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Al ‘Ali, Al Kabir, Al Hafidh & Al Muqit

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Sooner or later on Mimosa

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Continuing from the small local office now we are on the names of Allah Ali and cabbie and happy Eve Allah.

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So Allah t fal hubiera Halima de

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la foto Shakira la de COVID. Now, Allah Allah is Allah azza wa jal name,

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deny that denotes that allows or gel is is very, very great and he is most high and his above his affairs.

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We have covered the names just before this how Allah azza wa jal his Latif is Javi he is Holly Ozzy Shaku for all these names. They show different aspects of Allah azza wa jal and every single one name that will cover it to show Allah azza wa jal in a different way for us to understand him. Now, though, there are similar names to this and matale. And there's also other names to show an arleigh, for example, allies the the highest but Ali in itself shows that his most high allele has been used for a large region in a way that in parts of the Quran, you will find Allah Allah, Allah housing has come and Allah Allah Kabir has come which means allies most high allies Most Great allies Most Great

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in different ways. Now, this name Allah Ali and also

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ultrabeat next to it has appeared in Surah, Saba

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surah, number 34. And number 23. Allah azza wa jal has said,

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Shahada till kabiru Mahal Mahal is another name, Batali, which means Allah azza wa jal he knows the scene he knows the unseen he's the Kabir he's a great his metalhead is the one who's most Hi.

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Now, this name in itself, Allah Ali, it shows that anything attributed to allies Hi, for example, first thing is the arch. The arch is high above everything else. Another meaning of this is that Allah zodat he himself in his qualities is high. And he is noble in his qualities, the meaning of Allah gives not only highness, but it gives nobleness

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and Allah azza wa jal when it comes to the hokum when it comes to his command, his command is the highest and he is the highest authority.

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These are two of the three of the meanings that are attributed to Allah honey. The other meaning that is attributed to Ali is of don't have dominion and and dominating whatever is under allows me that everything else. So Allah has said in sudo moon, this is 23rd surah number 19. He has said, while Allah Babu Malabo, this means that if Allah gave the chance to any other creature to become a God, if Allah gave a chance to anything else, then they would have had this quality in them to always dominate, and always take over things. So what that would mean is that if any of the other gods besides Allah were true, and if they really weren't gods, then each God would try and take over

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another god. Each God will try and take over another piece and try to dominate. And since there is no one that has dominion, and no one that can dominate except Allah azza wa jal, this makes Allah subhanho wa Taala, the most dominant and this makes Allah azza wa jal Li Li, meaning that there is nothing else that can come overcome Allah, and nothing else that can dominate Allah.

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If there was more than one God, then they would have fought one another, they would have tried to take pieces of the creation for themselves, they would have tried to take one part of the creation that belongs to another god for this this God. So Allah says they would have been left with this on our will. With this type of struggling between one god trying to possess power over another one, the whole of the creation would have been in turmoil. But since you didn't do not see them in turmoil, that's that's the evidence that we have that allows

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There is one and there is no other God besides Allah and he is the sole God

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he dominated the earth, Allah azza wa jal said in Surah Anca booth and number four, he said in a fear Ayana Allah fill up

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in furano Allah Filardo, Surah Surah Al cosas. In the 28th, sutra of the Quran, Allah, Allah so just enough around around he dominated the another word Allah has been used here, which means that only the word Ali of Allah His name has this meaning of dominance inside it.

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What this also shows is that he is free from any of the any of the things that come over his creation, he is above that Allium is above. So how is he above his above in the sense that anything that he has created which has a shortcoming, or has a deficiency allows origin is above that?

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Allah azza wa jal has said in Surah Al mujer de la and number 11 your Fila hula Deena I'm an omen kumala Dino De la modalidad. Those of you who have believed and those of you who have been given knowledge Allah azza wa jal will lift for them. They're the rajas and he will lift for them their status. Now what this shows is that

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all the believers and all the older Allah and all those who Allah has given some kind of Macan or some kind of status to

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or FOCA, Cooley the or even above everyone who knows something is Allah is another person who knows. And above everyone who knows something greater is Allah azza wa jal so above anyone who has status is another person who has status. And above that person who has status is another one that has a greatest status. And above everyone who has a great status is Allah azza wa jal. So when we refer to Allah Ali it means he is the highest of all the status that you can, you can think of

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and what how it reflects on us is that if we are the people of good action, and we are the people of Eman and good faith and good action, then we look forward to be taken to lead our products. They say gene is or lean or lean is the matam is the place for all those people who have got Lou Lou means Allah is now giving them some kind of status. He's given them some kind of high Eleni self has that iron lamb Yeah, inside that Ali has, which means that there are Li Allah allows the region being so high is going to now lift the status of those people who have done good on this earth and he is now going to give them a status inside a login.

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This is all to do with the name Allah Allah. So

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the next day after lolly is ultra beef in the US mail liners Nigel COVID

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and Al Kabir is one who to whom, to whom all matters and delegations are related to Falchuk. mooloolah hiralal cabbie, this is in Surah, Rafi, I am number 12. That every command that that happens, all of it relates back to Allah azza wa jal, he will deal with all of this in the end shall help medela Khalid COVID, and that his governance and his his final say, will be the one that will overcome everything else. Now here two names have been used olalia and cabnet. Again, both of these have been used, meaning that because he's so high, because he's so great comedians, great, all matters will relate to him.

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And he'll be the one who will finally govern all affairs and whatever he says in the day of judgment will be the greatest now, cubbies also appears very similar to the Kabir Allah's Name, which we have covered in the past. Now ultimate accountability, meaning that the one who has the right to show that he is the great one, and I'll come in means he is the great one. Here, Allah azza wa jal, he has not allowed us to show our greatness in front of him. Allah azza wa jal has said in Slovakia, I am number 56 in fuse to do the lackey buruma, whom mahurangi Valerie if a human being has kibble, or they have arrogance inside them, or they have this kind of greatness inside them that I am someone

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who is great. Then Allah azza wa jal, he says that this is something which they will never be able to reach this greatness that they think they are this great personnel they will never be able to reach. Now what is really important here is that the human being things that anything that I've got where has that come

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This is this is one of the things that is important for us to start thinking about. Where has this for example, I am someone who I'm thinking that I've got this, for example, about intelligence, where has intelligence come from? If I start feeling well, I am someone and I've got, you know, wealth, where has the wealth come from? If a human being wants to think of every single thing that we have we possess, then there is nothing that we possess except that they come from Allah. And if we are to think like that, then in the end what will happen is that we will only see Alaska we will only see Allah Allah, we will only see Allah is the Greatest one, you don't see Allah as the one who

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deserves all all praise. If somebody says to me next time, that you know, you, you or someone you know Mashallah Alhamdulillah, you know, you've done this, you should be praised for this and we praise someone who says that the true believer only sees Allah, the One who has provided him with the means of all of this. He is the one that should be praised for this. He's the one that deserves the greatness he is the one that is great, because he gave me all of this, if I have beauty, Allah gave me that beauty. If I have money, lugging the money, if I have, you know, anything you could talk about, if on the status in this world, it is only Allah azza wa jal that has given me the

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status of therefore Allah deserves the praise. And he deserves to be looked at as Al COVID. And Allah Holly, the one who is great. Now,

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one of the things

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him being Kabir, we also use the word Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Greatest. Whenever we say Allahu Akbar,

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Allahu Akbar, Allah will say that

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the word Akbar shows that he is greater. Allah is the see Allahu Akbar, doesn't necessarily mean Allah is the Greatest, it actually means Allah is greater.

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Now then you question what is a lot greater than Allah is greater than, or his creation or whatever he's created. For Allah is greater than anything besides him. That's where that's where you can give a good mean to Allahu Akbar. Now in the Quran in surah, hafid and number 57, Allah azza wa jal has said Lalu. Sunnah wa t will be activated in Halton as the creation of the heavens and the earth they are much greater than the creation of people themselves. So if a person wants to think about the greatness of Allah, they can think about the greatness of Allah through his creation, to see how great he is and even then it will only be a small manifestation of the greatness of Allah azza wa

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jal when I when we start Sunnah, when we are in the praise of Allah, we should think Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater than all my worries, ally is greater than all my problems Allah is greater than all the things that I face, that are difficult for me, Allah is greater than my time that I need to give to others allies greater than that. So that is, that is why the beginning of the of the Salah starts with Allahu Akbar. And there's a lot of deep meaning in us using the word Allahu Akbar mean Allah is the one who is great, and he always has to be greater than something else. Now.

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When we have acknowledged that Allah is the highest

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and Allah is the Greatest, the next. The next name that comes is I'll have you, I'll have you. Now Allah Hafiz is

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saying that Allah is the one who protects. He protects those things from things that they might find calamity, things that will perish a law protects them from being from perishing now, him protecting things there are many things that law protects. For example, Allah said, voila, you have Zuma is in atom could see that the protection of the whole of the heavens and the earth This is not burdensome on Allah. Allah protects that and it does not burden Allah by the least. This is in surah baqarah and number 255 Allah azza wa jal he has said in Surah, a sofar and number seven, where he will one min Cooley shaytani married Allah provides a protection from every single devil or every shaytan he

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protects the heaven itself. So when the when the shell team tried to go up there, try to get some information from the highest part of our existence in this world. They tried to go to the universe and tried to get some information a lot protection from from that. Now these are two forms of protection but he has said in the Holy Quran in surah, two rod and number 11 he has said

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Lahu mokuba to me mania de

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una hoomin Angela, Allah azza wa jal has kept besides everything else

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He has given us certain angels, that will protect us from the many different worlds that we come across. So, sometimes human beings, who just about to slip, but then he saved himself a lot of these slips and accidents where a person is is is saved,

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somehow you know their, their body registered to something to hold on to something before they even fell onto the ground. A lot of this is from the angels that Allah has given us yeah phalguna who mean anila from the command of Allah, these angels will protect us. And every day Allah says for this human being, I have kept for them angels that are protecting them,

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protecting them from the worlds and the dangers that are around him around them. There are so many accidents around the world that are supposed to happen whether there are accidents, no physical accidents, you know slips wherever it is. Allah azza wa jal saves us from that and that is one way that we understand ALLAH hafiz have a lot being the protector being the protector. Now. He has he protects human beings. He protects the heavens and the earth. He has said in the Quran. He protects the the spine particular from the shouting. He protects the Quran in nanana, Zanna zakharova in Allahu Allah have the word, Allah's Name have you and a last name Have you the one who protects

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means that Allah is the one that will keep it from any form, any form of discrepancy that will come back to the Quran. Now, Allah Quran that he is protected is through what through every every person who will memorize the Quran, Allah protects the poor and through him or through her through every form of a person being able to retrieve the Quran and keep it into a form or shape. Allah has protected the Quran, through every person who will read the Quran. Allah has pressured the Quran, every person will spread the Quran, everyone who will do the seal of the Quran, everyone who will do tilava of the Quran, Allah protects his hair and through that, and Allah azzawajal has protected

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from what from the human beings on the earth that will do their best to try and destroy the Quran. There are certain human beings who try

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to destroy the Quran. And there are these efforts that have happened again and again to try and destroy the Quran and to completely try to make a Quran that is similar to it but it is really different.

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The Quran, the prophet that tried to do over time and again, is a to try and publish there are there are certain parameters and you should be you know, if somebody points out to you what they are, then you know that there are certain attempts to make for ads and they are written to propagate Christianity. And it will actually be propagated with Christianity, but you won't even know what it is and they try this Suhana line as him, Allah azza wa jal, he has protected his Koran, because those things never flourish. The one that flourishes is the Holy Quran, and what Allah has given if you think about it, Allah has given us the deen where

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he has made us read the Quran Subhana Allah every single day we are reciting the Quran we are reading for an whereas the other religions they will only come to the to the book only a few times, the only other religions they will only visit their book a few times, if that once a week, they might even come to it once a year once in a lifetime, they might visit their book, whereas the Muslims take it upon themselves that even if they don't know, even if they don't know anything else, even if they don't know the meaning of the Quran, they will still recite the Quran. This is a miracle of Allah azza wa jal how many you know how many Bibles have been written in the past, in

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Aramaic, or in Greece, you know, the Greek language, but because the person doesn't know the Greek language, the person will not recite. Because they don't know the Greek language, they won't recite the Bible in Greek.

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There are certain manuscripts that still exist in Greek, but the Christians won't actually read those because they don't understand them. They don't even know how how to pronounce them. Allah has protect the Quran in such a way that every half every letter of the Quran, how to pronounce it, Allah has even protected that. So for example, you know, which which language do you actually know? Where you you go to Lang for example,

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the English language, the English language, let's say for example,

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D, the letter D. Have you ever Has anyone ever come across the English language and then the

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where you actually approach things languages, that d is where the tip of your tongue touches a part of your palate. And that part that it touches is exactly this part of the palate, not in the middle, not towards the teeth. But in between somewhere. That's where the D comes from. I mean, no one no one really learns, learns the English language or any other language like that. You just say D and you just pronounce the D. But because Allah azza wa jal wanted to protect this for an Alif Baa, baa, baa, G, Jean hands on each and every letter, when you learn to read the pronunciation of the letter, where the tongue will be, where it will be placed, where it will be pronounced, from, how much

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fullness of the mouth, you have to have, how much emptiness you will have, and how you spot whether you supposed to spread the pronunciation of that letter as you pronouncing it, like for wall wall, and so on. Where exactly will the tongue touch whether it's the roots of the gums, or whether it's the side of the teeth are what is the bottom of the teeth and which exact teeth it will touch. And they've named every single teeth. So there's four teeth here at the front that the tongue will touch for these letters, and two teeth here for that, and the molars will teach, you know, touch for this. So how long are they even the letters have been preserved by Allah until the day of judgment. That's

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what Allah has done for this, for this Quran. So when Allah has said, Nana, Xena decra were in Allahu Allah have his own, that he found that protection that Allah azzawajal has given to it is absolutely, you know, it's it's phenomenal, what kind of protection Allah has given to the court and not a single letter or a word or a pronunciation has been lost over 14 different, you know, centuries that have gone by, and they will not be lost until the day of judgment, and the highfather. And the protection of that will be until Allah decides not to protect us anymore. So there will be a time when the halfhill will wake up. And he will say, you know, they will actually

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get up and they will find their fur and they will fight for us blank is one Hadees that talks about one of the signs of the lifestyle, they will find the grass blank, and the one who had memorized the Quran, Allah would have taken the Quran from his heart by night. So even he doesn't recall what's inside that book.

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When Allah will take the Quran away from the earth, this is one of the signs of the lifestyle. Allah will take the Quran from the earth in such a way that all the pages will be blank and all the hearts will be blank. And the Hadith says that the harvest will say that I used to remember something but I've even forgotten what it was. So he won't even know that it was the Quran that has that's how Allah will take the Quran away. But that will be you know, after the jail after many of the different signs of the last hour, Allah azza wa jal will will will do that.

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Now, that is to do with the Father. Now, there are many things that we can ask Allah azza wa jal for this protection. And one of the things they say is that to repeat this name, constantly, if you are happy, if somebody feels that they need protection, if somebody feels that they are insecure, they should repeat the name, you're happy, you're happy, you're happy, and be in law through the power of Allah through the help of Allah, Allah will give them that protection, Allah will give them that

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that guardianship that they are looking for from Allah. So we seek our in all our affairs of this world, we seek protection from all the disasters, all the things that are around us. Now, we don't know how many evils are allowing them. So we put our trust into Allah, that he will do the highfather and he will help us and He will save us from the calamities and this is the name habits have you done Allah Allah? Allah cabbie. Allah Hafiz. And the next one is Alma Kate mckeithen is the last name we will do today.

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And I'm Oh, Kate. Loki is the one that provides the power to everything. And murky, murky come from good. code means power. could mean systems could mean something that gives you the energy. So anything that has energy, anything that has power, anything that has the power to survive the power to do something, the power to grow, the power to move the power to make a decision those powers the provider of those powers. His name is Al Qaeda.

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In Arabic, it's in the form of a file which means that he is the one who gives us. This is a surah, Nisa and number 85 what kind of law who Allah Cooley shimokita and he is allowed his work to over everything on for everything he has provided the power behind it. Now

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in providing the power Allah azza wa jal has left nothing has left nothing, absolutely nothing. And it's for us to do the physical, if you want to, if you want to find the belief of us and the towhead, and the oneness of God, and I believes in his names, if we want this to increase, then the only way is for a person to start to go over the things that Allah has given me power of.

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This is this is an operand law set. In a few hours you will have the

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law yet. Newlin, albourne alliinase kurunegala hakea nanako mala you know those people who remember a lot, they remember law standing they remember law sitting there remember Allah lying down and Allah then says after Vicar he says yet effect Karuna if you have to send out they also think about the creation of the heavens and the earth. So one is Vicar and the other one is Vicar, Vicar is when I'm remembering Allah azza wa jal and I'm saying how great allies I'm saying how you know higher license and this is Victor, and the other one which is thicker, which is thought and reflection. Every believer is encouraged by a lot to do to do both of these, to do Vicar not not only remember a

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lot, but also the second one is to do with the heart and the other one is to do with the mind. So one is the vicar which I do with my heart. And with my of course is with the mind, my heart and soul mine in a state. But the other thing is, specifically the brain with my with my mind, what I'm going to do is I'm going to start thinking about matters. Now Maki, the name of Allah, Allah azza wa jal McKeith for us to

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understand that name and for us to be, for us to be in the belief of that name is to sit down and to start thinking and going through what Allah azza wa jal has given me power of sin are things that are daily that we do the power for my digestive system, to digest the food comes from, it comes from Allah azza wa jal, Binky, the power for me to actually eat the palette for me to actually eat. Okay, Rosa was the one who provided me the food, a lot being reserved provided me the food. But if I have the food, and I can't eat the food, then that means a lot more kids. He hasn't provided me the power to eat.

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So for me to sit there and to think how Allah azza wa jal has given me the power to eat to move the muscles of my body, to take that food mostly into my mouth. And then the power in my jaw, the power in my teeth, the power in my mouth, the power in my tongue, the power in my neck, my food, pipe and so on, to take that down. All of it has been provided by Allah azza wa jal. So this requires a person to start sitting down thinking the roadmap of the past, many of them have said, for example,

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what Who am I? Who am I, to Allah is with you, wherever you are now to actually think about the powers of Allah being with us the the ailment, the knowledge of Allah, the sight of Allah, the hearing of Allah. And he emceed the provision of the powers of Allah azza wa jal being with me all the time.

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For me to think about that, this is where my Eman will increase with Allah. My Eman with Allah azza wa jal will increase for my Eman to become common and for it to become. for it to become complete. I have to remember that Allah azza wa jal has has power over he added, added means he's got the power of everything fine. But mukhi it means that he's given those creation, those possible creation, the power to do whatever they whatever Allah has willed, and we've got limits to our power. That's another way of understanding allows us to understand how limited we are with our powers. To look at how limited I am with my powers as another way of understanding Allah. That's why I say that earlier

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the alarm on who said that are off to rugby be faster. I recognize Allah when he when he start to limit when he limited my determinations, when he limited the things that I was, was determined to do. Allah intervened.

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He didn't allow me to do it, I recognized a lot through that. That is another way of recognizing the power of McKeith the power of who the power of the one who provides the means to have the energy to do anything, and has the power also to cut you off from your energy of doing anything. So sometimes, for example, a person has, you know, something very simple if they want to do it, they can do it very simply. But what happens is that they, they decide, they decide to do it, but they're not able to do they decide to do it, but they're not able to do it. They find that something simple that would have taken for two minutes, or two hours to do. Two weeks go by, and they're not able to do

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that is for a person to turn to Allah and to constantly recite La hawla wala quwata illa Allah The hola La quwata illa Billah because the power to divert anyone from anything evil and the power to give you the energy to do something good, only lies with Allah azza wa jal and that's where we are faith lies in Allah and that's why again constantly we should ask believe is whenever you can learn how Lola quwata illa there is no there is no hola means there is no one does nothing to divert me. And what are quwata did nothing to give me the power in La Villa except Allah azza wa jal, he is the only one that can give you the power to do it. Either you say La Bella, you say La Villa de la li la

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and to recognize that power in a large region. So with that we have come to the name of Allah

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and inshallah from next week we'll do maybe another four or five names