Contentment from Revelation Series 2019 – EP18 – Remember Allah

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boo boo

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boo boo Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was happy to join my brothers and sisters, it is important to realize that the remembrance of Allah itself brings about contentment within the heart and the heart of a believer is that heart which will be content by the remembrance of Allah. In Surah Surah verse number 28, Allah subhanho wa Taala says alladhina amanu Atacama in aku boom de la he Allah be de la de de Palma in mukono Paulo. Indeed, those who believe achieve contentment of the heart through the remembrance of Allah, for it is the remembrance of Allah through which the hearts

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achieve contentment. So remember to engage in what is known as Vicar law. Victrola primarily Yes, it is, the repetition of names and qualities of Allah praises of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Arabic language in a beautiful way, Subhana Allah He will be handy he Subhan Allah He loves him, and so many other beautiful words of praise of Allah. They they may be said in another language but will not have the same impact. Although we are allowed to praise Allah in any language. Remember, when we read the Quran that too, is engaging in the remembrance of Allah, when we try to understand it, it's the remembrance of Allah. The term Victrola has a lot in it. Whenever you are reminded of Allah and

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you remember a lot that too is called Victrola. But the primary meaning, as I said, is the repetition of words of praise, and the names and qualities of Allah subhanho wa Taala, as well as recitation of the verses of the Quran, putting an effort into learning them, understanding the meanings, putting them into practice, and conveying them to others. So primarily, this is the entire series that we have embarked on this beautiful series we're explaining the entire series rotates around this verse, verse number 28, of surah, two, right? We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant us the true tasting, of sweetness of the remembrance of him

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and the contentment that we are meant to be achieving within our hearts. By the remembrance of Allah. It brings about a reassurance it brings about a conviction, it brings about a sense of calm. Do you know when you're on an aircraft you don't know the captain but you're sitting comfortable? When you're on a ship? You don't know the captain, but you're sitting comfortable? How can you not sit comfortable when Allah is in charge and responsible of your entire life? May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us that comfort and contentment? I mean, my brothers and sisters, we have sort of Ibrahim, where Allah speaks about how he will give you increase if you are thankful. And if you are

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ungrateful, he snatches away and he even punishes. So that's a verse in Surah Ibrahim, which is repeated often. Verse number seven of the surah

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What if then Allah bucola

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shockable Tula as he then Akuma in caframo tomb in de la Shadi and Indeed Allah has declared to you that

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if you are grateful,

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then I will grant you increase playing shaqab to us even if you are grateful, if you show gratitude, and showing gratitude is by obeying Allah. And even by saying it with your tongue that I am grateful to you or a law school, or school law, or a law firm Malacca shoe crew, Oh Allah to you belongs all thanks or gratitude. But together with saying it by tongue, you must act in a way that you are showing appreciation to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for the favours he has bestowed upon you. When you show appreciation, when Allah will grant you increase, when you are grateful and show gratitude allow of give you increase, that increase could be in blessings or it could be even in numbers. That

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is up to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala says, if you are ungrateful, in gratitude, Cofer, the word Cofer actually means to be ungrateful. So if you show ungratefulness

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If you are ungrateful, then Allah says, Remember my punishment is very severe. My punishment is very, very severe. That's a warning from Allah subhanho wa Taala to remind us to be grateful to him at all times.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us something very powerful regarding achieving contentment.

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Allah says in verse number 11 of surah t Brahim

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what Allah effetto kallu.

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Meaning and upon Allah, should you lay your trust if you are true believers.

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Which means if you really believe in Allah, you will lay your trust completely and wholly upon Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So that is a lie. He is telling us be content. If you're a believer, you know, Allah is in charge. Allah knows what he's doing. When you're not a believer or when you are dwindling in belief. Then you dilly dally in that regard. You are worried you lose sleep over things you need to know the same Allah that brought about Daybreak after the darkest time of the night show bring about solution to your problems after the darkest hours in your life. Remember that? That is Allah subhanho wa Taala amazing. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells this to us, and thereafter verse number 24 of Swords Ibrahim, he tells us to count his favors upon us. And he says that men is very ungrateful and very

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oppressive. And if you were to count the favors upon you, you wouldn't even be able to write them down. You won't be able to encompass them never. So listen to what he says.

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doudoune mata la isla to suha in El

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Santa La Paloma

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And indeed if you were to try and count the favours of Allah, the gifts of Allah upon you, you will never be able to count them all. For indeed man is very oppressive. They do man does wrong. And at the same time man is ungrateful to Allah. Let's learn to show gratitude. The gifts of Allah are plenty. Think about them, you will achieve contentment you will be happy that Allah has indeed blessed me. Allah blesses every single person differently. What blessing you have the one whom you're looking at doesn't have and what blessing they have you

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would not have what blessing they don't have. You have perhaps. So they're looking at you thinking they've not been blessed? And you're looking at the same person thinking you've not been blessed? Don't do that. Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses everyone in a unique way. It's up to us to strengthen our faith in Allah to be able to appreciate what that gift is, and to show gratitude to Allah in that regard. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us something very important. Many of us sometimes people do wrong to us. And we wonder when is Allah going to stop this wrong? How can this person keep on doing wrong? How can they get away with murder? How can they get away with such evil deeds

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that they're doing? Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse number 42 of surah Ibrahim, why Allah Subhan Allah off Ilan

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mellowed volley moon, in us here only.

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Sophie Hill.

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Don't think that Allah subhanho wa Taala is oblivious of what the oppressors are doing but Allah is giving them respect. And Allah is giving them time, up to a certain day, when the sights shall meet.

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When the eyes are fixated, Subhan Allah when Allah subhanho wa Taala as punishment comes, nothing will stop it. Allah says don't think we don't know what's going on. We know what's going on. But we're giving them time. We're giving them time for many reasons. Some you may understand, some you may not understand. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us contentment, similar to hatred, which is the next surah Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I'm only going to talk about one verse addresses the issue of the hurting or the narrowing of the heart of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It happens to us. When people say bad things about us or to us or when people lie about us false

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accusation. They say what ever suits them against us to tarnish our image. It hurts us we're human beings. Allah says Be content, you need to do a few things and you will be sorted. What should you do? Listen to what Allah subhanho wa Taala says to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam versus number 97 and 98

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Sooner or later right near the end of the surah

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what are called lemma?

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naka de casado. cabbie Maya coloane faseb be be hemmed in Arabic. Welcome mina saggi, ding, y Buddha Rebecca had to Kenya thing. The most powerful advice Allah says we know, we know that your heart is narrowed, we know that you feel it, we know that your heart is narrowed because of what they are saying about you. We know that your heart is narrowed, but we want to tell you something.

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Sabir behind the Arabic declare the praise of your Lord. Always declare the praise of your Lord going back to the term, Vic, the remembrance of Allah. Always remember Allah, some behind the Arabic declare the praise of Allah a lot. workqueue Minister God in and be from among those who fall prostrate, make sure your prayer is on time prostrate for Allah often. Pray for the sake of Allah find yourself praising Allah and praying to Allah, these two things right? And then worship Allah until the point of death, right to the end worship Allah will take care of the rest. Allah says, Don't worry, they cannot harm you. If we've written harm, it will happen. If we haven't, it can

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never happen, no matter the whole world gathers and everyone that is in it, and they all come together to harm you. They will never be able to cause that harm, unless Allah had willed it for you. So Allah says, All you've got to do for the narrowing of the chest, just praise Allah. keep praising Allah Alhamdulillah Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Masha Allah, amazing to us, whatever the victory may be. And on top of that, make sure you prostrate properly for the sake of Allah. Take your time in sujood your problems will be resolved. Praise Allah pray to Allah your problems will be resolved in worship Allah right to the point of death you will achieve contentment

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in this world and success in the hereafter. akuto Kohli hava sallallahu wasallam Allah Baraka Alana Bina Mohamed levena Manu Adama,

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boo boo. bv

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bV karela, he Takoma

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