Waleed Basyouni – The Importance of Salah

Waleed Basyouni
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How do I learn?

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mother Rasulullah Ah,

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I just had one

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in that hamdulillah who want to stay in who want to study who want to start Pharaoh when I would have allowed him in Cerulean fusino min sejati I'm Melina Maria de la de la. Mama you will find I had Yahoo eyeshadow Allah ilaha illa Allah hula Sri Cara washford Juana Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim ala whom metta Sleeman kathira Am I bad or praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet? Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment.

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I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters more than 90 times, almost 100 times it's 99 times actually. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned on Oprah mentioned the word a salad in the Quran. Do karatu salad we wish to Katya this hour to say in America

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the word salah and the various format came in the Quran 99 times.

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And if that high number of repetitions means that this is something is so valuable.

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But it's very interesting how a select came in the prime and the min min Latif made em Melville in Sam, who will Miranda and that is one of the vehicles select. For instance. Allah subhanho wa Taala said in regard to Isa Allah His Sonam

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as you know, in Saudi cinema, Allah give him a miracle that he spoke while he was an infant who had the Kalam format. Well, ajeeb and Allah azza wa jal you see Sally cinema film at the Bistro that was interesting that Isa is still an infant infant, still a child, a newborn. Yet what Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered him to do. So he will grow up remembering that order from Allah. Well, I will sign Eva Salah he ordered me to perform a Salah

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Ibrahim out of his salon

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when he took his family

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to the desert in Mecca at that time before el campo was built

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and he left them in the middle of nowhere.

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And Allah Subhana Allah order them order him to take them over there. For what reason? Time has come to mean the Rio de bois didn't have any design and debate tickle Mohan Rob Benelli okema select so they will perform the Salah while in this situation, a lot ordering them to perform

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salah and that will bring relief and will bring people and will turn this place to be Mecca. And you know the word even in English Mecca means the very crowded place

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and that place was nothing empty abandoned not even a place where usually caravan pass by kind of mature lotta more often will it be useful mean as heaven Mr. comfy and Adam

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musante his Salam

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Allah so Jelena I want you to imagine this invited him in a very special meeting to meet with him in person

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limeade Katya Robbie, and when he met him, when Allah spoke to him, what Allah Subhana Allah said to Masha Allah is Allah in any annaleigh what Ada Elana for aborigine, we're after in a solitary decree. Again, it's a Salah Allah father telling him that I am your Lord. So worship Me alone and perform a select offer Asana

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Alassane, the special revelation to musang his brother Harun, what's this revelation Mahathir? Why inaho a select? What are hanaa in musawah

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and turbo mikuma bimbisara, Buta one Janu contemplar, Joaquin masala any pray inside your homes if you can gather together to pray.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah risen him over the seven layers of the skies

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on the top of the universe, and then I saw him

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and brought him so new to him.

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And the one thing that we all know

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that a lot order him to start practice him and his oma was what a select

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slay man Allah His Salaam.

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The prophet SAW a man when he looked at his horses and wealth

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and was so angry at himself because looking at his horses and playing with them and they will demonstrating in front of him have distracted him until the sun went down and he missed what a select in the app to help Bell higher and Dickie Robbie had that honor to Bill hijab for toffee commerce hem bisogni well Anna, and in this has different opinions what that means. Did he kill these horses Baba and our suka, Jani or Julia Joaquin luck in the master Harley, how you have only any kind of fitna authority.

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What is the glad tiding came

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to give you here the glad tidings of Zakaria that he will have a child after all this year's for another tournament are eager to who aka a moon. You saw leaf in my heart while he's praying. And almohad the angels call him said alive giving you what you requested, which is the chop

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in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day

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he made a very terrifying so scary, so stronger

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against alcohol, the disbelievers

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You know why? Because they distracted him sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam from praying us up on time.

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For dadra more even in Ibiza solo con mela Allah who Cobra whom Nah, man Allah Bora Hama, will you tell him Nara commercial how Luna and a select May Allah filled their graves in their homes with fire

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as they have distracted us from solar.

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Salad select.

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It is something that in nabee sallallahu Sallam dare so much loved so much. Not only the to express that through his words, when he said at a nabee higher billon bring peace and tranquility and calmness and serenity to us through our Surah Now but also he demonstrated the sallallahu Sallam through his actions

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His number one priority in his life sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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the call to action or the Allah and our Canon evisa salam ala have a few minutes early for you to have a lot of solid holiday can now hold it for now.

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When the Salah time comes he always take care of us he always serve us he always helped his family but when the Salah time comes

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he leaves he leaves as if he doesn't know us and we don't know

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when the Salah especially in the summertime, and the time between the two Salah long Canada visa Salaam, yen Habu g g

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it had about half the halaqa salata amla

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on the US or between Astra Maghreb is long of war and so as long as nobody's a solemn will not be Sara. He's like going around and asking me now is it time for Salah natya looking forward for the salasar Allah Allahu Allah wa salam

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and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam pray duration. Then after he prayed

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he prayed for Raka first, before even going to Asia, he said I came to Nabi sallallahu Sallam to talk to him about something my father wants me to tell him. So I came in, before Mahara, he prayed out of sallallahu Sallam and I said I will wait a little bit so I can talk to him after modem alone but in Ibiza solemn after he prayed mother or father you suddenly you're a callback, I came to America to mark it to rock I still like as he pray one prayer and then after another until he came, so number said I couldn't talk to him. So the whole time I was praying.

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Then he said after he prayed for Raka Ma, Pon Hoon Weiss, and Han for long, beautiful records.

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until everybody left in the mess nobody was left in them. Can you imagine the Sahaba their life you know, making their sinner to whatever everybody laughed and inhibition did not finish this 4k yet.

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Then when he finished he said some Allah they said them took numbers you waiting for me said yes. They said Why didn't you come and sleep over? I am tonight I'm sleeping at your aunt. She's a mountain

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and he goes on his sleeve in the province of salams house and he watched the process on him city slipped for a little bit. Then in the after that he woke up sallallahu Sallam Salim in a li li Masha Allah you suddenly and in the night he was praying Salalah

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Salah played a major role in his life sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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to the extent that in Nabhi, Salah sanlam among the last words that you have said before he died, Asana at Asana assata Sadat, yeah, and he also co sought out the last few words he said before he died. He said to us and allow anyone who said an Asana Yanni to his oma, I order you to take care of Asana.

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I advise you to keep Asana

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there is no event that in the Quran was associated with mini Aqua for ships like a solar a solar comes with a circuit comes with a subtle comes with a new soup comes with LG had

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a salad it is the main pillar of Islam as an ambassador the Allahu anhu Allah said that in Nabi sallallahu Sallam sin were after Yemen. And when he sent him to Yemen, he said, when you come to the people of Yemen, order them to say Allah Allah Allah Allah for him a job book if they recognize that if he knew that and he accepted a bedroom and Allah father and him councils let them know that Allah prescribed upon them five daily prayers not for five daily prayers.

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And every 24 hours every day in Bo me him when I let him

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win in the B Salalah. Sample. Here I moved in Islam. It's the main pillar of Islam. That's why aroma rhodiola ansaid, Lucha Laval Islam, lemon Taka salad there is no chance for someone to claim Islam.

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If that person doesn't pray, there is no chance for someone to claim silver Muslim to say I'm a Muslim. If that person don't pray

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that's why shut them in cinema said I have not seen us have Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam agreed upon something. abandoning it is cufon except a Salah. That's one thing all the can

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banyans agree that the person who don't pray is not a Muslim

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to the extent that allameh debated is it leaving one Salah enough to consider a person of Muslim one Salah

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or three or three days?

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Can you imagine someone being in a position where they might debate is your Muslim or non Muslim

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can share Mashallah

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healthy How can yoga and yoga annasophia them over? there is anybody have any common sense, or any kind of sense of wisdom will agree to put himself in a position where the ultimate debate if he's a Muslim or not,

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which one that in the be sallallahu Sallam order which which act of worship that Allah ordered us to care for it. Traveling residents in a time of you know, safety and security in a time of fear. While you are sick while you are healthy, you still have to pray.

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pile of rubbish the same cannot be boissier fishtec HCl and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Canada who Nabi sallallahu Sallam suddenly caught a man in Limpopo, South Africa and then fell into South Africa Allah Jim, you were saying it's so hard for me to stand up. He said to him, pray if you can pray standing do if you can sitting if you can't while you're laying down.

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in any position even with your eyes,

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you move your finger but you don't leave the salon in the middle of the war while the war is going on. Allah ordered us to pray

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and that's not an excuse for us to leave the break even in the middle of the war.

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Have you I don't know it was solid wood stove Oppo moorilla carnitine Fein 15 very john and a little cabana for either I mean Tom Ford Corolla hakama

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it is the one thing that Allah Subhana Allah keep always mentioning as if it is the as the act for fellowship that all the prophets cared for, while helping him fellow hierarchial ecommerce Allah. We have inspired them Yanni, the prophets and the messengers who have have mentioned earlier and sort of an MBA to do good and to offer the Salah

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in a salata can in a salata tender and in fascia, or mocha, or Salah, protects you from evilness.

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There is nothing why Bure sends like a Salah you're calling me Salam a Salah to homes cafaro to Lima Vina Han Ophelia any Muslim Kala una tarjeta de boon to Medusa, Luna Vaughn Fatone

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from Medusa Luna and also Fatah poron any you burn yourself with all the wrong things that you might do in the morning and only pray the hobbit wiped all of it out, then also wiped out? Then leveled up twice?

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And that's in regards to the main minor sin.

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Allenby Salalah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam many many many Muslim to have all Serato matoba for you Shinobu wha hoo ha ha what Roku Aha. There is not a single Muslim. The time of obligatory Salah comes and that person will make a good will.

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Then we'll pray with her sugar concentration. And we'll make his Roku and sujood full.

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Not very fast, not distracted. inla can at cafardo Tolima, Camila homina zu, man I'm to Kabira whether they can the hora que la la Coolio. Yeah, so looking into that. He said salasar it will erase the sins that you have committed, except the major one.

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And that's all your Long

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Island Naboo sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to cab to Robbie, I have been CAD when he said Yasser Allah, I want to be with you in general. He said Indiana enough secret capital just suited you want to be with me and then pray as much as you can? As many times as you can.

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Remember brothers and sisters, what is the one thing that the people of Hellfire will mention, when they are asked why you ended up in Hellfire

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akumina mousseline we did not used to be among the people who pray.

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What the thing that Allah Subhana Allah said if you abandon and if you don't

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do it regularly, and if you don't care for it, you will fall in desires and follow your desires for

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Hall of Fame embody himself above solid, whatever oshawott had in a teacher what the one thing that in the be sallallahu Sallam said, what's between you and should

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one thing between you and should if that thing removed, you fall into sherkin Coco Ponte lace avena Rajan will be in a Shirky will Cuf torque letter casola the only thing between you and falling into crusher is leaving a solder

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in the B saucer landfill Buhari so a dream

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and his dream

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he's still this man

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sitting and another person carrying a big rock and smashing that person's head with the rock

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then in the business on with that and you know the profits dreams are true that this is something will happen either in grave and hellfire. What kind of punishment is that for who? For Kayla who for in order or NFL football, where now more and a slot in October. It is the person who will sleep and will not pray on time.

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Don't care to put the alarm for fragile you just put it for work. You don't care if you miss us or because you taking a nap. Mahara because he taking a nap

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that's if you sleep and you basically abandoned the Salah what of the person who's not asleep and abanda solid don't careful of Asana because the watching movie The playing games, the distracted with work whatever is the issue and they will let the salaat Time goes and will not pray

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for each other or NFL football. This the person who will then offer the Orion who would reject the Quran ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us among those who cares about the salah and keep the Salah chordomas tomato Mustafa la hearty welcome pistacchio

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hamdulillah al Salam salatu salam ala Nabi Eva who about

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Cana Ebrahim aside Rajat Ansari Han,

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Hakka the Vitara JAMA, Dr. Abu Dawood patella, who abou Muslim beyonders and our candidate arafa Alma Prakash, semi annually that say about

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the Brian Messiah is He mixed jury and make you know, artworks and stuff like that

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and he use hammers you know, to reshape the metals. And when he hears that, then they said, when he having the hammer up, he will not let it go down. He will just let it go. And he will not continue his work.

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I hope that example you can picture that

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for so many young people today when they hear that then and the towel before but they have their games have their whatever they're distracted with. When a Salah comes, it should not be you should not be distracted from the Salah as Allah Subhana Allah praise such people reach out to laterally him to gelatin whatever and the karela consola they will never be distracted from the salah and Nicola

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and what do we say here the distractions is by looking at the time of the Salah finish any you you you're allowed to the best form of Salah to pray on the beginning of the time Why so you don't if you get into the habit of delaying Salah to the end of the time I guarantee you you have missed saw so many times

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if you pray in the last 10 minutes every time I can guarantee you that this such person always miss Salawat

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pray in the beginning of the tunnel as much as you can yes a Sharia is not that strict. There is a special circumstances a special cases what it allows you to join Mahabharata Asia or vahana awesome you know what i'm doing an operation and I have you know very special circumstances going on I have a you know person who have to attend you know a very important yes exam meeting class I cannot get out but it should not be the norm I should take learn how to make my schedule around my Salah time

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What can I do share I was in the movie

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Okay, if you have to at least don't go the title the salon.

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It's a game. Okay, take a break. Great example for us in Houston Hakeem when he used to play in the NBA

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not your game.

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Nobody knows about it. Okay. Ken he used to leave the NBA just to pray dumon and he used to make sure that there is a mustard nearby he will go pray to Him and come back

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in the time the song

00:25:16 --> 00:25:18

and many athletes like that.

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Anyway, so I hope that this will remind us of the importance of salah and not to make a Salah is the is the least of our priorities. When we travel when we are residents. When we go to work when we go to school, a salon should be in the top of our priority as it's the top of Allah Subhana Allah his priority and the top of Muhammad's asylums priority and the top of the sinner priority that it should be the same thing for us. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us among those who performance salah and to keep us on are always on time. Allahumma Taco Bell Mina alumna in La Jolla their general economic la manera de Amanda. Amanda Amanda de salud, Nicola akima sadati other

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general economic Allahumma furlanetto sirona Aloma furlanetto cirano Alpha unknown criminal law more for Diwali, Dena. Allahumma for lavallee Deena here Amata llama mininova Minato Muslim you know one Muslim out and ahead and what Allah my father on behalf of the other another AI educator Jana your economic alarm

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will muddle the Yeah. Hey Allah, humaneness Okay, yeah, they'll generally do a column and tell him about the car Mr. Levine and mother will mean if you miss out on all of them. Have it be a mom the federal janmabhoomi and accountable mK rubine We're sorry maggini Allah homea heyoka umeda Geraldo a con el nino before they come and see why Coby halali can harmonica mean la sala de la masala Mubarak Elena Vienna, Muhammad, la palma de Sala to Hong Kong.

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