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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the challenges faced by Islam's teachings and beliefs, including the lack of understanding or connection to concepts and beliefs. The discussion touches on struggles faced by its followers, such as the struggles of its followers. The importance of worship and the potential for change in one's creation with regards to animals and themselves is emphasized. The segment also touches on the differences between different cultures and the importance of history and guidance in religion. The speakers emphasize the importance of practicing Islam and educating oneself, while also calling for support for a project related to human defect.
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In Al Hamdulillah nobody was saying Sophia who was 30 Or will be late I mean she was you know, I mean so yeah Dr. Medina, but you have to Hilda who fell on Malala when my little fella had yella wash had to Allah ilaha illallah wa de hula Cherie color wash your Hamedan I will do what I saw was a pee who been been helping you uh Hello, Bella rissalah Waddell, Amana one of Sahadi Hallo masala Tula Who said I'm what are they? Yeah, you're living in Amruta Kula Hapa Ducati Walter Martin Illa. And to Muslim on. Yeah, you're next to Taco Bell Kamala the Halacha come in. I've seen Wahida wahala come in has O Jehovah. thymine. humeri Jalan cathedra one is what Aquila Hala Ditas and want to be

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here on our ham in Allah who can add a cobra peba Yeah, you're letting I want to talk Allah or cola cola and steady salida will Slocombe Allah calm? Well, if you're looking with the Nova comb, or may you play la hora Sula for Cardiff has chosen Alima. Today's hotwire is meant for our children for our youngsters.

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As these are the last few weeks left before they go back to school, and there are some basics that need to be covered. So if this sounds very basic information to you, then bear with it. It's gonna be very short. And it's a reminder at the end of the day, and Allah azza wa jal says were that cared for in the current environment, meaning, and perhaps

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those of us who have children, or nephews or nieces, and even for ourselves, you know, we can include some of this very basic information in our conversations, because these are conversations that need to be had. Sometimes we think something is so obvious, so basic, so like elementary level, that we don't even bring it up, we don't talk about it anymore. And then we realize that most of our challenges and the issues, especially theological issues, stem from our lack of strong understanding or connection to these, to these concepts.

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And especially when there are so many confusing messages, being spread, being spread and disseminated around us all over the place.

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And not only that, but some of these basic tenants and concepts and beliefs that we take for granted, now are being challenged.

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I'll give you an example.

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And Islam we have the concept that Allah azza wa jal mentions in the Quran beautifully. Allah, Allah who will help Allah. Allah says about himself right? To Allah belongs the creation, Unto Allah belongs what? Among the commandments? If he's the one that created then he is the one that

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has the right to determine how his creation ought to exist, right or wrong. Makes perfect sense. Allah Allah Allah says Allah Allah who will amor, to Allah belongs the creation And to Allah belongs among commandment. And in the old days,

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no one, you know, for the most part denied that Hulk belongs to Allah azza wa jal. No one denied that. There were few few that really challenged this concept that creation belongs to Allah that Allah azza wa jal is the source. And Allah azza wa jal is the one that created and brought this universe into existence. Nobody challenged that.

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As a matter of fact, even the pagans of Mecca, Allah azza wa jal in multiple places in the Quran says tells us that what is the Elta Humann halacha sama what you will asked if you were to ask them who created the heavens and the earth, they will say Allah. They never believed that their deities or their gods and goddesses really were capable of producing anything, let alone creating them. No one challenged that. They all knew that their ultimate creator, their Creator, their Sustainer their rub, if you will, their Lord was Allah azza wa jal.

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The issue was in lluvia.

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The issue was that they associated partners with Allah azza wa jal when it comes to commandment to Alamo when it comes to worship.

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That's where they they went astray. Right? No one deny the existence of Allah azza wa jal, no one denied that creation belong to Allah azza wa jal for the most part. There may have been few exceptions here and there.

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Right? But there was consensus on this. So Allah azza wa jal says, Allah Allahu Allah, Allah to Allah belongs the creation to Allah Subhana Allah belongs the commandment Allah, you have to do both. You have to acknowledge Allah subhanaw taala as your Creator as Europe and you have to obey Allah azza wa jal, both

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parts both components,

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make what we know as rudia True servanthood or serve a true, you know, a state of worship to Allah subhanaw taala

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That's when you are truly worshipping Allah azza wa jal. Now my dear brothers and sisters, even the Hulk is being challenged now, right, we and our children are bombarded day and night

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with concepts that challenge even the first part, the one that was so basic, so

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that is being challenged not only that they challenge the law somehow is that not only and his creation, even those who acknowledged Allah azza wa jal has created them, some of them challenge that ALLAH SubhanA wa Allah created them in the wrong bodies

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or made them into the wrong person. They're not they're not what they

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right. And Allah azza wa jal told us in the Quran, he warned us he said, that a bliss it's part of his agenda, that he will come and throughout history there have been multiple cases where this occurred. Allah azza wa jal said be careful because she upon vowed he said to Allah azza wa jal, I will command them

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when I am on the home value, but Hakuna doll and an arm on the AMA,

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Allah, He said, I will come, I will show you that they're not worthy of the honor that you gave them, the children about them, I will show you what these people are capable of, I will show you that they will go straight, I will show you that they will also be ungrateful to you, and I will show you that they will. I will command them so that they would change your creation.

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They will change your creation,

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I believe said this long time ago. I will I will cause them to do this.

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And guess what is happening right before our eyes. There was a point, I believe said that I will cause them to change your creation with regards to animals or cattles.

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And I will cause them to change your creation with regards to themselves. We saw that we're very used to right, the first type, second type, we're seeing it.

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So back to basics. Allah subhanaw taala My dear brothers and sisters created us for one purpose and for work one purpose only.

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And everything that we do in life is supposed to serve that purpose is supposed to help us

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achieve and fulfill that purpose. And everything that Allah Subhana Allah gives us is meant for the sake of that purpose, everything. You had a lot of sorrow with. Either everything or the fact that the faculties of Allah Subhana Allah has given us and every body part that Allah Subhana Allah has given us different abilities that Allah azza wa jal has given us, including an afghan, including intellect, they were all meant to bring us to, to that state of worship, worshiping Allah subhanaw taala the state of Obadiah to be true servants of Allah azza wa jal, and Allah azza wa jal also to help us out of His mercy Subhana wa Donna, and out of his

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wisdom subhanaw taala he sent us the best of us that Allah azza wa jal describes it as a bad his own true servants, sincere, devoted servants of Allah azza wa jal, the best of them. Allah Subhana Allah gave them that title hamdulillah the NZ Allah Allah Abdul Kitab and Allah subhanaw taala tells the prophets I send them to follow the example of a Gardena, mice, our servants, the likes of new Ibrahim and Musa and their ISA and the others.

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All in AD will have sought Allah subhanaw taala describes them as true servants of Allah azza wa jal. They were role models for us in terms of udia they dedicated everything so they came also to help us subjugate our passion.

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subjugate ourselves to Allah Subhana Allah.

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And Allah azza wa jal tells us that when it's all said and done at the end of this, and at the end of this, we're just a chapter. Right? We're just a chapter in the creation of Allah. So, at the end of this chapter, we call human history, there will come a time where Allah azza wa jal will say to humanity LMR had a lake comm you have any Adam, Allah type Bucha shape on Have I not commanded you? Have I not enjoined upon you? Have I not warned you of shaytaan not to worship Him?

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In the hula mobian for he was your sworn enemy? Have I not?

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The obvious answer is yes, of course. Well, yeah, Boo Dooney instead that you should worship Me.

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Didn't I tell you that? And the scholars say that anyone that does not worship Allah subhanaw taala by default, whether they know it or not, whether they acknowledge it or not, whether they realize it or not, whether they admit it or not, they're worshipping shaytaan and she thought it bliss doesn't care.

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Whether you worship Him directly or you worship Him through some other means, anything other than Allah subhanaw taala if that becomes the center of your life

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and it becomes your aim and it becomes what you dedicate and devote everything to

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is nothing but part of Shaytards work.

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So when it comes to booty there are two aspects and that's, that's my Hopper for the day. Allah azza wa jal, true Buddha, to serve to serve Allah subhanaw taala to be a true servant to fulfill the purpose for which Allah created us the status and steward of that yet, well now HELOC to Gene now an insert Ilaria. Baldwin I have not created Jen and human beings except to worship me. The fulfillment of this happens

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by accomplishing two things number one, to worship none but Allah azza wa jal

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to worship none but Allah azza wa jal, you can't worship anyone else except Allah azza wa jal

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and number two, is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala in accordance to what he prescribed in accordance to what he revealed only Allah subhanho wa Taala has the right and the ability to tell us how to worship him. It's not something that we are supposed to figure out on our own. It's not something that we're supposed to make up or come up with your own style, your own flavor.

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So when it comes to worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala you're about to learn Allah Ellerbee, Mashallah.

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Right? And anytime human beings throughout history came up with their own ways, they improvise or they came up with our own beliefs and, and practices. Allah Subhana Allah says, Where did you get this from? Who, who told you to do this? There was someone might look at it and say, Wait a minute, you Muslims do this? You know, just few days ago? Some people were up in arms about the festival of sacrifice are you doing? Oh, use otter animals and you do this? Yes, an act of worship. How is that different from what other people do?

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Huge difference.

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This is sanctioned by Allah subhanaw taala.

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We're told,

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right? This is done in the name of Allah azza wa jal Raja hula shuriken.

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This is in accordance to prophetic tradition along the tradition of Ibrahim, that tradition of Samaria, the tradition of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and the other mbN

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This is not

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dedicated a huge difference. If no, if you if a person cannot see the difference, then it's really sad.

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That's the difference. How is what people are doing in Mecca? Or what they did in Makkah, different from what people do in other places. Well, that place was designated by Allah subhanaw taala. And now what are they doing? Well, that I didn't necessarily that's the difference. The difference is that we have evidence we have divine guidance from Allah subhanaw taala that we follow.

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That's the difference.

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And if someone does not appreciate that divine guidance just shows a level of ignorance on their part.

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I ask Allah azza wa jal to make you and I have those who follow the truth. Those who listen and follow the best of what they listen to a call Hello Hola. So for hola hola, hola, confessor, we have a locum in the Hall of water right.

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Alhamdulillah I'm John cathedral and people move out of confy wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was happy, he won the wider world that

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My dear brothers and sisters, it's very important that we not only are we aware of the of the of the basics and call people to these to these spaces, but I urge you that you also become aware of the agendas that are being

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spread. Right, and those who served these agendas.

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those who serve these agendas, and I caution you also have people of people that I personally consider to be Islamophobes who pretended to be our friends

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and try to tell us how we ought to practice our religion is he last Friday was

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not only a day of Eid for us, because the day of alpha is a day of eat. So Holy Day, it's a great day. But it was also our weekly read.

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Which comes every like today genre. And that was a very

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Interesting story. I'm not sure if it was shared with you or not, but

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a Jewish

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member of the Muslim community,

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some of my favorite Jewish member of the Muslim community.

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During the time of the Allahu Omar was Khalifa,

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this Jewish

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you know, I'm trying to avoid using the word citizen because there was this idea of citizenship was not was not this Jewish member of the Muslim society

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came to him up.

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And he said to him, yeah, I mean, I'll macmini What did he say?

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Yeah, I mean, mini

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Yahudi kind of minimum ratio. And Ben was me clearly who don't know, sorry.

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Holly, I mean, he said, Oh, commander of the believers.

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He said, I, there is a verse in your book

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he said, there is an iron in your book, which tells you that he was familiar with what?

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Well, the Quran and he chose not to become Muslim.

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He said, There is an ayah in your book, if it was revealed upon us.

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Jewish people, we would have designated that day and declare that day to be a day of celebration, but you're married, that day would have become you're married,

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a day of celebration. So he's a Jewish citizen, living within the Muslim society, recognized as a model as the commander of the believers. Alright. And he tells him that you guys have this verse. I don't know if you guys appreciated enough, right? If it was revealed upon us, so that means he acknowledged the Quran to be a revelation from Allah Tsukada to Allah.

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We would have celebrated that day.

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And Omar was intrigued by that comment, he said, and which verses that

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which verses that

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so he quoted to him a verse or a portion of a verse from the Quran, he said, polyoma a command to Allah come, Dina come quoting a part of verse three of Surah five sort of Alma ADA al Yama Kamal Tula, come, Dina, come, what ma'am, to Allah equanimity, what will lead to Islam Medina.

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Basically, that portion in the IOL Allah azza wa jal says, Today, I have completed your religion for you.

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I have perfected your religion for you. And I have completed my favor upon you all Muslims. What are the two low common Islam Medina and I am pleased with Islam as your way of life, your religion, Islam, which was the way of life of Adam.

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Idris No. And every prophet that came after that until the last day, Islam, which is the religion of Ibrahim,

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right? We're not the first people to come up with Ibrahim Ali Sinha. He actually used that term, Islam and Muslim. Islam was the religion of Musa Islam was the religion of

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Isa. And Islam is a religion of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The province of Salem is not the founder of Islam. So Allah isn't, he's a messenger of Islam. And every prophet is a prophet of Islam.

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And you're not a Muslim unless you believe in every prophet.

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Every single one of them because they all call to the same Islam, someone might say, but no, they had different Yeah, these are. These are Sharia, as they have different Sharia as Yes.

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And they weren't that different. But there were some details where they, they differed. Right. And Islam is a final Testament but Islam was the religion the basic religion of every prophet was Islam. And that's what they chose for themselves. Do not let anyone deceive you and teach you otherwise. Don't Allah azza wa jal in the Quran states clearly Makana Ibrahim Yahoodi and what Ana Swanee and what lacking can have honey for Muslim American I'm gonna Missouri kin Abraham was neither a Jew

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or Christian. These names were not did not even exist at that time. As a matter of fact, in the Quran makes that argument that logical argument.

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How? He says Yeah, I heard Kitab or people of the book Why do you claim that Abraham was a Jew or a Christian? Well, that was related to an NG to 11 body with Torah. And the gospel was revealed after him. It didn't even exist you there isn't did not exist when Abraham was there, historically and biblically. I mean, according to your own tradition, it wasn't even there. How could it Rahim be something that wasn't even there at that time? How could you make such claims?

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But what Ibrahim Ali Salam chose for himself

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was to call himself and his son and his children and his family members Muslims.

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Which is not, which is not a name of a tribe.

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Right? It's not it's not a clan. It's not a race. It's not it's not none of these things. It's actually a state of mind a state of mind that by the way, right devout Christians and Jews actually claim to have Everyone claims to be true people who submit to Allah azza wa jal. That's what what Islam is.

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Allah subhanaw taala says what elite welcome with Islam Medina.

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Omar said to the Jewish man, he said, Well, indeed I know when and where this verse was revealed upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it was revealed on a day of Jumeirah on the day of alpha.

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When the Prophet said him was standing

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in out of

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the year the promises are made which were out of Jumeirah right out of fell on a human.

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And indeed, we take both days as a day of celebration as a day of read both The Day of alpha and the day of Joomla so every Joomla My dear brothers and sisters is supposed to remind us of this. Every Joomla we're supposed to have you know, it's a day for us to celebrate this to celebrate the fact that Allah azza wa jal has completed their religion and perfected or perfected their religion

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and completed his favor is upon us that Allah is pleased with Islam as our way of life. If we're struggling to practice Islam of who's struggling to understand Islam, we will be rewarded as long as we remain upon the path of Allah azza wa jal.

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It was never meant to be just very simple and easy. But we need to struggle we need to work hard, we need to learn we need to educate ourselves. And we're not always going to be accepted or accommodated, or appreciated or celebrated by other people, and who cares.

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We're not here to please them or to be accepted by them.

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We're here to please Allah subhana wa to Allah, for Allah to accept our deeds, that's what we beg Allah azza wa jal for day and night.

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So we need to get this, you know, some of us are so desperate to be accepted and to be accommodated and to be celebrated and to be looked to be respected by others. And they don't respect any of that about us. They respect confidence.

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They respect consistency.

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They respect us calling them to what we believe is the truth. Bill more Eva Bill Hekmati. One more ILA with wisdom and good advice.

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And by practicing what we preach, ask Allah azza wa jal to make you and I have those who listen to follow the best of where they listen to. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from the tribulations and the trials of this day and age. My dear brothers and sisters, our brothers from Masuda TBWA are here, outside both entrances, both hallways, they're there, please stop by. Right and help them with their expansion project. May Allah Subhana Allah bless that project of theirs May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless this beautiful and amazing community of ours. May Allah subhanho wa taala. Grant you and your children and your family members. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant you and us all of us not

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for your forgiveness of our sins. May Allah Subhana Allah keep us upon the right path, the path of those whom Allah azza wa jal has favored and not the path of those who went astray or those who earn the Wrath of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Medina su latoken Musa king so it Alta Latina and ontology movie mana law lien Allahu Medina if human had eight will have enough human fate. What if humans were late or radically not female? I played work in a short warm up called Life Yahaya medical relief as

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well as akin Illa unforeseen Alpha tion Latina Villa Hiraga Islami Dina Ali Mohamed Salah Allahu alayhi wa salam in Abuja Allahu wa salam ala Muhammad Abdullah Sudan Libyan on me while he was when he was ready. You can also relate to other Ibrahima and Ali Ibrahim Al Abadi, Mohammed Abdullah Sula, can Nabil, me Well, I was watching it come about Moqtada Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim. In hamidou. Majeed, we're asking Anil hamdulillah Abdullah Al Amin