Glass Chins & Post-Ramadan Wins

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everybody, I pray you're well and you've had a blessing to read milazzo agenda except our deeds and yours. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to experience from Oban for many years, while gaining nearness to him more and more with every brand new day and every brand new year May Allah fill your lives in the lives of your loved ones with joy between this age and the next May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from the evils that lurk that are undetectable for our lives and the lives of the Muslims everywhere between this year and the next. I love them. I mean,

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I just wanted to share a few quick thoughts

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before it becomes a full four or five days

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before Joomla where the the weekly reminder for the Muslim happens. And this is regarding the the post Ramadan plans, what they look like, and what they should look like so that we can retain as much as possible from all the work we put into the investment we put into our relationship with Allah and with our Deen in this month of Ramadan. And just three very quick tips. The first of them is that you need a thorough plan, right? They said a failure to plan is a plan to fail. And I said thorough because let's keep going or we're gonna keep going is not good enough. I mean, you know when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is described as being the most generous he ever was in

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Ramadan. That technically means what? That compared to Ramadan, there was a comparison right? There was a lesser degree of generosity, the more than everyone else, but it was lesser than himself in Ramadan. So that's part of the plan, practicality and the blend, even when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says whomever fasts the month of Ramadan, and then follows it up with six days from show what he didn't say 30 days from show what? And so downscaling after Ramadan, not comparing yourself with Ramadan is very important. That's part of the thorough, practical plan that you need to have. You're not measuring yourself against Ramadan. And you're not just winging it. No, we're

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gonna have a plan. And it's going to be thorough, and it's going to be practical. And it's going to be based on us being better than we were before Ramadan because for sure, we've gained something of a Melbourne, we want to retain the gains compare yourself with pre Ramadan. That's the first bit of advice I want you to have. It's grounded in the sooner as I explained.

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So have a plan. What am I retaining if I've started praying my five I'm not dipping below the five. You know, if I've been praying my five before Ramadan, I started praying thought, Oh, we have Ramadan, I'm going to retain a bit of family a bit of the night prayers, even if it's just Whitson. Even if just that one buck or three cars, even if it's just that much, we're gonna do that have a plan to retain, not Ramadan, but more than what was pre Ramadan. That's the first tip. The second tip, that's with regards to the glass chins, part of the title with this reminder, glass chin, some of you may know it's a boxing term, I don't like boxing, and I don't really believe that smashing

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people in the face is permissible islamically when Allah created us in His image to kind of hold on to Allah. But the concept of glass chins in fighting in the Art of Fighting in martial arts, is a very important concept. What is glass chins you know, glass is fragile. And so when someone is said to have a glass chin, meaning they have a point of vulnerability, they could have the footwork. They could have strategy, they could have stamina, they have everything, but they don't know how to take a hit. They don't get back up from it. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actually taught us the importance of that, learning how to take a hit. That's one of the most important lessons a

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fighter needs to learn. Because you go into a fight you like this awesome plan, and as soon as you get tense, you just all men, people, fighters, amateur fighters, they have that problem. They think fights happen the way they happen in the movie, we're not a single hit lands and so when it lands them, they're demoralized, or they're actually physically like winded or broken out of the fight. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he taught you that your plan, which was step one is not going to go as choreographed the same way the fight never happens as plan that teaches you to have resilience. He said something Allahu alayhi wa sallam is the PMO while and torso be

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straight, be straight, meaning be steadfast stay on the path, while and torso and know that you will not be able to be straight meaning you will not be able to be as planned continuously at all places at all times as very important. So have a plan make sure it's practical and thorough compared to your pre Ramadan and up on that. And then number two when shaitan hits you, when shaitan hits you with that hit, you have to get back up if your plan was to pray or five and then right after Ramadan. He he says see told you there you go. You missed that morning. You're just back to your old self. Call his bluff.

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To the punch as they say, eat that punch show your resilience gets right back up just don't surrender to the hit. He's gonna throw some thumb haymakers because he's desperate. He's coming back. He's, he's saying, oh man they've made I have to make up for lost time they've made so much ground. You need to make sure that you take that tip and keep it moving do not surrender to the hit, whatever that is you mess up one day right back at the plan, the thorough plan the next day. That's advice number two. Advice number three is don't go out there toe to toe with shaitan all by yourself, because his plan is more thorough than your plan. His plan is he's going to be gradual

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he's gonna be slow he's gonna wait for the moment you mess up with your

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with your strategy. He's patient deliberate. He studies you are you this type or that type? He takes a sniff of you as him they'll pay him says to see what kind of personality you have. And so you don't want to fight him alone. So what do you do? I actually share with you a story quickly and fillet Rahim Allah, he was trying to teach people how to deal with strength on and he said to the man, what do you do if a rabid dog comes after you? He said I'll throw a rock at him like I chased him away with a rock.

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He said and then what if he comes back they said I'll chase him away with a rock. I'll tell him. He said what if he comes back he said I'll chase him away with a rock

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and save the lava him Allah said had the ammonia Dude, this is gonna take a while like you're gonna do this forever. Like this is exhausting. You'll miss or you'll forget or you'll get caught off guard or this is gonna take a while. He said What else can I do? He said, I like have you saw him. Go find the owner of the dog. Go find his master. And likewise we say to you, the master of all including shavon The Lord of shavon is your greatest is your greatest asset and you preserving your Ramadan wins your Ramadan gains. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when his most common drive is yarmulke libelle Palooza it's called Viana de Nick. Oh Turner of the hearts. Keep my heart firm

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on your deen the mo soderling fellow co director of the Heart Sutra called v Allah particle it turn my heart to your obedience. If that was his most frequent door, then we should also be making this door. You shouldn't be asking the owner of your heart and the owner of your enemy to protect you from your enemy and to stabilize your heart so kinda what Allah yamo kalibo calavo Turner of the hearts keep my heart firm on your dean, oh, director of the arts, direct my heart to your obedience. And they said Dr. rasulillah Why do you make this do it more frequently than anything else. He said because the hearts are between two of the fingers of man to turn them however he wishes any heart he

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wishes to keep straight, he will make straight and any hearts he wishes to divert to send away he sends away but of course Allah azza wa jal does not show an ounce of injustice to anyone. If you ask for him to keep you straight, he'll keep you straight. If you show your dedication to obedience, he'll keep you straight. And if he turns you away, it is pure justice. And if he keeps you straight, it's pure bounty beyond what our meager actions can deserve. So thorough plan, so eat the punches if you will, don't surrender to them. And number three, know that even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself could not be firm inside or outside of Ramadan without his Lord. And so we need that

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more than him. And we need that now after Ramadan more than during It is like okay and everybody will catch up a little later. Just wanted to send that your way And may Allah azza wa jal allow us to benefit from it and not make the share our share of these words just simply hearing and listening. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.