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The transcript discusses the importance of praying for Islam and not taking too much effort on prayer. It emphasizes the need for gratitude and emulation in order to improve one's physical presence. The segment also touches on the concept of "na" in English and its relation to "na" in Latin, as well as the danger of losing everything and not being knowledgeable with everything. The segment also touches on the idea of "deriving from the light of the sun" and the importance of not losing everything.

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salatu salam ala rasulillah

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Hungary De La Nina who want to stop beautiful when I owe the villa human photoreal fusina was a marina when you had the hinda for a mobile della amanu Baron fella had the Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. And how did he like if he Subhana Allah Baccarat Sita Allahu Akbar Alhamdulillah Allah demon Edina near me till Eamon

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CERN and handed it out along the Andaman home. Al hamdu Lillah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah subhana wa tada yopu Victorville, Aziz other Flan reknown surely the believers have had success out here in the Arabic languages, this

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is with a past tense verb they called or tacky. In other words, it's realizing it's saying Surely, definitely other flat more known believers that this is in sort of the, you know, 23 to 23rd, sort of the Quran. Allah panelists, as part of me know, surely the believers have had success. Many times in the Koran it mentions mostly home, but the most important reminder of Fela is in the event. And in the apama. Allah says, Hey, Allah, Allah, halal fella, other minion, what's the first quality that he defines the believers with? alladhina on fear sadati him harsh your own. Those people that have awareness of Allah in their prayer. So the first

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the very first sign of Salah is horseshoe in Sala

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that's the very first time if you look at the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala when he mentioned the prayer everywhere, he relates it to a comma

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except in one place. It's like this is over others and mercy says this everywhere you look at when the prayer is mentioned about the people who pray it's the people who pray it's the Leukemia Salah

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when Ibrahim and he is the father of our Minda I mean the Prophet proceeds him in the in the in the unseen world, but he precedes him in the scene world so he's the is this is the Milla Ibrahim iya we're following the Abrahamic way through His Son, the prophet Mohammed Salah is set up even though it's the Mohammedan way. In reality, even Ibrahim was on the way of Mohammed salatu salam, and many times the son is greater than the Father. So the when when when Ibrahim asks Allah, what does he say with Annie makishima salam.

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O Allah make me somebody who establishes the prayer more Pema Sala not masala but mocchi masala and this is why even when you look at the when we do that you found that we say other people

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At your Salah the prayer is established at comedy Salah The first thing you do is when the sun is actually to get up when the the the the person who does the armor when he says other army to select people they get up you rise to the occasion to add

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to my hieromartyr book Madigan taboo to no means elevate herself. So just by praying you're elevating yourself physically and and and and the meaning of that is there's a spiritual elevation so when you when you get up you're elevating yourself physically and you should be elevating yourself spiritually but if you're not a morpheme Don't be a Johnny Maki masala Allah make me the one who establishes the prayer what is the accommodate to Salah right what is

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the Quran begins at Phnom mean that he could could have Lodi Buffy who della moda pain alladhina minooka way up Muna Salah, that's the first thing after he man what follows him and the first thing you tell people when they become Muslim, there's five prayers incumbent on you now before that they're not there. Because once you believe in the unseen and the first belief is Allah and then his messengers, His angels, because they come from the unseen that the books are from the unseen. They came into the scene world, the prophet heard the Jaras because the sound comes from the it comes into the scene world from the unseen world. So he heard the, the the resonance, it's like a bell

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ringing. That's what he heard, right?

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Emily Dickinson says, This world is not conclusion. A species lies beyond,

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in as invisible as music, but positive has sound. So you can't hear. You can hear the voice but you can't see the voice. Unless you have some kind of machine then you can only see indications of the voice but you can't see the voice. So the very word when it comes it comes from the unseen world consciousness. When we speak, it's coming from your consciousness, your consciousness not seen. It's in the unseen world. But when you speak, it's coming into the seen world. So the Prophet added

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that he can kita

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it's coming into the scene world, these Kelly mattes of Allah subhana wa Tada. But it begins with that resonance and then into the letters and then into the meanings. And the letters have meaning we don't know what they mean. So this is one of the great gifts of Allah Subhana. Allah is the prayer.

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And this is why all of our lives are punctuated with prayer.

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We have to stop five times a day. And we have to remind ourselves in the Leela Hey, we're in a big room. We came from God, and we're going back to God, and then we have a debt. The word in Arabic for religion, Dean is it means debt? Yo, yo, Mo Dean is the day of debt when the debts fall due. And that's why you're taking into account. What did you do to pay for all of your blessings, because nothing's free in this world, as they say, nothing's free. Everything comes with a cost to be to be born, you pay the midwife. And then to die, you pay the grave diggers and the funeral and everything in between has cost. You can't come into this world without a cost. And you can't leave the world

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without a cost. And while you're here, there's a cost. And so just as the the person gives you his fat Torah, he gives you the the bill, right? Like this man, he's, he's, he was cleaning the he's gonna give us a bill for his time.

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Everybody's time costs.

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Allah gave us time. It has a cost. And that cost is the dean, it's the Dane that you owe God and that Dane, the fundamental payment for that Dane, his prayer is just saying, you're grateful.

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Allah is not asking you for money. You know, other than, like, 2.5% of what you have extra, it's not even your income. It's just extra at the end of the year. If you have some extra, give me 2.5% of that. If you have animals. I'm going to take a few because look, I'm producing them, not you. You didn't grow them. They just copulate and then there's the you get free. So just give me a little bit not for me a lot doesn't need it for the poor people that don't have anything.

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If you're a farmer, you give a little bit of grain.

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2.5 and even the Inza cat, you don't take the best of people.

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You take the middle, you don't take the worse, and you don't take the vet, you take the middle.

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That's how generous Allah is he leaves the best for you because you're going to make the most money on that. He's not even asking you for the best way you don't need the microphone. And despite that they give to a law. Like they have rummage sale for the question

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where you bring you the stuff you don't want anymore.

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So this is all a gift, you know, look at this, we're like in paradise right now. perfect weather, beautiful, all these things. It's amazing. And then there's always people suffering in other places, but we're here in blessing, we have to count our blessings. Because if you're not grateful, when you have the blessing, the suffering comes the all the blessings get taken away. We were such an in in great, you know, the species This species is ungrateful, but even

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very few of my servants are constantly grateful. They'll feel gratitude, some time they see a sunset they say wow, you know, and they feel grateful or they have a good meal they feel grateful, but who is in a constant state of gratitude few of his service that what he said few of my servants are grateful when the province is him used to stand until he was elderly at the time. People that are elderly, when they when they stand for very long times they get some venous stasis right so they get the venous stasis there's some swelling comes like when you're on an airplane even healthy people if you're on an airplane for a long long time you'll see that your your ankles are a little swollen

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that's from the Venus Stacy's that's why it's very dangerous supposed to get up and walk and because if you're sick for a long time, you get this Venus stays if you stand for a long time the same thing he used to stand in the eyeshadow vimanas to what around Ramat you know adema until there was swelling in his in his ankles. And I usually said jasola other Afro Ladakh Mata Mata hora Allah has forgiven you all everything that preceded and his his his sins are our Hassan not you know that. His his his sins are like being preoccupied in a virtue and there's a more virtuous thing at the time. That's that's the sin of the prophets, Eliza Marshall.

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She said, Why? Why are you spending all night in prayer? He stood you know, half the night in prayer.

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Why are you doing that? Or what am I gonna open show Cora should not be a grateful servant. He said show called on not checkout on

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Chuck hora. Should I be constantly grateful? This is a display of gratitude just to say

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I love you. This is Mona jet. That's what the prayer is. It's Muna jet. Allah subhanho wa Taala low wanna low wanna be bothered to even Allah says, What am I even have cominco was udon melon.

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Low wanna lack apart when he knew that you get bored and tired. He made your eBay that this is his Rama he means your eBay that all these different ways to get near to him.

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he asks every day five times the prayer and I'll get to the the 10 We're the tell when in the prayer but five times so that you don't pray all day long. He made your prayer five times. And then if you want to do extra that's from love. This is the follow up, then you do extra.

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And then so that's once a day, beginning from the time you get up until the time before you go to sleep. And then and and look at because the work. See all the prayers are close together except fudger. And the heart and the medic is prayed the heart around 230

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because from fudger until that time is your work time so he left you to your work. He's not even asking you don't interrupt your work. You have work you have your livelihood. I'm not asking you for that. But when you're done for you that photo phone sub when you're done with your work when you're done with that preoccupation, do some worship.

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And then so so then he asked once a year, so that's once a day, once a month, right? He asked one month out of the year.

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Once a year he gives one month give me this month, the whole month.

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Give me the whole month one one month out of 12 the other 11 you can eat drink coonawarra boo. What are two sinful eat and drink but this month no

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CR mu Li, one, GB. Fasting is mine. Why is he telling us to fast? We now know there's a lot of benefits to fasting health benefits. That's well known now it's but why is he asking us to fast because he's asking us to be

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as close as we can

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to the highest of our natures.

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So he's saying food and drink. The animals do that. You share that with the animals, but fasting.

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That's that's divine. He said, a cm Li In other words, I don't eat or drink. So I want you to Hanako be a holla killer. He is merciful, I want you to be merciful. He's forbearing, I want you to be four. But he's patient, I want you to be patient. So he's asking us to take on the attributes that make God God so that we become closer to him. Because when you emulate the one you love, it's out of recognizing the superiority of that one, when you see the Prophet, so I said, you want to be like him, people that emulate all of these, quote unquote, star like they get tattoos. Why do they do that? Because they see the talent. They have this amazing talent. A lot of it's silly talent. You

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know, they can do amazing things with their bodies, or they have incredible voices, or they can do amazing things with music. So people want to emulate them because they admire them. emulation comes out of admiration.

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So when you admire the qualities of God, you want to emulate them. So he's asking us to emulate that quality, which is giving up food and drink in order for your spirit which needs no food and drink in order for your spirit to rise.

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So the and then then he asks, from your wealth from 200 he asked for 5% that's all from 205%

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and then once a year, he asked once in a lifetime time he asks you

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to make the Hajj that's it now look at the prayer because even if the law says what Eddie Murphy came in with Judah Shara he knew that you have this Shara you know this kind of it's a desire, like you get bored easily. And see the Amazon rock says and more MDL and Melon and Arthur and Beluga ama that desire leads to to boredom which

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prevents you from getting to your goal which is to reach Allah subhanho wa Taala metaphor metaphorically well suited

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for Hydra had a coffee Bob and Oh god. So he took He wants you for certain periods of time. But the most important period and this is what if an Athena says immediately after Leah con him hammacher if Parramatta Sala Lao Zhu De Sala. So that your him is to establish the prayer not to simply pray because those who simply pray What does the law say about them? It's the only time he mentioned salaat without apama or something that refers to your karma.

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Way loulan masala and that's an idea. That's not part of an idea. That is a whole idea. That's a sentence. Way loulan mousseline

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woe unto the people who pray and living who feels solid him so those who are heedless in their prayer, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said,

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either Serato or catacomb let either Latin how sought out to come.

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And fascia you want to Mongkok because Allah says in Surah 10 hmm and in fact check one more cup either a shout out to Latin ha ha ha to come and in fact shut your munkar

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lads osito min Allah He in the burdah it will only create further distance between you and Allah.

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So you should at least have the him to be present in your prayer. One of the great gifts of the Prophet is he said solu Kamara, a timoni or solid. Pray as as you see me pray. So he didn't say Salou come out or suddenly pray like I pray because no not one of us. Not the whole if you took the whole oma and took all the most righteous people

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All the earlier and you put all of that righteousness and rely in that in one person from all the earlier of the world, you wouldn't get the prayer of the Prophet slicin. And so he said, Pray as you see me pray, even the outward form, but you have to do it with love. You have to do with love. We're all forgetful and that's why they're gonna say even if you have a moment of presence, look at the the Quran Allah Subhana Allah says when you open an Fatiha Allah subhana wa tada says,

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen This is called Aloha. You know, it's, it's, it's referring to something that's not present at hamdulillah Hara, alameen Rahmani Raheem, Maliki Ahmed, that's all. And this is called lt fat and rhetoric where you move from one tends to another tense. So you go from the present tense to the past tense, you go from the first person to the second person, you do this, it's switching, right? Because Allah has all perspective. So the Quran uses this technique.

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A lot then says he cannot with what you

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say, when you say Allahu Akbar, you're not harder yet. But as you move into the prayer, you come into er, cannot wait, you're gonna start now you're in the presence of God. And so the prayer is entering into a door with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's why even

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A surah Salatu Salam pulumi Minh at the NASA the newbie, the prayer will purify you of all of your sins, the prophets lysozyme said that the prayer for one of you is like having a river in his house that he Bay's in five times a day, he said, Do you think that person will have any dentists on him? Will he be soiled if he goes five times a day into a river next to his house. He said you won't have any dentists you won't have any sin. And so the prayer is that river, you enter in to that flow that God has given you to to become metaphorically, one

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tawheed you're making one you're making yourself. One. You're You're forgetting yourself, and you're remembering God. So yourself is gone. And now there's only a law.

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Without any Hello land is silly things that some people misinterpret this thing. So that is the prayer. And then he says with with with stiff taekwon Lee babble who you the prayer is an unlocking to the door of the unseen realities.

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The Prayer is heavenly. It's not of the earth. That's why it rises to the head, it has to go to the heaven, it can't stay down here. Once you even your Zakat and supper is more aloka waiting to go up to heaven. The these things can't stay down, gravity can't hold them down. Because they're immaterial. Only material things cannot be held down. Gravity cannot hold them down. They're moving up, they have to go up. And the way they go up is through righteous deeds. That's the way they move up to a loss of animal data. So So Allah subhanho wa Taala made the prayer imitate the planets. And this is why when you rise like the planet rises, and then you reach the full of your thing. And then

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you move it you start descending, and then you go into such that when you disappear. So the planets disappear on the horizon. The prayer this from America, sorry, the prayer follows the sun. Because this is everything's glorifying a lot. And so he wants you to partake in this incredible universal glorification of him and the highest thing until a shadow How can I miss summer, we made you to be heavenly. We met and even in English, they recognize this because desire. If you look at the root word of desire, desired, it's to desire the stars. That's what the root word means in Latin. It's to desire that we desire the heavens, we're not here. We're here for a time, a short time we want to go

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home. That's why people are depressed. You wonder why people get melancholic, because they know this isn't their home. When you when you're home, we call it home sick.

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Your home sick, you want to go home, because this is not our home. This is a temporary abode. That's all it is. And even the Prophet got he was down. He had that Azad he was a human being but his eyes and we're not because he didn't that you know you lost your job.

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Or, or your car broke down, or you got into an accident or you got sick or those things didn't trouble him. He, he was yearning. He was yearning.

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He was yearning to be with the beloved. Because Allah subhanaw taala out of his desire, out of this human desire to return back to our Lord, he's put all this beauty in the world, just to make it easy for us to be here to remind us because all of this beauty that we're recognizing is from the unseen world, it's all to jelly out of his jomar

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it's all to jelly out of his Jamal and he has gelato because he has gender and he has now and this is why we known how does it end?

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Right. How does it end? He says that the the disbelievers will not

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na you flee, hold caffee Rome, the disbelievers do not have success. And this is why at the end of this passage in the Quran, he says oolagah homeaway How does he ended he ends this passage of a description of the people back with prayer and you know whom Allah Saraswati you have Elune Mahabharata is different from hibel so say now Omar when he sent a letter to all of his governors, what did he say? He said in the army, a Hemi yg vatika masala, Furman Javi. The ha ha ha ha ha

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what Ha ha ha.

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For Hua Li merci wha Ha.

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Woman by ah ha for Holy masiva obeah so if you guard your prayer, and you you're vigilant with it,

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and will have ever he separated the two what is heaven? See Amazon says it's a comment of sola

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mahabhava is just too and and this is why audible bucketed even an RV says I have seen 1000s upon 1000s you have you do not have Sala but I've only seen five yeah Fabiana Sala

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that's how the a worker in Andrews at a time of great Islamic so this is a great gift the prayer guard the prayer and then finally the the Ramadan is returning to the Quran. So if you don't have a relationship with the Quran outside of Ramadan started now today this is chawan start your relationship with the Quran today. So don't go back to oh now chiffons out and I'll just go back to listening to *.

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Okay, so have a relationship with the parent even if it's one page a day, even if it's one page a day, or half a page. Even if it's an area do something with the book of Allah. A poodle Holly how to stop

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala

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rasulillah Allah He Amendola Al hamdu, lillah. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah Akbar Al Hamdulillah. What a blessing to complete the event of fasting. The province of ICM said this site me, Attorney for Hatton enema youth turtle. This is called Yeoman Pip. So it's a it's a joy that that that we're on the day of setup will throw Hatton Hainan, a young boy who the province of Lyceum said and he has a joy when he meets his law. Those are the two for him. No, he says don't think that the forehead is about going back to eating. No, it's about completing the event that that you completed it and you fulfill this incredible obligation to Allah Subhana Allah that that's the joy

00:28:53--> 00:29:21

because it's going to be more or less home. It's going to be set aside for you in the account of your payments for the debt that you owe to Allah. We're putting this in the bank of the Ashura. So when you come on your piano, you're not worthless. You're not bankrupt, because there's people now going into bankruptcy there has to be bankruptcy so you know what it's like to lose everything. The real loss is not here.

00:29:22--> 00:29:39

The Allah says Allah Medina has zero and fusa home Yeoman qiyamah those hula Kahuna has it those are the real losers, not what you lose here. You can lose everything here. You they can take away woo and prayer from you.

00:29:40--> 00:29:59

And I've seen you see people I've seen Bedouin that have nothing in the world. And they're that everything's taken care of. They're like the birds that go out, hungry and come back. I have these birds at the house. They come every day, and we put out food for them. Why? What what's in our hearts to put out food.

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

These birds they come every day and the squirrels come and they eat the. And that's their provision.

00:30:06--> 00:30:12

So a lot of put it in our hearts to do that, because they're not working, they don't have a 401k plan.

00:30:13--> 00:30:26

They're not working. They just go and it's there because they trust they go out knowing it's going to be that they're not worried about it. They have no stress. All these people that worry, what are you worrying about?

00:30:27--> 00:30:29

When did Allah ever deprive you of a meal?

00:30:31--> 00:31:22

Other than When, when, when he said don't eat, for his sake, for your health, as well? When when you some of us now are in our 60s 50s 40s 30s 20s? When did I ever not give you a meal, and most of you didn't quite well. So these are these, this is a time to be joyous that we completed this. The promise I sent him said that there's there's eight doors to paradise, you know, to get into gender. There's eight doors there. You can go there many ways to get in for like he said lohana barato. He He's, he's given lots of colors to his obedience. So one of the doors is Babel rayyan, which is for only four factors. As a door you get in see that apology, Lanny said, I saw all of the doors to God,

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crowded, this is called zamar. You know, they're all crowded getting in, right fighting to get in like the Bab in the Kaabah. Have you ever tried to get there? Everybody's finding too, because that door is there? Right? And, and everybody knows that door? He said there was one door I looked and there was nobody there. The door of humility.

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He said, I didn't see anybody there until either I didn't know. How are you elevated in this Dean? You're elevated through knowledge with humility, not ignorance with humility, because you should be humble if you're ignorant. The danger is when you actually know something, then you have the danger of being arrogant knowledge with humility. And this is why the prophets I sent him said in Allaha Yoda will be hard keytab acquirement we are offering he will face some people with this book and those are the ignorant Muslims and that's why are almost very ignorant now so we're a based and then he will elevate more sun with this book, those who learn it and practice it. So this is this is our

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task to learn the book of Allah and to practice it ecommerce Allah. And how did what do you do in the prayer you read the Koran?

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Is Elijah Mubarak and panda with Allah forgive me except our Ramadan may accept all of our fasting and automated prayer may forgive us our negligence or stupidity are just functionalities that you forgive us all the things that prevent us from entering into those doors that he has placed there only to be knocked on in there open.

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All of our scholars have