Levels of Jannah Lost In A Moment

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The royal palace is a complex and regulated palace with rules based on dystonia levels and rules of the royal palace. Fates are earned through royal suite and honor levels, and forgiveness is important. The conflict between Islam and the West is described as a war of "medicals," with some army being taken as a base and others being killed or captured.

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Al hamdu lillahi Wa Kafa wa salatu Al Mustafa Ali he was so Huberty he were many there'll be heavy Illa Yomi deen the ones

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in this world. They are levels.

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So I was traveling from Perth to here.

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I went to get on the aeroplane.

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There's the economy seats that the bulk of us go sit on. It's a level

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ahead of the economy seats is their business seats.

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It's a level.

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You drive a car, you have a Suzuki, you look over and there's a Corolla next to you. It's a level

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and you look a bit further and there's a merc next to you it's a level

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if you look online, you'll find the Rolls Royce that's also a level.

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So these are levels of dystonia.

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And Allah Buddha says, own wor, K for for blood nah, bow, the Houma Allah bow,

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look at how I rose some over others, how I honored some over others have I blessed some over others levels.

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One person I was in my hotel just before here, they are levels. After a certain level, it's called Club level.

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You get the normal room size, and then they get

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Deluxe size and then you get a suite and then you get presidential suite levels. So these are the levels of the duniya.

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And Allah or Buddha says, well, here are two

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Baroda Raja to Kubota for the ILA the akhira

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bigger levels and bigger stations of honor. I want to show you some

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so in the Acura in the meeting of your Lord after everything is finished and you've gone to Jannah where you meet Allah Allah Azza their seats will be prepared.

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A stations for you to sit on

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the highest level is a seat of light

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moto harpoon epi gel le le home McNab, you Roman numeral they will sit on members, stations thromes of light. Don't misunderstand. It's not like this where light shines under it. They will sit on lights, light will hold them.

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Then there will be people who are sitting on thrones of pearls. Like a throne will be made of a shiny pearl. Then on gold then on silver, the lowest level we're jealous. Now whom I left, the band will misc the lowest level will sit on cushions of misc levels the ones misc just so you know, I was overseas in Malaysia a person brought it for me 10 milligrams $3,000

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lowest level of sitting in the on cushions of misc

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levels, dear ones, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says for the recite of the Quran and the memorizer of the Quran, Allah or Buddha is I will say read and rise levels you will go up in levels where the resuscitation stops the lift stops.

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my dear brothers and sisters

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levels are gained

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and levels are lost.

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I will give you an example. One of the sheiks walked out of the masjid or walked into the masjid either which one and there was a ordinary lay man at the door and the man insulted the chef.

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So the chef

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ah the moral Bernie a dub said Jazak Allah

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you know, hard to do habibi.

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Like someone comes and assaults you just alcohol was the last thing that comes in mind. There's a few other standard you know, steps before there's a cola like a black guy.

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But the chef adapt more or I'll be said JazakAllah

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and then he walks home.

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But the heart hasn't forgiven. He said just ask Allah

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But the heart is struggling with it.

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When he reached home, he forgave them. And by the time he reached home the distance, he forgave them. And then he regretted it. He said,

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How many levels that I lose in this distance? Had I had been the one to forgive him at the door? What maqam would Allah have given me and now that I have traversed all these steps, how many levels that I lose?

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every opportunity that comes, is a level up

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or a level not up or level down?

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And I will give delille because we're sitting here and then they will say what is the delille? So, for the delille So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, listen, listen, the ones the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent 3000 men to move into

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the famous battle towards Jordan 3000 men marched.

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These were his instructions. Zaid epner hadiza will be your leader, the standard will be with him. When Zaid falls if Zaid falls, the standard will go to Jaffa.

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If Jaffa falls, the standard goes to Abdullah ignore Allah.

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If a bola falls, choose a leader from amidst you.

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So the men March long march from Medina to Jordan.

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When they arrived

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Sahabi they looked and wacky This is 100,000 soldiers had come against them. Ignis Hawk says 200,000 men had come against them. Irrespective Call it 15,000 Call it 50,000 against 3000 immense odds.

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Yet these are companions of the Rasool they don't know how to back. So the confrontation started.

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They didn't harissa takes the standard gallantly marches and a miracle happens. Go Rasool is in Medina.

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Setting limits the companions and Allah opens that's for him. So whilst in Medina, he is watching the battle of the campaign of Moto

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as he starts to narrate to the Companions

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they didn't hardest I went into battle fought gallantly. Ze it fell.

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Allahu Akbar, Allah. Zaid, enter Jana

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Jaffa Jaffa comes

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Jack Jaffa they've not been polyp, three leader of 3000 against 50,000 100,000 200,000 irrespective against a huge number.

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This is his words. Yeah, have Bethel Jannetty wok Tierra booga, the Yerba 2030 Don't shut up or her war room room on Kaduna, Abuja, Pharaoh Toowoomba either Don't Answer Abuja

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gallon warrior family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came in, they cut his hand that's holding the standard. He held it to the next one. They cut his other hand he held it with his elbows, they stabbed him through and the Rasul says they cut his hand. Now they cut his other hand, now they stabbed them. Jaffa fell, Jafar died, Allahu Akbar. Allah has given him the wings of angels. Jaffa enters Jana

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Abdullah Abner, Allah had the third of the captains they say he was fasting.

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So someone has given him a piece of meat to eat. So he's eating and preparation that I'm taking a break and coming in.

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So they run to Him.

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They have not our Ha he is the standard. Listen

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for a second because the odds are huge. For a second he tarried

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for a second. He was finding his bearings. How does the heart face 100,000 With three to 3000 then he checks himself. He says yeah, enough sumela kita Keira Hina mouth Illa Dr. Lita Muti Heather Hey helical motif that solid at one time and native occurred look at on that also. Why are you afraid of dying? If you're not killed, you will die anyway.

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So this is what you wished for go so he took it and went. So the Prophet says Abdullah Abner waha took the standard of de la tarried. Abdullah went in, Abdullah fell. Allahu Akbar Abdullah enter Jannah but his level is below the level of the other two.

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Do you see eye level lost or levels lost for a moment of tearing.

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So the ones in front of you is a chance. Some of you will Terry from income mania Bahal we're mania Bahal for in Nana Yep, hello NFC. Some of you will go stingy some of you will go tight. Some of you will calculate some of you will give given Allah will give no one has given to Allah except that ALLAH has given at least 10 times more. And that is our faith in our Lord. The ones are came from a city I went to a masjid, I looked at the placard. The Masjid was built in 1901 1901 it is 2023 So 123 years people have been praying for 123 years the salah has been going to their accounts to the accounts of those that built it. Those that put a break those that brought a bit of sand, those that

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gave some money, those that painted those that stood those that cried those that went to collect money. And the Hadith you met her tonight, whoever encouraged this towards higher it is as though he has done it Allah has not stingy Allah Skyn do ones so in sha Allah in your little dollars that you spent I in my attendance in in sha Allah and what Allah will help me to spend in sha Allah displace will build the Netezza works and it was already built well Allah Hill hump and people will come and generations will come and go and me and you will be in our graves and every day you will look and click, click, click click click Hassan ads will come prayers will come either that will come when

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you are in need and in dire need and the Ask Euro maybe this will be the cause of flipping your scales. Allah give you goodness for your patience. I thank you.

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Darren and hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh