The 99 Names of Allah – 031 AlHayy

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The speaker discusses the importance of establishing a relationship with an HIE and focusing on establishing a stable life through various activities. They emphasize the need to use the "ever living" concept to empower individuals and establish relationships with them. The speaker also mentions the need to use the " ever living" concept to guide individuals and support their growth.

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Unless a pattern with God that is and hate the Ever Living, you see religious sisters in our daily life, we attach ourselves to different things, whether it is money, whether it is the relationships that we forge, whether it is the happiness that we may get from watching sports, from online shopping, from socializing, from internet surfing, and so on and so forth. And when those things come to an end, so does our happiness. And that's when people feel depressed and dejected. But you see where this is there's lots of hidden what data is and how he's the one who is ever living. And so our focus should be on him subhanho data, whatever colada and hide live in a mode and depend on n

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hide Ever Living, who does not die. We should focus on establishing our relationship with inhaling the Ever Living, who will always be there for us, who will always be there to listen to us to support us to help us to guide us. We ask Allah subhanho data that he allows us to depend on an HIE that every living to establish a relationship with an HIE ye the EverLiving and to focus on an average living