Adnan Rashid – Ramadan Livestream – Science and Religion

Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of science and religion in protecting intellectual boundaries and the need for support for upcoming events. They stress the importance of consciousness and physical reality in relation to the "heat of the" concept and the need for support for young people to defend their Islam. The speakers also emphasize the importance of elevating oneself and finding out who is a Muslim to ensure their wellbeing is safe and empowering individuals to become future leaders. They stress the need for engagement and involvement in the field of religion to save people's lives and address climate issues, as well as vaccinating against COVID-19. The National Book and Media Institute is hosting virtual dinner to discuss the need for Muslim intellectuals to be more confident in protecting their Islam.
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Assalamualaikum Welcome to Sapiens Institute live. I'm here with Sheikh Fahad and it's just the two of us.

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Now, what? Well eco flower

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hamdulillah hamdulillah. So, just before before the people start to say wait a minute, you just do these two guys. inshallah we have others joining us shortly. Is that correct?

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That's wineskins information for you guys in shop. Absolutely, absolutely. And just to begin off with, you know, I am feeling quite jealous that you know, you have a bookshelf you're wearing a nice vs quote

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from Shannon, he seemed pretty pretty, you know, this thing, like, you know, if we don't always determine us like, you should look smart. Smart, right? Yeah. Well, this is my definition of smart right now. You have a natural you know, yani a natural Mashallah tomato.

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You don't need to be like us where we have to, like, you know, cover up all you have to pretend to be civilized, right.

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You know, we're gonna have Mashallah, you know, all the brothers joining us hubs. Hey, job at North, Dr. Swan, Latif, and others. But this topic, let's dive into this right, and let's get into it, man, we're going to be tackling science and religion. And we're going to be well, the suppose it war between science and religion. Yeah, we're having a few discussions on it. And we want to actually invite people live to have a discussion with us as well. Now, importantly, we do want people to donate. Because this Ramadan, we are basically fundraising. So that Sapiens Institute is supported as an institute, so that he can actually churn out more content, you know, dispel more of these

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intellectual doubts. And always, you know, as Muslims, we sometimes,

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sadly, where we're the were the last people to do stuff, right, we're the last people to get behind certain issues. So

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currently, you know, when it comes to the whole issue of atheism, of you know, Muslims have been, again, the people whose response compared to our size has been quite significant. So, you know, Christians have written polemical works against them, and have sort of refuted their arguments that are all sorts of things, and we are

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way behind, right. And we definitely want to be at the forefront of this. So before we get into, you know, having these sort of discussions with the audience, check fraud, when we talk about science and religion.

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Is this something which,

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you know, you feel the Muslims have done, maybe 10% of the effort, we should have, like, what like, introduces warm us up to this whole reality of how far we are behind but with this sort of,

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claim is being made against us that, you know, religion is coming to an end, and science doesn't, you know, take care about beliefs, it cares about facts, you know, the whole program is signed to a woman all these types of things. Yeah, of course, the whole narrative. So Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. You know, I have to be really honest. So I'll you know, like, this time.

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I think I picked that up from like, all of you guys in the UK, because you say that a lot. You know, to be honest, I noticed and I'm like, you know, I've started to use that. And I think why, why me issues with that, too. But anyway, that's a separate issue. So, you know, but what I'm going to say is that this issue of science and religion, and you know, the idea that well, you know, science gives us facts, religious is something like magic and fairy tales. And you know, that entire narrative, I think that there are underlying factors, that, at least when a Muslim finds themselves in that sort of situation where they're having trouble reconciling the ideas in science and the

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ideas within Islam. I think a lot of that is not necessarily because science and this narrative is extremely strong, or that is extremely overwhelming, or that it's something that needs to be feared. You know, a lot of times, at least with the Muslims that that I've had conversations with, at least here in this

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states and especially on college campuses, you find that they get really shaken up, you know, there'll be in a college class. And because this person has a PhD from Harvard, or whatever it might be, they feel that, you know, we, there's just no way we can challenge this person on some of the, let's say, overreach that they're doing. Right. Because a lot of these, you know, atheist, new atheists, they do a lot of overreach, they have a certain domain, and then they're extending that domain into areas that, you know, once someone has a, a decent grounding in the philosophy of science, and you will know about this more, you know, more than myself, but when someone has a

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decent grounding in the philosophy of science, you understand that there's a lot of overreach, there's a lot of, you know, speaking about matters, that they just don't have the tools to really deal with. And so what I what I tell a lot of the A lot of people that I speak to, is that as as from from the Muslim standpoint, we are literally jumping into an epistemic lizard hole. Okay, and I'm taking that from a certain Hadith where the prophet SAW Selim said that you will follow the people before you a hand span by hand span footstep by footstep, until they jump into lizards hole, you'll jump into lizards. All right, openmoko. so on. And so really, that's what I see it as is

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that, you know, if someone who holds philosophical naturalism, as a worldview decides that that's the cage or the lizards hole that they want in terms of how they understand truth, that's a choice that they've made. We're not bound by that choice, you know. So I think that the topic while it does deserve a proper response, it also we do need to understand the underlying realities, that a lot of this has been shaped by history, a lot of it's been shaped by a colonial mindset. A lot of it's been shaped by so many different factors. And at the end of the day, when you look at this narrative, and I'm not knocking science as a project, but the narrative, when you look at this narrative, it is so

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weak, that it's just once you start studying it, you realize that this it just does not give you a comprehensive worldview. It doesn't answer fundamental questions about you know, yourself, your soul, your, your, your journey, those existential questions. And frankly, the narrative itself, the only thing supporting it are, you know, what they call column folding, right, like just like speech, you know, this is the oratory power of certain individuals. And let's say they're quote, unquote, qualifications. So that's kind of my take on the topic, man, I know that's a bit maybe a bit negative for some people, but it's just that's how I feel it is, you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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says, you know, that that they try to put out the light of Allah with their mouths, right? You read Luna, a few Luda, la EBF. Why he him, they try to put out the letter below with your mouse will love humo T mu t wo ke l capital, but I was gonna complete this light. Right? And they can try all they want. So anyway, that's my two cents on, on the introduction to the topic. Yeah. And I do think, you know, they're trying to win over this whole science argument using sound bites Exactly. Like you're saying that they try and win over, you know, the argument through basically these very weak

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sort of, I guess the way to put it is that it's not exactly sophistry. But it is, it is just using some, some weak arguments, but using scientific credentials, right. So there's a lot of also authority,

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which is there. Now, in terms of the people that you interact with over the pond, as they say, you know, in terms of Muslims that have been affected by this knowledge, even non Muslims have been affected by this narrative. how prevalent is this idea that science does away with religion? You know, Islam doesn't really have,

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you know, all answers to these things. And science is basically at war with religion and religion is receding into a smaller and smaller hole. And eventually science is going to enlighten everything and even spiritual experiences can be explained by

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science, right? I mean, I think the narrative is more is proliferating quicker on college campuses, as opposed to the general populace. You know, we, we have a different kind of dynamic than you guys do in the UK, in that we have a pretty strong religious community, right when I say religious, and I really don't like saying just general religion, but we have a very strong Christian community. And while there's certain things that we obviously disagree with, with Christians going beyond the theology, sometimes it can be very beneficial meaning for instance,

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Since when some of this stuff is being taught in schools, you've actually got a, a, you know, you've got a strong kind of Christian voice that's running antagonists, to having this narrative kind of proliferate in schools. And it's not really being checked, you know. So it's a bit different, but I would say on college campuses, because they tend to be more liberal, you're going to find this narrative being, you know, it's going to be forced down people's throat, it just more and more as and so a lot of the, a lot of the shubo heart a lot of the doubts that arise, at least in the minds of Muslims, usually, it's around later on in high school, when they're on the internet. And they're,

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you know, they're watching,

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you know, the, the Habib's like Sam Harris, and so on and so forth, spewing out there, whatever it might be, and they get influenced by that. Or it comes when it when they start taking classes, right on evolution. And it's just the way the narrative is presented as if that, you know, that that basically, this will answer every single question there is out there. So I don't know if it's as

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it's just as pronounced as it is in the UK. But nevertheless, it is becoming more and more popular. And it is a big issue. I mean, a lot of the the a lot of famous Christian preachers and singers and things like they're leaving Christianity. And a lot of it has to do with this narrative that's picking up where they're in trouble reconciling certain things with, you know, a worldview that says, everything can be explained by, by, by by reference to nature, and a worldview that says, No, there is something that is supernatural. So I don't know. But listen, before you ask the next question, I want to remind everyone that this particular session that we're having, we know we want

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to now engage with the topic, we want to deconstruct it, we want to speak about it. And of course, but also remember that this session, we're here to support Sapiens Institute, right. And at the at the end, what I'm going to advise you everyone to do is number one, to click on the link in the description, which is Sapiens forward slash donate live, and go and give a donation, number one, number two, I want you to share this video. If you know you need to take this out. And if you know 10 2030 people get it out there as quickly as possible. inshallah we're going to have Hamza be joining us soon, and other people that have been joining us soon, it's going to be a very,

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inshallah riveting discussion, to say the least. But part of this discussion is that we are here because we need your support. And we're going to give you reasons why you should support as well. But you need to get the message out, get as many people as you know, to log on to come on to this live stream. And you yourself, if you're listening to this, if you you know, if you want to be among the people that are, you know, part of this work, that hopefully you're finding benefited, then go to Sapiens forward slash donate live, click on the link, and and donate inshallah, so sorry, so were you about to ask something. Yeah. And the donation link is actually in the pinned

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comment, which you can actually see there.

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Look, I think this is very, very important.

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Many of the people who are just joining us, you can just look at the title, science and religion, and you'll realize straight away that there is an issue we're trying to tackle. And, you know, it's not unknown what the issues are, what is unknown, is that there is an organization which is now dedicated to dealing with this within the Muslim world, which is going to be the first of its kind in sha Allah, which is the first of its kind from the perspective to that just to focus on this issue. I mean, the lighthouse project, we're dealing with doubt, and then putting out the research and, you know, this type of stuff. We there are other great organizations as well, I'm not saying

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they aren't. But the focus that we want to have, as Sapiens Institute is something which grassroot levels, especially the lighthouse project and things like you know, delving right down, not just the research, but write down and speak to people directly or having doubts and giving them these types of, you know, answers is really unheard of, and we really need this institute to be supported, don't we? Mr. Rashid? Salaam, alaikum. Shannon, you're muted. walaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Can you guys hear me clearly Can you see me clearly? Yes, we can just give you the joy of my heart that you came on to the stream with your beautiful looking background. And you know, you're looking

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pretty nice. And then you have internet problems, and now you're starting to look like me.

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That's he later on

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I'm struggling to see the similarity I don't know how

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Yanni maybe it's because the screen is blurry. That's why

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is my is my voice clear my image clear is that is everything okay? Yes and your head is very shiny at the moment. Yes, it's

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all blue skies. Here we are again as stubborn as we are in this cause May Allah protect us May Allah give us access, we will be struggling, so long as we have life. Why are we stubborn? stubbornness sometimes is a good thing. If you are stubborn for goodness, if you are stubborn to make this world a better place, if you are stubborn in supporting the oppressed. If you are stubborn in defending the truth, then it is a good stubbornness. And this is why we will continue for the rest of Ramadan, coming back to ask for your support in watching our content, reading books, articles, whatever products we have to offer, go through them. At the same time. Don't forget to go and click that

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link. That link is there. It's running on your screen Sapiens forward slash Donate Life brother, sister, you cannot imagine the importance of supporting a project like this, we are effectively trying to protect the demand of 1000s of people out there in particular youngsters, a lot of the youngsters will come across Islamophobic material online, they come across this rhetoric

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which is very misplaced, as discussed by our two brothers earlier that a lot of the science and religion narrative is around atheism. You know, science has been hijacked by new atheists nowadays in this current day and age. And they are trying to make science a defense of atheism, which is which is an absurd absurdity, to say the least. So, through this rhetoric and narrative, they promote a lot of, you know, misconceptions about Islam deliberately tarnishing the name of Islam and Muslims. And Neo atheistic

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movement currently has become effectively a white dominated Islamophobic movement. Unfortunately, people like Richard Dawkins, people like Sam Harris, and late Christopher Hitchens, these people were effectively you know, I believe in some shape or form white, white supremacist this they, some of them still do have some colonial tendencies in the narrative. If you listen to them carefully, if you read between the lines, they feel that they are superior, and new atheism has become that movement. And now, a lot of attacks against Islam are taking place and we need an organization like Sapiens Institute to defend the intellectual boundaries of Islam to defend Islamic narrative to

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defend the Quran to defend the prophet of Islam Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and remove doubts about his character, or remove any lies peddled against Islam and Muslims around the world. So Satan's Institute is struggling against an onslaught, which is funded and oiled by multi million dollars organizations. Islamophobia is a huge industry. And Islam is the most attacked religion in the world. Islam is the most maligned religion in the world. And I am not exaggerating there are academic journals, which are not Islamophobia has become normal in the West Now, unfortunately. And a result is that it is fair game now to attack Islam. You know, you can say anything you like about

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Islam and Muslims with impunity, and no questions will be asked. And this impunity has given some islamophobes the audacity to lie outrightly to deliberately spread misconceptions against Islam. So my brothers sisters, Sapiens is the institute is an antidote to that disease of Islamophobia. It is an antidote, we need your support, we need to support this vaccination we call Sapiens Institute, and where you can actually help us Sapiens forward slash donate live, you need to actually share this link. Those

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of you watching this program right now, you cannot sit idle, the least you can do is to share this stream on your social media platforms to share the link on Twitter, on Facebook, on other social media platforms you may be using. And don't forget to tell your relatives and your friends to support would be it in a small capacity. We don't mind whatever it is, but we will continue with your without you. We want to do this work and this is some noble endeavor, which

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Just trying to save many people out there. So don't forget, this is your chance to be part of it is the month of Ramadan is the month of mercy every good good deed is multiplied 70 times the progress of blossom said Raja Ramadan. Ababa general only available not a sofa that the Sheltie when the mando Ramadan comes Allah opens the doors of general white and chuckster doors of john tightly and share it and have been chained. So this is your opportunity to take advantage of this month of mercy and make a donation inshallah Sheva now let me overdue for this award. Oh, sorry. Go ahead.

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No, go ahead.

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Say Shannon mentioned something. What do you

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want us on time

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Rahmatullah he will get a cat to who a fun

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brother brothers and sisters chef Adnan. We'll start Subodh check Fahad.

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Allah bless every single one of you mean, I have

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answered any questions yet concerning science or religion. Now we're just getting warmed up. We're getting before we get warmed up. I just want to make thing very clear to you guys. The last livestream, we kind of announced the mentoring service that we have called lighthouse mentoring. We have been inundated with requests inundated, I think, all the way up to June. I think it's tipping past June now. Yeah. So it's going to go to July. I believe it might even go to the end of the year for carry on like this. Yeah, we have limited resources, people all have been consumed with Chabot Hart, who's with destructive doubts, but also they weren't mentoring. We had a mentoring session

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with a PhD doctor at the university in Indian occupied Kashmir. He basically is a published researcher in AI ethics in prestigious journals. He wants to get involved with us. I had an one hour session with him to try to empower him how to get involved. And these are the beautiful things that we do. We had another session with someone doing a master's in counseling, they want to get involved as well. Fahad, he sent us a whole list lesson during Ramadan, the guy had like seven hot potato questions, but you have to understand something this is what you need the one to one experience many of these people have access to our essays have access to books have access to institutes have access

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to videos, but it's not enough. You need that one to one relationship. And you know, this is a son of Allah subhanho wa Taala because you see the professor Salaam was the Prophet that was sent down to interact with people if it was just a book, the book would be enough, but it's not it's an intrinsic kind of son of Allah subhanho wa Taala I'm telling you brothers and sister This is a unique unheard of service I don't think exists anywhere that you could go book for free a one hour session with one of our specialists to dismantle obliterate smash kill, annihilate your doubts and also free to be mentored so you'll be able to articulate your song intellectually and academically

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you be of the first to support this be of the first we need full time resources on this Hello this is without a doubt we're going to have hundreds and hundreds of people wanting to be and this is global by the way and it's going to be in multiple languages be of the first to support this be of the first and I know you guys have the ability to do it because it's Ramadan just dig deep and just dig very deep brothers and sisters Okay, the donation link is on the description box Sapiens forward slash Donate Life you may be thinking what has Hamza had to eat nothing I'm fasting is because I went to the gym, and I'm triggered. So bird knows what happens when I go to the gym. So

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please brothers and sisters, donate we're also going to have a free book on dismantling doubts and how to deal with doubt. It's going to be published inshallah, before the next Ramadan, who's gonna pay for this we need researchers we need people to put this together we need writers and so on and so forth. We are also going to launch a learning platform in actual fact we already have it but it's dummy data at the moment it's learn Sapiens we're gonna have the no doubt course on there dealing with doubts and how to deal with other people's doubts. We're gonna have a course on the philosophy of science we're gonna have course on atheism, we're gonna have course on

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Christianity, we're gonna have course on history of non by is going to deliver that we're gonna have a course on how to do minoura how to have intellectual discourse and discussion. We're going to have so many things and they're going to be all published this year, inshallah all for free, free. Our job is to empower you and develop you so you can be the future leaders are gonna live forever. Ever. Look, he's lost most of his hair. I'm not going to live forever. I'm getting great. Suppose they're gonna live forever. No, it's bad. We need people for the future. We need people for the future. Why? continuity longevity because that's it.

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the point I'm trying to say brothers and sisters, jokes aside, it this is the prophetic model. You think the person some had success on his own. He didn't. He was successful on his own. He empowered the Sahaba and the Sahaba empowered the Tabby in and so on and so forth. And this is why we have the rich, intellectual spiritual tradition of Islam today, follow the prophetic model by empowering people. Yes, this is not vanity metrics. We agree. It's not like oh, we could claim that we've had to Mia's Shahada isn't this done the other so what we're not in it for the vanity, we're in it for the reward or for the class insha Allah will be the engine behind the dough art that create the

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Shahada. And I truly believe if you support Sapiens Institute, you'll be supporting the art that go out in the world and get the 1000s and 1000s of Shahada. So if you're, if you're savvy with your sadaqa, if you're savvy with your reward, please donate now, Sapiens, forward slash donate live. And we'll address your some of your questions as well concerning science and religion, because that's our theme today. Yeah, my show I mean, no, you're absolutely right. I mean, this is, I can tell you now that when we would teach these are these and similar classes on college campuses, which inshallah, by the way, I think we will be doing that because we're getting vaccinated pretty quick

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here in the US. So a lot of these courses are not only going to be available online, we're going to be available, at least for those of you watching from the US available on your college campus coming soon, inshallah. So that being said, a lot of the people that came to these classes are now locked in above themselves. They're the ones that are running the data tables. They're engaging with people on college campuses using the arguments, you know, at UT Austin, I'll tell you, UT Austin, this is where I was in school for some time. They have a favorite argument. They say we love the argument from dependency. So they actually bought a set of dominoes, put it on the ballot table and started

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using it and a lot of work. But you know, we had people that would be coming to the masjid. And I remember as I was, you know, I was leaving one day for the masjid, this, these two guys came and they said, like, you know, we were interacting with some of the people, people that have taken the class, which was on basically divine reality. I came back a little while later luck, but are they taking their Shahada? So I'm saying that this, these, this is the idea that we are not, it's not just, you know, this, you know, we're not just proliferating information. We are creating future leaders, like Hamza said, I mean, we're not going to be around forever. And so if you are, like

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Hamza mentioned, intelligent and savvy with how you want to donate, this is something that has immense reward. And this is something that it's not just you're not supporting a person taking Shahada, you're an engine, you're supporting a person that's going to go out and establish Islam, establish the deen on their campuses, on their, in their families, wherever it may be. And this is the thing that what you have to ask yourself, and let's be really clear now, what you have to ask yourself is why am I not donating? so bored? Do you think that's a valid question? Like, I have money to count? What what impediment? Well, they could ask themselves, why am I missing out?

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Because, you know, everything that we I mean, it reminds me and I think I'm going to put this on ninth. There's a beautiful narration of the process along where,

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you know, he comes home, and I believe

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I share with Yolanda is at home, and then she gives away some meat in charity of the sheep, but everything is left except a certain piece. And then basically the process seller, you know, that narration, which I'm referring to Yeah.

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Sorry, which one? Which one? One day he comes home? And then she's given away every charity except thing? Yeah. He asked, Is there anything to eat? And she said, This is what has been left. And she pointed to some meat. And he said, No, what we have given away is actually ours. And what we have kept, is simply food. So in other words, the prophet, his perspective was that what we give away in the path of Allah is truly ours. It lasts, it stays with us forever.

00:29:23 --> 00:30:00

That thing, it reminds me remember put it to be mentioned that when you look at the verse in the Quran, where do they not look at their food? Right? Do they not look at their food? He says, Do they not look at the fact of where the food ends up? Right? Not to be disgusting, but the thing that actually last is what you deposit in the hands of Allah, you know, one time there came some people to earthmen even our fun, and they came to him and they said such and such person taraka Asha Altadena, he left 10,000 dinars. So look at the the just the the spirit

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State of the Union are fun how he's thinking. He says, Well, I'm yet ruku. But they didn't leave him, meaning Allah is going to ask that person. Why didn't you deposit that in the hands of Allah when you had the opportunity? Why was it that you just left it there? Because it could have it could have been benefit to you. So, so for early on when I was asking, what is the impediment to giving, we really have to ask what is the impediment if Think about it this way, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is telling us that your wealth will not decrease by way of sadaqa when you give sadaqa right man aka Milan min saga. If in your heart you understand that this is the most truthful

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human being to walk the face of this earth solo long earlier Salaam, then there should be no hesitation, Sapiens for slash live, go there and donate, donate, donate, donate live, excuse me donate live, and there shouldn't be any sort of reservations don't start don't let you know don't let doubt start to come in. It's okay, I'll do it later this and that the time to do it is now the need is now we just said that on the platform where we are now taking these one to one sessions, lighthouse mentoring, you know, we are

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going into July. So it's not that okay, we can not wait for this. This needs to happen immediately. Sorry. Go ahead, check on that. Okay. Brothers and sisters, from now on, I am taking full control of this stream, there is a coup now coup d'etat.

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Anyone anyone messing around, anyone going against the rules will be hammered immediately. Of course, in a metaphorical way. I want to very quickly remind people that the purpose of this dream today is to support this noble work, save your children from doubts. When they face doubts. There are two choices. They either leave their faith, or they ignore it because of doubts. We don't want either of those. Either one of those outcomes. What we want is we want strong emotion with your children. We want them to have confidence in Islam. We want them to be able to go to go to an organization go to a platform where they can actually see Islam is power. intellectually, Islam is a

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powerhouse. Islam is not easily debunked, or easily attacked, even though it is the most attacked faith in the world, but only as we speak. What are the key achievements of Sapiens Institute very quickly, I want to remind everyone, Sapiens Institute today has trained and empowered over 6000 people to defend and share Islam. That's a huge achievement in itself. sapiens sapiens Institute has developed and delivered over 33 academic webinars, delivered 10 in depth online courses and seminars. Also advanced training to the Blue Mosque Istanbul outreach team with access to 4 million visitors are low.

00:33:05 --> 00:33:52

But published three books already that's an amazing achievement in the short time Sapiens has Sapiens has been around, researched and published 13 essays and articles launched free online lighthouse mentoring service, privately, mentored ex Muslims by heart and people in doubt, produce 30 sapient thoughts videos, produced 30 videos addressing doubts and questions like that launched our free education platform ready or content published various translations of our work in Turkish, Turkish and Spanish. This is brothers and sisters This is not to beat a prompt. This is not to praise ourselves or you know, this is not an exercise of self likeness. Okay. This is to remind you

00:33:52 --> 00:34:00

that this organization is moving with you or without you. It is a noble endeavor. It is the son of the Prophet as I stated in the last

00:34:02 --> 00:34:40

last stream that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam never left doubt untreated. In fact, when the companions came to him asking him questions, he is a lawless alum. He responded to the questions great Sapiens Institute is doing exactly that. There are questions we respond to them. And we give solid reasons for youngsters, Muslim youngsters around the world to have confidence in their faith. They go to universities, they go to colleges, they go to work, and they face all sorts of questions. And if they don't have the knowledge to answer the question, they end up doubting their faith. And sometimes this doubt leads to apostasy due to their lack of knowledge and lack of confidence. And

00:34:40 --> 00:35:00

they say, Sapiens is doing exactly that. To remove that lack of confidence to boost that confidence Sapiens is doing all these activities I just mentioned. So brothers sisters, that link you can see rolling on the screen repeatedly. Please click that link and start supporting

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Right now, whether it's 100 pounds 500 pounds or 1000 pounds or 10,000 pounds if you have the ability This is the month of Ramadan better time to support endeavors like this. That's the link over there Sapiens forward slash Donate Life. Right. So brothers sisters, I want to remind you, please, the least you can do is to share this live stream on on your social media platform. If you continue sharing, it will continue spreading, and people will support our work. It's running already on many different YouTube and Facebook channel there. hamdulillah 1000s of people are watching the stream. And we can no longer have brothers or sisters still scratching their

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head and thinking whether they shall they shall support or not, don't think stop thinking this is the right course to support. Go ahead, click the link and start supporting over to you share humbler tell us about science and religion. And

00:35:54 --> 00:36:11

I'll be keeping some house rules from now on so that we can be lively and as effective as possible and maybe just laughter Habibi. Everyone knows how much I love Adnan. He has a very special place in my heart, and Farhad in support as well. Now, the first thing I want to say is,

00:36:12 --> 00:36:52

we also focus, a primary focus of Sapiens Institute is to actually empower and develop others to be able to share and defend Islam intellectually and academically. So we have the doubt sentiment, but also a key primary focus. That's why we did over 33 academic webinars we did, we trained over 6000 people, we had 10, workshops, courses and seminars, in depth academic ones. And we want you to basically be the new leaders of the future. So you could be able to share defend Islam academically and intellectually. Now the theme today, which is science and religion, sometimes people think that there is actually a problem that, you know, science poses a problem for religion by an actual fact

00:36:52 --> 00:37:31

when you look at the history of science, it's actually the total opposite for example, Professor Thomas Arnold in his book, the preaching of Islam, I think on page 113, or 131, I get mixed up sometimes, he talks about that Muslim Spain that created the convivencia the coexistence, I'm smirking because I really got this from Milan, to be honest, you know, the coexistence and the convivencia that they create the the harmony between Muslims, Christians and Jews, that facilitated a an environment where people could look into the interconnecting principles of nature, which was supported by the kind of ethic ethics, the communal ethics, which was derived from the Quran and

00:37:31 --> 00:38:07

Sunnah. And it was motivated by the Quran, Allah says, and we will show you our size into the horizons in themselves. And they believe that this is the truth. And Thomas Arnold basically says that Muslim Spain was the milestone, the key most stone that proposed Europe into the renaissance of the scientific revolution. So we've never had this kind of historical problem. And that's why the question really, from a historical political point of view is a very Eurocentric question. Because this was a problem of the Europeans, frankly, of people like me, you know, I'm Greek, I'm British. I'm a European, we had this problem, because the Catholic Church used to use the coercive arm of the

00:38:07 --> 00:38:39

state to prevent any kind of thinking or to prevent the thinking that was in Congress with his doctrines. So from a historical social point of view, we didn't necessarily have a problem, generally speaking, but also when we look into the philosophy of science, we understand what one study is the philosophy of science, this is not a problem at all. And for that, I'm going to introduce our beloved brother support. He's doing a PhD in the philosophy of the of biology. And he's going to explain this in a very succinct, and amazing way. And then we'll get someone on on live so we could answer some of the direct questions on this topic. So woodway

00:38:44 --> 00:38:49

says turn on mute myself. Yeah, absolutely. And just before I explain

00:38:51 --> 00:38:51

about, you know,

00:38:53 --> 00:39:39

scientism, and how to tackle it is very important. Everybody that's watching live right now that Firstly, you like this stream, and also that you comment that increases the algorithm inshallah. And additionally, what you do is please click on the donation link, and donate because we do this every week, guys. We have a live stream on Saturdays, we bring on people, we answer questions, we, you know, refute out some of those videos, by the way, just so everybody knows. It's not just the case that we just doing this sort of live stream and it's just out there. People actually go and they cut up the stream and they go re uploading on other channels because of how useful that information is.

00:39:39 --> 00:39:57

And we want to publish things. We want to do more research. We want to actually have the capability to do one to ones. So what we're really asking for today is for you to be able to be part of this movement to help dispel doubts. I mean, going back some

00:39:58 --> 00:40:00

years now when I was at university

00:40:00 --> 00:40:23

He's 1520 years I don't know how long it was, you know, there was no such thing if you have a doubt what do you do? That's it you just go to I don't know the internet and you get more confused if he get was right. But now we want to have this institute which is going to shut are going to be a world class Institute. As I mentioned, it's in different languages now as well inshallah we're developing. So, please, Dhoni Hamza was your question. Yes.

00:40:25 --> 00:40:32

The question was about give us a succinct response about it. Does science pose a problem for religion, specifically Islam?

00:40:33 --> 00:41:01

Yeah. So what is important to keep in mind is what is the value and the way of scientific statements? Are is does science lead to certainty? does it lead to absolute facts? And if that is the case, if it leads to absolute facts, then we could say, well, Islam says this, and science says this, or perhaps there could be a clash. But if it's the case, that we can show that science is not absolute, in fact, you have

00:41:02 --> 00:41:42

limitations in science, which allows it to be beautiful, which allows flux, which allows change, such as the problem of determination, problem reduction, problem on conceived alternatives, there relatedness. Even methodological naturalism restricts the answers that are permitted, then, of course, Sciences at the be all and end all and it's not going to give you absolute certainty, it's going to give you answers, which are beautiful, because they can change it, they can evolve, they can adapt to new realities. So science does not challenge religion, in particular Islam, because science does not give you that level of certainty. Now, we can get into more details later.

00:41:43 --> 00:42:25

When it comes to this particular issue, I want everybody to just understand something, when we are fundraising for say, a humanitarian charity, right? People give money, a lot is done, you know, fundraise for vegetarian charities, you know? Okay, so there's a well, we want to build, here's a picture of a child is very emotive. Right. Likewise, you know, with this other sort of charity projects, which are taking place, it's very easy to give a picture, it's very easy to say, you know, there is a picture of his this his that. But then it's very hard when it's when we tried to fundraise for an institute, like Sapiens Institute, to try and give you that picture of an orphan to

00:42:25 --> 00:42:55

try and give you that picture of 500 people accepting Islam, I want you to imagine something I want you to imagine, or maybe, you know, perhaps, or perhaps this is you, somebody that was suffering from doubts. Somebody that was suffering, there you go. Exactly, exactly that image there. You know, Subhanallah, I have dealt with people that have doubts, and I'm not exaggerating, and the shape father is very balanced. person, I'm sure he's going to correct me on this.

00:42:56 --> 00:43:32

It is no less than physical torture, that somebody who has a connection with allied, they, you know, they're praying and they're fasting, and they're enjoying Ramadan. And they're just like, you know, they may not be aware that the person next to them in Thrall II, right, they may be dying inside because they read an article and they're like, is Islam true? And Sapiens Institute, we're here to solve that. We're here to help people like that. And I really want everyone I'm sure people have been through points in life where they have these types of pains. If you feel that pain, or if you know people in that pain, or if you know, people in your family who've been through that pain, dig

00:43:32 --> 00:43:38

deep donate, and that's what we want to solve at Sapiens Institute. Don't be Mr. regime.

00:43:39 --> 00:44:23

Thank you so much. Thank you so much for that reminder, brothers sisters want to again remind you as to what Sapiens Institute is doing, this is noble work, which hardly any organization is doing out there. And this is to empower Muslim intellectuals, or create Muslim intellectuals, to empower youth to bring them to such confidence or such state of confidence that they can easily defend Islam, they can happily go out there and have a cordial discussion and intelligent discussion with anyone, anyone who asks question, and that's only possible when they have some knowledge and Sapiens Institute is out there to facilitate that for you. We have done so much in the past Alhamdulillah as

00:44:23 --> 00:45:00

I mentioned earlier, we are raising funds for what are we raising funds for today, a book on dealing with doubts, for example, light house mentoring service to empower leaders and go out and to deal with people's questions and doubts, new education platform with free courses and seminars to teach how to defend and share Islamic academically and intellectually new essays and research new book on science and religion debates and discussions with renowned academics, videos and media content. And all of this put together brothers, sisters and more activities, which Sapiens Institute is involved in will boost the confidence of the Muslim youth around the world. Imagine

00:45:00 --> 00:45:46

Creating a 1000s of intellectual Muslim intellectuals who can think for themselves who can defend their Islam confidently. This is exactly what Sapiens Institute stands for, in fact, someone says, the state of Sapiens Institute to start another golden age of Islam. Absolutely. This is exactly what we stand for starting another golden age of Islam, another Islamic Renaissance. Okay, why not the revival of this great civilization called Islam. Once upon a time the Muslims had some of the best scientists in the world. Some of the best thinkers, intellectual points, philosophers, speakers, authors writers book, you know, book, book production was a massive enterprise throughout

00:45:46 --> 00:46:25

the history of Islamic civilization. This is exactly what we want to revive brothers and sisters. And it is only possible when you support this novel work. That's the link on your screen, rolling consistently nonstop Sapiens. forward slash donate live, don't hesitate. Please don't think twice. Your children might be doubting things. You know, your children, every single one of them is carrying a phone. They are online. They're watching Facebook videos. They're watching YouTube videos. They're on tik tok. They're on Snapchat, they're on Instagram, they're on Twitter. They're using all sorts of these sophisticated applications. And they are being exposed to very

00:46:25 --> 00:46:34

often doubts and attacks on Islam. So we really need to up our game as they say and start working harder. And for that we need your support.

00:46:35 --> 00:46:42

That link is on the screen. Go to the link and start sharing this stream. We need more people watch.

00:46:48 --> 00:46:51

Until then, if you not

00:46:52 --> 00:46:53

they don't beg for money

00:46:54 --> 00:46:55

to make donations.

00:46:56 --> 00:47:19

Yes, go ahead. Yeah, you just slightly because someone want to say, Yeah, exactly. How can I buy it? That was brilliant. So everyone Sapiens for slash donate, donate live. We're going to be inviting people to on now because we're also here to answer some of your questions. May Allah bless every single one of you? So our administrator, can you please let one person on please?

00:47:21 --> 00:47:25

Okay, we have brother smeet. john

00:47:26 --> 00:47:28

smith, john, what's your question?

00:47:31 --> 00:47:33

Sorry, can you hear me? Yes,

00:47:34 --> 00:47:36

sir. monokuma this while

00:47:40 --> 00:47:47

I have a question for them. So as a sick rebirth, and I'm in Malaysia at the moment

00:47:48 --> 00:47:55

that you told me before I had a question in SC Dawa live stream. We said that they will.

00:47:57 --> 00:48:03

And correct me if I'm wrong. Guru Nanak said that if you want to taste the sweetness of the truth follow the prophet of Islam.

00:48:04 --> 00:48:08

Or something of this kind? Yeah to find

00:48:11 --> 00:48:12

Yes, or sorry.

00:48:13 --> 00:48:16

Where can I find this word to start?

00:48:17 --> 00:48:55

Okay, it's in Guru Granth side the the actual references in the comment section of a video I posted with the text and the translation. If you want to see the exact reference I'll tell you in a minute which video it is where you can find it. There is a discussion I had I had a I had with sick with a sick gentleman and I posted that very quote in the comment section you can actually go and see what's going on Nick said okay. It is attribute to Guru Nanak it is in Guru Granth side and he talked about Prophet Muhammad and following him basically

00:48:57 --> 00:49:00

Alhamdulillah yes is that they share the link which means that it is possible

00:49:02 --> 00:49:30

I will try to share it and you will have to go to the comments section and you will see the reference then to guru grants I have exactly with the chapter and the verses and the translation is well I will share it in few minutes inshallah. inshallah brother Hamza brother Sabu so I went to try to donate but I don't see a ringgit Malaysia with like the days like British pounds that Singapore dollars. So I was wondering,

00:49:32 --> 00:49:36

should How should I go like for Singapore dollars or US dollars or fish?

00:49:39 --> 00:49:51

For your question, brother and thank you for joining us. So what you would do is you would simply however much you want to donate, you will convert it into dollars in just $20

00:49:53 --> 00:49:59

Okay, we shouldn't be the best Singapore dollars or US dollars, whatever you want. I don't think it matters. Whatever.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:03

easier for you. Yeah. Alhamdulillah Okay, Okay, I got it. I got it.

00:50:05 --> 00:50:06

Thank you so much for your time. I know.

00:50:07 --> 00:50:09

Allah bless young man.

00:50:12 --> 00:50:49

I have the reference my brother very quickly before you go is okay. Salute mela one. Okay to call Sherlock first Mel. Okay. And I is in is in guru Maki. And it's all Punjabi guru. Now next language. If you go to this video, titled Guru Nanak Sikh history and Islam at non slash rod ism on YouTube channel, Guru Nanak Sikh history in a clump, it is the very first pinned comment, and you will see the exact reference and the translation of the passage I was referring to is there.

00:50:50 --> 00:50:58

Alhamdulillah thank you so much for this. Thank you so much, Jessica. percolo finger is here. So we have brother abzan.

00:51:03 --> 00:51:03


00:51:04 --> 00:51:05

to Live record?

00:51:06 --> 00:51:27

I don't have a question. But I am here to appreciate what you brothers have done. I am followers of maybe five years, all of you brothers. And I learned how to give Dawa from IRA, maybe all those lessons from IRA and throughout the air handler.

00:51:29 --> 00:51:41

How much ever pupil can help and support this initiative or this tower? handler? Thank you. And people really need this kind of

00:51:42 --> 00:52:09

data. And I'm a student from Afghanistan. And I had, personally some questions and doubts, small small doubts from about the color and stuff like that handled through your brother's watching to your videos, I have learned and cleared my doubts most hamdulillah Thank you brothers for materi they just offer a

00:52:11 --> 00:52:50

beautiful, beautiful comment. mela Bless you, brother. And keep on getting votes in the dour. You know. And when we launch our educational platform with content on there, and it's free, please engage with the advanced educational content as well. We have webinars that we've done that you could access now as well. And the courses, some of them that you can access at this present moment as well. If you go to the website, Allah bless you and going into this session the hereafter. I mean, so brothers and sisters, the theme today is a science and religion. So if we could, you know, try and stick to the theme as as much as possible. That'd be fantastic. But this to repeat, we're

00:52:50 --> 00:53:00

here to answer your questions on the on the topic of science and religion. And we're also here to tell you what we've done this year. So I'd known Rashid maybe just remind everybody again, what we've done and what we're asking for.

00:53:02 --> 00:53:48

Oh, we have done Alhamdulillah quite impressively and not to beat our drones, but anyone looking at some of the achievements of Sapiens Institute in the last year, inshallah would think that Hawk Hold on a second. Is there another organization that might have achieved this kind of work, especially on the specific fields we deal with? Okay, what has Sapiens Institute achieved, so far trained and empowered 6000 people to defend and share Islam, developed and delivered over 33 academic webinars, delivered 10 in depth online courses and seminars delivered advanced training to the Blue Mosque outreach team with access to 4 million. The mosque has access to 4 million visitors every year,

00:53:49 --> 00:54:30

published three books, researched and published 13 essays and articles launched free online lighthouse mentoring service privately mentored ex Muslims, the art and people with doubts, produce 30 sapient thoughts videos, videos dealing with doubts and intellectual question launched our free education platform ready for content published various translations of our work in Turkish and spooning with this will only grow so my brothers sisters, our activities, our achievements will only grow. Do you want to be part of this is the question. Do you want to be part of this noble endeavor in the month of Ramadan, the month of mercy the month of charity, okay, and if you want to do

00:54:30 --> 00:54:59

donations, if you want to give SAVAK if you want to really support a good cause a great cause to defend the intellectual boundaries of Islam, and this is your chance. Look at the link rolling in front of you on the screen, Sapiens forward slash donate live and please I have a request. Those of you who are watching, please, the least you can do is to share this link this stream on your social media platform whether you are on Facebook, whether you are on Youtube,

00:55:00 --> 00:55:40

Wherever you are watching this, please share this live stream on your social media platforms so that we can get more audience into support this noble work Sapiens Institute is doing. And my brothers sisters, remember, our youngsters need that confidence. They need that knowledge to be able to defend the intellectual boundaries of Islam. This is exactly what we pioneer. And today's theme is science and religion. how science is being used to undermine religion is one of the questions we are addressing. And we have experts Alhamdulillah talking about that in the respective fields for the subu Mashallah, he is doing a PhD in philosophy of science, he has studied thoroughly Darwinian

00:55:40 --> 00:56:06

evolution but the Hamza Mashallah has been a mentor to all of us in this regard. Yes, Mashallah inspired all of us, including myself in subu, in this field, looking into philosophy of science and as to how we can use modern scientific knowledge to even defend religion, just like new atheists try to defend a theistic worldview through science, which is absurd and ironic. We can also do that.

00:56:08 --> 00:56:51

Science is a very powerful tool, and we uphold it, we had some of the best scientists in the history of Islam. Islam was never against science, or progress or technology or making advancement and producing new works and new researchers. I mean, some of the best scientists, some of the shoulders, some of the shoulders of the Giants, we are standing on our support animals, Muslim giants, right? Even Isaac Newton, people like Isaac Newton during the Enlightenment period, they were reading earlier works, right? The Euro, the European Renaissance, the scientific revolution in Europe that took place in the 15th. And the 16th century, was directly inspired by Islamic works. There is a

00:56:51 --> 00:57:01

work authored by George Saliba, who's a historian of science, he authored the book through Columbia University Press. And the book is Islamic

00:57:02 --> 00:57:16

origin of the European nations, you must look into that book is fascinating talks about the science of astronomy in particular. So there's a lot we can talk about. But how are we going to make a difference? collectively, going?

00:57:18 --> 00:57:18


00:57:20 --> 00:57:21

making donation

00:57:25 --> 00:57:51

Zappa has so let's get now transient. That to me, we can do it. If all of us if every single one of us who's watching makes addition of some sort, in Sharla I'm pretty sure we will have our target hit tonight. Okay. The link is Sapiens forward slash Donate Life Sapiens. Shalom. Can you hear me for over flash tonight life? We'll have questions from the audience as well, please, you're listening relevant?

00:57:52 --> 00:57:55

And don't make questions very long. And please keep the answers short.

00:57:57 --> 00:57:59

Okay, good. So let's transient on.

00:58:07 --> 00:58:08

Okay, so

00:58:10 --> 00:58:22

yes, there's a bit of a delay. So my question is, I think it's related to the topic, but I'm not entirely sure. So it's that we know that science.

00:58:24 --> 00:58:36

So we know that science isn't absolute. So but I've seen that some of your brothers are advocating the historical miracle narrative in the Quran, like,

00:58:38 --> 00:59:09

there are some historical facts that could not have been known in the seventh century Arabia, and those are mentioned in the Quran. But can we really say that historical facts are absolute? No, that they cannot change with future observations? But I'm not really very knowledgeable in the history. I don't I don't really know the definition of what counts as a historical fact. So I, I wanted to know your thoughts on this?

00:59:13 --> 00:59:16

Yes, this is a very good question by means that

00:59:19 --> 00:59:55

this is a very good question, because you're right. So one would argue that some of the historical references that one refers to may suffer from an equivalent of the problem of induction because one could argue that you may be able to uncover ob able to see historical evidence or data, whether it's artifact or anything else, in the future I in a particular time, that could undermine your current historical facts that are based on limited historical data. So as a general rule, yes, things can change from a historical perspective. However, there is a caveat.

00:59:57 --> 00:59:59

You have to understand that many of these things also involve

01:00:00 --> 01:00:39

something called an abductive argument or what you call inference to the best explanation. So why is inference to the best explanation that you have some data. And you have an explanation that explains that data and you say this explanation is the best explanation of that data. Now, if it could be shown that some historical data can never changed by virtue of the historical context, then you can maybe claim that it may be miraculous that you can't find a naturalistic explanation. Now that, for example, you can say that historically, there was a period of time that the hieroglyphic language was totally lost. Now that can be proven when the data now you could also see from a historical

01:00:39 --> 01:01:19

perspective, that the Arabic language in the seventh century Arabia, the Arabs were the best expressing the souls in the Arabic tongue, to actually go against that historical data is literally tantamount to making a conspiracy. And basically trying to reinvent a new history based on unknown or non existing data that doesn't exist. It's a criminal, for example, I don't know, maybe inventing another letter of the Arabic language. So it depends on what the evidence they are citing. So I do agree in principle, you may have another artifact or another piece of historical information or data that you haven't been exposed to, that can change your understanding. So history can be dynamic and

01:01:19 --> 01:01:56

influence, just like the scientific method. But there are some of the caveats that I've just discussed. So when we do use this, when we do use these arguments, we have to be careful and make the appropriate intellectual caveats and basically say, there is no chance of a future piece of evidence concerning the thing that we are talking about. Now, you'd have to give me a specific example. But when some of the brothers do, particularly the historical miracles, I think they do in that regard, or they should do in that regard, rather, but you also have to understand that when they cite the historical phenomena in the Quran, they do from the point of view, that adds an

01:01:56 --> 01:02:08

accumulative case. And you have to understand when we say science changes, and it's based on induction, because you can always have another observation that contradicts previous conclusions, because those conclusions are based on limited data.

01:02:09 --> 01:02:48

When we say this, there is a limit. What do I mean by that? For example, are we going to reject germ theory? No germ theory is based on induction, but we're gonna reject germ theory and say, Oh, it's not certain know that you have to understand and apply the principle appropriately. So induction, which is a think, think, a method of thinking that moves from the known to the unknown from the observed to the unobserved. For example, if I observe 10,000, white sheep, I'm going to say the next observation is going to be a white sheep. Now, that's probabilistic reasoning, because the next sheep could be a black sheep.

01:02:49 --> 01:03:04

So you can have another observation that could experience conclusions. However, and this is very important for you to understand, depending on the amount of confirmations and other aspects in the philosophy of science, which we don't need to get into right now. You can say that,

01:03:06 --> 01:03:44

even though it's come from the inductive method, that, you know, we're pretty sure that it's not going to change. Yeah. Now, but that requires warning. Answer needs to be shorter. Yeah, I do apologize. Yeah. So that, but that requires further kind of philosophical discussion on when do we say that something is likely to change or not? Like, for example, Richard Dawkins, he makes it very clear, I think, in his book river of Eden, or devils Chaplin, he says that the Darwinian mechanism in the future may totally changed when we may reject it completely based on future evidence. So he even knows the kind of issues concerning the problem of induction that science is in flux.

01:03:45 --> 01:04:20

So but when we do apply that principle, it's not always the case that just because something is based on a form of induction, that it's, it's a we can't take it for, you know, practical purposes to be certain. But that requires a further kind of philosophical discussion around time for so hopefully, you've understood the question and the historical Americans should be used in the context that I've just discussed as an accumulative argument. And also, if you're going to say something reckless, you have to show that the data is impossible for for it to change, which means that you can't have you know, another piece of information that's going to undermine your conclusions. And

01:04:20 --> 01:04:39

that should be articulate in the argument itself does. Thank you so much. Thumbs up for that. Fascinating answer. Brother Sabo. Do you want to add something very quickly in few sentences, or Shall we continue, though? Just the book was the devil's chaplain. Yeah, but yeah, that's what that's correct. We're using

01:04:40 --> 01:04:59

remind to remind you again, look at the questions, the kinds of questions we are receiving. And these are the kinds of questions a lot of our youngsters have out there. They are reading these books written by some of these new atheists, and they come across some intellectual arguments that need answering from the Islamic perspective. And this is exactly what Sapiens Institute

01:05:00 --> 01:05:44

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01:07:06 --> 01:07:09

Yep, please, if you can, admin, if you can.

01:07:10 --> 01:07:13

Charla, maybe we can let some questioners in,

01:07:14 --> 01:07:21

if we can ask the admin team to let some questions in and hands on. Okay, we have Angela, Angela, you have a question.

01:07:22 --> 01:07:23

A summary come?

01:07:25 --> 01:07:30

on. Just a quick question, actually a question for Hamza. He's still here. But

01:07:31 --> 01:08:13

because he's done some some work regarding consciousness. Right. Right. So if it's technologically possible, on, you know, just like how we can transplant, how can we transplant like kidneys and hearts into into human beings, if it was technologically possible to transplant every single human cell, right into its proper position? Every you know, nervous system muscles, whatever it might take, to produce a human being not just a robot, but actual human cells? Would would that generate? Would not would that not generate logically a sort of consciousness that we can conceive of?

01:08:14 --> 01:08:30

So it is important to distinguish between that type of consciousness versus the human psyche, or the human ability of rationality to, you know, the things we would consider like moral things and stuff like that. So can you just expound on that?

01:08:32 --> 01:08:35

Okay, the question, I just want to basically

01:08:36 --> 01:09:01

understand the question properly. Are you saying, if we were to transplant human cells, brain cells into another human that could emerge? consciousness? Is that your question? No, basically, transplant, like, let's say, we start from like, the bone structure, whatever, you know, we have this skeleton. And then we have the technology at some point in the future to bring back using existing cells

01:09:02 --> 01:09:06

to pretty much reconstruct the human being human body, pretty much like,

01:09:08 --> 01:09:43

including heart, including, you know, whatever it might take to generate a nervous system of thinking and so yeah, okay, there's two responses to that question. So when we talk about the hard problem of consciousness, there are two main questions concerning this. Number one, it's an epistemic problem, a problem of knowledge, we basically say that we don't know what it's like for a particular conscious organism to have an inner subjective conscious experience. I know what it feels like to have a coffee on a Sunday. I don't know what it's like for not to have a coffee and on Sunday, even if he describes it with words, I still don't know what it's like, because words are

01:09:43 --> 01:09:59

vehicles to meaning and meaning is a representation of his consciousness in a subjective conscious states. The second problem is, well, how does the inner subjectivity arise from seemingly code, non conscious physical processes. That's the hard problem. You have to understand that

01:10:00 --> 01:10:44

Now your question is not a problem at all, even if we were to basically, with the first point, again, to respond to the question is, if we were to construct a human being, and then say consciousness emerged, it still doesn't follow that consciousness is actually physical. In a subjective conscious reality is actually physical. It could mean that physicality is necessary for it to, for it to function, but not necessary for it to exist. For example, look at the analogy of a car, the car and the human being are distinct, but they both need each other for functioning. So if the car is working, the human being is dead, the cars not going to go anywhere, if the car is

01:10:44 --> 01:11:24

broken, the human being is alive, the cars are going to go anywhere. So from that perspective, you need to understand that although they're distinct, they still need each other. So even if in a subjective conscious states requires brain matter, it doesn't necessarily follow it is brain matter or comes from brain matter. Or it's just merely physical stuff. That's the first thing. The second thing to understand is, even if one were to assume that you could physically construct a human being, you only can say consciousness could arise, if you assume that consciousness is merely physical. Now, the problem with that is you're assuming the philosophy of the mind, which is called

01:11:24 --> 01:12:12

physicalism, which basically says In a nutshell, that inner subjective conscious states of consciousness in general and in specifically, in a subject in a subjectivity, arises formal is as a result of can be reduced to physical processes, always identical to physical stuff. That's an assumption. But even if I'm saying even if we constructed the human being, and put all the brain cells together, and then conscious was somehow to appear. The point here is, it doesn't mean that consciousness, especially in the subject of conscious reality, is necessarily physical. It could just mean that it requires a physical vehicle in order for it to, to, to manifest itself or in order

01:12:12 --> 01:12:13

for it to be

01:12:14 --> 01:12:23

realized, if you like. Yeah, just like the car and the human being analogy. I hope that's helpful. But I would argue we could never do that.

01:12:24 --> 01:12:35

Even if it's a cost construct a human being with all the brain cells and stuff like that, and caution someone to emerge based on philosophical even maybe scientific grounds that could not happen, but that's another discussion. But do you understand the Hazara?

01:12:36 --> 01:12:37


01:12:38 --> 01:12:48

That didn't make sense. I just had one one more quick question not related to science and religion, but it's a common question that atheists and Christians normally ask is,

01:12:50 --> 01:12:58

is our love for Allah subhanaw taala conditional, because if we look at it in a certain way, you know, our actions are motivated really, by,

01:12:59 --> 01:13:15

you know, hope and fear, right? I mean, so can we say that we are our ability or our motivation to arrive at the truth of Islam of you know, of our beautiful Deen is really utilitarianism in a sense, because we are really,

01:13:16 --> 01:13:28

you know, we don't want to we want to avoid the maximum punishment or pain and, and get the maximum love and you know, happiness and so on so forth. So can we say that our love Allah is conditional?

01:13:29 --> 01:13:32

Yeah. 30 seconds to answer this question check.

01:13:33 --> 01:14:01

Our love for Allah is conditional. I No, no, not at all we could love there's many different levels of Eman levels of relating to Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah. And this is based on the pious predecessors, that one of the highest levels is to love Allah, by virtue of who he is, and not necessarily that he's giving you anything we love. We extensively praise and worship Allah and love Allah, because of who he is. It's a necessary reality

01:14:03 --> 01:14:41

is a necessity based on who Allah is. If you understand Allah, you learn his names and attributes, you will fall in love with Allah subhanho wa Taala and you'll be solely motivated by love, right? Yes, you could be motivated, motivated by divine reward and divine punishment for sure. But there is another level where you're solely motivated because you love Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, He created you He is I will do the excessively loving He is our man the intensity masterful his aura him the the giver of mercy and when you learn his names and attributes and you you connect with Allah, the more a value that you do, the more you will love Allah irrespective of reward, but the

01:14:41 --> 01:14:56

early Mercy is best suited for all reasons because you love Allah because of the reward. And because you want to distance yourself from the punishment because you don't want to transgress against your own soul and end up in being punished you deserve.

01:14:58 --> 01:14:59

Love Bless you. He

01:15:00 --> 01:15:00

You too.

01:15:01 --> 01:15:45

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start making donations inshallah Tada, my brother, sister, don't hesitate. Don't even think twice. This is a noble endeavor. Okay, so we have some more questions. mag. Go ahead, please ask your question. Who do you want to ask? Santa Monica, Monica Lee, but I get to stern brothers. First of all, I would like to say that I've donated to the two separate Institute's I've donated a small amount. But if if it can encourage you some more donations, I'd be glad to, to encourage that. So let's go cistern buzzer. That's a good cause. So let's go.

01:18:26 --> 01:18:31

So I have a question for you all. I'm actually studying at university, I have a diploma.

01:18:32 --> 01:18:43

But since here's I'm struggling with like intellectual, intellectual doubts, relating regarding science and religion, more specifically, evolution and Islam,

01:18:44 --> 01:19:26

because I'm not studying at all sciences, but I'm, I'm studying social sciences, but evolution is going through every remise A ramification of Social Sciences, per se, sciences and all that stuff. And for us, like Muslim that stood in the West, sometimes sometimes it may be more obvious to have maybe very specific responses to the world around us. Using science. What I mean? Well, for example, the story of first humans how humanity can come in, in the universe. Why, for example, very little thing, like why do we have wisdom teeth? on that very specific answer that may be face?

01:19:27 --> 01:19:46

Like the usual doors struggle to give us and what I'm asking you brothers, it's more like a general advice, how to reconcile science and face in western universities. And how we young Muslims brothers who are sitting here,

01:19:48 --> 01:19:52

where where should we start to handle the problematics

01:19:55 --> 01:19:59

Okay, did you get that question? estanza Yeah, that's a very good question. It's not gonna hurt.

01:20:00 --> 01:20:15

Brother for donating, may Allah reward you and make it way very heavy on your skills. Because remember, brothers and sisters are these won't necessarily be counted, they're going to be weighed. So even if it's a small donation, but there's lots of a class, it will be heavy in sha Allah.

01:20:17 --> 01:20:47

Just like the famous Hadith, the Hadith, of the vitarka, the Hadith of the cod, where the person has so many sins on one side, and he has no good deeds, but the ages find a little bit tough on the front, they pick it up, and they put it on the other side of the scanning outweighs all the evil deeds. What is that? What that what was on the card? It was what it was the kalama. And that's what the orlimar say the reason he went to Japan as a result of that, because he had kennametal airfloss, he had the pure 1,000% class in his kalama.

01:20:48 --> 01:21:10

Which was, which shows that, you know, a Colossus is so important. So brother, yes. So, in general, the whole science science issue, there's a few things we need to understand. The first thing we need to understand is that when we're involved in these types of discussions, we have to empower ourselves with the philosophy of science.

01:21:11 --> 01:21:52

For example, we have to learn about what is under determination, what is theory laid in this, what is the problem of induction, when we start to understand some of these things, we have now intellectual tools that we could apply to these things, in order for us to help us reconcile to help us not have any kind of doubts. So when it comes to example, for two theories, that that may seem that there is no reconciliation with Islam, then what you can do is go into your knowledge of philosophy of science and really understand that well, theories, yes, they have a very high epistemic value, they have a high value concerning truth, especially if there were confirmed, but

01:21:52 --> 01:22:25

they can change, they can be altered, there is no kind of Moses, Moses tablets from that point of view, the philosophers of science, Philip kitcher and gillean Barker, they make that point that you know, nothing is graven in stone. And even Richard Dawkins is very evangelical with the Darwinian mechanism. He says, with Darwinism can change, you know, a duck in the book a devil chaplain, you may have, you know, observations in the future understanding that will change the Darwinian mechanism or reject it completely. So,

01:22:26 --> 01:22:30

when you can't reconcile will confirm it with the Islamic tradition,

01:22:31 --> 01:23:11

then you just do an epistemic weighing meaning from an epistemological perspective, what is the truth value of scientific theories? Well, the truth value is no absolute truth, even if you're a realist. Now, there's a massive discussion in realism, instrumentalism, and anti realism. And when you study these things in the philosophy of science, they all agree that theories can change, even if you're a realist, because it really is basically says that scientific theories are a representation of the actual state of affairs. But even when they say that they do say that theories can change from that perspective. So when you can't read console, then you do an epistemic way. So

01:23:11 --> 01:23:14

you say, well, theories can change.

01:23:15 --> 01:23:32

But divine revelation has come from Allah, we have other reasons to show why it's come from Allah. So Allah is Al Hakim, Allah, Allah him, he is the wise and annoying, he has the totality of knowledge and wisdom, Allah has the picture, we just got the pixel. So why would you take something of lesser value?

01:23:33 --> 01:23:35

Right? As a yardstick,

01:23:36 --> 01:24:17

when you need to recurse out that's the first point. The other thing is if you can reconcile, then reconcile, that's not a problem, generally speaking, as long as you stick within the kind of classical intellectual boundaries on interpreting the Quran, and the Sunnah, that classical methodology, the Orthodox method methodology, and when you if you could do that, and and reconcile, that's not an issue. But my advice would be when you do reconcile, you don't say that this is the absolute truth. You say, Oh, look, we've been able to reconcile, but it doesn't necessarily mean our interpretation of the Quran and Sunnah is the final one, because this scientific thing may change

01:24:17 --> 01:25:00

based on all the tools that we've, we've understood in the philosophy of science. So that's one way of dealing with it generally. Yeah. And this is why even if you have, for example, a scientific theory that you're, you're that you're engaging with that university level and say, hypothetically speaking, it totally goes against the Quran and Sunnah. You don't have to believe it in your favor, of course, no, because you know, the Quran and Sunnah have a higher epistemic value, they come from Allah. Right? But you can accept it practically, with the caveat that you know that you might change. And if it works, there's nothing wrong in using it because we know just because some

01:25:00 --> 01:25:37

works. It doesn't mean it's true. And we know this in the philosophy of science. For example, we had workable theories that produce truths. But we then realized that those workable theories were false. For example, the theory of phlogiston. So just because something works, it doesn't necessarily mean it's true. So you could have a theory that goes against the Quran and Sunnah. But it's the best evidence from my limited understanding as human beings. You could accept it practically not in your creed, but practically, and work with it because you know, it's working for now. And it could produce certain results for you like maybe develop medicines or whatever the case maybe that's not a

01:25:37 --> 01:26:06

problem. That's a practical approach, as long as you do not bring it into your arcade. Thank you so much. That's another question. But there's more things to say. And what we'll do we share some references as we go along. In Tonight, we're going to be here for at least maybe two, two hours or three hours, Allah knows. And we'll be sharing some evidences as we go along. But that's something for you to start with. My dear brother. Okay. Thank you so much for that question. Thank you for the mag bra answer asking that question. Now we have

01:26:07 --> 01:26:25

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01:29:37 --> 01:29:38

moleska ly

01:29:41 --> 01:29:43

slamming. My question is to Hamza.

01:29:45 --> 01:29:59

My question is basically, we have been using the watchmaker argument for ages right. Even Islamic scholars have been using it. So with the advent, what can I say?

01:30:00 --> 01:30:01

The improvement of science

01:30:03 --> 01:30:11

in evolutionary biology that is our dangerously challenging the watchmaker argument. Right? So

01:30:13 --> 01:30:13

Isn't this

01:30:16 --> 01:30:22

the number one argument right is so isn't this massive paradigm shift that we're going through?

01:30:25 --> 01:30:26

If you don't know.

01:30:32 --> 01:30:32

Are you thinking

01:30:33 --> 01:30:35

we're lost? You have now?

01:30:39 --> 01:30:45

I got the gist of the question. So just before I answer, apologies, jumped off a wall just read my Gribbin.

01:30:47 --> 01:31:29

So, just before I answer the question, we're here to fundraise for Sapiens Institute, we want to have world class research published. And we want to save in sha Allah with Allah permission, people's demand. We have the light house new feature in which people can book and they can get their doubts inshallah cleared. We also have publications coming up. And many, many people all across the world are attending our webinars and our lectures and our talks. And essentially, we want to start out by saying, protect the intellectual boundary boundaries of Islam. So Janaka brother, a bit harder and nice name. Mashallah.

01:31:30 --> 01:31:42

So firstly, I think you asked Hamza, to answer the question, but I felt a bit, you know, felt a little something about evolution, I thought, let me just say something before Hamza comes in, firstly,

01:31:44 --> 01:32:37

to think that something like the design argument could be challenged due to new findings in science would actually be falling into a type of scientism. So a philosophical argument essentially, is not going to be undercut by a scientific by use scientific findings. Because it was very interesting is what you find amongst evolutionary thinkers, is they would point out that in order for an evolutionary argument to work against design, you would need philosophical axioms, you would need something beyond the science to actually do it. Because we actually have people alive today. People like assignment, Conway Morris, and others, Francis Collins is another example, who would basically

01:32:37 --> 01:33:16

just accept the entire evolutionary paradigm, but with just married designed with it, or they would allow design features within it. But even I mean, we wouldn't even need to point that out. All we would need to simply say is, well, like Richard Dawkins, points are in The God Delusion, the central argument that Darwinism does away with design, and therefore, we can also have something similar when it comes to physics. What's been pointed out against him by other atheist philosophers is, that's not a scientific argument. That's a philosophical argument. But it's using the words of science, but the philosophy is missing. So it's not as simple as we can't use design. Because we've

01:33:16 --> 01:33:18

had advancements in biology, it's a lot more

01:33:19 --> 01:33:52

nuanced than that. And it simply doesn't follow that there's been more scientific advancements, therefore, design argument, doesn't work by let Hamza to with the rest of it. I just briefly added the I was specifically talking about what we call the Paley's design argument or the watchmaker argument, which basically argues that life must have been created from nothing, or by me, or by a miracle from God, you know, it couldn't have come via natural process. Okay, so yeah, so what I've been getting?

01:33:54 --> 01:33:57

Yeah, when I mentioned design, and including

01:33:58 --> 01:34:16

the variant that's used in terms of the watchmaker analogy, because the same would apply, the same principle would apply, which is for someone to say that the watchmaker analogy is out of date, because of Darwinian evolution, then they would they still essentially making a philosophical argument, and they need to provide that philosophical justification.

01:34:18 --> 01:34:33

But even with the evidence that we have at hand as well, I mean, what I mean, think about it, you know, we still don't have a kind of adequate explanation to explain, and so will correct me here, the first living cell, what

01:34:36 --> 01:34:39

is called a biogenesis. We don't have for example,

01:34:40 --> 01:34:52

like, natural selection, right? This is what the key mechanism to help explain biological change. Okay, so, how did natural selection come about?

01:34:53 --> 01:34:59

I mean, I thought that sounds like a really weird question. So correct me if I'm wrong, I might comatose with my mixed grill

01:35:00 --> 01:35:18

Tell me, does it well, no, no. I mean, I mean, basically what you're saying comes out is essentially what you were quoting earlier in terms of the the devil's chaplain at the same part that you were referring to where Dawkins admits that that's in context of the fact that natural selection

01:35:19 --> 01:35:43

can be superseded in the future because of, you know, essentially the Black Swan problem, and is well known in philosophical circles. And it's well known, I mean, biological philosophical circles, and evolution amongst evolutionary biologists that natural selection, the main idea of Darwin is, in of itself, not really sufficient to explain the entire biosphere, that's, that's pretty well known. That's

01:35:45 --> 01:35:47

kinetic drift, and you have things like,

01:35:49 --> 01:35:51

you know, evolution, pluralism, so he has more,

01:35:53 --> 01:36:03

more than one key mechanism to try to explain biological change. But that wasn't really my point. My point was, say, they say that natural selection is a given. This is how reality works.

01:36:05 --> 01:36:24

Why does it work that way? Like, the philosopher's mind would say, why do we have natural selection at all? Why does it? Why does it select, you know, features, or select traits that are conducive to survival and productions? Why do we even have that? That seems like quite an intelligent thing? That's my point.

01:36:25 --> 01:36:27

That's awesome. Yeah, so I'm their

01:36:29 --> 01:36:54

chance of luck on this issue, like the problem, they don't want to but if they do a site flu can transform that issue, they will all due respect, they need to be consistent. And that's why I always say, go for the rejection of truth is totally inconsistent. Like Take, for example, the utter Buck was sorry for the order that I tell rubbish that comes out of the mouth, some of these new atheists that they say, for example,

01:36:55 --> 01:37:31

that yes, something can come from nothing, maybe there could be a philosophical or scientific explanation, that something could come from nothing, that notwithstanding that, then nothing in a scientific understanding is still something but just for argument's sake, they say something comes from nothing. This give them that say, Fine, for one minute, I'm going to say go for it, at least be consistent. If you believe in this principle, that something could come from nothing, meaning that something can arise without any prior causal conditions, something can arise with no prior causal conditions, then, with all due respect, apply that to every single philosophy and practical aspects

01:37:31 --> 01:38:10

of your life. And that's what I say. I say, by Richard Dawkins, imagine he calls his bank managers, he says, I want to check on my millions of pounds for writing my fiction books. Yeah. Yeah. And his bank manager says, You have no money left. And then Richard Dawkins says, How can that be, and then his bank manager says, well, it disappeared into nothing, or it just disappeared for no reason. According to this principle, he should not be shocked, he should close the phone and have no issue with that. Because if you can accept that something could arise without any prior causal conditions, that this whole universe could emerge without any prior causal conditions, then it follows

01:38:10 --> 01:38:50

logically, if he is consistent, then all of his money should go and become zero, and you should have no problem with it. Also, imagine walking past a supermarket, and then you close your eyes and all of a sudden the supermarket doesn't exist anymore. If we agree with the eighth kneel atheistic principle, we should be not worried about that at all, we should find it find that there is no explanation for the fact that the that the supermarket disappeared. And that's the logical equivalent of believing that things can appear or disappear without any prior causal conditions. It's an inconsistency. And this is why if they go into the charts, I would say to them, Do you know

01:38:50 --> 01:39:27

the chart if you want to go down that route? The charges are so ridiculous. It's equivalent of me saying it from what I understand that my mother is no really my mother. So I think she was an alien that was born on Pluto and flew here on a giant feathers and the atheist to say, Hamza, you're crazy. And I'd be like, but there's a chart, be consistent. If it's a chance for things like this, there's a chance for anything. So Yanni from that perspective, thank you. I hope that helps. Just ask our legal co small question. So what did they say like? Sorry, half brevity. We

01:39:29 --> 01:39:55

do apologize. I have to move on. I have to move on. Sorry. You have had nearly five minutes or maybe more to this question. Thank you so much. Allah bless you. Please don't be offended because we had to bring in other people. So brothers and sisters, I want to quickly remind you that this dream is simply an exercise to remind you about the importance of defending the intellectual boundaries of Islam,

01:39:56 --> 01:39:59

intellectually, like on daily basis on social media,

01:40:00 --> 01:40:45

For mainstream media in the newspapers, it is the most attacked. It is the most attacked ideology and faith out there, in particular the Western world. So what is our strategy in response? In response, we educate our masses, we tell them more about Islam and how to defend the intellectual boundaries of Islam. This is exactly what Sapiens Institute does. Sapiens Institute Institute goes to a lot of continent, creating content, and disseminating it amongst youth, and those people who may have doubts. For example, we will be publishing books about doubt, and some, how to handle them, how to tackle them and how to respond to them. Then we will be launching light lighthouse mentoring

01:40:45 --> 01:41:23

service to empower leaders in the art and to deal with people's questions and doubts, new education platform with free courses and seminars to teach how to defend and share Islam academic, academically and intellectually. And there is a new book on science and religion. We will be conducting debates and discussions with renowned academics to defend our position intellectually. All of this is being done to boost the confidence of the youngsters out there, Muslim youngsters to have confidence in the faith. This is all for that purpose so that they don't have doubts. And if they do have doubts, those doubts can be created. So this is to empower This is to intellectually

01:41:23 --> 01:41:26

train our youngsters in

01:41:27 --> 01:42:07

how to respond to these questions or intellectual challenges. So please click that link that's running through the screen right now Sapiens forward slash donate live. That's the link I want you to click right now and start making donations in Charlotte Allah we really want you to make a difference inshallah many people 1000s of people are watching, you cannot be left behind. So don't hesitate in sharing this live stream on on your social media platforms. At the same time, click and make a donation inshallah. You can see the link in your video description as well. If you go to the description, you will find the link there just click the link and you will be taken to a

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page where you can actually make a difference Zakah lokeren will go to the next question a fief salary.

01:42:25 --> 01:43:10

Have a question? Yes, I have a question that is related to the cosmology, this relative to Islamic cosmology. So I as you guys said that, Quran is a book which is multi layered book, I firmly believe that it is a book of multi layered book it speaks differently or I should rather say approaches differently to different people. So, you know that most of the most of the attacks done by the anti Islamic apologetics is is about the scientific error narrative. So among their claims, there is something which is I have seen in many websites to repeatedly so the first one is that the Quran depicts a solid sky above us and that is inferred that they bring chapter 31 verse 13, which says

01:43:10 --> 01:43:31

the Allah has created or raised the sky without pillars, let you may see again, there are verses about Shakopee sama like soda in sugar, verse one which says, The heavens will be or the skies will be splitted or will be burned. Again. There was like, there is a gate in the sky.

01:43:32 --> 01:43:58

Instead of creatures I believe in so here, verse 14, it says even if we, if we open a gate from the heaven, and if they continue rose, so enduring is still they won't believe something like that, I believe. So how can we understand such verses? Are there how this like this, their prophet when he does, Miraj, he went through gates, there were geese in eg skies. So how can we derive meaning out of it?

01:43:59 --> 01:44:05

Okay, yes. So we have a video on this topic.

01:44:09 --> 01:44:09


01:44:11 --> 01:44:14

Yeah, he did a really good video on.

01:44:16 --> 01:44:32

Yeah. So from that perspective, it It shows that the sky is not necessarily a solid sphere. But also if you look at the physicality of the universe, think about things like a black hole, right.

01:44:33 --> 01:44:59

You need to understand that the sky and the Samar Samar, linguistically means anything above. It's all physical. It's made of physical stuff. So it being described as something physical is not necessarily a problem. Also, when you talk about the summer and going through the Mirage, the Mirage, this gates, we don't know what type of gates these are. I says

01:45:00 --> 01:45:36

Left to your imagination. You have to presume a kind of primitive kind of dome like structure physical that you have some kind of window and you go through in order for you to basically conform to the scientific era narrative. But remember, don't bring baggage on to the current I'd like to speak for itself. Does the multilayered model make sense of even talking about the schema in this way? For sure? And if you go to the CPM for video, let me find tell you what number that video is actually. I mean, have you watched it brother? Have you watched that video?

01:45:38 --> 01:45:56

watch all the videos of seven suck, it helps a lot. Okay, good. Have you have you seen the video on the skies? The sky a physical object? Hey, watch it. And what he said he said the the reason the main point of view was that

01:45:57 --> 01:46:16

heated mirrors there is the point that it is case not solid, but there was someone commenting in the comment section that he did it through the gates that the sky solid, but there are gates there. And he did through the gate. So there was some good so there's a few things here Firstly, you have to first understand well,

01:46:18 --> 01:46:58

this is this is firstly part of the unseen. And you also have to stand the other part of the CPM for video is when Mohammed hijab talks about when Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran when we go further up towards the summer, and something happens to our that we get breathless right now. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So there's no indication that is at all a physical object from that perspective. Yeah. And when you think about the concept of gates, this doesn't presume only that it's a physical object. That's the point. It could it could it could be otherwise it could be maybe it's part physical, maybe it's a different type of maybe.

01:46:59 --> 01:47:01

Maybe it's like a black hole.

01:47:05 --> 01:47:11

The word Bob as gates, why would we do that? Why Why can we not translated as doors can be?

01:47:12 --> 01:47:37

Okay, so when you when you the word gates, when you superimpose a particular term, yes, on the text from the Quran and the Sunnah. Or you already have, you already have ideas in your mind that oh is a gate, that's a solid gate, and at some gate made of iron or gate made of wood or gate made of some other material, for example, where is the wind? The gate in the narrative?

01:47:38 --> 01:47:39

is very good.

01:47:42 --> 01:47:46

So in your in your right, for example, in pilots, when pilots go through, for example,

01:47:47 --> 01:48:20

either when it's turbulence, or they go through what you call certain, the certain like, I don't know, I forget what it's called now. But basically, you know, the concept of a doorway, or into something or an opening? Sure, surely, like physical liquor, like a dome or or concrete object? It could be for example, you're in you're going into the air, you're into the the kind of, I don't know, the stratosphere or whatever the case may be. You're passing from one space to enter the space. Yes, yes.

01:48:21 --> 01:48:22


01:48:24 --> 01:48:24


01:48:26 --> 01:48:38

to that one particular space may be called a door. Okay. A door doesn't have to be a wooden door. It doesn't have to be an iron door. It could be a passage, it could be a pathway through space.

01:48:41 --> 01:48:44

Yeah, yeah. So So.

01:48:46 --> 01:49:12

Yeah. Okay. Yeah. But they're versus like the sky is a ceiling product, a ceiling or canopies? Things like that. How can you hear me, but we can live experiments over. So which word are you? Yeah, sorry. Go ahead. Yeah. So there's a lag. So when Allah says a protective ceiling, how is that a problem? Because it's been it's been described like that by even scientists today. It's been.

01:49:15 --> 01:49:19

Yeah, I don't have any actual I don't have any doubt. These are some questions that I see on some websites.

01:49:21 --> 01:49:59

Which I don't answer, but I feel you should. You should. You should start how you began, you should continue how you begin. You talked about the cronies, multilayered, you talked about the Quran has many layers of meaning that could be understood by different peoples across time. So just apply the same thing we've taught you over the over the over the period of our work, in written format, in videos in the webinars and in the courses that the Quran is a has when it describes natural phenomena, the objective those verses is to basically evoke in someone that Allah subhana wa Taala has power and that He is worthy of worship. And that those verses

01:50:00 --> 01:50:15

structured in a particular way that can address a seventh century mindset, a 15th century mindset in a 21st century mindset. And this discussion that we're having right now is just actually proof of that. When I said, well, bad can mean anything, it can mean a portal, it can mean a gay community door, it can mean a

01:50:17 --> 01:50:27

transition from one space to another, which can make sense of today's kind of celestial understanding. You could, if you watched Star Wars, you, you'd have a good enough imagination to know that you could have a portal, you

01:50:29 --> 01:51:05

can interpret the power as a wormhole or something like that. But the point is, you don't even need to go into that because all you need to do is empower people and empower yourself with the approach. The approach is, when we allow the Quran and the Sunnah to speak for itself, it can make sense to us throughout different times. Now, thank you, they want to get they want to find a scientific error narrative, then it's even problematic for them, because they have to now show that it can only mean that. And that is a massive problem concerning the automotive in hermeneutics. And that's basically shooting themselves in the foot.

01:51:11 --> 01:51:31

If you have more questions, when you book a one hour free session using the lighthouse mentoring, book, a one hour session, if you go to the website, lighthouse mentoring, it's there to address your situation is there to empower you. And this is what we're fundraising for today. We give you one to one specialists one our

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time, book booklet, and brothers and sisters, please, please, please, we're inundated with requests like this. And this is why this can read books, noses, other Institute's and allianzgi that you could read on watch videos, but sometimes it's not enough, you need that one to one dynamic. And this is this is the prophetic. So this is the divine, if you like and that's why you need to speak to other people.

01:51:57 --> 01:52:39

entering their lighthouse mentoring brothers and sisters is designed to do what the lighthouse mentoring is designed to deal with your doubts is designed to speak to non Muslims. It's designed to speak to x Muslims. And it's and this is what we haven't mentioned much is designed to empower parents, teachers, imaams leaders and dads to become better versions of themselves. So they could help dispel doubts with the sphere of influence. And for them to be able to defend and share is some academically, this is what we're about. We are committed to your well being. This is a commitment. I mean, think about it, the management team and Sapiens. If we wanted to raise lots of funds, we would

01:52:40 --> 01:53:16

change a strategy just to get lots of numbers of something and vanity metrics. But it's not it's not what it's about. It's about being committed to the cause and committed to your well being which means loving for your brother, will you love for yourself committed to your goodness and your guidance. And yes, it's very difficult to have, for example, a long day of one to ones with people, and to give them that time and that energy to empower them and to support them so they can become future leaders. Yes, it's not going to be vanity metrics. But it's going to create real impact. And this is what we're about. We want to create the new generation. But this requires support who's

01:53:16 --> 01:53:59

going to be available the whole day, the whole week, in order to have one to ones with a mom, we had a graduate from Darul uloom, contact us. We had people from, you know, Islamic backgrounds and so forth and so forth, and so on. We've trained people in Medina University from beginning University, we've trained people from the rooms, all around the country, we've been requested by us her University, we got a request by ourselves as for the university, to train and empower them as well, I don't want to be our drums. But I think people have realized now that we have the ability in sha Allah to contemporize Islamic thought, we are miskeen we don't have enough knowledge, our Quran is

01:53:59 --> 01:54:36

weak, for sure, we have so much to improve on. But there's one thing that we've been dedicated in doing is trying to us we understand we stand on the shoulders of giants, the great early amount of our past, and now we elder bizarrely, even taymiyah and so on and so forth, may not have mentioned all of them. And we're standing on the shoulders, and we have been maybe I saw from Allah though contemporize that for in a contemporary way. So we can basically do with contemporary issues. And, and this is what's required. What's required is that one to one, and also the training and the courses and the development, see this brother already articulate our narrative really, really well.

01:54:36 --> 01:55:00

From the beginning. He's been following us and understand what this narrative is the multi layered model. The point I'm trying to say is, please support this cause. The lighthouse mentoring, the books on doubts, the courses that we're developing the learning platform, everything for free to empower you. We trained over 6000 people since last July. We want to train at least 20,000 people this year, in a way that they can

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out there in the world, and insha Allah, and they could defend and share Islam, go to the Sapiens, forward slash, donate live, be of the first brothers and sisters to support this amazing noble cause. Because I am telling you, we're inundated with requests, even now, while we're on the stream a bit, we've been receiving emails, that people are booking our lighthouse services. And we want to be kidding. And I'm so happy when I sit there with the person and we're preparing them for an hour. It's a huge joy. I'm telling you, you get a huge buzz, as far as 401 recently talked to me about your experience, and why people should donate to lighthouse? Yes, hello, let people know, it

01:55:43 --> 01:56:21

was it was very, you know, it was good, because, you know, this person that they had a, you know, as you guys know, like a litany of questions. But what was interesting is that we were able to unpack some of the foundational issues. So sometimes it's not about the specific question that needs an answer. But it needs to, you know, that we looked at kind of what is the worldview that they're bringing to the, to the table. And sometimes that's that one on one, attention is really what people need. And that's what lighthouse actually does. You know, I'll be when we, when we, when I introduce this concept to people here in the US.

01:56:22 --> 01:57:06

You know, they tell me like this is a severe need, because so many moms have masajid, so many other leaders, you know, presidents of Islamic societies, the second they hear this idea, they're on board, they're like, this is a severe need. But now the thing is, okay, we understand it's in need, we understand that a Hamdulillah, you know, we're producing God, we're clearing doubts, you know, we're producing future leaders, but what, you know, how are we going to support this? How are we going to bring the how we're going to, you know, enhance it such that more and more people can take advantage of it in whatever corner of the world you're in. And that happens by your financial

01:57:06 --> 01:57:51

support, you know, in the Quran in surah, two SFX Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions, directly mentions the believers. Yeah, yo, holla Dina amanu. And he says, Oh, you who believe right? How do lucam Allah Allah t Jonathan Anton G. Komen. adaline? Should I tell you a transaction that will save you from the Hellfire? Now you got to ask yourself, do I am I confident enough that I will not enter the Hellfire? None of us are. I mean, this is a month of forgiveness. We ask Allah to forgive all of us. lahoma Amin. But what is the means that Allah is telling us what is this transaction? He says that you taught me no Nabila. He was truly he taught me Nora Billa was truly that you believe in

01:57:51 --> 01:58:32

Allah you believe in the messenger? What Jihad if he Sabine in LA he be a moi Lee calm, well, physical, that you struggle and strive with two things, with your wealth, and with yourselves. And any sort of endeavor that a person takes on. So people that know about business, know that when you first start a business, you're doing everything. Hamza noses, like more intimately than anyone else. You're the marketing guy, you're the accounting guy, you're the, you know, video editing guy, you're the brick wall, right? You do everything. So you are getting that struggle, you know, be unphysical, B and fusina. Right? We're doing it with ourselves. But once you have some sort of grounding, now

01:58:32 --> 01:59:21

you need funding for that. And this is not something this is straight from the Quran, you can participate in this struggle in this striving in this creating this next generation of brilliant leadership, who can articulate the message of Islam in the overwhelming, you know, ocean of new atheism, of liberalism of secularism by a making use of the content, but be doing that with a widely called with your funds. So that's a very important part of this, go to Sapiens, forward slash donate live and be a part of this in a way that is holistic, we don't only so we're not just saying donate, and then we'll see you must Aloma, we're saying, engage with the content on

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whatever sort of platform that we've introduced, engage with it, but also support it and support it to the point that it hurts. Like, I want to tell you, when these when the prophecies that would make a call and ask people to donate for a certain cause, you would find there would be Sahaba in the gathering that would be crying, not crying for any sort of superfluous reason, but crying because they literally only had the shirt on their back. And the reason that they couldn't literally give, they wish they had more. And I'm talking about just two pieces of clothing, some of them had one piece of

02:00:00 --> 02:00:43

clothing. So if your state is such that you're at the point where you're crying that you don't have anything to give, okay, so be it. But if you have something to give, it should be a point in time, where even if it's hurting right now, because this is a dire need, it's a dire time. Allah has chosen you to be in this live stream right now. And the time to give is right now. So whatever you shouldn't hurt, basically, it should be a point where you're giving it you know, being at, you know, trying to be at a level of someone like Abubakar Siddique or what have Bob, that they're literally they understand the reality of who Allah is the fact that Allah is usually the one that should be

02:00:43 --> 02:01:22

close to Allah La Hoefler, lay him Allahu Yazoo. They are not people who are saddened by things that happened in the past and they're not they're not worried about the future because they know the Lord that they believe in the one they believe in is the one that has a trustworthy handheld. If you are in a state, I remember someone saying that, you know that that you were always worried. If I spent all my money what will happen if I do all of this? What will happen? It's like when you have a little child, okay? And I don't recommend this but when you're throwing like if you ever throw the child up so don't do this. I don't want legal ramifications when you throw a child up like on the

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way up it's really scared Oh, what's gonna happen right? And then when you catch the child What does it say? Baba do it again. Right? And so so all of us when we think about our we're gonna spend our money what's gonna happen we are like that child in the air. But remember the hands you're coming back to are the hands of Alyssa partnered with Donna. The trustworthy handheld. So the time to give is now you're on this live stream. It should be given to the point where you understand that who Allah is and why we should be given to this cause Sapiens. org forward slash donate live. Go there. Now, donate and make sure you share this video so others can also take advantage of this golden age.

02:02:07 --> 02:02:18

Thanks. Thank you so much. Allah bless you for this passionate appeal. Brother and sister you heard check fad slim from the USA. For the hundreds in London. I'm in Zambia with a savouries in oblivion with

02:02:23 --> 02:03:08

all of us, we are appealing to you to support this noble cause. Well, I asked those students who have had this one to one session with Sapiens team, and how they felt afterwards Well, I asked those parents whose children are losing a man, ask those uncles and Auntie's who cry, call people like and tell us My child is lost. He or he or she has apostatized? Can you do something about it? And we you simply tell them to go and book a session with Sapiens team and we have Alhamdulillah made a difference to many people's lives? Brother sisters, you cannot imagine what it feels like perhaps some of you can. And those of you who can you understand why this endeavor is important, right? But

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what time you know, what time frame you are in right now. We don't know whether you are in the US whether Canada, Australia, Africa, or Europe. Because times are different in these countries. And you may be watching this live stream it may be day for you it may be night for you maybe midday midnight, who knows. Right? Wherever you are, start sharing on your social media platforms, and some people will make a difficult shot. So I think we should go to the next question. Next question is by I can't read the name clearly. What is it? She fought? Who is this? Yep, all

02:04:08 --> 02:04:11

right. Go ahead brother or sister whoever you are. Probably

02:04:12 --> 02:04:23

people just keep funny names on the on the channels. We don't know what to what to do about those names. So you are live now go ahead. Please ask your question. brother or sister

02:04:25 --> 02:04:25

as our

02:04:27 --> 02:04:32

as our group This is your chance you have been waiting for long to ask this question. And now you are about to lose this chance.

02:04:34 --> 02:04:35

Now you should hear me

02:04:37 --> 02:04:39

Okay, go ahead. We can hear you now. I think you

02:04:40 --> 02:04:44

saw this Ramadan. It's Ramadan. I just need to fix my microphone.

02:04:45 --> 02:04:51

Okay. Anyways, this question is quite relevant to a lot of love ex Muslims and a lot of

02:04:53 --> 02:04:59

revert, revert specifically people who have turned to Islam recently and then go through some very difficult things in life.

02:05:00 --> 02:05:10

And then they turn away from the farm. And I know it's specific to science and religion. But this is very pertinent to a person I know, personally, and

02:05:11 --> 02:05:36

this is my sister's friend, actually. And she's very close to actually leaving Islam because of these things happening to her in in recent times, and I know you guys want to listen to more relevant questions, I could wait until the end of the live stream, and then ask if that's more if that's but for you guys, you can go through the questions. Yeah, please. And, and if we do a time,

02:05:38 --> 02:05:53

we can. But we have many more dreams coming. Your questions might be relevant to those streams? We have? Not potentially, at least, let's say eight more streams coming potentially. I mean, we will see in Charlotte how things go.

02:05:54 --> 02:06:13

Yeah, I couldn't wait for another stream. And I would honestly book a lighthouse meeting for her. But honestly, you guys are saying it's so booked up. And I'm I'm like, this is a an emergency almost. I mean, I kind of need a brother, brother. Brother, please ask us your question. If it's an emergency Bismillah. Okay.

02:06:14 --> 02:06:43

So she's, she's a friend of my sister's, a very close friend of her. She has been revealed for like a year, she's only 20 years of age. We live in Norway, all of us. We have one raised in Norway. I live in Oslo. And there's a strong Muslim community or there's a big Muslim population, but where she lives, she's very, very, in a very, like remote location in Norway. So not a lot of Muslims. There are also Muslims, you know, like, she doesn't really have a connection to other Muslims. So she's very much very much known. Basically what happened?

02:06:45 --> 02:07:17

Like, so she, she becomes Muslim. I'm not sure what hamdulillah but then like, four months later, she loses her father, to cancer. And this is why I actually want to ask some Reba specific specifically Hamza, because I see a lot of like parallels between you in terms of your love for your parents, especially how she loved the Father. Like, her father was like, her guardian, her everything. Um, done, she lost her brother as well, like three months later after that again, and it has been very, very difficult to her.

02:07:18 --> 02:07:40

So, like, her question is always like, how can how could God do this to me almost? or How could God do this to me then make me not be able to pray for my non believing parents who are loved so dearly? she's struggling with prayer, sola because how can she pray when all she wants to pray for is a father salvations acceptance into heaven or

02:07:41 --> 02:07:51

mercy for him? She cannot pray for his mercy. So this is really weighing down heavily on her How can the almost full all loving God do that to her, essentially?

02:07:52 --> 02:08:30

So essentially, I'm that made me also like, I don't question Islam at all. I'm obviously from a Muslim family. I don't have these questions, because I couldn't understand it that deeply. Obviously. That is why I think it's better for someone like you Hanzo or other robots to answer this because you understand that you feel this. You probably you've dealt with this on another level. Yeah. So it's quite interesting. You brought this question up, bro. mela Bessie. I remember about two Ramadan's ago, I received a question on one of the odd nights of Ramadan. And I said, I'm going to answer the question. I actually wrote it in the odd night, because I felt it was such a powerful

02:08:30 --> 02:08:39

and important question. And in our life, there was a class then we don't know how it could have impacted the person. I've got checked by a scholar as well.

02:08:40 --> 02:09:21

So it was actually a Greek sister, she lost her father. And she asked that particular question, and it's quite interesting, because, you know, I lost my grandparents, you know, my grandfather, I think passed away what in September, my grandma passed a few years ago. And you know, I was quite close to my grandma. So how did I deal with it? So I deal with it by referencing the Islamic tradition. But the first thing you need to understand is that this sister who lost her brother and father, you know, this, these emotions are absolutely natural emotions, the Prophet salallahu it who has seldom had similar emotions when his uncle passed away. So these are not blameworthy emotions, they're not,

02:09:21 --> 02:09:58

they're not emotions that should be condemned. Or they should be saying that there's something wrong with you or that you're not Islamic. In actual fact, it's a sign of a soft heart. The Prophet sallallahu ala he was someone wanted everybody to be guided. And this is part of his urashima. He wanted to spread the message to all people. He wanted everyone to have the kind of contentment in this life and in the orchestra. And this was this was his goal. This was his main message. And this reminds me of a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he talks about that he just like, you know, standing in front of a fire and preventing the moths and the instant insects from

02:09:58 --> 02:10:00

going in. Now, I want

02:10:00 --> 02:10:21

To think about the kind of imagery here and the psychological profile of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam You know, you're not merely just moving one flyaway there's so many flies and moths coming you're frantically trying to stop them going into the fire which shows the urgency and the psychological disposition of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as the first point to understand, the second point understand is this

02:10:23 --> 02:10:51

that we have to realize something from a top down perspective. Focus on Allah. Focus on Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala is our man he's the intensity merciful his elbow dude, he is the excessively loving. He is our Rahim. He's Especially Merciful, and so on and so forth. So let me tell you something, no one is going to be treated unjustly on the Day of Judgment, no buddy.

02:10:52 --> 02:11:37

And he reminds me of a statement of the famous scholar Sophia authority. May Allah have mercy on him and he said, If I had to choose between my mother and Allah to judge me on the Day of Judgment, I would choose Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because Allah they knew who Allah was, they knew he was maximally perfect His names and attributes such as the just such as the kind, the Merciful, the loving, these attributes are to the highest degree possible without any deficiency and without any flaw. So whoever passes away, whether they're Muslim, non Muslim or unknowns, no one's going to be treated unjustly. Allah's maximal perfection concerning His love, mercy and justice will manifest

02:11:37 --> 02:11:38


02:11:39 --> 02:11:43

So saved from a top down perspective, and this makes it much more easy to deal with.

02:11:44 --> 02:11:46

The other situation is this as well.

02:11:47 --> 02:12:28

In the Islamic tradition, we make general claims about people's afterlife. So we'll say someone who was a disbeliever, they are eligible for Hellfire, someone who is a believer, eventually they will go to Paradise. These are the general categories and the general claims that we can make. Can we make that for specifics? The scholars say you can only make for specifics. If the coffer was so obvious, for example, if the disbelief was like, you know, they were massacring Muslims, and they were burning crayons and stuff like that, generally speaking, I know that's a bit of a crude example, but you get the point. But when it comes to people who did not, we don't were unsure about

02:12:28 --> 02:13:01

the level of Islam, they understood. we suspend judgment on them. from a legal perspective, yes, they are Kfar, there are people who rejected the truth and they get buried in in non Muslim grades and so on and so forth. But about the Hereafter, we can't make specific claims. This is not the Islamic tradition about these these type of people. And it's very important to make that understanding. The other thing that's important to know is that there is a Sahih Hadith and authentic traditional talks about four types of non Muslims that die as non Muslims, but they go to Paradise.

02:13:02 --> 02:13:47

Because if they get if they pass the test in the orchestra, and these include those who didn't hear the message those in between messengers and so on and so forth. Now, or lemma, like Allah ghazali, even taymiyah they made the argument that even if there was a lot of Islamophobia, and they had no access to the Islamic tradition, right, no access to Islam, no access to knowledge of Islam, and they heard undistorted or distorted and distorted. Yes. And they didn't hear the message of Islam, and, and so on and so forth. Then the HUD jet is lifted from them. Yes, we still have an obligation to give them dour, but if people and that's why we have a very nuanced tradition. So we just suspend

02:13:47 --> 02:13:50

judgment and with people so what would I say to this system?

02:13:51 --> 02:14:46

What you need to understand is, focus on Allah in this situation, your Lord is an excessively loving Lord, is a maximum loving Lord, Allah will dude his maximally merciful, he is maximally just Allah subhana wa to Allah is, is is is one second is the door. We have to trust his judgment. I mean, look at the example of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam prophets, Uncle Abu bollin the Prophet loved them daily. The Prophet loved them so much, and mentions that love of the Prophet for example, the Quran in surah Lucas's stage in Galatia, demon, Baka wala Candela demon wahoo Allah mobile motorin au Himachal Allah Salaam you cannot guide those you love. Rather, it is Allah who guide people and he

02:14:46 --> 02:14:48

is better aware of those who deserve

02:14:49 --> 02:14:59

Allah make the decision. We must trust his judgment. And we must. We must not doubt alone. Wisdom. Yes, making a decision. Yes.

02:15:00 --> 02:15:03

as uncomfortable as the decision may be for us.

02:15:04 --> 02:15:47

And the thing with this situation, because of the general principle I mentioned that the scholars mentioned, we don't even know what the decision is. That's the point. So what you need to do is focus on Allah, and will law he By Allah, believe me, if you focus on Allah 's names and attributes you study who Allah is, then you will never have a problem with these issues. You know, that all affairs belong to Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala, he is the one who is most high, he is the just the kind of the merciful, and no one's going to be treated unjustly. Now, if you focus on that, and you also focus on what is Tao heed what is affirming the oneness of Allah, what does it mean to

02:15:47 --> 02:16:24

love Allah to know Allah and to obey Allah to worship Allah, and to know his opposite, which is Schick, if you know these things properly, that should is the worst injustice and evil, the worst crime ever. And the best thing that you could ever do in your life, is to affirm the oneness of Allah and connect him and love him, when you understand that as well, everything will fall into place. So just to repeat, these are the strategies that you should adopt. Number one, understand the kind of principles that I mentioned earlier. But also, the two things you need to do is learn Allah names and attributes know more about Allah subhanho wa Taala. And also know more more about what

02:16:24 --> 02:17:02

shidduch is, and know more about what telehealth is loving Allah, being alone, affirming his oneness and worshiping Him. Once you do those things. Believe me, believe me, your heart will be settled. And remember, this is a process. This is not your final destination. This is traumatic, but it's just a process. And you're going to pass through that process in sha Allah, and you have to go through this process. So you could be elevated. Allah wants to elevate you, he doesn't want to destroy you. He wants you to be elevated. He wants you to go to Geneva. Allah says in the Quran, he doesn't prefer disbelief for his servants to move. serene say, this means Allah wants people to be

02:17:02 --> 02:17:17

guided wants people to go to Jannah Allah see seeing something in you that you can't see in yourself. And he's using these experiences to elevate you. And I'm telling you, if you stick to what I've just said, you're going to feel the sukeena and you'll be able to share this with other people as Oh insha Allah. So that's the advice.

02:17:18 --> 02:17:22

Easy, thank you. Thank you so much for that.

02:17:23 --> 02:18:11

Interesting response to that question. I hope the sister listens to this answer. It will be recorded it will be on the channel. I will send that Yeah. Thank you so much for your patience brother. May Allah bless you and thank you for your concern for the sister, Alexa from you, brother sisters, there are hundreds of people out there possibly 1000s who have these these kinds of challenges and questions about some wisdoms in Islam and Sapiens Institute has a bunch of experts who can address these questions. Okay, I have already mentioned that this institute is not run by Joe, George, or as a as a Tom, Dick, and Harry. Rather, there are people who are experts in their respective fields,

02:18:11 --> 02:18:25

for example, with a smoothie on the screen is doing a PhD in sha Allah in philosophy of science, but the hijab has a number of Master's in theology and philosophy, where the hands are likewise Mashallah he had post graduate

02:18:26 --> 02:19:05

qualifications in philosophy. And she also has Mashallah qualifications in Islamic Studies, Islamic fields, will share with mine that Eve has a double PhD, in fact, one PhD in history. And the second postdoc he did was in social sciences or social studies. He studied human suffering he has written on that. So Roland says, there are so many experts, Mashallah, in this particular institution, who are trying to help your children, your youngsters, yourself with an image of yourself on that. So let's listen. Let's let's give a little bit of history. A historian

02:19:07 --> 02:19:20

got a master's degree in history. And he's, you know, he has had debates with some of the leading Christians in the Christian world like James White and like his people, and he was really one of the greatest debaters that we have in the world today.

02:19:25 --> 02:19:28

And also, and also he was fasting today.

02:19:35 --> 02:19:36


02:19:39 --> 02:19:50

I remember at dancing with me in the car a few years ago and telling me what the * you doing. He couldn't be a joker and I think he actually said some words I can't repeat here. And that made me going back into academia. So hamdulillah.

02:19:51 --> 02:19:59

So because suppose a PhD will go as long as he's done, his master's is continuing is going to be continuous postgraduate education. We've got Mohammed hijab. He's got more monsters than

02:20:00 --> 02:20:01

More degrees than a thermometer.

02:20:05 --> 02:20:13

handler, your master's in history masters in Islamic Studies is finishing a Master's mth Master's in theology. I can't mention institution very prestigious

02:20:15 --> 02:20:50

in theology, and he's just going to Birmingham University, I believe to do a PhD in Islamic Studies. So everyone is on a postgraduate level and or continuing postgraduate studies. And the good thing is, we're using our studies to benefit the deen. So these studies are no waste of time. So when you're going to see future books come out is because it's based on a dissertation, based on the theses based on the research that we've done. When we create these arguments we develop these things further is because it's based on our academic work as well. And the answers that we try and give you, we try and simplify it as best as possible at different levels. But obviously, when we give the

02:20:50 --> 02:21:31

courses, we'll give you as much as possible in order to benefit you and to empower you. And that's why, since last July, we trained over 6000 people to be able to defend and cherish some academically and intellectually. And this we need to support you imagine these 6000 people go on, and they get, for example, hundreds of Shahar does, and not only that, they develop other leaders too. And that continues on and on and on to the Day of Judgment. Imagine the phenomenal reward you're going to get. I mean, if you're strategic with your sadhaka, just realize this, you know, only facilitating people becoming Muslim and people sharing or defending Islam, but you're facilitating those people

02:21:31 --> 02:21:45

to develop other leaders to do the same. And it's exponential. This is why you have to go on the description, click the link, give us a donation Sapiens, forward slash Donate Life, we have

02:21:47 --> 02:21:48

entered the room.

02:21:50 --> 02:22:06

Very, very quickly. relating to the last question you say, you said you wrote a thing about that exact question about the parents and yeah, like just post them into something? I can. But let me double check it one second.

02:22:07 --> 02:22:11

Where to find it, tell them tell them where to find it. We remember

02:22:14 --> 02:22:16

Facebook later today, maybe Twiggy

02:22:20 --> 02:22:23

mela blackmailer Bless you all thank you so much for your input.

02:22:24 --> 02:22:26

I want to remind you again,

02:22:27 --> 02:22:34

just before you just before you give everyone a reminder, this, I just want to highlight something which is that

02:22:36 --> 02:23:21

these live streams that we do, and I'm watching the numbers we actually have hundreds of people watching from across the world. However, the donations are not really I mean, I'm not really happy with them, to be honest, right? What we need to do is we need to understand we churning out free content all year round, is only in the month of Ramadan, that we are saying, Do you know what we want to make this bigger, better, we want to defend the boundaries of Islam. And this cause of defending Islam and intellectually empowering Muslims to give our This is no less than the direct work that we see all across the world that's happening in terms of the dour. This is if you like

02:23:21 --> 02:24:05

the, the the academic, the intellectual, the you know, going for the cream of academia and the these types of people. And it's so important that the brothers involved in this are supported. And the translations are supported. And the publications are supported. So I want everybody watching. I mean, I'm glad we're having a good time, we're answering questions where we're doing these things, but guys, we really need you to share this link. If you don't have money to donate, please take the link and stick it on your WhatsApp send it to your friends and family. I mean, you guys know Hamza anon. And you know, they've been on YouTube since I think 2008 or something. I mean, these guys,

02:24:05 --> 02:24:29

they're working literally on a shoestring budget. And I know this right. So we really need to support the people behind these institutions. We need to support the dollar we need to support all of this work, because we want to make it bigger and better. Wright brothers. This was a Christian appeal. I can guarantee you by now the missionaries would have hit the target millions.

02:24:36 --> 02:24:59

I don't want to I don't want I don't want to honor someone, someone by mentioning her name. There was a woman. She lost her glasses because someone hit her. Unfortunately, unfortunately, we don't condone such behavior. Okay, someone hater. She lost her glasses. She went online, and she and she's a hate monger. By the way I'm not going to mention her name. She's a hate monger.

02:25:00 --> 02:25:28

She put up an appeal that I need new shades. I need new glasses. These Christians donated $10,000 they are nothing more than that. I think some of them are somewhat, you know, I wanted to ask a question. I was surprised the one thing with that situation, I think we're both kind of referring to the same thing here. You know, the Christians when when the woman was slapped in the face, you know, no one was saying Come on, give her give him the other cheek. Give me the other cheek to slap it as well the other one.

02:25:30 --> 02:25:34

So what it is, is that the Christian theoretically but Muslim practically

02:25:38 --> 02:26:20

you know, I thought I just want to I just want to add something here. Yeah. Um, if it wasn't for and I'm just just being very honest here. If it wasn't for say someone like Hamza, pushing hijab pushing me pushing others to go into academia to do these things, none of these arguments would exist. This Alhamdulillah the evolution content, which I'm putting out, this is based on Hamza's paper from 2013. But all of this stuff, guys, we've turned out for years and years and years for free. And now we're saying support us, support us so we can take this further. So then we can take this lie of Islam inshallah, to academia and so many Muslims are suffering. You know, the last couple of days,

02:26:20 --> 02:26:57

guys, I'm not sure Hamza at nine if you got the same messages. You were getting messages with people saying, Can I book a lighthouse thing? This has happened that's happened. I found myself today trying to answer these questions. It takes so much time, and we're literally on a shoestring budget. So we need support. And the money like anon mentioned the Christian missionaries, when they fundraise, they asked for millions. We're asking for what 10,000 pound a night on a live appeal or something like that, if you can give them more does better. Peanuts, literally peanuts, compared to what the missionary budgets are. In fact, you know, they spend money on private jets and all these

02:26:57 --> 02:26:59

types of things. What are we spending money on?

02:27:00 --> 02:27:15

printing workshop, one of the one of the ministries I was looking at just yesterday, the figures you know, how much is it? There's a ministry in America called Answers in Genesis, you know, the ones that they believe the young age patients? Yeah, they believe the idea universal 6000 years old, and they have a museum.

02:27:17 --> 02:27:24

Bro, they make $100 million a year, they've got $100 million across one organization.

02:27:26 --> 02:27:32

I'll tell you one thing, that if we had 10% of that, if we had 10%? Well, what

02:27:39 --> 02:28:17

I'm telling you taping Institute if it had a million dollars, okay, you know, brother Seville mentioned that. We are raising funds for this, this this this? Okay, this is what we are raising funds for. I want to I want to highlight this a book on dealing with doubt. lighthouse mentoring service, okay, new education platform with three courses and seminars to teach how to defend Islam, new essays and research new book on science and religion, debates and discussions with renowned academics, videos and media content. What more do we need? This is exactly what we need to defend the intellectual boundaries of this beautiful faith. Because then, of course, you will be as well

02:28:17 --> 02:28:43

that like, if I'm just imagine where we're moving in a certain direction. Now there's a certain trajectory of safety. Imagine if this was all not happening. Imagine if all of the work that was done in 2020 to 2021. And that will we are going to do chairlift. 222312 222 imagine all that work didn't exist. How much doubt would be widespread in the Muslim community? How much more than this belief is?

02:28:45 --> 02:28:45


02:28:48 --> 02:29:29

people don't understand what what people don't understand is that some of these doubts can only be answered by certain people who have qualified in answering these doubts. Not every single Imam in a Masjid. Not every single scholar of Islam can answer these doubts, not because they lack knowledge. It's because they lack experience in these fields. They haven't debated new non Muslims. They haven't debated Islamophobia. They haven't confronted these doubts. They haven't come across some of these questions. Some of these questions are highly sophisticated. And some of the students you are seeing on the screen right now I'm talking about the team of sapiens sapiens team here, you know,

02:29:29 --> 02:29:59

they have been at it for the last maybe the best part of 10 years answering these questions. So they may have experienced, others may not. That's why it is important to facilitate this work. Right. And if you don't have that, what do you think would happen 1000s upon 1000s of young youngsters in the US in Australia, in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, you know, how many you know youngsters have doubts? How many

02:30:00 --> 02:30:41

Youngsters lack confidence in the faith. You know why? Because they are facing onslaught nonstop onslaught online on social media on mainstream channels, and no one is defending. And I want to say, as well on this point, that, you know, I've had conversations with people. You know, in the UK, we have something called sky digital. Yeah. Sky digital is, is like a satellite program. So you have to pay the company a certain amount of money per year to just have a channel. And the running costs of a channel, a Muslim channel could go over 1 million pounds a year, or one over a million pounds, or selling pounds a year. Now, if you look at, that's how much you put into a channel, right? I'm not

02:30:41 --> 02:30:47

saying that all channels are bad, or whatever, I'm just saying you're putting a million pounds into a channel per year. And then that channel,

02:30:48 --> 02:31:28

what is its reach is probably a 10th of the reach that you can get on the internet, quite frankly, one over 10. So the thing is, the internet, using the internet strategically, as a Muslim, oma is the wave is the only way forward. In fact, we're the ones that we're doing now, with using the internet as a tool, it just possibly would not be able to be done if we went on the ground boots on the ground, because we're talking about 10s, if not hundreds, if not millions of people being affected reading things, and then spreading what they've read to their friends and family 10s or hundreds of 1000s of people watching a certain debate watching yourself, these things will reach

02:31:28 --> 02:32:03

more than anything else, right. So the effect is, you put a little bit in and you get a lot out. Right, it genuinely is a multiplier effect in terms of the efficiency of this kind of thing. And I'm here, we can make a video in this office right now. And it'll reach 20 to 30,000 people. So someone in Australia can listen to it, and then spread it in their community. Someone in Canada can listen to it and spread it in their community. If there's a harbor Imagine if there's a harbor you have such a thing, like the Sahaba they were always into military strategic thinking, you know, how to nollie dominant class, they would be thinking if the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was here, you know,

02:32:03 --> 02:32:22

what do you think you would do with this? he would he would want people to be on the on the on the on the working day or night on this because it's so is clearly the steroid thing like you know, that we're on steroids, how can you How can we forego this kind of an opportunity, especially in Ramadan when the

02:32:23 --> 02:32:52

what was the rewards are being multiplied, you know, in everything that we do when we pay money, man that costs on elements, other content, you know, the promo has also been said that the money does not depreciate when you give sadaqa and Allah subhanaw taala when he talks, talks about people that want to come back, and social karma, he says, For Lhasa coalescer level I can catch up on whatever he has not done. So the card is not praised. So sada has a huge thing in the Quran is working with Africa in the penultimate a, when Allah subhanaw taala says, you know,

02:32:54 --> 02:33:21

the disbeliever will say, and I would like to go back for a sub dakolo akumina Salah hain that I give some other client I go back and do and I'd be of the righteous of Southern and righteousness is connected. And we've said this many times in the stream, you know, suppiler Allah, the Prophet Muhammad Rasul Allah, and the Quran is so clear about another controversial bill when, when Allah subhanaw taala talks about giving and striving, he says,

02:33:22 --> 02:34:00

to Jay he do a feasibility and physical, you know, this is the to struggle in the way of Allah subhanaw taala with your money and your self. So this is, as mentioned nine times in the Quran in that order, the money comes first. Because if you're not going to sacrifice your wealth, then you're not the kind of person that would ever sacrifice their self in any event. So this is something which is a test of our Eman. We know it's effective. We Pamela in one year, what have we achieved Subhanallah with with minimal budget? Well, I have to tell the people now there are people working for Sapiens for free, because we just don't we don't have the money to allow you to do research

02:34:00 --> 02:34:22

people actually coming into the office up until three or four o'clock in the morning for free of charge. They come they say the third one as a voluntary basis. oxen bilello as if they come. And we, you know, we want to be able to offer them at least a part time contract something that you know, Subhanallah before and will have Salaam Institute. Unfortunately, it was not financially

02:34:23 --> 02:34:45

strong enough to six full time workers. Somebody had to go ahead and split the organization. People don't realize that when they don't take advantage of these situations. You know, actually this could cause a breakdown of an entire like thing you think okay, safety is always gonna be there. It's not because unfortunately, people don't see it as a thing worth worthy of giving charity to or giving money.

02:34:46 --> 02:34:52

I heard I heard that you started to sell fish. Is that true?

02:34:59 --> 02:34:59

Or not?

02:35:00 --> 02:35:07

have video evidence. Fish? Comment everybody now one pound fish, one pound fish, one pound fish, three fish.

02:35:13 --> 02:36:01

Fish, I know you want one. I don't have any fish left with Muhammad hijab stop. The old averages give a man a fish and he will eat for a day teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. This is a great adage that describes the mission of Sapiens Institute leaders spawning other leaders. That is Sapiens Institute strategy developing empowering and educating academic activists people can defend and share the deen in a manner that is academically robust and intellectually rigorous in just under a year, we have empowered and trained over 6000 people to be able to share and defend the dean, academically and intellectually, all of this amazing work is pointing to a bright future with

02:36:01 --> 02:36:40

leaders in every corner of the world who can defend and share Islam effectively. However, there is something missing what is missing from Sapiens Institute, it's you, we need people like yourself to engage with our content, to help spread the message of the dean. And to donate every person who benefits from Sapiens Institute, every leader who is developed and goes on to develop others, and those others who develop others. And those of us who develop others generation after generation long after me and you are gone. Click the button below and donate. And don't forget to share this video.

02:36:47 --> 02:37:27

I want to ask the people a question after that video. I really just want to get straight to it and ask them a question. When is the next time you are going to see a group of people. And I'm not talking about myself I'm talking about everyone else in this is sapiens, a group of people with not just a knowledge. But and this is very, very important. It's pivotal for the experience as well. They have battle, ground, tested experience on the ground week in week out, they have debated the top of people. Like I said, I've never debated James White. And when I watched the debate, I was like this is his history, our history being made.

02:37:29 --> 02:37:45

Talking about our history being made to handle sources debated Krauss, Lawrence Krauss I will say his name. But that was the most watched it is the most watched debate between a Muslim and an atheist on the internet is the most watched

02:37:47 --> 02:38:26

when you're going to get a chance to see all of these people together in a group with not just the practical synthetic knowledge because it's not just Islam, it's not you have to mix it with all of these other disciplines, interdisciplinary approach that have a game plan that has managerial experience, I have to say, a very happy to be working with have the resources because as a manager, he knows what he's doing. as manager before, people don't notice about you, and they see, I think we should know, before you became Muslim, and you are working in this field, in the city, your work in high paid job and so on, and you left it for the tower, but he has experienced from outside. So we

02:38:26 --> 02:39:05

have everything we need, the only thing that is required now is your support. And it's gonna benefit you more than anybody else. And your children and our children are generally always going to benefit our communities is gonna eradicate, I believe we're lucky if this continues for five years, it may even eradicate some of the doubts that people have one of these islamophobes he sent me a message. I'm not gonna mention him, right? Because even with the islamophobes, I don't like to mention private stuff. And one lie. He even said, you know, this whole science stuff after we done a lot on it. And we responded, he said, You know, I stress is quite trivial, isn't it? So he kind of he

02:39:05 --> 02:39:44

realized after all the attacks, he's making us a science that actually is quite trivial. The reason why he realized that is because he saw that there was a there was a response, there was an Islamic response using the tradition. The point is that if these arguments are strong enough to even get our opponents listen to this, our opponents to agree that actually this guy's got a point. Then what do you think now of your children and my children of our families and our communities, and the young people everywhere that are listening to us provide not just scriptural evidence, but scientific evidence, historical evidence, philosophical evidence, and evidence from all different kinds of

02:39:44 --> 02:40:00

disciplines to make our point, what do you really think is gonna happen? what's gonna happen is all of these intellectual doubts are going to dissipate one by one, that we're going to have a stronger oma, we're going to have people that have yaqeen the religion of Islam because all of these questions

02:40:00 --> 02:40:28

And misnomers about the religion of Islam are going to go. And they're going to have reasons to be Muslim, which is so important. Because what imams do industrious is tell us what Islam is and what kind of Muslims we should be. But we don't work on quote unquote apologetics, we don't work on why you should be a Muslim in the first place. This question is at the heart of our work and Sapiens Institute, why? The intellectual reasons. And when we inject the end user, with a reason to be Muslim.

02:40:30 --> 02:41:08

We inoculate the end user from all the shovelhead and all of the doubts that they may be exposed to in the dunya that were voted for all intents and purposes, we have armed the Muslim community, we have armed them. And so this, in many ways, is the most important thing. I've always said this, because if you build an intellectual army of Muslims around the West, and the world around the world, and we have yorklyn, ourselves, then you're going to be building people who will give Sadiq Khan, who will do this, who will do that, who will help that will be good to their parents, because they believe in Islam that they they've just not inherited from their parents, but they actually

02:41:08 --> 02:41:11

believe in it. And there's nothing more I would say,

02:41:12 --> 02:41:16

important than that. And this is why I think, you know, we really need to put our

02:41:18 --> 02:42:00

efforts together, we really do because the Christians are we're talking about hundreds of millions of pounds. onto the Genesis, we talk about every single ministry that I've seen their accounts, we're talking about hundreds of 10s, and hundreds of millions, 10s and hundreds of millions, which is one African country, come on Black Widow, we just need to pay off debt. But with this. Yeah, their budget is shockingly high and will lie in the Christian missionaries. You know how much money Christian missionaries are spending to inflate Islamophobia without mentioning names. You know, we at work who were talking about the hijab debate, it's one of those unfortunate characters with, you

02:42:00 --> 02:42:16

know, how much funding these Christian missionaries are using and spending on Islamophobia. You have no idea brothers and sisters will lie. Islamophobia is a multi million dollar industry. That's true, it is a well oiled, well funded,

02:42:17 --> 02:43:04

endeavor. And believe me, we are a bunch of muskies in comparison to those guys. You know, when it comes to financial capacity as an organization, institutionally, we are Miss skinned, you know, why? Because panela we have to struggle to get funds to continue with our work. Perhaps this is one of the tests, perhaps, Huck always comes materialistically you know, or materially speaking, weak, and the bottle is always loaded with you know all the materials of this world but it still loses. The point is, inshallah you can make our job easy for us. By supporting this work we're doing. We're doing webinars, workshops, private one to one sessions with those people who have doubt for those

02:43:04 --> 02:43:46

who want to ask us questions. We're doing publishing books and articles, there is a book forthcoming, on doubts and how to deal with them is a book forthcoming on science and religion. They will be media, they will be media productions, like videos and webinars, for example, they will be sapient thought videos, whereby number a number of different questions are addressed. That may be you know, very important to certain people when it comes to doubt. So our Alhamdulillah the funds are coming in a lot of people Mashallah are donating May Allah bless you, those of you who are making donations, may Allah bless you Allah, we pray that Allah opened the doors of Jenna for you

02:43:46 --> 02:44:26

and you may be saving someone's demand by making a donation, you know, that little webinar or that little session with one of the Sapiens team members or that article or that book we have published? It may save someone's email it may save someone from hellfire. This is our belief. So brothers sisters, you may be contributing to that. So continue to donate. Don't stop donations are coming in. A lot of generous brothers and sisters are making donations we need more and more. Okay, the more the merrier. The more we get, the more we can do the more we produce insha Allah tala okay. Despite all the difficulties, financial difficulties in particular Sapiens Institute has achieved the

02:44:26 --> 02:44:59

following in the last year, trained and empowered over 6000 people to defend and share Islam, developed and delivered over 33 academic webinars, delivered 10 in depth online courses and seminars, advanced training to the Blue Mosque outreach team. Blue Mosque basically has access to 4 million visitors every year, published three books, researched and published 13 essays and articles, launch free online lighthouse mentoring services. This is phenomenal.

02:45:00 --> 02:45:25

This is phenomenal achievement. From a small team with limited financial capacity. We want to grow this brothers and sisters. And we can do that with you read your support, you can be part of it. In the month of Ramadan, any donation you make, it will be multiplied at least 70 times, whatever you whatever decision you make, and whatever it does in the future through our work. Remember, your reward will be multiplied 70 times the price.

02:45:26 --> 02:46:12

Yeah, good. Let me let me give a vision to the brothers and sisters. Okay. So this we aim to do. And you know, the brothers know me just from a managerial perspective that if we aim to do it, then inshallah we'll get it done. We aim to basically publish a book on doubts. So all the doubts that you see on the famous anti Islamic websites, anti muslim apologetic websites, we're going to be addressing in a succinct, referenced and powerful way, in a way that can be regurgitate understood conceptually and applied a book dealing with these doubts. We're going to therefore put all of that online. So you can find an online resource to actually respond to those issues. We're also going to

02:46:12 --> 02:46:29

basically put on our learning platform, which we have already now. Put courses, advanced courses on dealing with atheism, dealing with Christianity, Christian apologetics, and all the all the key critical topics concerning

02:46:31 --> 02:47:09

how to defend the sheriff. Some academically, intellectually, this is going to happen in sha Allah. And we're recording a advanced course on doubts called no doubt how to deal with your doubts and the doubts of others. It's unique, phenomenal course, it just does. I haven't seen it anywhere. And it's all going to be put on the learning platform for free to empower you because we want to develop and empower you. So you could share it some academically, intellectually. So it's not only about dealing with your doubts, it's about empowering you. So you could share some intellectually and academically, on campus off campus, in in every sphere of your life. If this is the vision that you

02:47:09 --> 02:47:51

would like to see manifested, then this requires funds. This requires donations. This requires a video editor. This requires the equipment handle, we have some equipment already, so we're not asking for too much equipment. But this requires time, research effort, potential animations, this requires research, this requires books, this requires human resource time. And at the same time of the lighthouse service that we want to make accessible not only for a few hours a week, but for maybe the majority of the week, but that requires people to have that one to one mentoring. And that one to one mentoring is only for people having doubts, bias to men to do art, in order for them to

02:47:51 --> 02:47:52

continue the

02:47:53 --> 02:48:03

apologetic and our journey. If this is something that you want to see, this is a commitment, I'm gonna I'm putting myself out there publicly, this is a commitment.

02:48:04 --> 02:48:20

And this will happen inshallah, even if we don't have to sleep. Even if we have to like sleep in the office, or whatever the case may be, it will happen. And if it doesn't happen, you can take me to account I have a I have a accounting policy, you can take them into account in any time anyway.

02:48:21 --> 02:48:58

I want these things to happen. In sha Allah, we have an amazing team that can get make this happen. But it requires resources, it requires your support, if you want to see this. So look at the vision if you want to see a world where we have an online free service that we could do with people's doubts on a one to one basis. And also to empower to attend a one to one basis they could become future leaders. And you want to see a world where we have a book on doubts a website on doubts dealing with doubts, we have this course on doubts. We have a learning platform that deals with advanced topics in the Dow to enable people to share some academically, intellectually, and much,

02:48:58 --> 02:49:24

much more. if that's a word you want to see. Then let's put our money where our mouth is, and let's support this. It's as simple as that. And know this date today the 20th 20th of April 20 of April 2021 Yes, you can you can in next Ramadan when we do another live episode in sha Allah, that you can say Hamza, did you get this done?

02:49:25 --> 02:49:29

And if I don't give you a provable and valid excuse,

02:49:31 --> 02:49:31


02:49:32 --> 02:49:33

I'll leave.

02:49:34 --> 02:49:38

I'm not joking, I'll leave because it means I've wasted all my time and omas money.

02:49:40 --> 02:49:51

So you won't you need to do is you've seen our tragic, tragic tree for the past 15 years, what we've done, how we've tried to develop the mistakes and how we try to bounce back and the progression all of this stuff.

02:49:52 --> 02:49:59

Hopefully the trust is there. If this is a word you want to see, then then give us your donations and I'm telling you're gonna see this

02:50:00 --> 02:50:24

Even if it means that I'll make this guy never sleep for a week, and I don't seek for a week, we're going to get done in sha Allah. So from that perspective, please give your donations and then you could take us to account. I'm telling you, how many people do say I would literally leave if next Ramadan, the things I've mentioned, we don't get done. You know, I one more thing to add to that. Let's let's look at resources track record, you know, when he was an IRA?

02:50:26 --> 02:51:00

Obviously, I mean, the thing is now, when he was an IRA as a CEO, can we reveal the two figures of the transformations you changed? Yes, it's on my website. Basically, we increased our operation by over 1,000%. So we had three outreach specialists, and we went to like 30 4050. So we increase our international operations by our operations by 1,000%. And we increase our funds by over 500%, I believe. So there you have it. This is why it's ginormous. This is what this is all from Allah subhana wa Tada. And I was standing on the shoulders of giants. Of course, I wasn't there.

02:51:10 --> 02:51:46

Yeah. Honestly, like, it's, it's a well oiled machine, you know, hands on knows what it's doing from Nigeria perspective, that accountability is as for financial angle, you know, everyone knows their role everyone has, has has an investment and emotional investment in the Dow, every single person has an emotional investment that out. And quite frankly, we'll be doing it either way. But you can't do certain things. Either way. There's certain things that require money, for example, like, especially when we're talking about like, you're talking about putting these things as a database on the internet, that requires IT specialists. I'm really sorry, no one here is an IT specialist, then

02:51:46 --> 02:52:19

that needs to be subcontracted to somebody outside. Right? Now, let me let me put you a kind of a picture, right? When I was younger, 1314 year olds, yeah, come back to school, from school and go on the internet. Some kid tells me something, maybe we must classroom or something about Islam, or you know, your prophet married or nine year old or whatever it may be, you know, oh, you know, your profit was a so I go down Google. And I write down Prophet Muhammad, you know, war. And then I see some David Wood or some assumption or some, you know, these animals or somebody else, right.

02:52:20 --> 02:53:01

And I click on it, and all you see Jordan Peterson talking about the Prophet Mohammed, the warlord, or whoever it may be, you see, right, you see some figures at the top of the Google page. And then when you start clicking next, next, next, maybe an Islamic console is somewhere, and it's on some forum. And it's not even like professionally done. The kid is looking at that and thinking, this is unprofessional. Like, even the kid the eight knows, this thing is a block. Who am I gonna? Who am I gonna listen to these professors that have professional websites and all kinds of referencing and what am I gonna watch? Listen to his blog, which is, you know, the point of the matter is SEO, where

02:53:01 --> 02:53:38

we put like a database on the internet, and it comes to the top of the Google charts. That's one thing, and then actually printing physical stuff, like how can we distribute material if we can't print physical stuff? Yes, that's impossible. You know, when we're IRA, what was the numbers of the things that you printed? Like how many hundreds of 1000s and this stuff, by the way, like, I go anywhere, now this someplace in the area where you look at an O this IRA? thing I know, mostly a friend of mine, I bought, I got this pamphlet with like, yellow. Well, I when I was in one of the universities, also malaria, I went into the professor's office, and I was talking to him. And I

02:53:38 --> 02:53:40

looked like I had a billboard that the IRA

02:53:42 --> 02:54:17

light. So I'm saying this stuff, travels, people read it. Yeah, because it's attractive, you can hold it, you can handle it. And if you like, for example, one of the ideas we're talking about is putting all the major contentions in one place. But the scientific stuff, the moral stuff that feminism isn't putting into one book so that if somebody has this manual, imagine now a year, a year nine, student year 10 student, he's being attacked by everybody, maybe his classmates, friends are reclassed, the teachers telling him some stuff, which is false. And then now he has his book. So he says, teacher says, you know, your profit is a war Lord, or whoever it is, ie slavery, wherever it

02:54:17 --> 02:54:19

may be, right? racist. If

02:54:20 --> 02:54:38

you go to the Index page of the contents page, racism, Islam, or page 49 12345. Some people will say this. I've heard that before. This is how to respond. Yes. And here's the references for us. You said the guys that you man, you've strengthened him in the classroom environment. I used to work in the school.

02:54:39 --> 02:54:42

Before I was working as a trainee teacher, I was working as a

02:54:43 --> 02:54:55

LSA, like a TA, right? At one point. And I remember there was some some Muslim kids in the class. Yeah. And I remember like, I remember, the teacher was telling him certain things, but through evolution funny enough yet.

02:54:56 --> 02:55:00

And the kid was like, didn't know what to say or what to do. So I was giving him some information.

02:55:00 --> 02:55:33

Whereas let's say they say they asked this asset. And then he started asking the questions that he felt empowered by it. But how does this for one of the questions is simple? How does this just prove the How does? How does evolution disprove God? Like he doesn't come intuitively to them? Right? Even if we agree with evolution was pitched as an argument against God. So how does it disprove God in the first place? And the teacher started stuttering and stammering this year, a kid has now become a question an interrogator in his classroom come from from from a week, you know, little kid that has to take from your throat teacher to now ask him to teach you the questions and everyone can see

02:55:33 --> 02:55:54

this, we need to have this stuff, we need to have it this is for the future of our oma preservation is actually preservation. apostasy rates are going to go up if you don't, people are gonna say, forget this religion, it's not true. And yeah, and that's, that's not because of Islamic weakness. That's because of our negligence, and our lack of teaching, and our lack of

02:55:55 --> 02:56:33

employment confidence for the youngsters. So brothers and sisters will live without any delay, click the link and start making donations. This is exactly what we are talking about. We're talking about supporting this work. You know, there are so many things to say and so many things to discuss. But we simply do not have the entire night, we have close to one hour left for this appeal. And we really, really, really, really, really need every single person to get involved in this novel, work Sapiens forward slash donate live is the link, and it's rolling in front of you. And you can see the link in your video description. Whatever channel you're watching this, go to the

02:56:33 --> 02:56:36

video description. And you will see the link that

02:56:40 --> 02:56:42

his brother has been waiting for for an hour and a half.

02:56:45 --> 02:57:30

Brothers, I'd like to first emphasize on how important the references are. Unfortunately, not many people understand that. And I learned that the hard way. And what just out of experience, the minute you see a loved one or a dear friend deviate from the right path and realize that there is a serious problem there. It may be too late. And maybe that's why therefore I think it's crucial to ask everyone to be proactive and get ahead of the game and have the knowledge to protect themselves and their family. So I think you asked me he asked again people donate, please. Right. So anyway, so my question to everyone on the panel that this is really a specific person.

02:57:31 --> 02:58:19

It's about Lawrence Krauss his book, a universe from nothing. And the entire premise of the book is that Krauss is trying to prove that exact false claim. But my question is, why is this an issue a lot in multiple locations than before answers in MMO, either all other shapes and any other level compare cool. As mentioned, for example, in Serbia scene and of course I understand that cross defines nothing as the absence of something including, of course, the absence of Allah Himself. But I listened to a brother Hans's argument during his debate with Krauss and during one of the interviews in philosophy YouTube channel with Dr. ality a product hunter had a different take and

02:58:19 --> 02:58:20

kind of hinted that

02:58:21 --> 02:58:25

this is the wrong approach approach to the argument maybe.

02:58:26 --> 02:58:39

I mean, the argument of the universe come from nothing, Kevin, brother comes over anyone else on the panel can elaborate on that. Yes. So, so, first you cast his take is basically he basically

02:58:40 --> 02:59:16

understood a classical definition of nothing meaning the absence of something. And he believes that when they refer to something, it meant time and space. And because now in quantum reality, you can remove time in space. Therefore, he says, well, when you remove time and space, you have nothing, but that nothing, this is still something. So just for people to be aware that when crowd says something can come from nothing is nothing is the absence of time of space. From a quantum perspective, that is still actually something. So quantum foam is a quantum reality, whatever the case may be. Now, he's saying so so when people say something comes from nothing, no, in a Crowson

02:59:16 --> 02:59:40

says because Krauss is basically saying something comes from something that's not a problem. He's just doing linguistic gymnastic from that perspective, because he has this kind of hidden form of scientism. He wants science to do with metaphysical issues, because the concept of nothing is actually metaphysical because the absence of something, the absence of any prior causal condition, because the quantum reality is a causal condition, has causal conditions. In the absence of that

02:59:43 --> 02:59:59

Yani that's what it means. So science can do with that, because that concept of nothing is more of a metaphysical kind of first principle discussion. But because you have this kind of scientism that's hidden in his discourse, he's basically saying no science has to now take this metaphysical concept.

03:00:00 --> 03:00:40

They can't really do it, and actually redefine it and discuss it. And therefore now, we're going to say that something that nothing is actually something. Now, notwithstanding that, it's important to understand the following. There's the theology, there's the theological coming from nothing. And there's the philosophical coming from nothing. The philosophical coming from nothing is absolutely impossible, because how can something arise without any prior causal conditions is actually impossible. Now, when we say confer your Kuhn, we don't have a problem. Yes, Allah create from nothing from the perspective of no prime material stuff, right? But it's not nothing in the

03:00:40 --> 03:01:18

philosophical definition, because Allah is a reality, from conflating from nothing and violence. Yes, so the complaint from nothing and binah thing. So Allah Subhana, WA, tada, his era and qudra, for example, His will empower actually the prior causal conditions that bring things into existence. So there is a an in on Sapiens Institute, if you go to, for example, one of the articles could divine certainty, I believe, you read the argument there. And and this contention is addressed, if you can't find it there go to Sapiens Institute, forward slash books, you could download the divine reality, I think chapter four or five, actually addresses this, this this this specific issue. So

03:01:18 --> 03:01:36

there is a conflict conflation between buying nothing and from nothing. So from that perspective, for sure, but can we say things can come from nothing? In a philosophical sense? No, absolutely not. Because that would assume nothing exists at all, including now to build our last panel with Allah. So

03:01:37 --> 03:01:44

I hope that clarifies your question. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I have your book, by the way. excellent book. Thanks, man. Ah, bless you.

03:01:49 --> 03:01:50

Okay, brothers or sisters. So

03:01:51 --> 03:02:30

this is what we do. This is like, a kind of small example, what we do for an hour in the lighthouse sessions. And we go even in more detail in order to basically empower future to, to be able to articulate and show you some academically, intellectually, and we do this in depth references, and PowerPoint slides, in our courses and seminars. And these are the kinds of things that we're going to be producing. So let me just repeat, if you want to see next year, to have a book dealing with most of the doubts, you can't have internet, the significant doubts you have, you have an online resource that, that uploads that as well in a way that's professional that you can find a space on

03:02:30 --> 03:03:07

SEO, and also that you have a learning platform that has advanced courses on how to deal with atheism, how to deal with liberalism, how to deal with all of these things, Christianity, and so on and so forth. And many, many other things in the continued sapient full series. And, and more great work in the lighthouse one to one, mentoring, if you want to see that world where you have that resource for the community for the online, it's all free. And and if we don't do it, I'm telling you right now, you could take me to account record this, send it to me next year, do whatever you want, with being totally open and transparent. If you want to see that world, then donate Why are you

03:03:07 --> 03:03:35

stopping this is what we need. We need that book that's accessible and accessible language references, that's concise, that could do all the super hot, we need a course we need multiple advanced courses on how to deal with doubts and how to imply on empower leaders to do with the doubts of others. We need a course on atheism, of course in Christianity, of course on Christology and so on and so forth. We need for example, a lighthouse mentoring to expand because it's unprecedented times that we live in so many people need this one to one mentoring and development and support.

03:03:36 --> 03:03:39

And we need the videos and the books that are coming out there's a

03:03:41 --> 03:03:48

start the hijab has been a book on the contingency argument from an Islamic perspective. And also the hermeneutic dilemma

03:03:49 --> 03:03:49

to start

03:03:52 --> 03:03:53


03:03:54 --> 03:03:56

of course your teacher, of course Allah.

03:04:00 --> 03:04:27

So from that perspective, brothers and sisters, you need to you just need to it's based on trust. I believe this is based on trust and I'm trying to give you my heart here and just give us your support and inshallah you're going to see this you are going to see this inshallah by noco, by crook you know, and we would like to consider ourselves as hardworking in sha Allah hope we ask and this is exactly what we want to provide for the oma and I'm very excited how much David would make so much.

03:04:28 --> 03:04:31

Brothers and sisters fisherman is

03:04:33 --> 03:04:34


03:04:36 --> 03:04:37

is embarrassing.

03:04:40 --> 03:04:43

David Wood, for example, makes it more than 1000s Yeah.

03:04:44 --> 03:04:51

He makes like 1000s of 1000 pounds pounds a month via his Patreon, an organization

03:04:52 --> 03:04:59

and these a lot of the brothers and sister come to us they got confused because of people like them.

03:05:00 --> 03:05:38

So what's the solution to support people like us to provide the response and provide the empowerment. Now, if we just stay silent and not do anything, and these guys all have the platform, they have the out, they're pushing money on the algorithm. And they're pushing one of these things. I got, for example, I did this private session with some leaders just a few nights a few days ago, it was very beautiful. And it was about actually empathic leadership. And one of the brothers knows a football player, then he's a practicing Muslim. I don't want to get too much information because it's private. But his his colleagues know, his colleague, is like a Christian mission that refers to

03:05:38 --> 03:06:03

David Wood. So he wants to put in touch with me so we can help deal with some of some of his issues. Do you see the point? Now, imagine, if we didn't have the we didn't have the time and we had to basically do a normal nine to five job and we had this and that and the other. Your support frees our time, your support not only frees up time, but allows us to do these amazing projects for the for the community.

03:06:04 --> 03:06:45

Some of these Christian missionaries are not even Christian, they're not Christian. I don't believe they believe in God. I don't even believe that. Some of them are simply in it for money. They are watching the spreading spreading hate, they are putting out hateful videos, they are tarnishing noble people, they have no morality, no moral values whatsoever. If you listen to them, their videos, you have to be a sick person to sit down and watch them online. You know, if you will, you are normal person and you watch some of these missionaries for three minutes, you get a headache, either you get too angry, or you get frustrated. Okay, how can people watch this, but unfortunately,

03:06:45 --> 03:07:29

unfortunately, my brothers because they have an audience, and they have support, where is our support people who are actually countering that because that, you know, rubbish, or that really, really evil content, hateful content, I would rightly Islamophobic it's open season on Islam, they can say what they want with impunity, their videos won't be blocked under the guise or under the pretext of freedom of speech. They can say what they want, right? So we need an intellectual defensive mechanism to defend our faith and to give confidence to empower our youth so that they can protect the faith, they can defend the faith. And for that you need to support Sapiens Institute. Oh

03:07:29 --> 03:08:11

my god, oh my god, I forgot to mention something. My beloved brother Dr. Latif, he known does have a PhD. He's got postdoctoral studies in dehumanisation authorization. And not only that doctors mind the teeth. He basically is published with grill and Springer high Academic Press. He is almost finishing a paper that's going to make such a big noise in the Christian apologetics community is going to obliterate their so called argument against the conception of God and Islam is going to be as he put the words of hijab terrifying it would intellectually terrify them. It would basically dismantle obliterate, annihilate,

03:08:13 --> 03:08:51

diminish and remove their kind of force that they've had for the past 20 years. For example, Dr. William Craig, he has basically advocate a particular argument saying that the conception of God in Islam is morally inadequate is not in line with maximal perfection. And in Islam, we believe Allah is perfect. This argument has continued for 20 years and with all due respect, there has not been an adequate response I am telling you for now, there has not been adequate response, academically written in written format. And even in video format, no response. And even recently, relatively recently, he is that video of his saying those things was going viral.

03:08:52 --> 03:09:36

I am telling you the paper that Dr. Rothman Latif has done is got an argument from the Islamic tradition starting from Adam alayhis salam, all the way through the rest of Islamic theology and concerning the names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is such a phenomenal piece, and I'm telling you, the minute we launch it, it's going to create such an event. It's going to be a cataclysmic biblical tsunami, if you like using those times for Christian apologetics, I'm telling you right now, and I tell you why I know this as well, because we've we have taken it for lm back for this paper. And as Mohammed II job he knows how critical and how I can go on people's nerves. I

03:09:36 --> 03:10:00

and I play chess with arguments to make sure that we have crossed the T's dot the i's we've and we've been strategic with all the arguments in a way that is robust as possible. And we've already taken it to an academic editor, and we're going to take it again check academic academic editor. Do you know how much academic editors cost? Pay for people's like this It could be like 1000 pounds, we're gonna get this money from to make sure that it's done properly. But the point here

03:10:00 --> 03:10:11

Is this paper on divine perfection is and we're going to make videos into this as well. And a course into this as well, is going to be something that hasn't been done in around 20 years.

03:10:12 --> 03:10:49

Now, this is what Sapiens Institute is about. It's about creating this novel and powerful stuff, filling the gaps in the dour. There are other entities doing amazing work, we refer to these Institute's May Allah bless them or support them. But what we fill the gap in is we're trying to fill the gap that that that we're trying to fill the gaps that exist in the data. And also we're trying to empower and develop others to actually continue to share and defend Islam intellection academically Well, on the intellectual front lines, and that is very a difficult place to be in. So this I forgot to mention this paper. This paper is absolutely phenomenal. And it's going to look at

03:10:49 --> 03:11:00

inshallah, absolutely. Let's go to the next question. Question. We had Faisal. We have brother Faisal, it looks like a wheel, I think his family

03:11:02 --> 03:11:18

law. May Allah reward you for your efforts, brothers. My question is, is there a simpler way? Is there a symbiotic relationship in nature, between predator and prey similar to the relationship between humans and cattle?

03:11:20 --> 03:11:25

Because in the Quran, Chapter 36 is 71 to 73.

03:11:26 --> 03:11:44

It says, Do they not see that we single handedly created for them, among other things, cattle, which are under their control, and we have subjected these animals to them, so they may ride them? So they may write some and eat others? And they derive from them?

03:11:45 --> 03:11:48

Other benefits and drinks? while they're not then give thanks.

03:11:49 --> 03:11:57

So like, from an evolutionary perspective, is there like an explanation of the relationship between humans and cattle? That's

03:11:59 --> 03:11:59


03:12:02 --> 03:12:41

I'm not sure to be honest. That's more suppose Yeah, that's a suppose area, we'll transfer that will be a symbiotic relation means that they both benefit. So it's the antithesis of a parasitic relationship. So they both benefit each other. So I mean, I don't know what the evolution explanation is. But what Allah subhanaw taala is obviously true, even in our own experience, that, you know, we can ride the horse, we can even eat the horse. We have cows and milk and cattle. So you can't you know, sorry. Okay, this is the last day. You get camels? Yeah. Yes, yeah. So you could ride camels, and so on and so forth. So from that perspective, we even have camel, camel milk. So

03:12:41 --> 03:13:19

and we take care of the cameras when we're writing them. And you know, animals have rights in Islamic tradition. So there's definitely a symbiotic relationship from that perspective. But what's the evolution explanation for that? I'm not too sure to bring this broader apologize. We'll bring it to try and ask subordination because the smallest area is that significant question for you to know where that question is coming from what what kind of space is that question coming from? I was discussing this with a naturalist. And he was saying, like, like this, like, there was a story in the news a while back about, they found the lost sheep somewhere and the European countryside, and

03:13:19 --> 03:13:26

was lost for so many years. It had so much wool on it. And it was about to lose its life. But farmers like rescued it and shared the

03:13:28 --> 03:14:10

Yeah. So like, I understood that sheep depend on humans to share their world. So Interesting. Interesting. I get your point. That's really interesting. I think like this argument can be used for, for human exceptionalism. That you know, naturalist, they don't like this argument. They say it's like a creationist argument. Sure, but broad, not just a bigger problem. The thing with philosophical naturalism, the easiest way to defeat it is if you find one non naturalistic thing that is game over. And that's why consciousness is such a big problem for them consciousness, the origins of the universe, objective morality, moral realism, so many different issues. naturalism is

03:14:10 --> 03:14:42

slowly slowly fading and crumbling away, especially in the realm of consciousness, even in the realm of consciousness, specifically, the fact that we have a true reliable cognitive faculties. How can you explain true reliable cognitive faculties under philosophical naturalism under Darwinian mechanism, I actually wrote an academic paper on this, the only thing you could do is actually cite skepticism. You have to be a skeptic, because if you adopt modern evolutionary theory, which is not is evolution, pluralism, which not only says a mechanism has natural selection, but you have things like genetic drift, and so on and so forth,

03:14:43 --> 03:14:59

where random mutation all of that stuff when you have these issues, the only thing you can say is that you could be a skeptic because we could have evolved to have cognitive faculties that were unreliable that produced false beliefs.

03:15:00 --> 03:15:14

But yet it was conducive to survival, it could be the case based on the empirical data. Like, for example, there is data that's coming out now, it has already come out that basically, our visual systems, you know, had to be inaccurate in order for us to survive

03:15:16 --> 03:15:24

our visual perception, it's phenomenal. I'm gonna, actually, um, it's a bit, it's a bit late, but the people is going to be coming out

03:15:25 --> 03:15:43

citing this information. So, the issue here is empirically and philosophically, if you adopt philosophical naturalism, when you adopt the Darwinian mechanism, you have to be a skeptic, you cannot say with any degree of certainty that our cognitive faculties

03:15:44 --> 03:16:07

are reliable, and they, they, they, they produce true beliefs, and not necessarily leads to survival, because there's so much philosophical and empirical evidence to show that in actual fact, our cognitive faculties are unreliable, that produce false beliefs, and that is conducive to survival. So they have to be skeptical. So philosophical naturalist is self defeating. They can't even believe in philosophical naturalism.

03:16:08 --> 03:16:29

That's the point. It's like they shoot themselves in the foot philosophically. And obviously, there's a quick summary there's more philosophy and stuff to discuss and we will discuss it but what I'm trying to say is don't worry about the small things bro about the camera and this and that the other is very good but the point is philosophical naturalism is suffering from bigger problems Yeah, like consciousness they're just trying to find the holes in there like narrow

03:16:32 --> 03:16:41

actually to explore other things as well. So you have more armory initial if you if you booking a lighthouse session we could discuss it like more in length inshallah. Okay shall

03:16:42 --> 03:17:12

be much brothers and sisters again, to remind you this appeal is to get your support for this institution that is doing great work Sapiens forward slash donate live is the link where you can make a donation. And simply dude has done a lot of good work in the last year, as we have mentioned, almost train 6000 people to defend and share Islam, over 30 to 33 academic webinars 10 in depth online courses,

03:17:13 --> 03:17:55

and published three books and many many lighthouse mentoring service sessions 30 sapient, thoughts videos and much much more on hamdulillah and what we seek to do in the future is to publish a book on doubt and how to answer them lighthouse mentoring sessions will continue and then a new books on science and religion debates and discussions the renowned academics and media productions like videos and webinars and a lot more will be coming in the future inshallah. So please, please, please support this institute with your precious donations. This is the month of Ramadan. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said is Raja Ramadan put they had a wobble Genova

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03:18:40 --> 03:19:26

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03:19:26 --> 03:19:59

to let this platform down. For that reason, the link is there right in front of you. It's rolling through the screen, Sapiens forward slash Donate Life. Okay, you can see the link in your video's description, and you can make a donation. And we really, really, really want your support in this channel is the month of Ramadan. And this is how we will be able to do the work we have already mentioned. So shall we go to the next question, but yes, let's go to the tower.

03:20:01 --> 03:20:01

Santa Monica.

03:20:02 --> 03:20:09

Santa Monica. Yes. Sorry. I'm leaving you Sudanese very late. I was waiting a long time. But anyway,

03:20:10 --> 03:20:41

last time I was watching your show, and I had some issue and I couldn't talk to you last time. But tomorrow night, I want to analyze your show. On my, my channel. I was wondering if I can invite one of you there. You know, defend yourself about some Hadith is that you were explaining and misrepresenting Islam actually. So, I would like to receive any of you would like to join us Do

03:20:42 --> 03:21:00

you think we were misrepresenting Islam? Yes, yes. Give us a give us an example please. We're talking about you were talking about that Hadith about the killing of Vasa are and you were changing the Hadeeth in order to

03:21:01 --> 03:21:20

to explain something fabricated at ease. And you even didn't know yourself that that had is fabricated or authentic? Because you said you explained that it is because it's poison. Despite that this doesn't say that at all. It says that the blue the fire of Prophet Abraham

03:21:22 --> 03:21:27

What do you understand from it? I understand that that the Hadees is absolutely fabricated.

03:21:28 --> 03:21:30

This had this about

03:21:32 --> 03:21:37

Yes, yes. Alicia, because these blue lizard cannot blow anything.

03:21:39 --> 03:21:45

Okay, so where is the Hadees? You know, the reference of the hair this one What are you saying? What What are you doing?

03:21:46 --> 03:21:56

Sorry? On what basis are you saying is fabricated On what basis? What's your basis? Because it doesn't make sense at all. Okay.

03:21:57 --> 03:22:02

Where is the quality? Where is the Hadith from? You know, I believe there are some Hadith

03:22:04 --> 03:22:14

you were you were explaining last night and you don't know yourself? No, I have the references here. I've just pulled it out. I just want to know where it is. I read it. Yeah.

03:22:15 --> 03:22:17

Yeah. Where is the Hadeeth? What's the source?

03:22:19 --> 03:22:25

Which I don't have. I don't I don't have in front of me. Now. It is. I don't know. You.

03:22:26 --> 03:22:32

Women were is is inherited by Buhari him and Achmed. Whereas the Hadith

03:22:35 --> 03:23:04

Yes, I'm talking about the Hadees. You were talking about last night killing the Razak lizard. Because we have may have may have different versions, which version are you talking about? which particular wording which particular? Well, listen, there is there is a hadith concerning the was in Al Bukhari. So are you saying the Hadith is fabricated? There are lots of Hadith in our body that are fabricated. Okay. So

03:23:07 --> 03:23:45

this is this is a separate issue then? Because Are you weakening the Hadeeth based on just pure rationality that a lizard cannot blow? Is that what you mean? Not only that, okay. Is there a chain? Is there a weakness in the duration? Like, where's the weakness? And are you saying that it's like, Wait, let me finish when you started. You said because it doesn't make sense that a lizard can blow. Now, is that the only reason you're saying it's weak? Or are you saying analyze the chain, you have a good grounding and we'll still heady and so on. And therefore

03:23:46 --> 03:23:59

another another things that shaytan made them to blow that he says that shaytan made them to blow that fire shaytan cannot fool shaytan is only here for human being who understand that.

03:24:02 --> 03:24:05

You're not listening to the question. You're asking the question. Okay.

03:24:07 --> 03:24:43

Okay, look, this is not for internal discussion. The point is this, in our classical tradition, my beloved brother, Yes, we have. It's not criticism, we also have mutton criticism. But before he didn't work on criticism, you need to actually be very, very, very, in advanced Hadees sciences and know the criteria for mutton criticism. With all due respect, it sounds like you haven't even attempted to do a reconciliation, because a lot of these things that you're mentioning, are metaphysical realities, and you're trying to impose a naturalistic understanding on these things. And this is the fallacious is a naturalistic fallacy, right? It's just fallacious reasoning. My

03:24:43 --> 03:24:45

advice to you is this.

03:24:46 --> 03:24:59

You should first and foremost understand what are the criteria to categorize the mutton because in in animal studies, you can criticize the isnaad to find out if the isnaad is is authentic or not, but you can also criticize the mutton by

03:25:00 --> 03:25:37

Has, for example, there are hidden defects of some Hadeeth. We know this is part of a classical tradition. This is we have a new, it's robust tradition. However, there are criteria to assess the mutton, even if the isnot is fine the mutton, if you want to assess it you there are criteria, sophisticated criteria. Are you aware of these criteria? Number one, I think you're not. And I don't want to presume and you know, your beloved brother, but you have to realize something that you have come across with a naturalistic pre framing of the particular Hadith, even though the Hadees talks about metaphysical realities. So it shows to me there hasn't been that kind of intellectual effort

03:25:37 --> 03:25:53

to try and reconcile philosophically. Maybe you're coming from me as scientism background that you think everything has to be explained scientifically, which is very problematic and philosophically incoherent. However, what I suggest we do because I think you're sincere and you know, you came on here and you want to interact.

03:25:55 --> 03:26:03

If you email me at info at Sapiens, we can exchange numbers and we can have a discussion inshallah. Okay, happy.

03:26:04 --> 03:26:42

I'm going to have a show. I was wondering, not want one I want to have in my show direct, you know, discussion about such things appreciated very much if you can. No, I think the general policy is my beloved brother is that we don't externalize his Muslim internal differences to that degree. By virtue of what I've just said, I think what we should do, if you want us to have any type of discussion, let's first have a discussion privately as brothers to see where we're going wrong to see where our assumptions are, and so on and so forth. And then from there, we'll just take it from there. It's okay.

03:26:43 --> 03:26:46

I will email you inshallah. Allah bless you, brother. You take care.

03:26:48 --> 03:27:08

Thank you. Very, very quickly. Before we move on, I want to clarify our position that we believe savion Bihari to be authentic after the Quran are scholars in the 1000s? Not hundreds in the 1000s have studied the maternal Bukhari and it's not arbitrary, and they are unanimous. Okay.

03:27:09 --> 03:27:47

That Biharis, a recording is overwhelmingly authentic. Okay. There may be one or two reports where they may have did some column or some discussion. But with regard to the authenticity of Bukhari, the scholars, the Orthodox scholars of Islam, from the day one to the day lost have been unanimous, since the authorship of Bukhari that the book is authentic. The report there in our authentic and Bukhari was not alone in authenticating them rather, independently, those reports are authenticated by all other scholars, this is our position. So anyone who comes with their rationality,

03:27:48 --> 03:28:05

use their mind with the limited knowledge or limited understanding of the science of these, they just reject the Hadees that it doesn't make sense. This is not how we reject her, this is not the way to do, right. This is not in actual fact, when they say doesn't make sense. They haven't even attempted to make sense of it.

03:28:06 --> 03:28:32

And when you do, you look at the language and you make attempt to make sense of it. And you understand the metaphysical implications, and so on and so forth. You like, Wow, so panela would be for Hadith. And this is why we have to be very careful, because a lot i'm not saying the brothers like this, but a lot of the times we have an infinity complex. And we think everything has to be naturalistic everything has to be scientific, and so on and so forth. And we haven't been we haven't been bothered to understand the Hadeeth. We understand the implications and the new insistence on.

03:28:34 --> 03:28:49

Yeah, this is this is just real quick. I mean, I think one of the things we need to understand and identify is that, you know, I started off and I don't know if you were here, thumbs up, I said, we've thrown ourselves in epidemic lizards hole. Okay.

03:28:52 --> 03:29:35

Right, yeah. So but I'm using that very purposefully, because we've accepted certain items, rather than, sorry, that Lizard, Lizard epistemology. And we're going on with the with the lizard motif, but what I'm saying is, is that it's very important for us that when we are having these discussions, we understand that, you know, it's not just about the sometimes not about the particular point, you know, the brother, may Allah Subhana, Allah bless him, and, you know, and reward him for his question, and guide all of us, it's always important to understand what are the metaphysical assumptions? And this becomes extremely important. And this is the reason you know why

03:29:35 --> 03:29:59

we're saying we need an institute like Sapiens to continue on and do the work, because it's one thing to jump into a discussion and start, you know, looking at the specifics of the Hadeeth, and so on and so forth. But then understanding what are some of the underlying worldviews that are being pushed to the forefront, and therefore, we're being courted and, you know, assuming that to be a true worldview, that'd be

03:30:00 --> 03:30:38

was problematic. But then you need someone that let's say has had the experience has the background has a knowledge in dealing with these things. And that's why I'm going to ask people that at this point to go to forward slash donate live and donate for this very important skill set that we're trying to empower all of the people that are that are that are benefiting from the content that come into the one on one sessions. We want to empower people to be able to transcend a worldview that they're stuck in. If they're stuck in an epistemic lizard's hole, we want to pull them out. And that's the realest that that's realistically what we want to do. And that's

03:30:38 --> 03:31:16

realistically why you should support the support Sapiens Institute, and some advice concerning Heidi's brothers and sisters. Even with me in my own journey, you know, I became Muslim around 18 years ago, when you see these Hadees you don't understand them, like what is this? But I remember me not now we're in the car a few few years ago, a few months ago, and I said to him, you know, the older we get, the more we realize the beauty of these hadith of Hadith, the wisdom of these Hadith what I'm telling you, and this is and this comes with experience and humility and Allah He seeking knowledge in Islam is based on humility. If you have humility, Allah will reveal some wisdom to you.

03:31:16 --> 03:31:49

Luca Luca Musa alayhis salam and Fado look at the macom of Musa Musa understood according to save that Hitler knew some stuff had some wisdom that he didn't he didn't have Allah bless him with wisdom. He didn't bless Mousavi Mousavi. Some came humbly and he tried to be patient. So the whole story teaches you if you're humble and patient, Allah will reveal some of these wisdoms to you. So a lot of times we're very rash we're very you know, we still want to get an answer very quickly. And we think we know it all because we've got a bit of a science background, whatever the case may be, and we get some kind of arrogance for all the time you realize with humility, you know, these Hades

03:31:49 --> 03:31:52

beautiful, absolutely beautiful. And you know,

03:31:53 --> 03:32:03

all the points at once. Okay, it before sorry, not before we get to it, could you just remind everybody why we're here tonight? Yeah, really? You just came we have been doing?

03:32:06 --> 03:32:07

He's refreshed.

03:32:08 --> 03:32:22

Before you just popped in. We were doing exactly that anyway, evolved once said in his gathering, that there are certain wisdoms of Islam that only makes sense after you reach the age of 14. So, yeah,

03:32:24 --> 03:33:04

check on that. Let me let me mention something to that and give you some sort of like, photonic backbone. How about that inshallah. So, you know, we've been talking about religion and science, science and religion, whatever it is. And a lot of times when people come to the Quran, they love the idea or LA subhana wa tada says, cenu de him I yeah, Tina, Phil, aha, Kofi alphas, right, that you will, they will see in the horizons, our signs right. And in themselves. What's really interesting is that the first word the first verb starts with the scene which means in the future. So some of the professor Dean said, when it comes to the, the heavens and the universe makes sense,

03:33:04 --> 03:33:44

we do more discoveries, but when it comes to unfussy him amongst themselves, as you grow older, you will constantly and continuously see new things about yourself and intellectual, you know, levels that you reach. And that's why Allah uses the scene to indicate the future, the lower courts owe them, the signs of the heavens and inside themselves, right. So, you know, this idea of having epistemic humility and being humble, when we are now looking at Hadith and even the Quran itself, and we're trying to ponder upon these things. This comes from, you know, like you said, comes up, just having that sort of humility, and it becomes very important when we're traversing the path of

03:33:44 --> 03:34:22

understanding inshallah so as savour said, we know you need to go to sapiens, Sapiens forward slash donate live. These are the beautiful points that were you know, that we tried to bring, we tried to empower people with but we need your support. And this is the blessing month of Ramadan, where you know, the the donations that you do in this month, you are emulating the best human being to walk the face of the earth, because when it came to the month of Ramadan, he was described, like the wind, Salah selam, that he would give and give, and there is, you know, I mentioned this in yesterday's or not yesterday, but the last livestream we had emailed sheriffy, he

03:34:22 --> 03:34:59

makes a really brilliant point. He says, Why did the Prophet said selam given this month, like, like the wind, why would you describe like that? He said, because this is a month, where not only is the work being done for the sake of Allah in terms of, let's say, going out in the path of Allah, or making the dowel, and so on and so forth. But this is a time that every person wants to have a deeper connection with the Quran and a deeper connection with Allah. So the more charity you give, the more you free those people who are spending all their time in the field of Tao, whatever it is, so that they can connect with Allah.

03:35:00 --> 03:35:28

So there's a link there between donating more this month, and letting people to be free, especially the dot and the people that are on the forefront, the researchers and all that so that they can connect with a wall. So this is the time to now really harp on to the message. Allah has chosen you to be here at this time at this place on this live stream. You need to go to Sapiens forward slash donate live and contribute and donate and support this cause is that correct?

03:35:29 --> 03:35:30

Or if I miss something.

03:35:32 --> 03:35:46

And thank you so much fod for that very important reminder, brothers and sisters, I want to say one more thing, that if this work doesn't take place, it's a big issue. Right? Imagine all those

03:35:47 --> 03:36:29

parents who are struggling with the kids were losing their faith, we get calls almost on weekly, if not daily basis, that people you know, the kids are, you know, doubting, for example, a Hadees, let's say or a verse of the Quran, they cannot understand it, they want to understand more. And Sapiens Institute is facilitating both sessions for the children, these youngsters or even elderly, those who may have questions. We have lighthouse, mentoring sessions, where we can actually do that facilitate that for youngsters. And then we are publishing books on doubts, how to answer answer them, answer them, and what are the answers, also, publishing books on topics like science and

03:36:29 --> 03:37:19

religion, the relationship between both phenomena phenomenon, and also doing webinars and publishing articles, and doing videos, short videos, answering questions that may be difficult questions, and most importantly, providing a platform where youngsters around the world who may be facing doubts can actually access knowledge and information that may help them that may save the Imam that may save them apostasy from outright apostasy. And this is exactly why you need to get involved. Right, you need to start getting involved. We were saying earlier that if this was a Christian missionary appeal, believe you mean, his appeal would have been? You know, we we would be right now saying that

03:37:19 --> 03:38:00

we're okay. Christian missionaries for some reason, you know, allow our cover, even though they you know, as we the Muslims see it, you know, they their religion is not true. I mean, we don't believe in the Trinity Trinity is all made up. A lot of the religion is made up, this is what we believe as Muslims. The Quran tells us that right? What the Christians believe in is basically not true. Okay. But despite all that, you know, they are so passionate in supporting the faith. You know, they support hate outright hate mongers, people who are just attacking Islam, just the fact that some of these missionaries are attacking Islam. This is why they get donations. Okay, we're not doing that.

03:38:00 --> 03:38:43

We're not attacking anyone we're defending. We're defending our faith against these attacks. We are defending the intellectual intellectual boundaries of Islam. For that reason, brothers sisters, click the link Sapiens forward slash donate live and start making donations and share this live stream with your contacts. Okay, share, keep sharing those of you watching this, click the Share button so that this live stream gets to other people. They can also get involved. So shall we take next questions because there are some people who have been waiting for a very long time. Yeah. Who was the brother and Damien? Yes. So, Omar, Chef, Omar chef, absolutely Omar Shaikh. Go ahead.

03:38:43 --> 03:38:49

Please keep you warm. Salaam keep your question short brother. We will try to give you a comprehensive answer inshallah.

03:38:53 --> 03:38:56

You know, the cat ran a caterpillar

03:38:57 --> 03:39:05

goes through stages to become a butterfly. Is it also like, is it also same like evolution? And does it contradict the Quran?

03:39:07 --> 03:39:15

No, that's not evolution. That's just development. And that has nothing to do with. Yeah, there's no link between that and undermining the crime.

03:39:18 --> 03:39:19

sucker here, brother,

03:39:23 --> 03:39:29

Ali, Ali. Those are the questions I'd like man short and sweet into the point Sharla

03:39:30 --> 03:39:30

brother Ali,

03:39:32 --> 03:39:34

Salaam Alaikum saramonic.

03:39:39 --> 03:39:40

Love Bless you, first of all,

03:39:42 --> 03:39:43

for all your efforts.

03:39:46 --> 03:39:58

Actually, I have to do quick quick, two quick questions. My first question is about radical skepticism. You know, I my second question is about

03:39:59 --> 03:39:59

is what

03:40:00 --> 03:40:00


03:40:03 --> 03:40:08

The him Okay. Yes, yes. So So my first question

03:40:10 --> 03:40:12

actually, when I, when I,

03:40:14 --> 03:40:35

when I think about any belief or any idea, I still have doubts that I can How can be certainty? How can I have certainty? when we when we as human beings are deficient? We have deficiency by default that we, how can we have this certainty? And we are weak as well,

03:40:36 --> 03:40:42

by default? I don't I don't know, how do you understand my question or not? Yes, I do.

03:40:45 --> 03:40:48

Okay, this is my first question. And my second question is about

03:40:50 --> 03:40:50


03:40:51 --> 03:40:58

I have heard that many scholars is the or against climate climate, they think it's a deviation.

03:41:00 --> 03:41:06

And I've heard that among medical people who deal with them and cram or

03:41:07 --> 03:41:12

cannot, cannot be are not reliable cannot cannot deal with

03:41:14 --> 03:41:18

an email. Ahmed said he said other things as well.

03:41:20 --> 03:41:33

Why they said, Yeah, so there's a few there's a few things just to know and i'll bring the chef forward in this as well, that with regards to invalid column in the statements from our beloved scholars that we respect and love.

03:41:34 --> 03:41:42

We don't deny those statements, but there was a particular reality and what element of Kalam meant for them. So occurring even taymiyah

03:41:43 --> 03:42:18

element Kalam blameworthy element of Kalam from this perspective was was the any Kalam any type of speculative theological, philosophical discourse that did not have its assumptions and premises rooted in the Quran and Sunnah. Simple as that, but they did not reject anyone the Kalam as a category of knowledge, if you like was a category of, of an Islamic science. In actual fact, even Timmy praises some parts of element Keller, you know, in actual fact, you can't have a soul without philosophy

03:42:20 --> 03:42:29

is you throw it into the dustbin if you don't have a you know, how do you do things like pianos? How do you outweigh evidences, these are all these are all

03:42:30 --> 03:43:11

rational tools that you use on the Kitab in the Sunnah. The principle is simple. If your discourse wherever is if your philosophy or your speculation is, is articulating in itself, and you're articulating opposing arguments that undermine the assumptions and premises below that belong in the Quran and Sunnah. That is blameworthy by default. But if you articulate yourself in a way that is in line with the Quran and the Sunnah, and it doesn't go against it and the methodology of classical scholars then is not a problem at all. And this is why you have the balanced approach, which is you have some blameworthy aspects like even eligos Ali Al ghazali, the 11th century theologian and

03:43:11 --> 03:43:51

polymath may not have mentioned him, he even said that you don't give Kalam to everybody. It's like a it's like a medicine for sick people. You don't give qalam to healthy people. And this is why Aslan foundationally you don't teach your children Kalam that would be ridiculous. You teach them Quran and Sunnah, and Hadith and how to worship Allah and how to love Allah, these things become necessary if the context permits, right. So from a kind of a public debate in outreached our point of view, but there's no throwing the baby out with the buffer here. I'm really sorry. Our tradition is very clear. what they meant by England qalam was a kind of medieval Hellenistic philosophy

03:43:51 --> 03:44:01

philosophies so white now you can't reduce it to that. You have philosophy of art and poetry, like an amazing love poet lover. Yeah.

03:44:02 --> 03:44:06

rally and so on and so forth. With the lover? Oh, yes.

03:44:09 --> 03:44:13

For sure, for sure. Well, maybe you'll watch the part as well, bro. So hamdulillah

03:44:15 --> 03:44:36

so the point is the general plan there's more to discuss here by the way, but the general principle is this any type of discourse that cannot be rooted in some assumptions in principles in the Quran and the Sunnah, you cannot infer them from the Quran and Sunnah, the postulations that you make, these are blameworthy because they will become inconsistent. Logically when you have

03:44:38 --> 03:45:00

something very interesting you mentioned you know from poetry, poetry is a classical example, for this question. Poetry poetry if we take the Quran at face value, it seems to be condemning poetry, and points for on actually says negative things about points. But does that mean all points are bad or all poetry

03:45:00 --> 03:45:26

is bad? Absolutely not the Prophet himself use poetry. Likewise, philosophy, as a terminology has negative connotations, no doubt, but is all philosophy bad. Some philosophy supports Islam, some philosophical philosophy simply means wisdom. It means knowledge. Okay, and using some philosophical arguments to support

03:45:28 --> 03:45:48

some of the Quranic ideas, as you said the premise has to be in the Quran, that is fine. Elmo kalaam to the second and third century Muslim scholars was basically Aristotelian logic. It was Aristotelian logic, that was condemned. And the same was it was saying because all he was still using

03:45:51 --> 03:45:52

come from the Greeks right.

03:45:53 --> 03:46:08

Now he did look, it didn't come from the Greeks ylim, Kalam was part of the classical tradition, and many scholars used it, and many scholars used it in a, in a way that was in line with the Quran and Sunnah. And some, didn't we, you know, we have to admit, like one would argue that I mean,

03:46:11 --> 03:46:13

yeah, so I mean, it doesn't exist in time of Sahaba. Right.

03:46:15 --> 03:46:18

Do you Okay, so

03:46:20 --> 03:46:20

there's a

03:46:21 --> 03:46:59

very good point, I think this is a very good point for some selfish self promotion. So this is actually a video that myself and Muhammad hijab did on this topic in a lot more detail. And he gave evidences for me or his philosophy around I also just wanted to just just throw in something and let Adnan and Hamza deal with it, which is mathematics, is it halal or haram is Hello, but mathematics is basically a branch of philosophy, right? So if someone just wants to make a blanket statement, philosophy is haram. Then the Quran is promoting mathematics because the speaker in mathematics, the point is, how people to understand the principle here forget origins feminine, the point is, did

03:46:59 --> 03:47:00

were the Sahaba.

03:47:01 --> 03:47:29

Rational? What I mean by rational did they use sound up? And of course they did. Because we know there is no differentiation between a sound apple and revelation right, which is echoed from the the pious predecessors echo this evening. Tamia talks about this. So did the Sahaba. Use sound reason? Absolutely. The point is this. Here's a principle only to adopt forgetting leap because you could get lost in terminology and labels and history. This is the issue if you for me and

03:47:31 --> 03:48:08

yet what have you, if you formulate an argument in a way that is in line with the Quran and the Sunnah, or it can be inferred from the Quran. And the same doesn't go against the Quran and the Sunnah, and its implications, it's rational, theological, philosophical implications don't go against the theology of Islam, then this is okay to use. If you use something that goes against the Quran, and the Sunnah, in terms of its assumptions, and it cannot be inferred from the Quran and Sunnah in a way, and it can't be, it can't be inferred in a way that is actually blameworthy as well, that goes against what Islam says. And obviously, you cannot use it in any shape or form. Now,

03:48:09 --> 03:48:41

that's a principle that you should adopt. The second thing is, even those who are condemning in Mullah column, you need to understand you know, there is also there is there is a way of understanding statements of Mr. Malik and statements of our great scholars, his soul, and I am so shocked that people don't teach us this, the early math teachers this, but we don't listen. Number One Who said it? Why did you say to whom they say that? And what was the context, if you don't know these four things, don't quote them. I think it would be easy blameworthy to call people if you don't know this, because you don't know what they really said. And that's why we have this mess of

03:48:41 --> 03:49:07

these crazy internal debates about animal cannamd philosophy this night. And the other end is and it's very crude and shallow. Look what Mr. Malik said, Look what mm Shafi said, if we will go on the face value of people's statements, we could be debating about things to the cows come home. So here's the principle I have if someone's going to quote a scholar for me, number one, Who said it? To whom did they say why did they say and what was the context if you don't understand that, that you don't really know what they said? That's the first thing I'm gonna think about you I'm saying general.

03:49:08 --> 03:49:41

So and the other thing is anybody Kalam was never thrown away in totality is that there are there are there is a concept of blame where the column which is column that's based on premises and assumptions that are not can be found in the Quran and Sunnah. And there's other stuff that's actually good, incoherent and should be used in specific context. I like elexon, his approach, he said, You shouldn't give it to everybody, because it could, it could create more problems than it solves. Because Allah ghazali if you read him properly, he was like a psychologist to analyze the person. Does he really need an answer? If he's sincere? Can he understand it? Is it too high for him

03:49:41 --> 03:50:00

to the point that will create emotional heart? So you have to apply this appropriately with hikma and wisdom? So it's not for everybody, for sure. And that's why sometimes when we interact with people in a one to one lighthouse sessions, we may not give you a philosophical answer, because we know that's not that they're not capable of understanding and you create more problems. We may give them a second

03:50:00 --> 03:50:33

a logical one, or an emotional one or a spiritual one. And that's why what we teach people you have to listen with the intention to understand who is the person the Sunnah of Dawa is to consider the individual in their context. That's the center of Tao. So you have to find out who that human is first, what's, what are their drives, what's the capability, and then give them what they need. And in many cases, they don't need no column at all, what they need is a beautiful idea, what they need is a beautiful Hadith, what they need is for them to focus on the Salah, what they need is to really unpack the history and the trauma they have from the psychodynamic from from their parenting. So,

03:50:33 --> 03:51:06

you know, even even using it, it has to be done in a very wise way. And that's why I like his on his approach to calam. And giving it to people I think is very, very profound, which is you don't give it to everybody. Because if you're sick, you may need it. But if they're healthy, and you give it to them, they may become sick. So he treated as a necessary medicine if and only if someone has a particular intellectual illness and and if they can understand it, but that requires context. But there's so much more to say regard this Yeah, have you been we've spent too much time on this anyway, go to the video that Sue spoke about on his channel, which is his philosophy haraam.

03:51:07 --> 03:51:08

What was just

03:51:12 --> 03:51:13

on that note, we will?

03:51:15 --> 03:51:17

Sorry, sorry. Go ahead. Sorry.

03:51:21 --> 03:51:25

Okay, we'll have to, we'll have to stop the questions there. Because we are,

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understand the importance of this work. Now if you were listening to the questions and answers carefully tonight, you must have understood how important this work is. If we don't answer these questions, if we don't provide answers satisfactory,

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is okay, Ali. Frank, thank you, brother. Thank you.

03:53:38 --> 03:53:40

It was just a quick

03:53:41 --> 03:53:43

go and give it to us very quickly then.

03:53:45 --> 03:53:58

Okay, okay. Basically, how we as a, you know, human being is not perfect. And everything come from this human being cannot be perfect.

03:53:59 --> 03:54:00

Okay, good. I have

03:54:02 --> 03:54:42

radical skepticism. Okay. So the question. Yeah, I'm gonna give this to Fahad, but your question assumes that certainty is solely an intellectual issue. That's the problem with your question. Yes, we have epistemic limitations. So how can someone who has limited mind and epistemic limitations have absolute certainty? The absolute only belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So what does certainty mean in Islamic discourse? Because the ACA is in the cult, and the occult is a function of the club. What does that mean? What's the dynamic here? So for that, Jeff, Farhad is going to explain inshallah We're sorry, before before she explains, I just wanted to say we got a message

03:54:42 --> 03:54:47

from a donor in our private chat, and I just wanted to thank that donor.

03:54:48 --> 03:54:59

And the donor has pledged that they have a business in London, and they're going to be pledging 100 pound per month to the Sapiens Institute. May Allah bless you, and I'm not going to say your name.

03:55:00 --> 03:55:41

Cuz it's in the private chat. But you know, these brothers like yourself, who are enacting who are actioning the narration of the processor lamda Allah loves the deeds, which are consistent and small, in this case is consistent and it's pretty big 100 pound a month, may Allah bless you, I'm really really, you know, I mean, I mean, I'm gonna bless you, brother and grant you and your family the best and this life in the best in the in the best in the life to come. And all of you to to for that to be the same for everybody. malibus every single one of you so far had radical skeptic skepticism this Mila? Yeah, let me try to cover as quickly as possible. So basically, like comes I

03:55:41 --> 03:56:25

mentioned that there's an assumption that you can get to certainty by way of rationality only. And that's, that's not a correct assumption. The reality is, is that certainty comes by not, I mean, rationality has a function, but there's also the function of your heart, there's a function of spirituality. In fact, in the Quranic discourse, your pain itself has levels. So you have hoppel, your pain, you have elbow, your pain, you have Angel, your pain. And so, you know, your pain is not like one monolithic block, but what we need to understand is, while there's a rational component to it, like you mentioned, our, our, the fact that we are created beings, we have limited knowledge,

03:56:25 --> 03:57:07

because only one that has absolute knowledge is Allah Subhana. Without, therefore, the way we read certainty is a combination of both that which is the part of the fitrah In other words, that has to do with the spirituality in our hearts. And it's a combination of our appeal as well. Now, that aspect that has to do with spirituality in the heart and things like that, there are a number of different ways in which that is approached. One has one of the best ways to do that is the Quran, and you're in the month of the Quran. And the Quran speaks in terms of ayat, which I I can't expound upon too much right now. But the fact is that an eye goes straight to a it's like a it's like

03:57:07 --> 03:57:51

something that quenches spiritual thirst, as well as intellectual thirst. Whereas just, let's say, philosophical meanderings, may quince may quench intellectual may quench the intellectual thirst, but it will not do anything for the for the spiritual heart. So it's really important that we understand your pain in this holistic way. And even when we go to the Quran, you find that a person's predisposition can have an impact on one's your pain, right. So you start off with a little bucket or for instance, I left la mean Delhi, Calcutta, Bula, a, Buffy wouldn't deal with the pain, you know, and that this is a guidance for those who have Taqwa. And they have your pain in the

03:57:51 --> 03:57:56

hereafter. So your pain is not placed in the area of something that is, let's say,

03:57:57 --> 03:58:33

you know, that you can taste touch and feel it's outside of the senses. So clearly, the opinion has to be attached to something that is spiritual. Now, there are a number of different ways this happens, email, bla bla, zali, attach this to the, to the idea of experience experiential knowledge, which is a which you can use as a means to come to your pain. But understand that it's something that transcends just ratiocination, you know, rashes, donations, you have to have a spiritual connection with a lot to get to that level of pain that Allah knows best. And what's important is that there are different levels of pain, as mentioned in the Quran, it's like a button, you press

03:58:33 --> 03:58:45

and you have that. Well, that's right. That's what I mentioned. It's not that your pain is a monolithic block. Yeah, you don't, it's that you have levels. And so for instance, when you say a really a pain,

03:58:46 --> 03:59:24

like everyone knows you're going to die. For instance, if this is something that you know, for a fact pretty much, yet, when you die, you're your opinion goes higher. Why? Because you see the Angel of Death coming, now you have handled the opinion, then the next step is when your soul has been ripped out of your body, you have How could you think in other words, you've experienced it. So your pain is not just a simple function of rationality, there are certain other elements that are part of that. And part of that has to do with a having a strong connection with Allah, that can come through the book of Allah, in other words to put on this is the month to do it, that can come through Vicar

03:59:24 --> 03:59:59

that can come through, you know, a pondering upon the natural ayat, you know that that are found in nature. And I have a webinar on this, if you're interested, you can check that out if you ever publish it at some point. So, so there's multiple ways in which a person would reach your pain and the thing to keep in mind is that your pain even when we when we look at it, it is not something that's just one thing, right? It has levels in a bow itself. Sorry, comes on I cut you off. Go ahead. Yeah, sorry. But what's interesting is Allah ghazali, who you would argue started with skepticism to certain degree. He came to the conclusion and basically said

04:00:00 --> 04:00:42

If you're if your mind is going to be contingent on some carefully articulated premises with a, with a conclusion, someone smarter than you is basically going to change your premises around. Right? And, and what are you going to do leave the room not become Muslim because of that. So what he said was what's important is experiencing the queerness and the internalizing the krannert Center, which is extremely important. Because you can even have an A, the door swings both ways on this, you can have another argument, you can say that what is certain is your experiences, your experiences are more certain than someone's argument or your argument, because you know that you have limitations,

04:00:42 --> 04:01:15

your, some of your, your argument can be changed by someone smarter than you and they can refute you and you're like, Oh, my God, what am I gonna do, but knowing that it can change, there's a possibility of someone being smarter, or you being smarter than this kind of infinite regress of people being smarter than you and whatever the case may be, knowing that, that so that is, you're uncertain about your abstract intellectual certainty. But you are certain about your experiences, because you know, once you taste the grounds, and there's no going back, going back, like when I was writing my chapter,

04:01:16 --> 04:01:18

chapter 15,

04:01:19 --> 04:01:54

the Free State wireless with a wish it was worthy of worship, that actually changed me a lot. This kind of hook from what I remember just going through, why is he worthy of worship, his names and attributes, studying Allah subhanho, wa, taala, and so on and so forth. It was like a paradigm shift for me. So you know, what I would advise you, my dear brother is maybe do the same. Just focus on that aspect of, of your heart, because if the upgrade is a function of the heart, and there's a dynamic interplay going on, then focus on that focus on your experiences. Yes, focus on irlam as well. Focus Yes. On on understanding, okay, the property for sure. But it has to be combined with

04:01:54 --> 04:02:35

the things that she had said as well. Mila, bless you. So let's have on the board, there's a saying in order when they say Atal karaca, joaquina, right, that your intellect is like a hired lawyer. So whatever your desires want, it will you can always rationalize things. The important thing is, is that, like I said, it comes down to your experiential knowledge or experience. And this is why they'll put on interestingly enough, and I'll summarize it quickly. It's interesting that you don't find discursive reasoning in the Koran, you don't find syllogisms and syllogistic reasoning, you find I add, because Allah is addressing the human in the total, experiential, you know, emotional,

04:02:35 --> 04:03:12

psychological state. So therefore, there is a experience of even listening to the Quran, there's an auditory experience that can touch a person very deep. There's something that touches the idea of Allah saying, reflecting upon that natural beauty of the world that transcends just, you know, a rationalization. I sometimes tell people, I said, Look, when you go out, and let's say you see a beautiful sunset, and you're sitting with your wife or your spouse, and you say, that is beautiful, and you've experienced beauty. And imagine your wife says, that's the ugliest thing I've ever seen, rationally proved to me that that's, it has no there's no thing about rationality, this is about

04:03:12 --> 04:03:43

something you have directly experienced something that you know, is that real, you have quote unquote yaqeen in this area. So therefore, we need to kind of go beyond just the idea of Okay, well, if it makes sense, therefore, I can have your pain. Your pain is something that transcends just ratiocination levels best love for her. So Danish Khan has been very, very, very, very, very patient. mela bless him. And we get to see his beautiful face as well. Allahumma barik talks about stadia slowly coming to LA. I haven't slum

04:03:45 --> 04:04:01

So, um, can you guys hear me? Yeah, absolutely. Okay, so I had two questions, but whichever one is like, you guys think is better you can answer because other people also have questions. So um, I had one about like, one that was more pertinent about like,

04:04:02 --> 04:04:12

what people claim is like a historical like fall in the Quran, and then some another one about like, the philosophy of science. So whichever one you guys think is

04:04:13 --> 04:04:59

more applicable, I can ask it. Go go start with the first one. Okay, so um, the first one was like, there's a claim that I'm in like circles and like Islamophobic circles people that try it for Islam, that like Islam, Islam is historically inaccurate because the Quran says that ferons proper name is around because it's not like um, and they give the example that like, Yusuf Islam like the king of that era was unmetric. But around is only referred to as around so um, in the Quran, there's always a reasoning for like, why specific words are included. why they're not

04:05:00 --> 04:05:18

So can you expound on like, what's the wisdom of not saying like, they say that to be more accurate should have been ultrasound? So why is that not the specific like wording? And also just generally how can like we like, like a cane and like a level of knowledge where we can like understand these things?

04:05:20 --> 04:05:33

Okay, that's a very good question. I don't see how that is a historical inaccuracy, I want to really understand the question more. So what they're saying is that feralas should be caught should have been called alpha. Yeah. So,

04:05:35 --> 04:05:43

um, if it's just referred to as ferroan, it's implying that it's like a proper name, but they're saying like, um, it should refer to like,

04:05:44 --> 04:05:53

like a specific name of the person, like thrown as a title, but it's like in the Quran, it's like, addressed as a proper name, which is, like historically inaccurate to them.

04:05:54 --> 04:06:20

The I haven't really, the argument that I'm aware of is actually the opposite, that there's actually a miracle here. It's actually the opposite of what I've heard. Yeah, go for it. If I tell him No, I mean, I mean, I've heard basically the opposite. The fact that you know that that reference to Pharaoh, in fact, was was incorrect for this specific epoch. In fact, mullock is more appropriate for its time in its place, you know, but I would say something just again,

04:06:22 --> 04:06:28

again, going back down to foundations, what we have to understand, especially when it comes to something as

04:06:29 --> 04:07:07

something like history, you know, one of the things that I always find interesting is when you study something like historical method and historical methodology, like how do you establish things in history, outside of let's say, the southern tradition in Islam or something like that, right, is that you are, you're limited in the sense you're limited to like archeological findings, and, you know, interpreting certain types of written script and things like that. But the reality is, you know, it's going to have certain holes, or certain that you can get to a level of since we're talking about certainty earlier, you can't get to a level of certainty where you can say like, yes,

04:07:07 --> 04:07:49

this undermines the Islamic narrative, especially when we understand that revelation, that source is from the one who transcends everything transcends history in our methodology. So even if that was the case, let's say that there was some sort of historical finding, we really want to dig in and say, like, what is the method that they used? Right? One of the things that I remember when I was studying at UT Austin, because I was part of the Middle Eastern Studies Department is the the area where where we studied historical methodology, and once you study it, how history is recorded in the western context, and how it's traced back and how we understand it, it's not something that is rock

04:07:49 --> 04:07:59

solid, you know, of course, this depends on how far you are from the source and things like that. But the particular things that use within you know, within to establish something to be historically accurate.

04:08:01 --> 04:08:08

There's always going to be room for doubt. Allah knows best. Deniz I've just sent a link now I'll try and put it up sent a comment was it gone

04:08:10 --> 04:08:22

as for like the thing that you're referring to as like the miracle I'm actually like, know about that it's actually very interesting that like, the Bible gets it wrong in terms of like, like determining

04:08:25 --> 04:08:28

the Quran says that use of Islam The king is asthmatic.

04:08:30 --> 04:08:33

Musa Islam is like Iran, and that's, like, more accurate.

04:08:36 --> 04:08:37

I guess the

04:08:40 --> 04:08:42

names like, so you're breaking up.

04:08:44 --> 04:08:48

If you turn your video off, we better for your internet, and then we could just heat.

04:08:49 --> 04:09:28

Okay, so basically, the question is, like, um, if it's just saying around, then it's, like, it's implying that is the proper name of what the person right? And they're saying that like, historically, it was a title given to a person not a specific name that a person had. Great. So that's why like, their concerns arise, right? So like, there's like a separate like, between, like, there's a separate miracle in the Quran, which like I understand and like Mashallah, it's like a very good miracle, but their concern is a little bit different. No, no, no, but this is the thing. Think of it from a linguistic rhetorical point of view. It why would Pharaoh be honored by Allah

04:09:28 --> 04:09:59

subhanho wa Taala to mention his real name in the Quran? Why why why would such an arrogant remember you got to see from a rhetorical ploy if we need to, by the way, I stand in the possibility that I haven't done my research on this and but just just just intuitively you have to understand this. Or if Allah is mentioning, for example, using as a proper name, it's like an it's like a second embarrassment or humiliation of your own. Basically saying that he like he's not even worthy to be named properly. Right. So that

04:10:00 --> 04:10:38

If there's nothing like in proper here, I don't I don't see as a historical or historically accurate any shape or form, especially since what you just discussed that actually the Quran corrects the Bible adds to the use of, of Malik in for our own in different in different eras. So, but even in the context of referring to fit our own well it could be simply understood as it could be a rhetorical ploy and we know the Quran is a sea of eloquence a sea of rhetoric. When you study Ballater, when you study the nuances of Arabic grammar and Arabic rhetoric, you see that these things are employed in a way to enhance the communicative effect that haunts the impact on one's

04:10:39 --> 04:11:20

psychology. And you know, the referring to Pharaoh in that way, not using his real name. And not even not even saying, not even using the the pharaoh Alif Alif Lam, to indicate, you know, some kind of stature, that he was the Pharaoh and yet he's just Pharaoh, it could be seen as a rhetorical ploy just to diminish him because he was the one who thought he was Allah. But yet, you know, Allah is, is showing where his real status was. He's not even worthy to be named properly. And that's not a problem. Yeah, that was kind of like, the conclusion I made by myself. But like, I Wow, wow, like how would you? How old are you? I'm 16

04:11:21 --> 04:11:59

are my friend going to be the future leader? You're already a leader? By coming on here and answers asking these questions in this way. I want to know who your parents aren't Milla. Bless them. They've done a great job, you will articulate, you are polite, you are well mannered. May Allah bless you, I really want you to book one of the lighthouse sessions, because you're 16 maybe your parents should be there as well. But let's basically Yeah, well, I want to give you time so Pinilla a 60 year old like this, you know Allahu Akbar, we have a great oma, I'm not saying this to to throw dust in your face, my beloved rather, I'm just saying this to encourage you. Because a 16 year old

04:11:59 --> 04:12:37

who come up he came up with that understanding also is able to come here and articulate yourself in an intellectual way with manners. Your parents must be proud. I don't know if they're hearing me. But your parents have done a good job my lord bless them and keep them being keep them improving Habibi, and keep on having a floss. And well, I bless you. So what was the second question? This question will give to suborning sherlocks, I think is the philosophy of science. Yeah, so, um, I was talking to like, one of my friends. He's not like Muslim, right. And I basically, like, was able to convince him like, mainly of like, his main contention was like about evolution, I was able to

04:12:37 --> 04:13:07

convince him that like, evolution is not infallible. Um, it might be like, the best model that we have right now. But like, there's like multiple presuppositions behind it, right? But then he asked me a question. He's like, if you were a Christian, right? I was. I'm not a Christian, obviously. But if you were a Christian, you'd be saying the same thing in terms of like, the length of the universe, right? Like, you would be like saying, oh, the universe is only at that like 1000s of years old instead of billions of years old. Right? Um, so I kind of paused and

04:13:09 --> 04:13:26

look at what the distinction I made was that like, Islam has like proofs behind it. While Christianity is like, does not have proofs and like Islamic proofs are like, like more spiritual and like our separate from like science. But like, what are your like, thoughts on like that like dichotomy?

04:13:27 --> 04:13:37

Just like a locker for your question. Danish and daanish? Sorry, daanish, isn't it? Yeah, it's a garnish, as opposed to saying daanish.

04:13:38 --> 04:13:39


04:13:40 --> 04:13:47

in regards to the Christian saying something like, okay, here's something I don't remember the example he gave, but

04:13:48 --> 04:13:58

okay, it's there's something in the Bible and something in science. So because something in the Bible seems to be contradicting what's in science, using the philosophy of science, to try and

04:13:59 --> 04:14:40

say that, no, it doesn't undermine the Bible. That's not technically wrong. There's nothing technically wrong with that. But you're right. Obviously, we would say that we believe in Islam, because it hasn't. The foundations and we would say that if Christianity these don't exist, we wouldn't really need to go to that. I mean, that argument by your friend saying that, you know, you could just simply agree with them and say, Yeah, but that doesn't really change. The argument I'm putting forward another way of dealing with somebody who's bringing up the topic of evolution, is to play devil's advocate and say, okay, fine, what if is true with all of the tree of life? And you

04:14:40 --> 04:14:48

know, natural selection working on random mutation? What if all of this is true? How in any way shape or form does that undermine the existence of God?

04:14:49 --> 04:15:00

Because remember, the main thing is, if you can bring someone to the belief in God, then automatically bring them in to believe in miracles and miracles or particles.

04:15:00 --> 04:15:28

To see the virgin birth or the creation of Audible, so all of these are miracles. So until unless someone believes in God, for them to believe in a miracle like ultimately Salaam, or the miracle of he saw the miracle of the supporting is impossible anyway. So it's good to just go right to the root of the issue to do a root canal and just go to the existence of God, because if they accept God, then it then at least, is a logical possibility that miracles are possible. And, you know, that's the way that I would do it.

04:15:29 --> 04:15:32

Thank you. Thank you for all of your responses aside.

04:15:36 --> 04:15:44

Next is must been Sue. Welcome to Sapiens live. Just before you ask your question.

04:15:45 --> 04:16:08

A quick reminder to everybody we are fundraising tonight for the Sapiens Institute for all of the work that we do for the publication's for the research for the talks for the lighthouse service, follow this great stuff in shall I'm gonna put out, so do donate, click on the link and share with your friends and family over to you. But so welcome just Sapiens Institute life, let us know your thoughts as

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04:16:13 --> 04:16:26

Well, well, first, I was impressed with Dinesh, he, I had heard that question a couple days ago and sort of put it under the rug. And coming to that conclusion that he did, is pretty impressive.

04:16:28 --> 04:16:59

Now, my question is, to Brother hazard sources. It's, it's about clarification. When, with the problem of evil, you appeal to a laws or judges wisdom to say, you know, we have the pixel and he has the picture, everything. But my question is when you talk about the biblical conception of God, and the sacrifice, Christian appeal to God's wisdom, and say that

04:17:00 --> 04:17:04

he requires a sacrifice, and we don't know why.

04:17:07 --> 04:17:33

You're very, very interesting question period comes up? That's a very good question. Very good question. But there's a bit of an issue here. The issue here is this. This is about God's nature. So what they say is that God required a sacrifice because of who he is. Right? What we're saying is God allows evil, which is based on a particular wisdom. It's not necessarily about

04:17:35 --> 04:18:15

it's not even about wisdom, the Christian conception, so I understand your question correctly, when they say the god sacrificed his son, because he saw love the word sacrifice his son, we can't now say that there is some kind of divine wisdom behind that. No, because God makes it clear, God is saying, according to the biblical, Biblical Christianity, the biblical conception of God is very clear. It's saying the reason God requires a sacrifice, because he's so holy, and the punishers for wages, the wages for sin, his his his death, yet, right? So it's not as if there is an unknown here, if there is, God is actually saying something very clearly. So what God is saying, according to the

04:18:15 --> 04:18:59

not know, Allah, what the Christian conception, Christian understanding, the basic understanding of saying, is that suffering, the suffering of Jesus, is, is rooted in so the forgiveness of humanity is rooted in suffering. That's what they're saying. But the forgiveness is rooted in Islam is rooted in who Allah is, he is, the Forgiving the merciful, you just have to turn back to him directly. So I don't think they could basically cite God's wisdom in the way that we do for the problem of evil. Because I think, think about it clearly, that is almost like a category mistake I need to think about a little bit more, is getting late. So my brain is slowing down slightly, but nevertheless,

04:19:00 --> 04:19:37

the claim and cite some kind of Divine Wisdom because they actually say what it's about God is holy. It's not about him being al Hakim, they're not they're not talking about an attribute. They're talking about another reality of God according to the Christian tradition, which is his so holy, that human sin, sin, sin besmirches the relationship between God and, and the human. And therefore, what is required now is something external to their relationship, in order for that forgiveness to happen, and that external thing is a death is a blood sacrifice.

04:19:39 --> 04:19:59

And that has lots of problems concerning maximal love. Because in the Islamic tradition, Allah is maximally forgiving, big and mad and to be maximally loving, you have to be Intel's maximum forgiveness. So you can't say that the biblical God is maximally loving, how can you because he doesn't have maximal forgiveness. I give it to thought experiments that are

04:20:00 --> 04:20:39

Imagine you have one king, and you have a servant in the king's palace and he the servant made a mistake. And the seven goes to the king and basically says, I've made a mistake. And the king says, I am so mighty that your mistake has affected our relationship to the degree that I can't forgive you unless I kill my son. is is that maximum forgiveness? Well, this is known as injure unjust, but it's not even in line with maximum forgiveness. Now, on the other hand, you have a king as someone basically in the seven has made a mistake. And the seven goes to the king and says, I've made a mistake. And what does the king say? The King says, Let me teach you a way to reconnect with me. Let

04:20:39 --> 04:20:40

me inspire you.

04:20:41 --> 04:21:22

Isn't that what that's the identity a dynamic conundrum? Isn't it right? So I can manage his time from the Christian perspective is he falls from grace cannot be forgiven until someone dies and sacrifices right? But the the dynamic a dynamic story in the Quranic discourse is, it's not even afford it. It's like Legos is a slip. And then Allah says, Well, he inspires them with with a forgiveness. Robin as alumna and Susana, Waylon doxofylline avatar handle an akuna cassadine. And Allah forgave them. What is maximum forgiveness is the Islamic conception. And therefore, the maximal love of the Divine is preserved under the Islamic tradition, but it can't be preserved under

04:21:22 --> 04:21:28

the Christian tradition. Just Just by that example, there's so much more to say. And Dr. Manoj Tifa, has written a paper on this issue.

04:21:29 --> 04:21:37

Let me just kind of add something to that. Brother, Mansur, because, you know, I do I do live in Texas. So I do get some

04:21:38 --> 04:22:22

questions like that. And basically, the goal of the question itself is really interesting, because what they're trying to say is that, look, our conception of God doesn't make sense. And therefore, just like, you may not be able to make sense of suffering, and you just tagged it to the wisdom of God, we're going to take this thing that doesn't make sense, and also tag it to the wisdom of God. In other words, you know, God is wise. And so therefore, what they're really saying is that what we have doesn't make sense. And just like, you have something that perhaps you can make sense of, you know, and you can say, it's wisdom that we just, you know, we know we have the pixel, and God has

04:22:22 --> 04:23:03

the picture, or whatever it is, well, in this case, you know, all of the Christian theology they believe in, we have the pixel, and God has the picture. Now, the way I usually approach it, however, is to say that, look, if that's the case, you have two competing worldviews, you have the Islamic conception of law, and the Christian conception of who God is. Now, how are you going to tell which one of these is true? Right? Which one? Look, what is what is the criteria? How are you going to tell the difference? Now, if if you said that look, what you can use is your intellect to tell the difference, then you say, which is the better alternative? Then you can tack that on to wisdom and

04:23:03 --> 04:23:39

say, there's no explanation, because you have an alternative explanation to your worldview, that makes more sense. So this is where it becomes different. And usually Christians are trying to say, we understand it doesn't make sense. But here's the thing in your religion that you're saying doesn't make sense. And you just, you know, attribute that to God and just leave it alone. And therefore, human beings are limited knowledge, we're limited in knowledge, therefore, you can't make sense of this. You should just accept it. But we don't do that in our day to day lives. We don't you know, we weigh things out and see which one actually makes sense. And then we'll say, Okay, well,

04:23:39 --> 04:24:15

this one is a better alternative. The Islamic worldview is a more rational, and I would say spiritually, rationally, intellectually across the board, it's, it has, it makes a lot more sense and is a better alternative. From every single angle, everything that Hamza spoke about in terms of who Allah is all the way down to its theology, it's a better alternative. So it just doesn't make sense to just simply, you know, tack it on to wisdom, and leave it alone, because you have a very clear alternative. And that is Islam. Yeah. And that's why it's very important to basically,

04:24:18 --> 04:24:55

also understand that we need to revive this concept of relationship with Allah and love, because the Christians have basically hijacked it. And with all due respect, when you study the theology, how can you describe that as a maximum maximum loving God? It doesn't make any sense. nor is he is he not maximally just his not maximum loving because he's not maximally forgiving. And he's not maximally just, which which affects his whole divinity, if you like, because he actually is, is torturing and sacrificing someone else that doesn't deserve the blame. Yes, I know there are other theories of atonement and so on and so forth, but they will have all holes in them anyway. So that's

04:24:55 --> 04:25:00

why they have to discuss it into now. And the point is, we need to revive that and talk to our brothers

04:25:00 --> 04:25:10

Sisters in Christianity and Satan look, you know, let's go back to Abrahamic monotheism as Allah says in the Quran, let's find out who let's find out what God is really saying to us. You know, let's let's come back

04:25:29 --> 04:25:30

is it

04:25:32 --> 04:25:41

Are we both novels and everyone else's frozen? Yeah, no, no we're not frozen and everyone else is frozen or let's talk to Sonny he's got a nice looking beard.

04:25:44 --> 04:25:52

Deep contemplation, Sadie. Go ahead and Did I pronounce that correctly? Yeah, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

04:25:54 --> 04:25:56

Hope you're doing well. He shall.

04:25:57 --> 04:25:59

Yeah, I had just a few questions. And

04:26:00 --> 04:26:18

I think it's like three or four short questions. The first one is about like, when when I want to look up on certain hobbies, and I'm going to soon other calm. But then with some I see like the verdict standing there. Welcome back. So I don't really want to lay.

04:26:20 --> 04:26:49

But with somebody I see like the verdict of Sahai or the EVO Hassan, but with some I don't see anything at all. So I was just wondering, like, what does that mean? Like, if you see something from Sahih Bukhari and it doesn't say, like, Sahih, or Hassan or die, you should then still use it as a Muslim to to show something within it? Or is it something that you shouldn't use? Because it doesn't have this verdict yet? That's the first question I have. So I don't know if you can expand on that.

04:26:51 --> 04:27:36

Well, generally, I mean, Jeff, and I mentioned that earlier that when it comes to something like sexual body, that we take to be site, like the whole collection, so you don't necessarily need to have you know, a scholarly verdict on it per se. Right. or other Hadeeth collections, you may need to do that as well, with sexual Buhari And generally speaking Muslim, both of those are safe. And so therefore this you don't need a specific verdict on the the narration itself. Okay, yeah. Because I understood, like, from people's, I don't know, if I heard it from speaker corner videos or something, but that the Hadees that Brava SIBO carry was, was like, 95% correct. So I didn't know,

04:27:36 --> 04:28:15

like, you still have the 5% that you don't need to doubt, something like that. So I didn't notice that, like, in that way. Right. So I'm just giving you kind of a general overview of how to approach Hadeeth right, so second behati second Muslim, you know, by large their say, and so that you're good to go with those. Anything that comes out of those collections, then for that you would need to find like okay, is what is the ruling what is you know, how do what what is the judgment on this particular heavy, right? So if it's found in southern society, if it's found in the north of Yuma Malik, whatever sort of collection is found in usually when you're looking it up, it will give you a

04:28:15 --> 04:28:47

grading on the heavy, right and it'll leave it sometimes even tell you who is the scholar that mentioned his grading, right? So it'll say like, for instance, you know, even 100 Escalante mentioned this, or certain nisei himself, Mister without mentioning this. And so that's where you need to see where the where there's a gradation in that, you know, I'm quite, I was like, Whoa, whoa, whoa. And then the second question is, yeah, I'm a reverse. So I don't know, like, everything without a hamdulillah. Like, I'm trying to learn as much as I can in the time that I'm given by Allah subhanaw taala. But like,

04:28:48 --> 04:28:51

last year was my first Ramadan. And

04:28:52 --> 04:29:34

but yeah, COVID struck struck us. So yeah, you didn't know like everything on how to do things with during Ramadan. This year, I heard about the terror week prayer. And I was like, wondering, like, I heard from some people that say it's a voluntary prayer, but some, some say like, it needs to do 20 Records. Some say you can do 11 Some say you can do like a nine or something. But I don't know. Like now what's, what's the correct thing to do? Because I want to practice as much as I can, and also do the voluntary prayers as much as I can. But I, because I are so much different statements. And I don't, every time when I asked the sources, they say, I will bring the sources later, but then I

04:29:34 --> 04:29:39

received them. So I think like, maybe I should ask you there. So

04:29:40 --> 04:29:51

so so I'm assuming you're in the US. Is that correct? No. I mean, the Netherlands, Netherlands. Oh, yeah. I was gonna say if you're in the US, then our massages are actually opening up, unfortunately.

04:29:53 --> 04:30:00

Because if you were here, I would say basically, you're going to go with what your massage it goes with, because there is scar

04:30:00 --> 04:30:07

Clearly, there's a scholarly disagreement on whether it's eight or 20. In fact, in the Maliki madhhab, in in another

04:30:09 --> 04:30:53

school, there's actually like 32, or something like that. It's you know, and other opinions. point being is that when it comes to the thorough way, first thing to understand is that it is not a form of prayer. In other words, he was Ettore prayer, right? So therefore, you know, you're going to do as much as you can, as much as you can handle, right? If you're asking in terms of, you know, like, like, let's say what I what my local Masjid follows, they follow eight records, eight units of prayer. And they follow that up with three more units of prayer. Right? Yeah. And so is that then, like, if you do the eight records, is it then like, would every two record that you ended with a

04:30:53 --> 04:31:24

Salaam and the threshold or is it like with for record, like, Oh, no, you're gonna go two by two? Okay. Yeah, there's no as far as I know, no scholarly disagreement on that, whether you're doing eight or 20, or 32, or whatever, you know, your local machine is following. So for example, you do eight, and then you say, close it up with tree, so it's like two to four times two, and then you do three times, like in the second and the third, you do the threshold? Correct? Yes. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Now then at least understand that. And my final question is,

04:31:25 --> 04:31:33

like, I'm the only Muslim and my family, but I hope inshallah, one day my family wasn't join Islam as well.

04:31:34 --> 04:31:48

But my mom and my sister now during the Ramadan, my mom was like, Okay, I will try to do the fasting with you. Because I want to experience like how the Muslims do it. And also want to know, like, what is Islam saying about fasting?

04:31:50 --> 04:32:00

So I explained her some minor things that we don't really do it for are, like losing weight or something like that is mostly because of out of worship.

04:32:01 --> 04:32:22

But she also want to know, like, a little more, I don't think yeah, maybe I should put it like she wants to more of the science based kind of backup for it. Because she is more interested in that. And yeah, I said, like, if you really want to understand like, why I follow the things that I follow, maybe you should listen to the Quran. So Alhamdulillah

04:32:23 --> 04:32:27

rather, Hamza from houses then are also ginger Hamza called,

04:32:28 --> 04:32:44

he is reading the translation of the Quran. So every day, my mom and my sister is listening to it. But oh, yeah, it's to her. It's more like, okay, I don't mind listening to it, and then try to understand it. But to her is more to focus on science based.

04:32:45 --> 04:32:52

And she's not really religious, she believes that there was something more than then, like energy and everything.

04:32:53 --> 04:32:57

But yeah, I don't know how I can like give her things to.

04:32:59 --> 04:33:15

I don't know how to put a like, see the better side of Islam or see that there. We don't go against the science itself, yet. So I wonder if you have any thing about maybe like, for Ramadan, for this for

04:33:16 --> 04:34:05

free, just to have something to back it up a little bit more than only what the Quran is saying about it? Sure. So I wish I could tell you that well, I shouldn't say that. I mean, there is scientific evidence in terms of if you want to call it that, the benefits of fasting and so on and so forth. However, what I would say is that the primary purpose of fasting in Ramadan, as the Quran says is what's known as taqwa says, like God consciousness, yeah, the primary purpose is really to bring us back and to have us focus on a law and who Allah is right. And then, you know, because it's it's supposed to, it's, it's a means of spiritually elevating oneself, right? If you want to, if you

04:34:05 --> 04:34:23

want, like, let's say, a deeper explanation, when you think about yourself, you have a spiritual reality, and you have a physical reality. Yeah. And these two things are merged together. And so you have a being and you have a which is which is part of your spirit and you have your physical being right.

04:34:25 --> 04:34:59

Your physical needs and necessities are things that may distract you from God. Okay? So when you're constantly eating, and you're constantly just doing things to fill the body, you may be distracted. What happens is when you're able to liberate your physical needs, from from from what they need, you're able to focus more on your spiritual reality that's deep inside of you. Right? And that's really we find that the purpose of fasting comes about is to elevate one's spirituality, your spiritual state, your spiritual consciousness, right?

04:35:00 --> 04:35:08

It does by weakening one of the most fundamental desires a human being has and that is the desire to eat You know?

04:35:09 --> 04:35:36

So I wish I could tell you that look you know, there's all this scientific research but that would be disingenuous for me to say like there's a reason you should fast because that is a fast yeah sorry because we have to wrap up the live stream now why would say as well is you know, you say to me, you know, I love you to bits and the real answer really is in order for you to understand why I fast you have to understand the concept of Islam.

04:35:38 --> 04:36:11

The concept of Islam is that I believe in God and I could you know, try and show you reasons for that. I believe he is one that He is worthy of worship but his the Quran is from him. So this truth whoever comes from this truth is true. So, let me talk to you about this truth and we shape everything that you understand and God says that we fasting has been prescribed for us for us to attain taqwa God consciousness. So when he says that and we when we fast fasting is a means to that the how and the science is almost irrelevant if you do it you see what would happen

04:36:13 --> 04:36:20

then that truly you have to understand why this is a truth for me and explain that truth to them. Yeah, okay. Yes like

04:36:21 --> 04:36:40

oh yeah, just something for me myself because I didn't know like I have a shortage on vitamins and I got like a kind of medication to get more of my vitamins in I was wondering is that allowed during Ramadan like after you broke your fast to take in the medication?

04:36:41 --> 04:36:55

After my after I broken false Yeah, absolutely. Okay. Yeah, I didn't know because I saw some people say no, no, because medication is something that is not allowed to to use because it's more five minutes not medical necessity. So would you

04:36:57 --> 04:37:02

if you broken your fire you could have anything Hello? Okay. Okay.

04:37:04 --> 04:37:06

You sound slightly Texan.

04:37:08 --> 04:37:24

I was taken aback I was like, Oh yeah, slightly text and they said yes, some people say like, I think you played too much video games or whatsoever that you are more like an American. But yeah, I just love I just love the language. So this morning my

04:37:25 --> 04:37:29

mostly I also speak mostly English then the Dutch language myself, so

04:37:30 --> 04:37:40

I bless you both for coming May Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us all except our past our good deeds and our prayers. I mean, forgive us for bad sins, and everybody watching, like donate.

04:37:42 --> 04:37:45

Below pipe. Have a good night. Good day.

04:37:46 --> 04:37:50

Maybe we'll see each other soon as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

04:37:52 --> 04:38:30

Okay, guys, we're gonna give it a wrap. But let me just remind every single one of you, all three of us are gonna have a final piece. Let me remind you what we're doing here. We're also answering your questions. And we asked you in this beautiful month, the best month of Ramadan, for you to basically donate to Sapiens Institute Sapiens Institute is dedicated in developing and creating people to be able to share and defend some academically and intellectually. Since July, we trained over 6000 people to be able to share and defend yourself academically and intellectually we, we produced over 33 and delivered over 33. In Depth webinars. We published three books, we launched our lighthouse

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That you would have a Sharon just because you donated well I bless every single one of you. Let's have suborder speak and then we'll end with Fahad insha Allah.

04:40:11 --> 04:40:12

Just not gonna care.

04:40:14 --> 04:40:45

I wanted to give a example of, you know, Joe gave the example of Answers in Genesis, but I think it's fair to probably point out something like reasonable faith, right as an equivalent. So that's like a Christian equivalent, or it's not an equivalent, but it's in the same theme of trying to articulate Christianity and defended normally leaving Christianity but a lot to do with God and defending the existence of God in an academic sort of setting to debates, publications and research and all the rest.

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In an age of science and reason, now, despite philosophy of science, and you know, scientism and all of these things, what we have to understand is that sociologically, we live in a time of science and reason. And even if people are not rational, but they think they you they are rational,

04:41:04 --> 04:41:21

these intellectual doubts, right, which come about the existence of God, about how science undermines God and religion, and then the validity of the Koran and arguments against the Quran and all these intellectual doubts which are floating around, they are

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something just as invisible as kronor, but far more devastating for your hereafter, right, far more devastating. And just like we need to wear a face mask, and we need PP equipment, and we need vaccinations, we need vaccination against schilke a vaccination against these things because, you know, it's like, you know, you you find a young person, you vaccinate them against these things, they go out, they go to university, they, they they do the stuff that they're going to do and you don't need to worry. Now parents, they reach out to us they cry, they say, you know, this happened to my child that happened to my child, this is your opportunity to provide those vaccinations This

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04:43:03 --> 04:43:42

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04:44:47 --> 04:44:59

our next live stream is on Saturday the 24th Yeah, Saturday the 24th Please be there. And the topic or to the theme is going to be because he's a themed The theme is going to unity

04:45:00 --> 04:45:36

Christianity and the doctrine of the Trinity and with us, I think we're gonna have check Fiat. Yep. And we're gonna have Dr. Smith Latif is writing the papers or files on work on this as well. It's going to be a mind blowing session in sha Allah. And don't forget is about supporting us as well. But we're going to address your questions at the same time to talk about our future work specifically what we spoke about earlier concerning doctors Mullah Teves annihilation and Dr. William Lane Craig with regards to his full argument that the conception of God in Assam is morally inadequate and it's a phenomenal piece is something that unfortunately has produced in the past 15

04:45:36 --> 04:46:14

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04:46:14 --> 04:46:39

Bless every single one of you. I like to think, for her to seem he's been doing this old fasting for us. It's been easy. We've been doing it. We only forces in an hour that we broke up for us. And we've been fine after that. But shefford has been working really hard. So Bo, he's become the online streaming of the decade. He's very busy online on different stream channels. And he spent all this time with us. mela bless him as well. You know,

04:46:41 --> 04:47:01

may Allah bless you both zactly both of you and everyone else was on boarded on Rasheed. He was like he's he's like two to three hours ahead of us. And he spent almost Well yeah, he spent four hours in the stream. And yeah, we'll see you on Saturday, guys, Christianity and doctrine of Trinity mela Bless you. Sapiens is the org forward slash donate live now Monica Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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