Yasir Qadhi – Pearls From The Quran 02 – Ramadan 2017

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of finding the right verse in the Quran for religion is discussed, along with the five main principles of Islamic religion. The speaker emphasizes avoiding harms and desire to make things easier for oneself. The process of achieving success in school and professional settings is also discussed, including praying harder and less. The importance of praying for the best end possible and not just hoping for the best is emphasized, along with the difficulty of practicing the religion and the importance of the end of the process.
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Good enough

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to be here.

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Today, today's abakada verse 185, there's a very beautiful verse that I wanted to comment on today. And that is that

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I mentioned in the Quran that you need to use

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a wrong one to make things easy for you. And the Lord does not wanting to make things difficult for you. So Alan mentioned in the forearm, you read

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a lot in terms for you to be at ease. And this is one of the overarching, overriding principles about religion. The Quran mentions this point in half a dozen verses and

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explicitly stated

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that we read the law

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a law does not want to face any difficulty on you, or allow us to make things easy a war does not want to play difficulty in Iraq, we read the process of

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them has been sent, so that your

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e commerce

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visitor what is evil, and eventually

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the processes are, remove the burden and remove the change that was undone. So, the alarm has come the sooner has come to remove the chain to make

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to make it easier and

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a lot

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thing that he has chosen you and he has not put any difficulties in the revision.

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We read

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a lot does not place the burden on somebody more than what

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we ready to move on, you have three

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things easy for you. And the call goes on and on about the use of this religion, that this religion is no, it is useful. It is no no difficulty it is. It is lifting the burden from us. There is no burden placed on us. And that is why brothers and sisters, one of the main principles of Islamic, there are five main principles.

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One of the main principles of Islamic is difficulty to get, the more difficult things becomes the more easy to become, the more difficult life becomes the more easy to become. If you can't pray standing up, sitting down, if you cannot stop if you're sick, don't pass on those dates, and a million in one example coming from this as well. Brothers and sisters, the prophet

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mentioned so many hobbies about

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religion, he said the most blessing of your religion is

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the easiest of it. And the process of me Never had two choices, except that he chose the easier of them as long as I was not in free as long as there was no harm done. Now, somebody might say, How can the religion be easy? When we have to wake up with prejudice? That is difficult when we have too fast in the summer months? And that's painful? How can the religion be easy, or we're depriving ourselves from 1617 hours of eating and drinking in the month of June? How is that easy, we face difficulty. And the responses brothers and sisters, there are two types of difficulty or awkwardness. The first category is that which is uncomfortable but bearable, it's awkward, but it's

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not something that is beyond reason. It's something that is more of a nuisance. That type of irritation or that type of burden is attached from a loss to the good from the bad. And that is something that might have partially However, even if it has it, then the rewards that come are more than the difficulties you put in the ease that will come from those minor difficulties will in fact be much more than the pain that you put in. And the simple example. Today was our first day of class. Today was our first day of class. And I swear by a lot. Every one of you I know you're all telling me. It was amazing. How did that happen? It's so easy. How did this combine? Because a lot

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has said

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a lot has guaranteed you the religion will be made easy. You stand up for the sake of a lot

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and make things easier for you as well. The good that we think might come from avoiding these harms. So for example, if somebody says I'll get an extra hour of

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For our profits a little while, while he was the one who wakes up for the one who battled so far and wakes up for fighters will wake up energetic.

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Literally, he's gonna wake up energetic, you think you've given up an hour, but the quality that you're gonna get when you wake up for pleasure, the productivity of that day will be more and the proper content, the ones who oversleep, he got an extra hour, he's been a wake up, he's gonna wake up lazy, lethargic is not gonna get much done. The point is, yes, there's a minor irritation, a little bit of nuisance, but when you do it, number one, Allah will make it easy for you, we just started. And number two, even the worldly good, of course, the spiritual Good, that's gonna come, even the world the good that you will gain from it will be better than the effort that you put in.

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There. We said there's two categories of difficulty. The first category a little bit awkward, but variable, the second category that was unbearable, that was unreasonable. And it is this category that the foreign has negated, it doesn't exist. There is no pain, there is no suffering that comes as a result of the religion that is unbearable. And as I said, there are so many examples that we can gain from our books. The classic example with eating and drinking, we're not allowed to even drink certain things. When we're gonna die. When we're faced with starvation, we're allowed to do that, so many of the prohibitionist become permitted, at times of difficulty, and discuss beautiful

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ideas about profit or loss.

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And other books of the profit.

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In the deal,

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this religion is not easy, it is the way that the Arabic is in

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this religion.

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He didn't say the religion is

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the religion is it something that will make you live comfortably, you will feel good

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when you do that,

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and no one will make their religion more difficult, except that the religion will win over him, you can't beat the religion, if you become fanatic. If you become overly religious beyond with that video, I want you if you make the highlight, if you think you're doing more than what the provinces did, that

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will destroy you. That is the process. No one will make the religion more difficult, except that the religion will end up breaking in you cannot do this without suffering the consequences. So under the payment, it is similar to this are related to this theme. One day the process of dementia in Ramadan install with NPM. And he saw a rope dangling from the roof tied to one of the pillars of the rescue. He said What is this rope. And the habit said, Oh, that rope belongs to Poland so that when she becomes tired, she's going to fall asleep. Instead of falling asleep, she will hold on to the rope rather than falling asleep and falling down is going to stop her from falling down. So the process

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untie that rope and get rid of it on tie that rope and get rid of it. And make sure that you only pray as much as you can pray when you get tired, then go to sleep. Exactly what a puppet don't become fanatical, superhuman level you will end up in his own lifetime. He warned against extremism fanaticism in the famous

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when he was told

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to go gather the stones for coating the jemar. So they came back and they had some nice big pebbles, rocks, size of the stone is going to demonstrate the demand and the process for them through all of them. And you picked up the smallest ones, like the size of a chippy like the size of a beat or something small and you go

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and I warn you from exaggerating or warn you from an activism because the people before you were destroyed because of fanaticism. Something so trivial, like the size of the stone of the Jamaat don't go overboard, here's the poster throw, don't throw a pebble or a big boulder. Other people do something reasonable that is going to keep you within the price for the purpose of this religion is useless. And no one will make the religion more difficult except that it will destroy him.

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So they do aim for the best aim for the best. What are evil but if you don't get there, come as close as you can. What a beautiful ending.

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But in case you don't get there, then do what you can and come as close as you can. Yes

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Aiming for perfection, yes, we aim high,

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aim for the best. But if you don't get there,

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come as close as you can to that actually.

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It was

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a very beautiful avoiding seek help from a loss by traveling in the early morning and the late afternoon, and a little bit of traveling at the late night. So what does this mean? The process has been compared life to a journey to travel, as you can travel at any time of the day or night. But what's the most difficult time to travel when the sun is shining bright and high, so they don't travel at that time. Travel, when it's early morning, nice, peaceful, good weather, when it's late afternoon depends about

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the time to travel, that is the peak time

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you will get a lot of help by traveling when the weather is calm, meaning what do what you can at a reasonable pace. Don't, don't go crazy, or else you're gonna end up suffering.

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or traveling in the early morning, or late afternoon. Some scholars said this is also an illusion to praying. And most of the time, and that's correct. And then we said and a little bit of night travel and the scholar said this is the reference to when you can do something more, do something extra. And I will

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is a beautiful word that means moderation and intention. The burn the moderate distance here

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is in the middle, right? So be moderate, be firm, be sincere.

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Keep on doing what you can according to your level, you will get to the destination. So your beautiful brothers and sisters you know the famous story of the hair the boy the hair thinks that he's going to win because he's extra fast. But then what happens is when the turtle or tortoise he goes slow but short and you make it to the end. This is exactly

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keep on going and aim and be moderate. Don't go crazy. Don't go for dirt. Do what two times you're going to get to the end. If you do that. Brothers and sisters this religion of Islam is easy. We have to pray only five trainers that's legit. Only 2030 minutes a day we have to pass but one month of the year we have to give 2.5% down 35% and Alaska 2.5% 35 of the income by the way 2.5 of savings by the way, big difference. How easy is our religion, World War II there is no excuse for any of us not to be a minimally practicing Muslim. This religion is easy, no and no difficulty in it and a lot easier for us to be moderate. Do what we can and be persistent and we will get to the end of the

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and we will continue tomorrow.

Allah wishes ease for you:

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into the verse number 185 of Surah Al Baqarah.

“Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship and [wants] for you to complete the period and to glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and perhaps you will be grateful.”

This Ayah is one of the overriding principles of our religion Islam. The Prophet ﷺ has mentioned numerous Ahadith relating to the ease in our religion.listen intently to unravel these beautiful Hadith.

Two categories of difficulty:

  • Little awkward but bearable – which can be practised.
  • Unbearable – that which is negated in Islam.


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