5 Ways to stop sinning and addictions

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The importance of knowing one's behavior in a bad situation and giving gifts to avoid problems and addictions is discussed. regret is a habit and a habit, and building one's belief system and actions is crucial to achieving goals. The importance of seeking a strong energy boost and finding alternatives to avoid graduation from the cycle is emphasized. The segment also emphasizes the need for a strong power to avoid regret and avoid graduation from the cycle. Donations towards a small charity is also suggested.

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manorhamilton handling learner with alameen wa salatu salam ala See, you know what Amina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Today we're going to discuss about five ways to stop sinning and stop addictions now Subhan Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal gives us so many gifts, so many blessings, so many gifts it gives us one of the problems with the human being that allows and has mentioned in the Quran is that the more he gifts, the more the human is prone to actually forgetting Lazarus. This is a this is a problem with the human being in various IR to the Quran, Allah has said, What either mustard in Santa Barbara and Diana Obama when an

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affliction will come on to the human being, he will call a last vigil and there are various ways you can call him. Allah says miniver la, he'll make a or shall make a very long, long long kind of dua to Allah. Allah as well says, the person will come to you know, the person will make a very lengthy and an A dua with a plea to Allah to say please remove this problem of mine. And then he says to me that Whoa, whoa, whoa neuroma, when Allah has available then change it to a gift or a or something good that he will give nesea mark and really, that's when the human being actually forgets. You know, the fact that he made or she made a dua to Allah, they forget that now Subhan Allah Allah is

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in. The more gifts you get, Allah gives to human being, the more the human being forgets Allah, the same way you can see that you have certain, you know, you might have children, the more you give them, the more they kind of feel that the more independent the reason why the human being will start to disobey Allah is because they kind of feel they're independent. They don't need to think and to remember a lot. They don't need to get back to, you know, Allah azza wa jal and say, give me this, give me that or meet me need us I'm in need of that, that independency becomes more and more in the human being they kind of think that they're independent, though they're really not. And that's the

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thing that makes them move further and further away from Allah. So if you're a person who hasn't got so many gifts in your in your life,

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then you should know that and if you've got certain problems in your life that you should know that Allah has, has created a reason for you to come back to him and to remember him. Now. The fact that Allah azza wa jal gifts the human being he wants to give because he is a rock man he is a Rahimi has so much mercy and he wants to give without a reason to give. And he does that he does that with all of us. But the trap that we fall into is that we become more and more sort of, you know, distant from Allah. Now there are a few Subhanallah there are a few who don't do that, that Allah gives them gifts and they don't they don't move away from Allah remembrance. They don't move away from you

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know, remembering Allah azza wa jal in the good times Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said in a Hadith, he said the help of Allah, he felt raha yogic of Shiva, he said, Remember, you know, get to know Allah in your good times. And Allah as New Delhi will be there for you, and he will get to know you in your bad times. Allah knows this all the time, but he will be there for us in our bad times. When, when we,

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when we have got to know him in our good times, that doesn't mean that you know, you suddenly landed in a bad plot, you can't remember a lot, it doesn't mean that you can remember a lot but it just means that you know, we have seriously been, you know, we've been very neglectful and we've been very unthankful. And if you look in the Quran, Allah says again and again, he says,

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so that you may be thankful. And he also says we're called Illuminati by the shackled a few of my servants, only a few of my sevens are really, really thankful. shakaar means to be greatly thankful. So a few of my servants are very, very thankful. Most of us thank him now and again, and some of us, you know, barely thank him for what we receive. But we must remember that that these gifts are given to us free of charge, but there's a there's an accountability at the end of the day. Now we get into certain sins and habits and addictions because of the gifts that are like Allah has given us so certain people have got the wealth, and it leads them away from Allah if that wealth becomes a mean

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that you got money and you use that money to try and get things for, you know, things that would actually lead you away from a lot people's health, and you have good health and because of that you start to sin, or you get into some kind of addiction, people's beauty. So someone beautiful and others are looking at them and they think well you know what? I'm there you know, I've made it you know, people are always looking at me, people always craving for me, people always talking about me, and that actually makes them move away from Allah azza wa jal. There are many

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These gifts Allah gives many of these boundaries or luggages. You know, there are people who actually don't have any problems in their lives. And that could be a reason why they move away from Allah as of now, what are the gift He's given us? What does he want from us, He wants us to show thanks to him for whatever gifts He's given us. And thanks is to control ourselves when he's given those those things and not to move away from him. Now, a human being can go either two ways, when Allah azza wa jal, he gives us a blessing, you can either move away from Allah, you can come towards Allah. And this is a test like Silicon Valley slash lamps. He said, when the throne of beauties was

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brought to him, he said Leah blue, and he asked for, he said, this is all to test, my lord is testing me with the power he has given me, the mighty has given me he's testing me to see whether I actually thank him or I don't sound a bit ungrateful. And there are many servants of allowance of genuine, I'm grateful for the many things he's given them. Now, you can probably see it in your own life, you've probably got a spouse, or you've got a child, or you've got a parent to someone, something, some kind of link that you've got a friend or someone where you're giving things but they don't appreciate what you've done for them. They don't appreciate what you've done for them. And

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they only look to the moment when when you haven't done something for them, or you haven't given it to them. That really is sad. You know, if you've got a son like that, or don't like that you give you give you give you give the one moment you didn't give Oh my God, that's off the arms up. And they, they say that, you know, oh, you never gave me these, you didn't do this, you didn't do that. And they bring all the negatives out at that moment, but they didn't look at all the positives that you gave all the good things that you gave beforehand. They don't even look at that. That is really sad. Now imagine this Allah, Allah has always given us things if we've ever complained, and we've

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said Allah hasn't you know, allies have given me this thing or that thing that I wanted the you know what, we've just been the same as that spoon child of yours, or that small friend of yours as well, you know, sister or brother or whoever it is of yours, that when you do so much good, they don't see it. But when you when you do something to something we know you fail it on, didn't give something, then they start to, you know, jump jumped on your throat. So please remember that allows us he gives us these gifts, and he appreciates he appreciates, and he wants us to be those who actually appreciate what he's given us. And he loves the fact that we would come to him than to move away

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from him, but some of us have fallen into sin. And some of us have fallen into traps of addictions and so on. And this is a this is one, two and how to how do you get get yourself out to somebody with five points. Okay. Number one is if you if you fall into one of our dictionaries, okay, there are people who got all sorts of addictions. There are people who are addicted to you know, gambling, they're addicted to stealing, they're addicted to backbiting we're addicted to just being just just being so horrible to someone that addicted to a person let's say you know that they're watching something with the eyes they shouldn't be watching, you know, pornography and so on. There are

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people who are addicted to Sins of adultery and fornication and other types of sins. Now, what one of the biggest things you can do in terms of saying to yourself that I want to stop my addiction.

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First thing I'm going to say to you is ASME ASTM now what is ASTM ASME is a very firm determination and willpower to stop this thing. When allows we're going to be praised the fibrate Amir innopran know Allah Salam Musa Ali Salaam eromanga Assalam, Isa Salalah. And these are hula hula has been, Allah said they have the ultimate willpower. These are the people who have great willpower. And he has said in the Holy Quran in surah, Allah Iran for either as mTOR fatawa Corolla, when you have made a strong determined willpower, that you should, you should then just depend on a lot and move on. One of the things that's missing in a person trying to stop sinning or Stop, stop, you know, the

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addiction is they haven't really made that you know that thing that you know, I'm going to stop this. I've had enough of this, right now how do you get to that to say that I've had enough of this. So the second thing I'm going to say to you is, a person needs to think about the reality of what they're doing. So there needs to be some time to think Now look, if you want your actions to change, it all comes from inside. Please remember this allows learning the Holy Quran he said in the Medina Amadou. I'm going to say what Allah said again and again, when ladina Ave, I'm going to say that those who believe and they do good actions Now why did Allah say those who believe that they could

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do good actions? If you want your if I want my actions to be good? I've got to work on my belief system first. There's no this is in modern psychology as well, when you have got a strong belief system that it affects the way you behave and the way you act. So this So the second thing I'm going to say to you

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Get that willpower is to sit down. And to start to think about the nature of the sin or the addiction that you got. And what its true nature is, I want you to think sit down and start looking at the entire cycle, you start saying, Well, you know, when I finished the Cisco stuff from the moment you finish the scene, so you've got to regret, you've got to regret you definitely, if you've got a man inside you, you've got to regret for your sin or your addiction. So you definitely got regret. So starting to regret the regret said to you, I don't like this thing. I don't want to be here, I don't want to do this, maybe you said yourself, I'm never going to do this again. And you

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said that. So that's number one, the first part of the cycle, right? The second part of the cycle is that some conditions came around you and you start to slowly get the edge to sin again, or to do that addiction or to go back to that addiction again. So if it was, for example, if it was your phone, and I said an app, that, you know, you keep on going back to it, and that's the app that pulled you in sucks you in, and then you end up you know, gambling, or maybe it's the it's a certain website you go to and you see things with your eyes, and you're not supposed to go there. And the thing is, though, you got to then say to yourself, okay, how do I stop myself from going to that

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second second part? So I'm going to regret I said, I'm never going to do it again. How do I stop myself going to the second part, so you say this of Okay, let me look at the nature of what this thing is. So it is for example, you know, whatever it might be, whatever it might be, it might be some sin that that you hate, and you know that your your relationship with Allah azza wa jal is being spoiled at this moment, and your athlete is at jeopardy. Well, this is it right? For you to think about the nature of this, what you got to do is you got to think about the consequences of what is going to happen. So save yourself, look, if I'm going to carry on like this for two years,

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for three years. And if I die, or I came for five years, 10 years, and I waste 10 years sitting like this, or with this addiction, and I want to stop this, you know, these drugs or these other addiction that I've got, you know, I've got to look at myself and say that if I'm, if I was to actually end up in the alcohol, then I've got total loss. When I think about the loss, think about how heavy it is, think about think about your body, maybe you taking drugs, and you're saying to yourself, Well, I feel so sick, I feel so low, I feel so down, I feel so bad, right? And I can see it as an effect in my lungs as an effect in my body. There's an effect in the way I think there's an

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effect in my concentration in a span. What are the effects is think about all of these things that are happening to you think about the whole first cycle first power cycle is that I've had regret. I said, I'm never going to go back there again, then think about the nature of this thing. What is it? Where do I go? Do I have friends that influenced me? Do I have a certain environment that that influences me, and if it's in friends, then you got to cut yourself from those friends. If it's an app, then you're going to delete that app. If it's a website, you can say to yourself, look, I want to stay away from this website, I want to stay away from my from my phone or from my tablet, or

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whatever it is, you've got to start thinking, well, I've got to get one step ahead of me going back to this addiction, now, it might happen that you've gone back to the addiction again. So you fell into it, again, temptations grew and you went back straight into it and you committed it. What you've got to look at is not the fact that Oh, I've gone through the cycle. So I get temptation and temptation, trying to withhold the back, and then and then I fall into it, and then I fall down, then I'm going to regret, then I'll come back again, temptation comes again. And then and then I want to stop myself and then I fall back into it. And this cycle is going again and again. And

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again, don't look at the fact that you've fallen into the cycle several times No, look at that. Look at what I said to you. Number one is your willpower is your willpower getting stronger, your willpower can get stronger with number two, which is you think of the nature of this thing and think about how bad it is. and start to believe this when I said you if your belief system is good, then your actions are going to be good. So you start to believe and you say to yourself, you know what? I hate that thing. Save yourself. I hate that thing. Think about why you hate it, right? Why do you hate what is it doing to you what to do to your mind? What's it going to eat man? mostly due to the

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relationship you have with Allah azza wa jal and say to yourself, you know what, I hate this thing make you belief system even means all right, that tomorrow or two weeks later, you're going to go back to the cycle again, and you're going to be sitting again, I don't care about that right now. Right now build your belief system. Right? If you can focus on the nature of this and you can build your belief system, then you can perhaps get a get out of it. Okay, what's the third thing you do? So number one is your willpower to get to willpower to build up you need to start thinking about the nature of the sin and addiction you've got and get your belief system going. Okay, number three,

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what is it a very good way and what Rasool Allah has given us has given us the remedy Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave us the remedy 14 140 years ago. What is that? What is that remedy? The remedy is that

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You think about the breaker of all desires. So they said Miriam, Allah, what is the breaker of all desires, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the breaker of all desires is most its death. So stop yourself and say, I've got, you know, the real problem I've got is, because I believe I'm not going to die. That's why I'm carrying on doing what I'm doing. I don't I don't actually believe that I'm going to die right now. Now, if you were to think like, let's just say for example, let's just go back a little one last time you became ill last time you can really ill or you, or you did something where you were hospitalized, or you're, you're traumatized, and you left in bed and so on

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last time that ever happened to you? Did you know that I was coming up is I know that was coming up? No, I did it. Right. What would I have done beforehand? If I hadn't knew that I was gonna happen? Well, I would have taken precaution, I would have done something different. Well, we all know that it gets too late. So now take yourself look. Number three is I've got to think about death as a reality, something that's coming to me, do you know that death has landed in your place in your vicinity in your area? In the last 24 hours, it came for someone. Just imagine this game. So my man was under humble, you know what he says? He says, How can you be sinning? When you know, when you

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put when, if you know that, perhaps the janaza cloth that they're going to wrap you around in the janaza cloth cloth has arrived in the marketplace near you. And it's about to be cut, that cloth is about to be cut. And maybe this Assal time, that cloth is getting got to the place where the next cloth is my janessa cloth. I think about it, that's something serious, right? So thinking about death, thinking about, well, how am I going to die and what's going to happen when I die, and what is going to be my situation once I've gone to the other side, thinking about reality of death, death and thinking that you know what death is going to come to me, it's because you can deny whatever you

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want my friend, you can go around, you can deny everything you want in the world. You know what, what, what every human being in the whole of the world cannot ever deny is the reality of death. They can deny God, but they can't deny death. Think about this. Anyone in the whole world can say what they want to go, they can say what they want to allow, they can say what they want to hold on to Revelation, whatever, but they cannot deny death, death is for everyone, unless it's coolness. And

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when that happens, I've got no families, I've got no relationships, I've got no friends, I got no this ties, I'm not even going to be here, I'm not even have oxygen around me to breathe, I'm not going to see light, I'm going to be in dark, I'm going to be in a grave. And the reality of all of this, when a person thinks about it more and more and more and more, it moves you away from your environment, from the things that your heart was attached to, you're not so your your ego is attached to. And then slowly, slowly, slowly, you start to come to reality. That's number three. So number one is that you got to have a very, very strong power, you got to get out of the sin and

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addiction. Number two is to think about the reality of what the scene is, and what's what's what is doing to you. And you think about the belief system that you build up inside you. And that makes you change your behavior. Number three to help you a little bit more is that you got to sit down you got to think about death. And seriously, I'm talking about time alone, sit down time alone, guys, we need this break this rubber band, I know it's very different. But it's probably in some ways one of the one of the best things for some people because they've actually got time alone. You need time to yourself alone, no disturbances, no phones, nothing, no phone calls nothing and you sit there and

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just focus on death, nothing but death, my own death, and how it's going to come and what's going to happen to me after that, okay, that's number three. Number four is to get out of sin and addiction is the the this The thing about liquor, the vicar of Allah xuejun to give that massive energy, you need an energy boost, because a lot of people who are sitting and who are in addiction, what happens is that they're in a situation where they just can't find that, that, that strength to come out of it. So they find a little bit of strength. But after a little while they they slip back into the same habit and they're doing it over and over and over and over again. Now we all need an energy

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inside of something to you know, like, for example, if your phone is is not functioning really well because the battery is dying out. If your phone's not functioning really well, but you know what the reason is because it needs some energy, you give it a boost of energy, and then it will start functioning differently in anything that you got around you. You know if

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There's an even if there's a human being that's supposed to be a fit healthy in a sportsman and he hasn't had proper food, and he and he's really starving and he's hungry, he's not going to be able to perform as he normally performs. So what is missing inside is what's missing inside this is the vicar of Allah. That's number four. When I start to remember Allah azza wa jal when I started remember Allah said you just sit down and just remember Allah Allah you're watching me, Allah you watching me Allah, I'm here now look, you can remember light a number of ways you can remember lighting to dry you can remember a lot while you focus on the Koran you can remember a lot when

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you're in Salah you can remember a lot when you're when you're just just saying Subhan Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah but Oh, just sitting there reflecting these are all ways of remembering Allah azza wa jal remembering the laws of gender is in every fragment of our Deen people in hajj, the remaining Allah people in Ramadan remembering Allah, people when you're fasting, you remembering Allah because you can't eat food you can't bring so you say to yourself, oh, Allah is watching me, right? That's the remembrance of Allah. So people when they have the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal constantly going inside the system, it gives them a massive boost and an energy,

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that energy increases by increases with with time. Now, what you got to remember is this, when when I'm doing the secret of Allah azza wa jal, it's like I do the rooms of a lot, you're building energy. Let's just take an example of a condition, okay, so you want you want this car, you're in a car, you want the car to be really cool, or you're in a room, or you want the room to be really cool, right, so you put the air conditioner, the air conditioner is on and is slowly spreading the cool air into the room. But there's a problem, the problem is that you've got a window open, if you've got a window open, then the hot air from outside is coming in, is mixing inside the room, and

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it's not the rooms not gonna get that cold, right, you might get a little bit cold, but it's gonna depending on how much hot air coming in, you're going to have a problem. If you shut that window, if all the vents are shut, and then you've got the air conditioner on you can, you can actually see the back room is going to become a lot cooler, quicker. So this is what the vicar of Alaska does in the system. If you got Vicar going, like you do the rumors of a lot, the whole body is now getting some kind of cool thing from your heart and not spreading around your whole of your back. If there are sins that are being committed, that it's like that having that window open. So that that coolness of

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that you know that wonderful nude and light zekiel Vicki which is spreading, it's escaping, because of the because of the city, depending how much you're sending, it will it will escape. So if you're sending less and you're doing more vehicle, then your energy levels are higher, then the temptation that you've got now this is the key that you've got to work with, once I get my vehicle or my remembrance of Allah level to certain level where the sitting because I'm sure most people who are sitting who are who are in addiction, they're going to be in that cycle of sinning, I'm not asking you look, I'm not saying to you got to stop sinning straightaway, no one's like, no one's gonna stop

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sinning straightaway, but what happens is you're sitting, but you move up the level of your liquor velocity. And if that is higher, and more than the amount of singing that you're doing, then it's like having a small window open, and there's a lot of you know, air conditioning, you know, cool air coming into the room, then you can say that that room is going to be a lot more cooler than the necessary but if the opening of the window is large, and you know, there's a lot of hot air coming in, then you know, then you know the ceiling is greater than the remembrance of Allah, then what's gonna happen is you're giving the energy in but you're losing the energy. So what do you do what you

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got to start somewhere here, imagine this my sinning going on, this is a cycle of sin that's going around. And here is my Vicar of Alaska. And what I'm supposed to do is I'm supposed to depending on each person, okay, because some people sitting might be, you know, this low level, some people is this medium level, something that a high level. Now what you're gonna do is you're going to bring the vicar of Allah azza wa jal up every single day, more and more, more and more, more and more, yes, you're still sitting with the sitting is going on, is going on, don't be bothered about the sinning, just just increase the remote remembrance of Allah every single day. And once that

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surpasses the amount of sins that you're doing, and you go higher and higher and higher, what's what's gonna happen is automatically this descending, is gonna get slower, and slower and slowly, it's gonna automatically stop. I am telling you this is the remedy is the fourth thing I've told you. This is a massive remedy for all people who are insane, and who are trying to get out of an addiction is what you need to do. So let's go back again. Number one is that you have a firm intention, right firm intention that you're going to, you're going to stop this thing and a willpower, okay? Number two is you've got to focus on the nature of what the sin is, and you got to

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build your belief system. If your belief system is built up saying this thing's horrible, I don't like them. Think about all the negative things that you're doing about know that sin, how it's affecting you, and you build, build, build your belief system, then it's going to you

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Have a good awareness. And that will help you to overcome this sin and attention. Number three is to think about death. And think about it deeply, deeply think about that, the more you think about that, the more easier it becomes to stop all of these sins. Number four is that you, you come to this country, the vicar of Allah Israel, and you're going to move up more than the same as happening. And that's going to have a massive effect on your stopping distance. And number five is,

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what you do is you find an alternative, okay? This is a massive part of stopping sinning. So whatever you're into, you might be into something really bad, you know, one of the sending might be, you got to find an alternative thing that is good, that occupies you. Right? This is really important. So someone who's who's might be, you know, having a bad, bad company of friends, you've got to find friends that replace these bad friends with you find good friends replace them. So it's an alternative. If you are in a habit of sinning, you might want to get off that and just do something which is halaal. It might be waste of time, but it's not sitting, right there are certain

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things like games and things that you can play, which might not be Haram in itself to play. But if you're sitting, let's say, for example, in these three hours of sittings, instead of that, those three hours when I'm sitting or two hours, I'm sitting, I'd rather get into a habit that, you know, some kind of game or something that makes me feel like you know what, I want to play this a lot, but it's not how long game is a Halo game. And what it does is sucks my time into that and I don't have time for the for the sinning. Now that that is a better thing to do than then to leave yourself open to shaytan coming to you and making us sin again. But what you want to do is if that thing, like

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you're playing the game, and you're in that cycle, playing a game, and now you're used to that, you want to find somebody else that you come up to that that you know is now not just wasting time because wasting time compared to sin is less thing that's less kind of you know, thing that will trouble you. But it's still something that is not good, which is because you want to get closer to Allah as a result. So then find something else to you know, you wean yourself of something else to something else, and you try and get closer to a large region and this is finding alternatives, okay, found finding alternatives, many things like the habits that we've got do to change one habit, you

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got to develop another habit, whatever that might be, there might be certain people have started to get into the knowledge, you know, Islam, certain people started to follow talks, and you know, and build themselves in their knowledge of style, some people started setting amahl and certain action, some people went into group or a course or find something that actually puts them into a different system. So we will know they go to the masjid five times they they build a system, they say, you know what, I want to go there again and again. Because that alternative then breaks, you know, it doesn't allow you to send the way you were sinning. So the alternative is really important. Now,

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anyone who sin please remember, for your Toba and for your repentance to be accepted, you got to have four or three things that Okay, number one, the alumni have said that you've got to stop that immediately stop that completely, okay, it's whatever you're doing. Number two is that you have an intention, you're not going to go back to the sin again. Number three is that you have regret over whatever sin that you've done. And number four is that if you've actually taken an item of something or a help or a right of someone, then you actually give them that right back. If these four things are there are three things if it's not a right of someone with at least a three thing which is

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regret stopping the same, never to go back again. If you've done that, and you've done it for a long period of time, that's a very good sign that you talk about your repentance has been accepted. Now we're going to make a drop in a mega drop before I make this door I'm just gonna say to you look in the description of this of this YouTube video in the description you're going to find a link there that you can just donate 10 pounds to helping me today and I'm going to ask you to do that immediately after the video I'll give you another reminder straight after my dry inshallah we come to the last minute let's make God together inshallah. And please join me in this is the month of

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Ramadan it is near the end of the fasting period between us what America has accepted so Bismillah Raise your hands alongside Allah see you know Lana Muhammad Ali he was his nine year

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medical history to love manana Santa Clara

00:29:26--> 00:29:59

jr will after Allah will ask you to give us stability in this world to get them to make a stop sinning to move us from addictions away from addictions. All we ask you to give us your to make us remember you the way you want us to remember you and Allah azza wa jal, we ask you that you make us firm on the deen and that you give us good habits in the deen and our lives. We will ask you that you accept this drive hours and you give us the stability we need so that we can be constantly in your in your ibadah in your worship or serving or doing something for your dean, which you're going to be very pleased with. I mean you're

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alaminos Allah motherhood Allah Hadith, Filipino Hamadan, Alia Soto Sahil nine I

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want to ask you right now please soon as you switch off from here if you can look at the at the donation link in the description below this YouTube video and please just just donate towards helping need today is a small charity we do in a lot around the world in Sharla Zach and I just do that right now Zach in the hiatus and I'm really lucky we're gonna catch up