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With regards to what's happening with our brothers and sisters across the world right now, according to what some fettucini

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people have had in terms of their dreams,

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it shows that this particular war on them has resemblance with

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one of the battles of the prophets of Allah Islam, which is a battle about

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where if you look in Surah Surah number 33, you see that Allah azza wa jal has said many different armies come together to crush the Muslims. It wasn't just one army, and same is gonna happen, most likely with this particular wall. The next thing is Allah said that he helped them through denude lamp Rojas. There are armies that Allah sent, which they weren't able to see. See. These are the army of angels. And we've already had reports that the enemies have found it difficult to fight because the fighting like ghosts, they said, We don't know what we're fighting about reports of that. And there's a siege that happened in battle of Azov, just like there's a seed right now. To

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the extent that they were shaken to the core Xenos return Shalida

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and all the props the lesson could do with the Sahaba in the Battle of Assad is to just, you know, hide behind rocks, there were storms of arrows coming on them, just like there are storms of rockets coming on to the to the Muslims at the pharmacy mean And subhanAllah Ali, I just want to say that, you know, Allah, masha Allah has helped will come, but it's not going to be according to our plan is going to is going to be a con to the kind of Allah azza wa jal.

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There are some dreams or some Palestinians have had, there's going to be a very specific result of this particular, you know, war that is going on, and be even Allah, you know, with the help of Allah azza wa jal, you know, he's got ways of bringing results out that we can't bring out. And these to my brothers and sisters across the world, we want to help our brothers and sisters across the world in every single way we can, you know, every legal means, you know, we can

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but do remember, the more videos that you watch, the more it's going to put you down outcrops of Allah, Allah Salam. You heard of the torches going on in Makkah while he was in Medina, but they weren't watching these torches, they were hearing of them. Yes, they were praying for them. There's nothing that the Prophet Lawson could do more for the Muslims that he left behind in Makkah who are getting tortured. But the thing is, watching those videos can put you in a very, you know, specific

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you know, under specific stress because you're actually observing, you're watching them video after video. You know, yes, collect the news, have sympathy for our brothers, brothers and sisters, do your best whatever you can to help them or try and you know, lessen the watching of videos because it's really going to put you down because you're probably in another country, you can't do anything whatsoever. The props and Olufsen was in Medina, where the Muslims were getting tortured in Makkah, he couldn't do much about it, except me glad for them. And except to you know, to try and do whatever he could to for the future of the Muslims, but he wasn't actually under sub one observing

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these torches that were going on. So just bear that in mind inshallah and victory of Allah azza wa jal Inshallah, we'll be there but according to what Allah azza wa jal has, has planned, not according to our plan. Always remember that but we will do our best and the love resemblance time look at look at Subhanallah you know, some of you are even questioning the the many other leaders that we've got, they're not doing anything. But look at the Battle of Assam. Allah talks about a group of win attitude, you know, they were dressed as Muslims. They were praying as Muslims they were eating with the Muslims, yet they let the Muslims down. Okay, they let them down.

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And law talks about the Mondays when this whole trial came. What did they do?

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They didn't help them. They were the ones to run away first. They give didn't give give any support and Allah azza wa jal said

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if they were to be asked to join another fight, they would come straightaway. But this one they don't want to join. Right which is exactly what is happening. And we can see what's happening in the in the world right now. So look, don't don't put your reliance on people who are not there for the Muslims. You know, Allah has this look, just read through the Azad read surah Azhar and see what Allah has said, there's so many so much resemblance, what's going on? And Allah azza wa jal bless us and bless all the Muslims and helpful things across the world, especially those that are going through, you know, who are the victims of war and going through torture.

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I mean, slavery kind of global capitalism.