and that's not a good thing to have. That's not a good way of just getting people out of your way. The thing of insha Allah is I want to say I'm really serious. I want to do it. This should be a serious intention. A person wants to do it. But it's like, Oh, if only Allah supports me with my will that I will get it done. If not, I will not so that's the meaning of Mashallah. Hey,