Abu Bakr Zoud – Remembering the greatness of Allah just before sleep

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of adequacy in sleep and how it is associated with the ability to stay awake. They also mention that the concept of a sense of sleep is not something that is commonly admired or appreciated by people. The speaker uses examples such as Diana to illustrate their point.
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Then you read this letter over who seemed to want to know, like what is the relationship of adequacy with our sleep? You realize that as you are sleeping, you're saying that's from from that position you're saying that you're declaring that Oh Allah slumber does not overtake you know, sleep. A sinner are the signs of sleep, like yawning, rubbing your eyes feeling tired. This is what is a sinner. A lot of social uses led to

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a lot of social is not overtaken by the science of sleep. He doesn't go to Panama Tyler, he's never tired so well no, and he does not sleep at all. I'm lucky my brothers and sisters it is at that moment. As you're sleeping and seeing or more you do not sleep. This is when you realize the greatness of the last version. As you're finding yourself to stay awake. If you wanted to stay awake and you cannot, you're overtaken by sleep, your eyes forcefully close. It is at that moment you remember that Allah associate degree doesn't sleep, alarm, social does not sleep. He's never overtaken by sleep. He's never tired to paranoia. Diana is the old leaving the maintainer, alone

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like what he looks after out of his every single day.

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