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Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The importance of love in religion is discussed, along with the transformation of people into state of mind and the importance of patient and strong times of stress. The speaker emphasizes the need for casualization and offers personal examples of women affected by a shock period. The conversation also touches on the history of the culture of the world, including pride of men and women, pride of men and women, and the importance of honoring partners in relationships. The segment also touches on the need for a culture of trusting others and being a partner in relationships.
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yearning to meet God. Man hubballi Allah, Allah Hola. Oh, the Hadith says whoever loves to meet God, God will love to meet them. And there are many hadith of macho man and one of the Sahaba said, metta, sila sort of love When is the last hour or messenger of God? And he said Mother added a after a little while he waited. And then he asked mother, I did tell her, you know, what did you prepare for the last hour? And he said, them

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men catheter TCM and what else a lot and I didn't do a lot of prayer and fasting Illa and mini Ebola was brutal, except I love God's Messenger. And the Prophet said, and more than a half a man is with the one he loved. He said, I didn't do a lot of fasting and prayer. But I love God and I love his messenger. The prophets realized him said a man a person is with the one they love. In other words, you're going to be with God in His Messenger If you really love God and His Messenger. Anna said we did not have more joy

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in hearing those words

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than anything else since the day we became Muslim.

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That made them so happy to hear that love and that's why Mohammed is a big Madame Anan Mata have bone fbg Jalali yoma aluminum feelin allow them that is Alvin Lee, where are those who love me for the sake of God? For my sake, for God's sake, where are those who love me For God's sake for my sake?

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I will shade them today. That's what they're loved. It gives them the shade when there's no shade except my shade is what Allah says and had this

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morning continue to Hebron Allah Tiburon como la we have no clue. Come say if you love God, then follow me as a sign of your love. Follow me love of the Prophet is from love of God. And it's a sign also that love is obedience. And that's why commanded muhabba is obedience. No man was somebody who according to the Hadith, used to get punished for drinking. And they used to call the donkey as long as he was like a court jester. He joked a lot he made the Prophet laugh. But he used to do to get head punishment, and one of the Sahaba after more than once coming he said man who along may god Kherson

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and the prophets Allah tala ano for Lima and into Minho. Illa and who is below it, who bought a pseudo Don't curse him because well, I don't know anything from him except that he loves God and loves his messenger. Even hunter said about that Hadith that this is the most hopeful Hadith of the people of major sins.

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Because what it means is that the major sin does not negate the love of Allah and His Messenger, but the love is lacking. Because the more perfect the love is, the more obedience there is in the in the love, like my four year old said to his mother the other day, I love you and I obey you.

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So obedience is from my husband. I said, Where did he get that from? I don't know.

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What the Arabs call an se but bukata Allah weeping over the remnants of where his beloved used to go there are real people have that. And that's love the Sahaba had for the Prophet Salama, it said Bilbao couldn't even live in the city. He went to Sham to live in Syria. One time he came back. This was after 20 years they convinced him to give the avant

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he didn't want to give the avant he couldn't give the avant in the mosque of the prophesized him it was so overwhelming for him because he'd called the prophet to pray.

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So he gave the avant and and people came flooding out of their houses

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in tears

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thinking the prophets Allah Islam was going to come and lead them in.

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Because that even after 20 years that's how connected their hearts word to the prophets light is. That's love.

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That's that was the state of these people. It was a state of mind.

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And that's why the love of the prophets I said is you cannot love alone without loving what Allah loves. You don't love the beloved without loving what the beloved loves when a boy

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a boy even Ansari

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when the prophets eyes him came to Medina and he said to let the camel go and then it he said more

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There will have been more when it

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when it came and then ascended at the point alighted at the place where the masjid is now about you took the bags of the Prophet.

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And because everybody wanted the prophets Eliasson, but why you took the bags, and the Pope said a man is with his luggage.

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He was so diplomatic, he didn't want to offend anybody.

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And so he went into the house and apply you put him on the bottom floor, because he wanted to, to honor him, it's easier to be on the bottom floor than on the top floor, you have to walk up the stairs, you can't go out as easy as he wanted him. So he and his wife went up, he couldn't. He he, he became so constricted. Because he was I don't want to put my foot where they

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you know what the head of the Messenger of Allah This is other people don't have this, this understanding anymore. You know, this loss of Edom in our age,

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just over human refinement, you know, in the end, these were people these weren't this was not a center of civilization.

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But the one who came to civilize people really make them Mediterranean. You know, that's what Medina means. It means a city,

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the place of civility, you know that civis in Latin, it means city. And civility is behaving like with manners. That's what he came to give people in them of what to do with me, Mark macadam, and Allah, I was sent to perfect noble character in people, these qualities of nobility.

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And so just his presence that it had this transformative effect on these people, are you but Ansari couldn't walk. So he went and he asked the Prophet please. We can't stay above you.

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And so the Prophet changed places with him, and then he would bring the food up. And when the food would come down, he told his wife, show me where the messengers fingers ate from and then he would eat from that place. This is thought following the traces.

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And then one time he took some food up that had

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garlic. And then when they brought it down,

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oh boy, you asked his wife, where did he eat from? She said he didn't take anything from what you've said frazetta to. I became completely you know, what it's like to be in a state of shock.

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And he ran upstairs and he said Yasuda law, was there something Haram in it.

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He said, No, he said, it's just garlic. I don't like garlic. I don't eat garlic, because I speak to angels.

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And angels don't like bad sense. Angels like high sense.

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But his state when he saw it, did I do something I mean, that is a doubt. Because it's mahabhava. It's from love. He had so much love when years later when hard times fell upon what you've been on Sati he went to one of the the the KDF at the time and he asked him for help. And he he said that the province license at a time will come when people want help. And the kids said What did the prophesy to do in that time he said Be patient he said well then be patient.

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He needed help and he left he went to a bass in Iraq and he went into his house and he said well law he and this is years after he said I'll do today what you did on that day. He emptied his house he gave it to and then he gave him big gifts out of very wealthy he gave him a big gift of money. And treated in the same way as as that's love. You love the one who loves the beloved.

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You love the one who loves the beloved jabril in a Sahih Hadith says said either her beloved Adam

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nather jabril in Neo Hippo for an unfair hippo. If Allah loves somebody he calls to video and he says I love so and so. So love him also because I love him. And then gibreel you know the other summer with a guru in Allahu folarin fashion bow. A lot of love zones so love him.

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People the heavens, they love

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everything, loves the Messenger of Allah the prophet SAW the light instead of said there's nothing mermin chayton baina somehow he would

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minister now what you would do with my vino Houma Ella Yeah, and

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Will Amira sudo la Ignacio Jin what ends

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there's nothing between the heavens and the earth except it knows I'm the Messenger of Allah nothing except the disobedient from jinn and ends.

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And that's why there is what I did a tour of many intimate very happy says that it has a lot of advantages that don't doubt that narration

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if you look at the love that things had for the Messenger of Allah, Gemma dance, the inanimate things love the prophets on the lightning center. He said about 100 in a hidden gem ownership or ownership bow is a mountain we love that the mountain loves us, and we love it because nothing loves the messenger except that he reciprocates, because that's part of a true person. If somebody loves them, they reciprocate the love, the love the profits on the mighty center, when the Prophet visited or held once with our bunker and Omar

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and earth man, it said, Jebel, they said the mountain actually shook and they say bourbon to me, because it was so happy the Prophet came.

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And for those of you who visited the cave and smell that where the Prophet bled, inside the kid that's been there for 1400 years, people have been describing that smell in there. That's just from his blood. I mean, imagine what

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just being in his presence, a lot isn't the mountain love the Messenger of Allah and he like he used to see the mountain. And he would when he would come to Medina, he'd say, I love who loves me and I love even the ancient Chinese. Confucius

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said mountains love sages, and sages love mountains.

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Is this an ancient truth? This is a connection of mountains. And that's why

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great humans are called mountains.

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The Arabs Say hi, the gentlemen of Japan. What do mountains do? They support the earth. They hold the earth in place. And that's what great people do they they hold the earth in place, they keep order.

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And that's why there's a relationship between mountains and between.

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First and foremost the profits but then also those in the past of the Prophet the sages that Odia that who commander?

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So the prophets ally subpattern house, Baba de the rocks, he picked up rocks once and he opened them and abubaker and Omar heard them saying Subhan Allah in His hand, they heard them saying Subhana Allah and the Quran says

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oma Eman che in Illa you submit hola BMD is nothing except that it says to speak.

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But Allah says what I can come Latin ohana to speak, you know except you don't understand that to speak but everything is saying Subhana Allah everything if you if things were unveiled for people, they would hear that.

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So even the stones

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the the word LRP which is here, June down the mountain of junk Dan.

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They they love the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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and then also the the vegetable world love the profits of audio send them

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hanina Giada the the trunk of the palm tree is mutawatir it you can't deny it if you deny it, it's like denying the Quran. So many people narrated it's it's not myth. I mean, some of these hobbies if you deny them, and their sound, it's not a good idea. But you're not considered out of Islam, but certain Hadees that are mutawatir it's like denying the Quran That's a lotta Hadees they heard that the the Nakula it mon

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heard it and the program went up and put his arm and patted it and they heard the money go down the mimbar of the profit they sought shake when the profit once was reciting the Quran tends to remember the animals loved him.

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many examples of that in the Hadith, the camel, what who the answer when they said God also they have a camel they thought it was like a dog with rabies. It was so crazy. The Prophet said take me to it and he went to the animal. This mutata you know these had these are very strong hotties related by many many of the Sahaba and also by many of the camel when they went in it was in a caged off

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and they said jasola were

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Afraid for you don't go in. And he said, if there's no harm will come to me. And he went in and when the Campbell saw the Prophet sighs and he started drawing near to Him, and then it went into such depth.

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And that's when the Prophet said there's nothing in the heavens and the earth. And what's between except it knows I'm the Messenger of Allah, and they said, even a camel. And he said, Your son in law, we should make such that to you. If a camels making says he said, No,

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the only a man. And he said, If

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then I would say the woman for the husband for the right. And that that's not a general statement that's about a husband, who is honoring his wife, and taking care of her and nurturing her inner house, enabling her to live without free of concern of worldly matters. That's the whole point of that Heidi is not about a man towards a woman, period. No, it's about men that are doing their job as husbands taking care of their wives, because it's such an immense half. And that such that is just a way of honoring. It's a way of honoring, like in Japanese culture, when the husband comes home from work, the Japanese woman bows before the husband honoring that's that's what that means is

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not about anything other than that. It's honoring the one who is providing for you, you're seeing a law

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through the means.

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It's not a man for a woman know, many men are not fulfilling their rights towards their women. But when they do fulfill that right, the woman should honor that in the husband, because he's the one going out into the world struggling to secure her home, and to facilitate for her, that lack of fear provision, so that she can raise her children take care of her children, and then vice versa, the husband honors the wife it's a it's a it's a mutual thing.

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and then also even the Lamb that was poisoned, informed the prophet SAW license, even the dead lamb would not allow the prophesize to be eaten. There was a Lamb that was doubtful the meat was doubtful it was in the profits a lot is an M, don't eat from me.

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And then look at the love of these humans for the Sahaba. Even the machinery Kuhn said we've never seen, even the way the kings of Persia and the Byzantine, we didn't see their people treating them with the same respect that the companions treated the prophet and so this idea of not having talim for the prophets or SM is alien to our tradition. This is at the root of our tradition. talim for the Messenger of Allah exalting his stature, honoring his vision, and that's out of love, you have to love the Prophet. He said, once Omar said to mala he also indicated a humble or Hebrew correct thirimanne coalition Elana See I love you more than everything except myself. And the Prophet said

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level Allah, you know, via la oma

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LA, you know, I had to come to akuna I had the la mina facility behind me.

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Nobody truly believes in until I'm more beloved to him, then his own soul between his two sides. And Omar said, an era sort of law will lie in Nicola, a horrible either human Nevsky and that he beignet. jambay won't lie or mess around. Now. You're more beloved to me than my own soul between said anioma it's inside we'll have an annual the province and now you know how to come Hata akuna I have the era he mean, where did he Where did he and in a rewired family he was only one nurse.

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None of you truly believed until I am more beloved him than his father, his parents, his father and mother, his children, and in every way, his wealth, his property, his family,

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and all of humanity

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and the province not saying that that's from God, that the Prophet is commanded to say that NSA will do what I am the master of the children of Adam and there's no there's no boasting here, I'm not boasting, the prophets lie some didn't boast.

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So this this is what a lot is telling us and asking us no less than this. On one hand, it seems like a tall order. On the other hand, if you really understand it, and if you really contemplate it, it's the least that we can do online it's the least that we can do if you really contemplated it. It's the least that you can and this oma now, what we're doing as an oma as a community, how we betrayed this messenger, some of audience and then one line, look at this own what we've done and then people wonder, why is why is what's happening happening. It doesn't surprise me I'm not surprised.

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at all I'm amazed that there's still so much Rama

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that's what amazes me I'm amazed we're not wiped off the face of the earth

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that that's how I see it I don't see it as you know we're, I see it it's all mercy there's so much mercy in this oma if you look at this open Sins of this community

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