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Said Rageah
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss embarrassing speech, behavior, and past struggles with drugs. They emphasize the importance of not harming one another's mother and not criticizing their actions, as well as the need to be prepared for the consequences of conflict and avoid false assumptions. They also emphasize the importance of not criticizing one's mother and not criticizing their father. The upcoming panel discussion is also mentioned.
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Manny Rahim

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when asurion fusina woman say to Martina

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Mija de la for who was martyred woman Oberlin fell into je de la Hua Li and murshida

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Why should one La la la sharika

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Why should one Mohammed Abu hora su

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yeah you holiday Dena mana choco Maha Pato potty he was moeten illa Anta Muslim moon

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yeah yohanna su Takara Baku lady holla Takumi nevsun wa Haider.

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wahana caminhada zoologia were Bertha Min humara john and Kathy era one sir

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what's up aloha lidija aluna v one or ham in the law Hakuna de come Rafi

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Yeah, Johan Latina Armando choco la havapoo Colin sadita useless likoma American

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way of bellicum xinova con woman hawara Sula, who falls in Lima.

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About if What if?

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Allah mana federal khademi calama law

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Weiland howdy howdy Mohammed in Salalah. Juan He will send them

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a new, more remote data to have a coup d'etat in bediako Lupita, tombola, Nevada Latina.

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First of all my dear brothers and sisters, sisters who are listening to this

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I did not prepare anything

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that is worthy of mentioning other than reminding myself and reminding you few naseeha advice.

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And a lesson that I learned

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from someone

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala tested him.

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you know, what to do?

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You know, what is your responsibility, you understand the purpose of your existence and creation.

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But due to

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limit, order under limited, limited understanding that we have of things, sometimes we may lose sight of the most important things in our lives. And you need someone

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to remind you of that. And sometimes these reminders may come from very unexpected ways.

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Once I was watching, out of curiosity, I was going

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through YouTube, and I was listening to some of them have their own in a

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very short no see, huh.

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And on the side on the left side, on the right side on the screen.

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I saw

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a man who is paralyzed.

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And I out of curiosity, that was a long time ago, by the way out of curiosity. I clicked on him on that or it's on that so I can watch what this man was paralyzed has to say in this

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area he's not sure he's not wearing a mama is not you know, with the big beer he's not, you know, it's just a side you know,

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icon. So I clicked on.

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So when I clicked

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the produce, I should say that the host he asked him a question

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and he said to him

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you are in this situation right now.

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Helman Omnia, he said, Do you really do you have any regrets? Do you wish for anything? If Allah gives you back your health

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and this young man Subhana Allah,

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I expected that he was saying, you know, if Allah gives me my health back and my lens are again, work working and I can run they can do I would do this, I would do that I will go for this, I will go for that I will.

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So this young man surprisingly, he said, I only have three wishes that and I wish if I could fulfill those three wish, but I can't.

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attentively I started listening to this young man and I wanted to know what he had in mind.

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He said first of the three,

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say I wish

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ever long restored my my health.

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I wish to make them perform one Raka

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just one sujood

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there is a rock I say once you do, I just want to make one sujood nothing else. And after I finished this sujood Allah can take back my health, and I can be paralyzed once again.

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And he said I'm afraid

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due to the time that I wasted.

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I was young, healthy, running around smoking, you know, wasting time, you know, not no salon, no nothing. And I never wished for sujood when I was in that situation. But now, I only wish for one Sujit from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And he said, I'm afraid when Yeoman Yama comes

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Yama without sudo

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Allah say the day that they would be ordered to make some good fella Yes, totally own, and they would not be able to. I'm afraid I won't be resurrected and gather with those people who are not able to make suit.

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And I reflect on myself at that day, I still remember.

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I reflect on my situation, I say Subhana Allah.

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When if I ever did

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that I really wished for sujood

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when in my life that I ever say, you know, I should make sure you you know, I really should just get up right now and make sujood for a lot because I don't know what would happen next. Never contemplate it. Never reflect on it, never thought about it.

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I assume it took this half an opportunity that Allah is giving it took it for granted. I assume I will always be able to make sujood and I would die in a state of sujood. But I never thought one day perhaps Allah May deprive me from sudo

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and this is when the messenger over loss at the close of the kbT Lord is in the state in the position of sujood so this young man he said his name is Abdullah

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he said that is my ultimate wish.

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He said my second wish

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was a lot to give me the ability

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to turn over the pace of the Koran once again just to feel feel the pace of art. I can't feel them right now. He said if you put the muscle on my hand I can't feel it. I can't

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I when I was healthy and Young was running thing ball driving around. I never appreciate that I can just get up and drop the must have an opening a flip the page, he said but I just want to feel the page once again.

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And some Hannah law in Sudan Buhari the messenger overlocked set

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My attorney mabuni Fie Hema Kathy Roman and nearness to blessings, that a lot of people, and I will say most of the young people are extremely full by.

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And Albania if What if you learn is when you are not intelligent enough to go to the marketplace and buy things in a do price and respectful price of that item and someone will fool you. You know, this, you know, drink is $1 or one pound, but the shopkeeper is sells Do you find five pounds, this is called a homerun he tricked you.

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So the Messenger of Allah said, a lot of people are tricked. Shaytan is the one who's tricking them.

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They are tricked when it comes to time and health.

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And now see brothers, sometimes maybe your parents will force you to pick up the arm.

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And they will say did you review your Koran? Did you read your Koran? Are you ready for the Koran class, maybe they would have to really go out of their ways. Just to ask you, you know, pick up the Koran, radio Koran, but this man, his ultimate wishes not to be wealthy, or to be famous, or to be you know, anything else. But just to be able to turn the pace of the

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guests what was the third wish?

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third wish

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was just to get up.

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And you stand right in front of next to the door. And when his mother comes in, kiss her hand, her feet on her forehead.

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I guarantee you everyone almost sitting here as a mother.

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And I guarantee you majority of us for those of you who have mothers, I guarantee none of you kiss your mother's hand sheet or head today.

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Because you assume that again, she's going to be there when you go back home today.

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You assumed this morning before you left home that she's gonna be there.

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And she's gonna be there tomorrow when you wake up. And she's gonna be there the next day as she was all the time.

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I'm a very, very good friend of mine. Hannah live in the city of Oslo

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and his father subpanel law his father was very righteous Manisha Allah.

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And his father was half of the colony was half the Koran Subhan Allah.

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And two days ago, the day before yesterday, he introduced me to his father.

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And he said, You know, this is my followship say, Would you you know, and we shook hands.

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And this young man at that time, an ally of

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Polo come to Alabama novelistic 32 million hiring women must

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say for all if I knew the future, I will do much of good deeds and no evil would ever touch me. I will never regret for anything. And I'm sure this young man is not regretting anything because he shot his father's from 100 Gentlemen, insha Allah. Allah was very good.

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And Subhana Allah, this young man, he drove me to the airport.

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And I flew from Oslo to London. And when I got here, I get a phone call, saying that his father just died.

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Just like that.

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How do you know that, that know that his father would not live another day, I'm sure he would go on kiss his hands and feet and would not drive by the say to the air. He would have spent last month last minute of his father's life, or last hours his father's life with him. And he did it.

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And likewise here brothers. This young man is saying a wish if I can get up

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and kiss my mother's forehead

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because it's upon Allah. See, when I was young, again, unhealthy, I never used to do that. As a matter of fact, I used to meet her worry about me. You know, where is he? What is he doing? Who was he with? What is he you know, dealing with his time? How is he living his life. Every time he leaves the house. She's worried about him. But now he says she's the one who takes me to the bathroom.

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She comes me, she gives me a shower. She feeds me, she changed my diaper because the mannequins cannot move, she changed on a lot. And it says the panel, I just want to show my gratitude towards my mother, and just kiss our forehead. Just once, or when I do this a lot, I can take myself again, back can take it back. That's it, I can feel my wish.

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And SubhanAllah. Again, if What if you know, you guys don't understand, you know, if you lost your mother, if you had no mother, you probably would appreciate this. But what law

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I would say utilize the time that you have. Because tomorrow, regrets remotes, sadness, grief, will not help. The time is too late. Not going to help. So it's a daily show, all of us who are sitting here, we can all do the three things, we can just get up and make suit right now. We can get up and mix up right now. We can just pick up the most of untouchable films, flip the page, and insha Allah, your mother's still alive, I would say, go home. And when you go home, grab your mother's hand kiss, grab your mother's feet kiss, grab your mother's head and kiss. Because this is the least that you can do far least that you can do far, you know sad that a lot of young people don't appreciate this

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opportunity. But remember, the Messenger of a loss of the lohani he was sending was getting on the member. And then he took the first step. And without looking at the Sahaba who are behind him, he said I mean, and then he took the second step. And then he said I mean and into the third step. And then he said I mean, and then he turned and he gave the hotbar and the Sahaba said era sobre la indeed you did something that was not usual for you to do during this time. What happened? He said when I was getting up one of the climbing of the Hara, or the member jabril came to me and he said he made the art and he said yeah, Mohammed put me on one of the other he made panorama and family in

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America ababwa I had one a mute.

00:17:40 --> 00:18:03

He said indeed a person who needs are met his parents. And they were not the cause of him being Indian. Indeed, he's a loser. He's a people from the people other people have jahannam Mohammed say amin and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, me and me are unfamiliar, and rocked our world.

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So I will say to you brothers are sitting here. Don't be against the people. Don't be from the people that the messenger overlord made against them. Rather, go home, do what you can for your mother. And last panel with Anna would bless you. And if your mother is not around anymore, like my mother wished I had a mother that I can go back to just kiss her head and hand. If your mother is not around. The best that you can do is make use of the lohani he was either Adam when the sons of Adam died in kotlin in lemon Farah is these will come to an end. One of the three things on one of them is what are the inside? Yeah, the ruler that they leave behind the righteous child who will

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make dua for them. And if they if you Mashallah, after you make the doula if you can make subtle give sort of on behalf of your mother, for those of us who can afford I would say that would be the best that you can do for your parents. However, based on the some of the hardest interviews on the long run, he was certain. Do not Do not harm your mother. Do not harm your parents. If they already here treat them well. Because the last panel with Anna What did he say about the non Muslim mothers that careful mother, the one who's telling you to associate someone with Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna he said what India had to she can be Molly, Sarah can be here in federal Topanga Houma,

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Warsaw Hey buena dunia Morrow. He said if they struggle to make you associate someone with a law to make you caffeine. Do not listen to them. However he said was so

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Hey boo Homer, but be good to them be their companion and in this in this Junior with Klein's with goodness, if your mother I know none of your mothers inshallah could fall but if your mother is a Kaffir Allah is telling you be kind to her, be kind to her. This is what I have to say in this very quick, short reminder. Allah subhana wa tada gave us to us as a result, may Allah Subhana Allah bless all of you, and may Allah Subhana Allah give you the opportunity and the ability of doing these three things that are the law could not have done or could not do it because of his situation, which is our common law fair.

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One question

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to you

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any Muslim

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who takes on allies idolize these non believers, whether they are entertainers or any other thing, then they have issues with their self esteem.

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And they are or they are ignorance about their history.

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We have enough to be proud of, we have enough to brag about

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and the best one to follow on to take it as a role model is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because Allah said Nakata, Canada configural solina. He has center indeed you have an excellent example, in a messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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after the messenger overlock then you have the Sahaba of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whether you are male or female, we have them as a role models. After the Sahaba we have the Tabby Nina target HIV images

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and they are Masha Allah, their biographies available the Bibles are available everywhere that you go on net on the library's you want to read in English or Arab, they all available for you. So take those people as a role models. And remember, brothers and sisters, remember,

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you will be resurrected with the people that you love the people that you like the people that you associate yourself with on the day of yom opium

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Yahoo NSP in America of the long run.

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He said

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a man came to the messenger of a law and he said Yara pseudo law and then Roger Roger you hibben Toma what am yamabe armory him is a man he may love certain people. But he never did what they did. Then he never did a salon he never performed salon like they did. They never he never gave set apart like a bucket of Cindy. He did not defend the messenger Overlord, like a thug have innovated that he did not, you know, do and fight the enemies of a lion like I will do Jana, he did not memorize the Koran like it was like they even had it in the Sabbath and Caesar, but I love them, what is the condition of that person? The messenger overlord Salah, lohani, he will send them apart and not Oh

00:23:55 --> 00:24:28

man, I have a theory why shadow my habit the person will be resurrected with the people that who he loved. Now on the other side, if you flip that, if you love these entertainers, if you love these, you know they will be called Lady Gaga and whatever nonsense and this you know, if you love those people and you like them, and you listen to them, or you like watching their games, if they play for the for the other entertainers, then you you know, make sure remember that you will be resurrected with them on the day of your mouth.

00:24:30 --> 00:24:59

So it's your call, it's your choice. You want to be resurrected with these people, or you want to be resurrected with the sun he is your call. So associate yourself with the people who will lead you to Allah who will remind you of Africa who will lead you to Jenna will always encourage you to do good things. And do not associate yourself with the people who are already booked a ticket to a different destination than you are

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is one of mega sense.

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If you commit any other sin, Allah subhanho wa Taala will including river as well may forgive you or may not forgive you, unless you repent from them.

00:25:40 --> 00:25:47

But the only sin that Allah will wage war against you is interest.

00:25:49 --> 00:25:53

If you May Allah protect all the Muslims if you commit adultery,

00:25:55 --> 00:26:03

a loss of Hannah with Anna did not say he will wage war against you rather, he said, What a takanobu Xena, he was against it.

00:26:04 --> 00:26:32

If you lie, a loss, and do not be with those people with the liars and the messenger velocity, but he never said he will wage war against you. But when you commit, and when you I'm sorry, when you are dealing with interests, this is the only time that a loss of Hannah with anabolic than will be hard. We mean a lot he was he said then here, you know, prepare yourself. We're against a lot on his messenger messenger. Abdullah, he

00:26:33 --> 00:27:08

said in the Tafseer of this ayah that our last panel was Allah will give the servant of his a sword while weapon. And He will say to him go and fight a lot on his messenger, you will be given a weapon. And then He will say to you go and fight Allah and His messenger on the day of Yeoman PM, one non academic and how can you find a line is missing? So you know, the personal commitment is he's doomed. What are the sins? What are the punishment and how severe is the sin?

00:27:10 --> 00:27:43

The messenger over loss in the long run, he was selling a hoodie that has sentimental value of 80. In one of the narration. He said the messenger over loss on the long run he was suddenly on set. If you commit sorry, if you consume interest is like committing adultery 36 times I'm asking you a question. If you know, your friend just committed adultery, that number of times, would you still be friends with that person?

00:27:44 --> 00:27:49

Would you still if your person is related to you? Would you still live with that person.

00:27:50 --> 00:27:58

And another narration goes over that. And it says is like committing adultery that number of times.

00:27:59 --> 00:28:47

If someone tells you this, someone who committed adultery with his mother, in Norway, most likely you will never want to go to Norway, letting along being with that person sitting with that person talking with that person, you know, befriending that person. If someone tells you, on the top of all these two, the person is committed that number of Xena net with a stranger with his own mother, not in any work. But inside the harem. None of you would be friends with that person again or even be close to that person. So interest is one of the worst sins that a person can commit. The person who's doing it the person who is witnessing the contract the person who's facilitating the person

00:28:47 --> 00:28:57

who's doing anything, they all in the same category. They're all curves. So it's not something that we should take it light if anyone is in

00:28:59 --> 00:29:03

dealing with that issue. Repent from Allah subhanho wa Taala and come out of I

00:29:04 --> 00:29:07

think that would be enough inshallah Zakouma

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