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This webinar on the Rahim or Salah Anna Sydenham Hamid while he was he was sent him to Salim hamdulillah first of all, welcome everybody back Shala and I'll make this a blessing semester for you for those that are concluding their journey

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may the beginning of their next FAFSA, you know, the next month Zerah the next phase be a blessed one, wherever you go wherever you end up

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and also for those that are going to be here Inshallah, next year may Allah subhanaw taala to make this

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solid foundation for you're going to be coming into this program hopefully becomes clearer and clearer as you move along the program. Hopefully by the end, things are clear. So sugar is

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it's just such a great word in Arabic. You know, the sheen, they call it hard to fishy you to fish.

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So gratitude is something that when somebody is in a state of gratitude, other people feel it when somebody is in a state of ingratitude. Other people feel it also, nobody wants to be around ungrateful people.

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And then the raw is really interesting because it's harder for taqueria it's something is tomorrow. So, Elaine SCHUCHART homeless, he didn't come. Some of the people translated that, you know, if you're grateful for your worldly things, Allah will give you more but I think a more appropriate interpretation was that Lench a cartoon lazy, denticon Maha baton that my love for you will increase.

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Not your blessings, the blessings, then Intel do net Matala dasa, they're already innumerable. So people are greeting for more.

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So, Rob,

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are the law and who who's I think one of the most extraordinary people this OMA produced he

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from the great city of Esfahan. Rob, beautiful name to

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Rob was. He's a very enigmatic, enigmatic figure because we know so little about him, like his death date is within 100 years. So amazing for somebody that had such an impact. Because he influenced I mean, his MUFA that are the foundation for all the people after for really understanding the Arabic of the Quran, but his

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and then his tafsir, which a lot of it we lost, but we still have a few volumes.

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Tough cylinder Shatin Tacitus added him which I commented on this Ramadan is one of the most extraordinary books I've ever read. Anyway, his daddy, I've been reading this book for a long time, and

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it's a new book, every time I've looked at it, it's just always things

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come out. But I think what he did in this book, you know, I was talking about it with somebody today. What he did with this book, was he he just gave a commentary on on the Quran itself, you know, kind of Hodo or Quran, when he shows us what was the character of the prophetess and she said his character was the Quran. And what he did was he set out to really use our pseudo halacha Quran to give the hook of the Quran because he distinguishes between Sharia which anybody can learn if you have the him

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and the patience Shetty I can learn but macadam has Sharia is a different thing. And he says that the Sharia cannot be realized until the macadam of Sharia are realized. And he said, the Hadith that the purpose of the macadam of Sharia is to achieve hereafter, that you can't be a Khalifa Allah until you embody that macadam of the Sharia, and all of it is in the Quran.

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And she has a tough Surah of the Quran that I haven't seen in any other author to be honest with you, I really haven't. You know, and this is, I mean, some of the scholars here must have the same

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or more you know, reading

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but you know, this is like almost 40 years in the Torah author of the Islamic tradition and it's just his ability to to

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just open up the Quran I had immense photo hat so he says a shoe crew

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who were to solo l monami. Li an amateur. What is haha, that shocker is to really

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conceive of the, you know, the one who is blessed that he, he really has a, an understanding of the blessing, but then he manifests it. So it's not simply to to have a tough soul or have to have some understanding of it but actually to to manifest it. Peter, who will McLuhan and Kashmiri the Arabs have in the macaque

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Akbar and the cobra, they have a, whenever the letters are related, there's some kind of relationship according to some of the scholars so he says it's a clue of and Kashmiri. So there's Arabic words that there if you if you reverse them, you'll get a some nuanced meaning of the word in it's like Lemma and amela and Alima. So lemma is to be bright yellow Mao. l Maggie is brilliant, like same type of word. So alum is a scholar. So that's an example of the word being McLuhan and then having a nuance of the meaning so he says honored Kashmiri, will hoard cash, the Arab say, you know, at Cal, cachora and yabby. Like the the

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the dog revealed its teeth.

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Either either visit and Yeoman kashrut neighborhood Talia cashew rotten Yabba like the poet says so, so added cache it would cache we will not do it Khufu khalfan So cover in English may be related Allahu annum or just coincidence, cover kuffar, you know, to cover something. So the shortcut is to reveal the the call for is to conceal. So the one who's grateful is revealing their blessings, the one who's ungrateful, is concealing them. And that's why calf is the opposite of Shakha. Right, so, Cofer in his essence is ingratitude first of all, to your Creator, just to not even acknowledge him like an atheist, who doesn't even acknowledge that that they're created, which is ridiculous.

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A tortilla to her woman who died between shampoo. So the Arabs call a

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like a hefty animal like he's got good flesh on it. They call it that between charcoal. Why modhera tone be 70 Ha is da sa heavy Ha ha ha. Because it's showing that the owner takes good care of it.

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So when you're grateful, you're really you're showing that you appreciate what Allah has done for you.

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Makita also Iron Man iron and chakra. So the Arab say the whole island chakra Metalia.

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For chakra hood in Tila min vicryl mana Mr. Lee, it's to be filled with the remembrance of the one who has blessed you women have had which Peter who would have been a hormonal Hemd. And from this perspective, it's been said that it actually is more far reaching than praise. Leonel Hamed, laic body and empty la women watching Arthur Abra Humann al Hamd, DNL Hamdallah crochet BC 30 He moved that he was shoe crew, they could hope is if it will be near me. And it said that it's more far reaching than praise because the hand is to mention something, the praiseworthy qualities of it. But sugar is to mention those qualities but also the blessings that accompany those qualities

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for sugar or other third athletes out robe shoe Quran Bill albe there's three types of sugar gratitude of the heart well with a soda nema. So it's this perception of the NAM of this understanding what sugar and Billy sand within our island monogram, and then gratitude with the tongue which is to praise the one who has blessed you. We're sure going to be so sad your jewelry will Homolka to be a catalyst party. And that's gratitude with the rest of the limbs. Like in the Matata. He says that was shokudo sorrowful Abdi ma Hola Hola, como la hoomin namao theory bajo that Shaka is to expand what has been given to you of blessings in things that please the one who gave

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it. So you know, if if you give somebody money to use it for something positive, and then they just go waste it. You feel like they were ungrateful in terms of the blessing they were given

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And that's why on yomo pm, I think probably the most difficult thing for most of us for, if not, the vast majority of humans is the human potential that Allah gave us. And the fact that we never really exhausted it.

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You know, we have this amazing human potential, the intellect, you can learn so many things you can, you can do so many things, and yet, we squander all that.

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Well, who Island Bethabara Shachar. It's also in terms of the one who actually is grateful one mesh core, that Atha to other robe. So this is also

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the Shachar and the mosh core, there's three types. So surely insan elimine foco, the gratitude of a human being for that which is over him, the one who's over him, will hold that hizmeti within

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and that is through service and praise, what do I and supplication?

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So somebody who's hadham of somebody who's Macedon and with Allah subhanaw taala obviously, we're sugar holy miliary, he will have been more Kapha and also the gratitude that you have for your peer. And that's with McAfee that you recompense them will surely man who are doing the who will who with the throw up and the one who's lower than you and the way you show gratitude is actually to reward them for their service to you. Right, because you're grateful but because they're beneath you, you reward them what God wants of Allah and enough Sahaba shook really solid theory but he was Sugarhill Abdullah Robbie he who were married for too near Mati he were to have photo jewelry, he'd be mad at

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her and his stepmom Himalayan bucket Well, man over the Pharisee year

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surpass subbass, daarom Haad IRA.

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I hope I got that right. Savas, dharma IRA, he was Pharisee. So this is his language. So he says that the Allah described himself as showing, you know, his gratitude towards the righteous among his servants, and his his endless the gratitude of the servant to his Lord is the awareness of the blessing, and then to guard his limbs in preventing them from using those blessings in what is not appropriate. And its meaning and fantasy is Sebas datum. Hadera so he's Harris Allahu Allah dwadashi. He guards, his blessings for the one who gave it to him. Concerning his limbs were sugar and Mona and Belgium, Phil Joomla, was remembered after the come a whole a wardrobe shock and to be

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grateful to the one who has bestowed something on you. You know, it's it's something that's there's a rational duty here as well as a sacred duty. So just even a non Muslim who might not even believe in God, there's an awareness that he should be grateful for somebody who's giving him some kind of something that warrants his gratitude. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Schuco berita Allah, Sama chakra Manjaro. Suburban, he will solely hate and ileka on a day. So the most, you know, the one you're most obliged to have is the gratitude of the Creator. And then the gratitude of one who mangia and Ohio suburb and he will slowly head in LA. LA made him a means by which you arrived

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at some good in your life, especially your teachers.

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Right? I mean, that your parents who are your first teachers, whoever taught you even the person, you know, the Arab Saint Mahna Mahna Lempicka has often served certaldo Abda if somebody teaches you a letter, that you become like a servant to them, and that's a type of gratitude. When he had a pot of ideas how to set them lay ash Karela manlam Yesh could Ines they have not shown gratitude to Allah, those who have not shown gratitude to people to the means? Well, Colorado Salatu was Salam Pushkar Lehmann and amatic What an MLM and Shakha rock, the inner who lesbo Allah limit netmeds and either Shakira at what are the worm Allah either Confederate

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be grateful to the one who has blessed you and bless the

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one 1am Adam and Shakira and bless the one who has shown gratitude to you because Laszlo Adelina matinee there shook it out there's no like you've been out there your law says about the NAM in in the HECM

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manlam Yeah.

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She could in Nam to Aurora delis. Awadhi ha woman Shakira, ha Tejada herbaria Kalia or Heba Alia. So whoever doesn't show gratitude to Allah, right then he's exposed his name's to dissipate and that's why he says cellulitis I'm in this hadith. He says that

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you know, be grateful should be blessed, the one who's great shows you gratitude. For in who Lhasa Lee Namath and the blessing will not dissipate if it's if it's thanked, and there's no continuity of a blessing if it's

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if there's no gratitude for it.

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Well, Colorado Adela in Kelowna Millennium Kenosha, Kureha Illa near Matala, heeta Allah, and some of the scholars have said, every blessing Kulu Nettleton Yun Kyosuke Raha Kureha Ilana Rahmatullah Tada every blessing you can actually have gratitude for except the blessings of Allah,

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the Inge for in

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for in chakra namah de Namur to Minho because the gratitude of his blessing is a blessing

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for ya Tangela Abdullah and Yash Cora Thani for Chaka Chaka Halawa. So he needs the servant needs to be grateful for for the blessing of of actually being grateful.

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And then he says well, Connecticut Hallford Sadie through Robert and then you have to be grateful that you are grateful for the blessing that you were given and then that you are grateful that you are grateful for the blessings.

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And then he says, What have you did Amala eterna that goes on forever. And so you can never be grateful to the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's why Musa they sent him with a deck when he that he Kalpana Musa al salaam Allahumma and Martin Eva Shukria and Informatica were Shoukry IACA. Net Mattoon min net and mica you have commanded me to be grateful, Oh Allah, for Your blessing aren't upon me, but your blessing but my gratitude toward You for Your blessing is among your blessings.

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Woman ha the other shadow for God either can shoot could inanimate Allah He never Mattoon Allah yella Hovi Mythri ha eg Bucha crew. If my gratitude to the blessing of Allah is an act of gratitude, then upon me is the likes of it. I'm obligated to show gratitude to K for Bulava. Shoukry. Ellerbee felt that he were empowered at that at yummo with facilitar Omro. So how can I ever reach the gratitude of his bounty of Allah's Bounty, even if the days are long, and the life continues?

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When he had a Peter hi to Shoukry lahaie To Allah letter off, and for this reason, it's been said that the extent of gratitude to Allah is simply to admit that you're incapable of showing gratitude to Allah.

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But Karna Toronto intero dunya Matala Hila tarso Ha, Allah has said, if you show if you enumerate the blessings of Allah, you will never complete them. If you begin to count them. You will never enumerate them. Why AlienVault coulomb Mallya federal law who the Abdi for whom and who now Mattoon everything that Allah does to Allah servant is from Allah a blessing. Waiting cannot cut you. I do Babu daddy Kabila even if you think it's a tribulation item in the Amazon Movie Number hula hula Kulu hair it's all good from Allah.

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The Prophet said Almighty OMA to Mohammed GA addabbo, les Salah ha daban fee dunya Fiachra in the merger Allah that will have you dunya

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al Fitton was it as it well cuttle so when you see a lot of what's happening in the Muslim world, it's the renewal of our OMA we're in a state of sinfulness we have been for a long time.

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But the prophet said it's more Houma but we don't see it because mon vana in thi kaka looked fee and caddy for in the home and Kisara lover, whoever sees that the load of Allah is not in the other of Allah, then it's from myopia. You're just not looking far enough. Because you're not looking to the era. You're just looking, you're stuck in this dunya on this plane. thinking this is all there is, you know, the afterlife is a hype. Right pie in the sky.

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In this what the Atheists say, you know, they say it's all a lie. It's just a way that the people in power are tricking everybody to think they're gonna get some kind of judgment in the afterlife.

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They'll see. So what Allah said

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and this is why

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Allah subhanho wa Taala What do you think about about those studies in Yama and minute who our PA well below one that Allah when he as he is Uber T Shoukry he owe us withholding is giving.

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O us tribulation is blessing

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but because this is so difficult to show gratitude for ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Well clearly you don't mean a daddy a shocker. How few of my servants are always grateful. Like it's hyperbole fair. All right. So thank God it didn't say a

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shocker, right.

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What he will lamb euthanasia is sugary Allah subhanaw taala lamb use me be sugary Allah Olia Ilana if named mellophone in the entire Quran. There's only two servants that Allah praises him for gratitude out of the entire Quran

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Allah fie Ibrahim shakin only and only

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for hustler hota Allah love the unknown. Dal Allah Allah eternal added so it's min Jamal killer so he's saying even those small blessings he was grateful

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well out of you know in the hurricane Abdon shikhara

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Nurhaliza Nam was a always grateful there's a man who had immense tribulation is a 950 years putting up with kofod

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Well, I know man the chakra was Sabra Jima Oh, Eman patients and in the fanatical authentically suberin Shaco. Right. So so the Quran if you look there's several places where Sabra and sugar are put together because that's that's the entirety of Eman, sugar and sabar.

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Come out we have fareharbor Picard ruya are several nurseryman for nasaka Shuka

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it's almost over and then you can eat

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that can add quite a burden Matassa with a shoe crew after one minute summary. Some of the Matassa with theirs. You know some differentiate between Sofia and Mutasa but he's probably not here a chakra after Ramona somebody gratitude is better than patient they know sobre hab so Nipsey anima Sana Mattel Bella it's to control the the ego in terms of its navigating in terms of its

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basically accommodating the tribulation. You sad immovable so they're just living with it but in a way that it's not they're not at war with it because a lot of people when they have tribulation, they're just angry all the time.

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So they prevent their knifes from that was Chu Kuru. Hola, yo, taffeta, LOL Bella, but gratitude you don't even look at the tribulation. You don't even think of it as a tribulation, that era Homina namah they see it as a blessing from on South Africa. Taraka is Hara Jessa so whoever's patient they have they don't show their jersey, right in an in Santa hood of Pahala either Mesaba Sharrow, Joshua with msoa hydro Manu, il and mousseline. So the people that Allah says Are these people that are aligned with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada they don't have this Jezza

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they don't show it. They might have internally difficulties but they're not going to show it woman check it off to jail. Was it hotter sorority be much easier Allahu saba. But the one who's grateful he transcends that to actually manifesting his pseudo soror like there it's called hibore and Sora you know, sir?

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The warden was pseudo in sin.

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So hibore is when it's inside you feel the joy inside but people might not know that you're happy soror is when Afghan sorrow or is when it's inside and and and they can't see it in her waters when everybody can see it. Sometimes you can be happy and nobody knows you're happy.

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So he's saying they show that it's hard? A sudo?

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Why then for sobre Hua Terkel, Amira Ceja also patients is not to do something bad was Schuco Hara Farah al Hassan, and gratitude is to do something good. What a seven terra cotta V Han command Falah has an energy Mira you can't equate the one who leaves off doing something bad to the one who actually does something beautiful.

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What other to add?

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chakra Venmo Jazza Allah has he has juxtapose gratitude with reward.

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Where's he jacked and he said, fentanyl, Habibi, habibi. So this is what a lover does for the one he loves or she loves. Right? For Carter to add a synergy check it in, we will reward the people of gratitude.

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This was a master of the Arabic language well about a suburb allegedly. But he juxtaposed patients with a wage. That edgier is somebody who does something for to get a wage like

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so he says, In AMA, you were FASAB your owner at your home directory, he said.

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The patient ones will have their

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reward but it really the agenda is something that you get for doing something

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without any reckoning or recompense reckoning why not add you to Wayne cathedra had to sort of be rated he said managers and

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what what How can you compare a wage even if its immense and comes without any reckoning with a reward the mafada for somebody you work for them yo sama fat Allahu so he said in with sub USA whereas with sugar he said Ned z

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so with the patience he put it in the MIB Nealon Mattoon, so he didn't name the file even though it's ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada but with the one who's the gratitude he named fine, ALLAH SubhanA.

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Wa COVID efficient sugar is an editor check it in, was an agency level check it in in another Umbra fundada Illa had a look film Acharya cobbling T ha it will look at the look in just the utterance of this before we get to the actual action, what am EF core min Ambia he be sugery if an income he only mentioned to profits with gratitude, and the Prophet said, I couldn't adventure Cora. So we know I mean, the prophet has that image he told us.

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And then so so so then he says Coolen Mina Sabreen all the prophets are patient Makara in the fanatical it iniquity, so bear in Shockoe. The Jarrah sobre Medan was chakra monta Han. So there, he put this Subodh before and the shocker after so it begins with patience. It ends with gratitude.

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For zyada sobre Mugdha and will Shakur, Monahan wali and sobre mahmudul Hasan masuk, Roma dentata one, because patience is really a type of the hammer

00:27:53--> 00:28:07

in the end, when you what else can you do? Several Jamia Milan was the man is Bill Sopran. Jamila, Allah commands the prophets to to have a patience without any complaint to the creation.

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But he says gratitude is given willingly and humbly that

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bissa will Alfia

00:28:20--> 00:28:27

Afia Tolson Shala or do nothing madam. Hey, what are they say in order

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before meal that they say anything?

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why they say Allah sugar. Hey, biryani, you got him. Hey,