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A lecture to the youth delivered at the Nurul Islam Masjid in Trinidad on the similarities between a football match and life.

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Salam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He was happy as mine.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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his household his companions May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless them all, and may He bless every one of you. May He bless our offspring goes to come up to the end.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala grant a steadfastness my brothers and sisters in Islam, today I have a very simple message.

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The question that I have for myself firstly is, who am I? And why am I here?

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So every one of us needs to ask ourselves, who am I? And why am I here?

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I am a human being.

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A human is

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the most noble of the rest of the creatures of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah says in Surah, two tiene la the follow up on Al.

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Fi, Sangeeta we, we have created mankind in the best of postures. No other creature of Allah has a better posture than ours, the nose, the eyes, the ears, the mouth, the fingers, the nails, the hands, the elbows, the knees. Everything is placed in such a way that none of us no matter how hard we try, can think up a better place to put those organs. Think about it. Your hair. Where would you like your beard to be? The best place is here? Where would you like your eyes to be? The best place is here. That's our last challenge. Allah tells you I have made it the best which means men. You can't play with what I've done. Try, try to think you will not be able to come up with something

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better. Number one, number two, Allah says while

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many indeed we have honored human beings, we have honored the children of Adam which means human the human beings. So the first human was Adam alayhis salam, Allah created him. The second human was hawala Salatu was Salam. Allah created her in a slightly different way. But she was also created by Allah subhanho wa Taala. After that, there was birth, one after the other. Allah showed us that I can create without the involvement of male or female such as Adam alayhis salam, I can create with the involvement of a male with no female such as Hawa alayhis salam, or Eve May peace be upon him, I can create with the involvement of a female no male such as Isa Ali Salaam, and I can create through

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male and female such as you and I, that's the qudra of Allah has shown us all four probabilities, all four possibilities he has shown us. So when he made us Why did he make us you have to ask yourself the question, why am I on earth? How come people come here? birth is very hard gestation pregnancies very difficult. Why? And how come when I come onto the earth, I can't remember the moment that I came into the earth I cannot. And I cannot remember the diet, the time that I was in the womb of my mother, but I was living. There was life at a certain point. 120 days the roof is blown. I can't remember anything. How come? Why There must be a reason. Also, when I was born, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala says, What Allahu

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Allah has taken you out of the wombs of your mothers, whilst you knew nothing. You didn't know how to talk. You didn't know how to walk. Nobody ever came out of the womb of their mothers and started running or started walking. It never happened. The only child that came out and started speaking was a Salah is Allah, Allah makes mention of it. But that was miraculous.

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How come? I could not do anything? Allah subhanho wa Taala has kept everything for a reason. I want to touch on that. How come? as I grow older, someone needs to look after me. If they did not look after me, I would have died. If nobody took care of a baby that is born. The baby would die. Matter of time. Someone needs to take care of the baby Why? Also as you grow older, you start learning a few words from

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Whom? from your parents and if they are not there then from those around you, why, how come I cannot just choose where I want to be born? How come I cannot choose my parents? How come I cannot choose which nationality I should have been? How come I cannot choose to have been born in Mecca or Medina? How come I cannot choose the color that I want it to be? The eyes, the nose, the type of hair, etc? Why can I not choose? Why? Question? Also, as I grew older, I had these parents, I didn't choose them, someone chose them for me Who was that Allah also. They taught me their dialect. They taught me their language. If I was living in China, it was Chinese. If I'm living in Trinidad, you know

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what you speak, don't you Subhanallah

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it is your accent. I come from Zimbabwe. You can hear my accent. It's a little bit different from yours, but you can understand it. Yours is a little bit difficult to understand.

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But at the same time, I need to ask myself why.

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When I grow older, now I know how to talk. Now I know how to walk. Now I can start understanding things. I see everything. What does Allah want from me now? He wants something from me. How do I know he wants something from me? Because I see other people starting to die. That's what I see. There were people my age, they started dying. My friends died. A few people someone had the health matter. diagnosed cancer, young age leukemia, whatever it was, they passed away, but that guy went to school with me. You get the point? May Allah grant Shiva to those who are struggling with any illness say I mean?

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And then I see older people passing away and then I see healthy people becoming unhealthy. And then I am taught that this man who passed away was stronger than you and I, but he passed away. Then I see people fighting fought for money. How come? Why didn't Allah Just give me one checkbook as I was born and say right for your life? Here it is taking? Why does Allah want me to work hard in order to eat? Why do I have to eat? Have you thought of it? We have to put something in here a few times a day. We have to drink Why? Why did an allergist make us automatic? You know, hovercraft, I just press a button here. And next thing I'm flying, I'm going Why? Why did Allah do this to us? What's

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the purpose? How come I have to eat so many times a day, if I eat today, I have to eat tomorrow. And if I eat tomorrow, I have to eat the next day. And in order for me to eat, I need to work I need to get money. In order to get that money. I have to sweat why people say your sustenance is written, how come? It's written? Yes, but at the same time I need to work for it. I need to make sure I do certain things to get it. Why is it that some things are not allowed? How come? Why? There is a reason for all this. Let me take it a little bit further. When I want to get married. How come I propose someone rejects Why? They reject? I propose I'm happy she's happy. Her father says No way.

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Not at all. He doesn't speak your accent? Not at all. Why is it that sometimes Okay, I want to get married Mashallah, things are easy, then I cannot have children. Why?

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How come I cannot have kids, for example, I'm talking of just an example. And how come some others they have twins, some people have triplets. Why some mothers in law are so kind and others are not. How come? How come you know the other day someone sent me a message telling me Do you know father becomes father in law?

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Mother becomes mother in law. Son becomes son in law. Daughter becomes daughter in law.

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The wife

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What does she become? She is the law. That's what it is.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala guidance.

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How come why some people have wives who Subhana Allah or the coolness of their eyes. And some people they see them nice become red. What's the purpose and vice versa as well? Some people have good husbands and some people the husband is busy drinking, he's lying and whatever else. How come?

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Why is my test like this? Some people say I was so pious, I tried my best I didn't miss a Salah. I made dua to Allah I was this and I was that but how come I have a spouse who is troubling me and some other people. They're not pious at all, but they're getting everything. How come? Why?

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So Pamela, how come some people die early and other people are sick and they're ill?

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They are not healthy and they have a life that is full of misery according to them, why is that the case?

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I tell you now, what the answer is.

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Allah says in Surah

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Allah villafana

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attorney Abu

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salam, Allah, wa who will as

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it is he who created death and life

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in order to test you, that's all. Everything is a test from the beginning to the end is a test from Allah subhanho wa Taala. He chose the playing field, and he chose the tests, and he puts you into that particular test. And he says, I am testing all of you. He knows where we were before we were born, and he knows where we are going to go after we will die. And he knows there is a better place that we will be in by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala only if we recognize him. This is why Islam is a religion. Today, I saw a news piece on BBC. Islam is the fastest growing religion.

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there are no risks in Islam when it comes to worship. Who are you worshiping? When you put your head on the ground? What do you say Subhana. Allah, you are glorifying he who made you have been if I say Glory be to he who made me who he who is in control of my life, he whom I'm going to return to he who my sustenance is in his hand, etc. Can I be risking anything? No, I put my head on the ground I say oh you who made me. I'm putting my head on the ground. I will never worship anyone besides you.

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You taking risk and you are saying you are the highest here I am I put my head on the lowest possible ground. So Hannah bl Allah. new religion has such a beautiful ibadah known as sujood that we have the prostration that we have. It is amazing. It is a direct plug in with Allah acaba, Maja Kunal Abdullah, he was the closest that a worshiper can get to his up is when he is in prostration. That's what Allah says. So it's amazing. This is why it's the fastest growing religion. But what about us? I want to give you an example, the example of football who wrote the rules of football you or someone else, someone else, the fathers of football. What did they say? The match shall be nine

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Am I right?

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So everyone knows about football? liquidly saying no, you know the rules. 90 minutes now, am I right? Yes. Unless it goes into injury time, overtime, etc. We're not going to talk about that. But I want to draw a very interesting parallel. What is your job in 90 minutes? What is the job when the whistle blows? you dive in into the pitch? And what's your job? Please? Can someone say?

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Everyone said score a goal, right? If you scored one is the match over? What happens? You got to keep on scoring as much as you can. And you got to break history. Even if the other team is so useless. You can score 15 zero 20, zero 50 zero 55. Zero, you will be in the Guinness Book of Records why you did the best you guys, you you went through the the opposition and you scored one after the other? And what is the opposition trying to do? They're trying to get the ball from you and they want to score? Right? If the opposition scores one listen carefully will lie. It's a very interesting example. If the opposition scores one goal and you haven't yet scored, and this 10

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minutes in the meaning 10 minutes remaining. Have you lost already? How many of you have seen football matches where last five or 10 minutes are over time and you find that everything changes? Am I right?

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Then what happens? The final whistle is blown. When the final whistle is blown. You can take the ball in front of the goal and you can kick it in as many times as you want, will it help you.

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And also if you are offside what is offside it means you are against the rules. You are running the bullies behind you. And then you suddenly got the ball, you're offside. If you're outside and you score a goal do they count it? Why? Because it's against the rules. You've broken the rule. It was a goal but it was wrong because you did not follow the rules. Now I want to go back to what I'm saying. You were born and I was born. Our 90 minutes from Allah some might go injury time some might go here they Your job is to score as many goals as you can throughout your life. I read

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First now I will leave my sooner now I will read my nephew. And if shaitan scores one goal, it does not mean you lost the match. You go and score another two, three, even if the shaman scored 15 goals you score 16 Who won? You won. This is why there is a reason on the Day of Judgment there is a scale and Allah says from

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Allah He can move me from woman how Fatima was Gino? Una de negocio fusa home, those whose scales are heavier than the bad, the good is more than the bad 1615 Allah says you are successful, you are successful you did more good than that.

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And those whose scales are lighter, the good deeds are lighter than the bad you have lost yourself. You have destroyed yourself. You have gone finished. You know how it feels when there is no law he my brothers and sisters, you know, the World Cup we have a lot of lessons from it a lot. I've spoken about this once before, and I'm speaking about it again today from a different angle. I want to tell you what we have to learn. We have to learn that Subhana Allah He

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no matter what happens during that 90 minutes, okay?

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Your job is one thing you follow the rule. You don't harm anyone in the process. If you suddenly start punching someone what happens you get the red card. You need to do two things here you make sure you score a goal and you make sure you don't break the rules.

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In Islam as Muslim mean, we make sure that we do as many good deeds as possible don't harm anyone. If you harm someone you get the red card What does that mean? your good deeds go to that person. That's what the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam teaches us. You scoring an own goal. You see your scoring in on goal. Make sure you don't harm people today, there is enough hatred amongst the oma for petty issues. Make sure you learn to love one another. We are part of one jamara we are part of a group of La ilaha illAllah manakala illa Illa Allah, Allah Jana, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam made a simple Hadith, he says whoever says La ilaha illa Allah believing in it, obviously, they will

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enter genital Pharaohs. He was asked what in zenner were in serach. He said, What in zenner? Were in Salah. After the third time he That's what he said. He kept on repeating whoever says La ilaha illAllah. Here we're talking about you believe right? They will enter gentlemen, even if they've made mistakes in the process. They seek forgiveness, Allah will forgive them. Imagine shaytaan such as the opposition, they score a goal and you say Look, I'm sorry. So the referee says okay, we'll delete that goal. can it happen? But Allah does that shaytan scored a goal. You say I'm sorry, that was our fault. The goalkeeper says hey, I let it go down. And you know what Allah says, Don't worry.

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We'll delete it. Try again. That's the mercy of Allah. That's why he's called.

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My brothers and sisters Don't waste time. Do you see in the football match anyone standing for a little while and they chit chatting. They have their WhatsApp and they own while the match is going on? No, there's no time for that. Your life is short. You don't have time to waste near machinima Boonen v mercati. roominess, a sad one for

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two things. The prophet SAW Selim says people are deceived about many people are deceived about two things, their health and their spare time. So they waste both of them while you're healthy. There's no injury, it's not running score a goal another goal, a third goal, don't lose hope no matter what. And you know what, even if you're losing if there is that extra time, the overtime they call it injury time, matches have changed. I know of a match where it was one zero. And after a while it became to one in injury time. So you must be doing the same match right?

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injury. So never lose hope a person who spends his whole life in a bad way. But towards the end he does good. He has succeeded. And the person who spends his whole life in a good way towards the end he does bad he has failed. Just like the football. You see the example I'm giving you because as we were coming here I saw many of them john Stadium, and I thought to myself, I better talk about this. May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us.

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It shows us the purpose of our existence. Now the rules were written by Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you are offside what happens? You are worshipping but there is shift Can you worship it's thrown out no matter what. That's why Allah subhanho wa Taala says we sent you messages to

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tell you our rules. When you are on the pitch, the pitch is this life, okay? When you're on the pitch, there are rules. You cannot do what you want. I cannot pick up the ball. It's a handball, right? There'll be a penalty. I cannot just run as I wish I got to make sure everything is in order. I need to wear a specific uniform. I cannot just pitch up and I'm playing for Germany and I've got the Argentina uniform. A Muslim has a dress code, you cannot just dress like anyone and think that no, that's fine. The females have a uniform the males have a uniform, your uniform when people see you, they need to know you belong to this team. When law hits reality, you belong to a powerful

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Subhan Allah, I have met people I don't know what team they belong to, whether they're Argentina or Germany. It's hard to say salam or Aleikum to some people because they might say hello back to you. And then you feel like you were stumped. But had they had some form of uniform and we said a Salam aleikum, WA Alaykum wa sallam we smile at each other. And we go we are part of a team. When you are part of a team that is when you score if you think you can do it on your own shavon will dribble the ball away from you remember that so together we will achieve your delight Mr. jamara

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we need to know that Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us the importance of the group. We need to be together the disunity that is called for petits is what is destroying the entire oma shavon keeps on trading with us every day. What is his job to make us fail, he wants to score against us everyday. So time of fudger there is a match going you are running with the ball. I hope you are anyway, some of us are sleeping. So you're running with the ball. And what happens Shetlands is running back with the ball. He takes the ball away from you You take it back from him he takes it away from you take it back. The ultimate thing is you need to score that goal get up for further prove it that I'm

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going to read my salah and that's it when you ready one goal. What happens after a while you start swearing you start lying you you are on WhatsApp with someone illegitimate. You're not supposed to be with them. What happens shaytan scored a goal. Now it's one one.

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Now, later on, you need to rectify that we asked a lot forgiveness. We go the next thing happens I must pick up my Quran. It's not easy. I promise you one thing we're all guilty of myself included. We don't recite enough for you. I promise you that is something we're all guilty of. Many of us we might do this do that. How many of us actually have the Quran with a marker in it at home and we read one page a day and we move the marker how many of us I don't even want you to raise your hands because I know the number is very small. Our relationship with the Quran has been banned, and it is bad and it can be better wirkkala rasuna be in a coma takato

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the complaint of the Prophet salallahu Salam O Allah Miko, my people have taken this forum. They have abandoned it, they have abandoned its message.

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Imagine we are the home of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam we don't want to fall under that category. We don't want to fall under the category of people who have abandoned the Quran. So I call on myself and yourselves. Take one call and in your house, keep a marker read one page a day, read half a page a day, read one verse a day and move the marker move the mucca mucca mucca voila, he a day will come either you will complete it and start again. Or either you pass away and Allah gives you a reward based on the fact that you intended to complete the Quran. Imagine.

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But remember, when shaman scores that goal against you, because you lied because you swore because you committed a sin, you need to quickly go back score the goal because that is life, your whole life will continue one after the other after the other. Now I tell you

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people say but I'm a pious person. How come I got so many problems? Why is my life more difficult? Because if your life is more difficult, your certificate will be higher, your prize will be bigger look when you are playing World Cup, right? How many teams are there at the beginning? I think they want to increase the number of teams now. Right? Have you heard that? Everyone's nodding Mashallah we know more about the rules of World Cup. We know about our own team. But anyway, keep on nodding. If you do know the answer, that doesn't mean you must pretend like you don't know. Okay. So we have, say 48 teams, maybe they want to increase it a little bit more initially is the knockout stage,

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right? So you have teams if you're a strong team, you play them and it was a walk in the park five, zero, you want it right, you went to the next stage? Will the team be an easier one or a more difficult one Tell me more difficult because now you got into the What do they call them the group stage right now you're in the group stage.

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Again, the initial gains will be a little bit easier you got into the quarterfinals. quarterfinals you playing England Subhanallah What's happening? It's going to be a tough match this interest everyone is watching. Well, I tell you,

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the angels are watching, they are recording. Those are cheering you on. There is a force angelic force telling you to do good Subhana Allah do good. And then there is the opposition booing you telling you to do bad.

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And shaytan is trying and the match is now very heavily attended. What's happening. I played England, imagine I won. That's it's going to be very, very tough. But guess what I mean to the semies Mashallah, I'm into the semi finals. And the semi finals is very important. I have to win. So I will train, I will practice I will get up in the morning, I will run here, I will do that. I will fly to Tobago, and I will make sure that every day I'm swimming back and forth. And I'm doing this why I'm just getting ready for the day that the semi finals happens. How much effort Subhanallah big effort because why? It's a very important thing. So as you get closer to Allah don't think life

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becomes easier. He promises that it will become more difficult. He promises but you will have contentment. You'll be a happy person. Look at Muhammad salatu salam, how many difficulties? Did he have challenges did he face? Was he ever upset? Was he ever depressed? Never. He was content. You know what he said in five? He said, Oh Allah, if you are happy and pleased with me, I don't mind anything else. I don't mind what's happening. So Panama, for as long as you're happy with me. So that's the happiness of Allah, we are striving towards it. We need it to come in our direction. My brothers and sisters, remember, this is very interesting. You suddenly the semifinals is 00 and 90

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minutes are up what happens? You get a chance, you're going to overtime, what happens? You're going to overtime they give you I think 15 minutes, 15 minutes, is that right?

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Don't pretend like you don't know. Okay.

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And then once you have that, and nothing happens, they blow the whistle and we go into penalties. We're going to penalties, you better make sure your goalkeeper penalties means we are now open that we just want to score this goal. We're not going to run with the ball. We are now standing in front of you. We're going to score but the penalties are the most decisive when it comes to winning the match. So when it comes to a certain point, it's you and shaytan that's it. There is adultery to be committed right in front of me. Everything is easy to do. facilitated, nobody's gonna be watching what a beautiful person etc. Everything is easy going. And the shaper is looking. He wants to shoot

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that penalty. SubhanAllah and you look,

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it takes three, four steps back. What do you do? Subhan? Allah, are you listening? It's a tough one. There is adrenaline. Everyone is watching. Boom, boom, boom. And you take two, three steps. And you go for it. And guess what happens? The goalkeeper dives in the wrong direction.

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Make sure at that point, your ball does not go beyond the bar

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Subhana Allah, make sure at that point, it goes where it is supposed to go. You know what to do you know the rules, you know that if it is haram, The pleasure is going to be temporary. It's going to be fake. And it's going to be a lot of regret. So you don't want to do that. What do you do, you rush towards the right thing. And you make sure you've scored the goal when it was the most difficult. We didn't do anything for so long. And now suddenly, we did the right thing. My brothers and sisters, you suddenly win the match. and thereafter, your day comes. Your day comes when you have that World Cup, and everyone is holding it and everyone is excited. It is very sad that I have

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to give this example. But to be honest with you, we enjoy that match. We know how it works. We have a more important match known as your real life. Each one of us comes in when the whistle is blown. Metaphorically, each one of us has to rush in a certain direction. Each one of us is on our own, but we keep passing the ball where we are told to pass the ball. We help each other in our lives.

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If you I want to ask you a question. If you pass the ball and you set the goal and someone else scored the goal who wins the whole team won

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You get it, the whole team one. Same applies in the dunya. When you help someone to do good, Allah says, I'll give you the full reward of it as well, because you helped. That's why, when you did not help, you're selfish. So it's amazing how the similarities are. But we understand it for one thing, that is leisure and pleasure, but we don't understand it for another thing that is absolutely serious, absolutely serious. And I tell you, every point that we learn of the that match applies in our lives in a different way. Like I said, some people live a little bit longer, maybe allowance them to score some more, maybe it's not yet time, you know, somehow Allah Allah knows best when your

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time is your whistle shall be blown. You need to make sure you get that cup.

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You need to make sure you get the price, you need to make sure you played Don't lose hope until the end. Imagine your enemy scores 123 you sitting three, no, you can make it four three, by the will of Allah you can, I promise you, you can or take it 233 and then it gets to overtime and penalty. And then you can read you can you can but try not to let it get to that boiling point because you know the penalties, even the good team can lose, right? Because now it's too close. And it's tricky.

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So try to score it before my brothers and sisters that is life. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, wa

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kabani camarasaurus soon in elanco, ie

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we have never sent a messenger before you accept that we have taught every one of them

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to convey the message that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah. So worship me alone. Allah is saying,

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every messenger from the beginning to the end, came with one message, worship Allah alone, don't worship shapen make sure my brothers and sisters that we fulfill this in a way that we follow the rules set by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Make sure like I was saying Allah chose the ground. Allah chose where you're going to be born. Because it's a test. If it wasn't the test, he would have allowed you to choose. Allah chose what problems you're going to have because it's a test. If it wasn't the test, he would tell you, you choose what you want. Allah chose your eyes, your lineage, your color, your complexion, your nationality, whatever else Allah chose. And as time passes, he's

00:32:43--> 00:32:47

just watching you to see even when you have wealth,

00:32:48--> 00:32:57

and power and position. Allah in the Quran uses the same word Leah blucon. Who will lead ijarah Allah, Allah.

00:33:01--> 00:33:08

Allah is the one who keeps who has made you on Earth, one after the other. And in another place in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

00:33:10--> 00:33:16

What ah ba ba, ba Ba, da, da da da da convene.

00:33:17--> 00:33:42

Allah has raised some of you above others. Allah has raised some of you above others in different matters of this world, in order to test you regarding what he has given you. If Allah gave you he's testing you, if allowed to get away from you. He's testing you. How do you react? Don't be upset this life is temporary. Life is temporary. So when you get close to Allah, Allah will give you contentment.

00:33:43--> 00:34:22

Some people they have a thorn on their toe, and they are so suicidal. another person's leg was amputated and they're saying Alhamdulillah at least I'm still alive. Why it's a man. It's your Yaki new conviction in Allah you believe he knows what he's doing. You believe he is up bull is that you will gelar He is my maker, I'm going to go back to him. This world was not made in order for us to do as we please there. There is another place to do that is known as gentle. If we could do whatever we pleased in this world, what was the purpose of creating general fear the most, there was no purpose.

00:34:24--> 00:34:33

Because someone would say, if you are asked, Do you want to go to a place where you do what you want to say? I'm already in a place where I do what I want. What was the point?

00:34:34--> 00:34:40

Allah says no, in this world, you don't do what you want. You got to follow the rules, do what we want. And Allah will give you

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

be happy with your fair share of challenges and tests may be sickness, maybe you lost your job, you're looking for a job, you want a child you have a marital problem. How are you going to solve it? What's your turn, every time you swear you've lost every time this happens, you lose and so on. Remember my brothers and

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

Just as we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us ease, and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to open our doors, I want to end off by making mention of

00:35:10--> 00:35:29

the most serious goals that are scored by the devil. Number one, I said it already he makes us associate partners with Allah in any way and in every way. He is trying. So even if you are reading Salah, you want to beautify it because people are watching. That's wrong, you lose the reward.

00:35:30--> 00:36:14

Sometimes we do things besides Allah, we are worshipping trees and sticks and stones and saints, etc, etc. When Allah says I've sent all the messages. In the Quran, Allah says in more than one place, I've sent all the messages in order to remind you to worship Me alone now Illa, Allah, Allah far bodoni all these messages that came from the beginning to the end, all of them, I gave them one message to give you and that was, there is none worthy of worship besides me. So worship me alone. Be careful because shape plans plan, when that goal is scored against us, it is more dangerous than any other goal you can ever have. Secondly,

00:36:15--> 00:36:17

sometimes what we do is

00:36:19--> 00:37:03

we break the rules, we are offside how we fulfill a deal, it may be a good deal, but we added something extra or we subtracted something. So we are not following the rules of the game who decided the rules of the game Allah and who brought those rules Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam how you should read Salah what time you should read Salah how what should happen is all decided by Allah subhanho wa Taala so I hope and I pray we can protect ourselves from that which is innovation in the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala because in that way, we will be able to score the maximum number of goals. I hope you've understood the examples I have delivered, may Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted

00:37:03--> 00:37:35

from me and May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant me steadfastness and all of us may Allah grant us death as more hidden And may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a death as to be in those who follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us genital fear dos was Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Abu Kohli hada sallallahu wasallam obatala Nabina Muhammad Subhan Allah Subhana Coloma BMD shadow Allah Allah, Allah

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