Magic In Islam – Part 1

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The concept of magic and its relation to evil is discussed, with a mention of a woman named Randy and the idea of "ma'am magic" and its potential negative consequences. The speaker also touches on the benefits of being protected from danger and the potential for exposure to danger, including the negative consequences of fasting during the full moon period and the use of sexual energy during it. The speaker suggests that people should be careful and not be surprised by the situation, and mentions a film about a female character in a children's film.

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Now another event very important happens. And that is a Jew who was a Sahil and

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his magic.

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And it's actually considered.

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It's considered

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some considered Kufa, there's already why on Matic that it's copper. If you practice magic, it's actually copper. But it's a considered a Kabira. And it's one of the movie, of course,

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is a magician. And magic is real. People should not think it's, it's a joke. Obviously, there's magic, which is sleight of hand type of magic. And that's like David Copperfield magic people that are masters of illusion, magicians. And it's really interesting, because it's, there's a magazine called skeptic, which is, it's a magazine by people that just don't really, they're doubtful about everything. Michael Sherman, who's a professor of philosophy of science, I think, or the history of science is the editor of it. And one of the people in there is this man called Randy,

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the magician. And Randy, the magician goes around debunking mental errors and, and people who are

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new age type people that make these kind of psychic claims and things like that. And they show how,

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cuz he's a magician, he knows how it works. And there's mentalists that are very good. And what a mentalist will do is, for instance, they'll be

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there'll be a large group of people, an audience, maybe two 300. And

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and The Mentalist will people, he's going to say, I'm going to help somebody communicate with a dead person. And so he'll he'll start walking around, he'll say,

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I'm seeing a boat, a boat in water, and somebody out of 200 people, maybe somebody lost somebody drowning. And so they'll say, they'll say, Did anybody lose a loved one drowning? And somebody said, Yes, I did. They said, Oh, I'm seeing, you know, this, and that. And these are the they call them hit? That's a hit. And they'll they'll throw things around. But they'll just if it's not, if you're not hitting, he'll just pass it off. It's your husband. And no, it wasn't. It's your it's your son. Yes, it was my son. So it was called hit called, he was called now he's hot. People forget the cold ones, because he so quickly brings it back. And it's done with you know, they base it, these guys

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study statistics, and they work out, you know, what type in any given group, you know. So then, like, you'll notice on her necklace is a letter in his name, and did this? And yes, you know, and then so they'll do this. And then people are completely convinced now. And, and some of these guys are masters, they're very good at it.

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That is not the type of magic that we're talking about here. That's just clever trickery. Anybody can learn it. And people make money at it all the time. Right?

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What the sad here is having to do with

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magical incantations, you learn formulas, and it's taught and transmitted, and the Jews have a lot of magic to this base, you can actually take classes on Jewish magic. There are and I was in a class when I was in university called Magic science and religion.

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And one of the speakers that came in was a practitioner of magic and started teaching people potions, like if they wanted somebody to fall in love with them, what they could do. And what really troubled me about because is that there were other people in the class that were saying, Oh, I tried this potion. And this and this happen. And you know that people do practices. So you think people are practicing it? I was really shocked in this class, which were the university class people in the, you know, late teens, early 20s, mostly and, and there were practitioners of magic in that cup. I mean, obviously, there's going to be a higher percentage in a class called Magic science and

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religion. So people interested in magic would have taken the class, right. But the point is, there are people in this country that do believe in magic and practice magic. And if they don't like you, they learn things to do. Right. And some of the things you do, like get fingernails get hair. Obviously people know about voodoo dolls, things like that stabbing voodoo dolls with making images

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The person then stab it with needles,

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these types of nuts, there's a lot of people laugh at them. But the point is, is it magically, we believe that it is

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something that we should be very concerned with, in the sense that we should protect ourselves from it, and you don't become obsessive compulsive. And a lot of Muslims obviously will use magic as a kind of, to explain a lot of things that are unexplicable. So somebody gets sick, oh, there's a magic spell on them, things like that. And it might just be that, you know, they haven't been eating properly. So you have to be careful to turn it into something also that it's not that it is a concern, and that evil is a concern. There was a magician in Libya. in Medina, he was bribed probably by somebody from Benny Nabila, although there's not evidence about that. He was bribed to

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cast a spell on the messenger of a logical ally, they were send them and also his daughters who he had taught. And what he did is he tied knots, he got some hair from the postal items, and then he tied knots. And he had his daughter's blow on these knots and the fast cuts to the rockets.

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And they blew on the knots. And then they took the knots into and put it down a well. And what happened is the father of the license after that certain things start happening to him that were troubling him, but he would forget things.

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when this happened, the profitable item became concerned about it. And then he went gibreel, Ra ceram, actually came. And he had a dream, in fact, where there were two angels, and they were discussing what had happened to him.

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And then jabril, Alison came and told him where the knots were. And there's a difference of opinion. Some say these were mecanizados rs, or they were actually given at that time. The point is, he was given these photos, as a tabetha. Right, these are called The more I will change the storage that you are weathercat, they protect you from evil, and one of the things they protect you from as the evil of magician, and that's why Muslims should say these every morning and evening, at least three times. And it's what you say before you go to sleep, because one of the things about sleep, is chiffon has access to sleepers, is the time when when you're in

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really going moving into some kind of unseen realm, because the dream realm is part of the unseen world until you're moving into an unseen realm. And if you're not protected, then then what's happening is you're exposing yourself to danger. And that's one of the reasons why Also, if you do have relations with your spouse, then you should at least do the will do or do a hotel, preferably before you sleep because the angels of Rama are there. When you're sleeping, there are angels of Rama that are there. But if you're in a state of Geneva, they can't, they can't stay near you. And so you're exposing yourself to dangerous. So these are things in the unseen world that we believe

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are real, and we should we should take them seriously. Now what happens is the publisher license Cincinnati to the actual well, and he told him to recite the sources and he did and the knots were actually broken. And he was freed from that. Now for the Muslims. The in the great wisdom of this is that the fact that the best of creation, the Messenger of Allah to be affected even though it was very slight.

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How he was affected other people can be affected to great degrees, but his spiritual protection from Allah was so powerful that he was not affected in any deep way. But it was enough to disturb him.

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Because things were happening that were not common for him to happen like forgetfulness, he was not a forgetful person by any means. I mean, he was the saber executive. And so that that troubled him and and that's why Muslims should recognize that as if it could happen to the best of creation, it can happen to anybody. And then there are people that go into the States.

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The lobbied actually admits that he did it because the Prophet was told who did it he admitted it and the Prophet did not actually kill him.

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He told him that he was bribed to do it and he actually forgave him. Now the next major event and just to say a few things about them why we are saying Allah subhana wa tada in

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the rule of law has Ahad is a protective sawed off and then four out of that of the barracks in Salina harass you seeking refuge from the Lord of the dawn, and the

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Sorry Mahara, only sorry.

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When the full moon when it says there's different interpretation of when the full moon when it comes into, and this is something that in many cultures, you know the idea of a full moon, obviously, it's a point when just in relation to pies and things like that. There's things going on during that time and the fact that we're 70% water, right? There is obviously something going on in the bodies as well. We don't believe in

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like astrologers who believe in the planetary effects on the

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human being. But we do believe in x Bab. In other words, there are obviously effects in terms of the moon and its effects on the earth. Because of gravitational poles and electromagnet magnetism and these things, I mean, there are realities to the things that we see them as as bad, and not, as they have no inherent effect on us. Bad allows creation is a creation of means. And that's why some of the elements say that's the wisdom of fasting during the full moon period, because you're lessening water and intake of food during that time, that it's a good time to do that. It's kind of a spiritual counterbalance to that period of time. And then others say well, harsh opinion, Ella Hobbs

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as about sarafan, and also sexual energy, war occupations, our record is also when the person is pulled by sexual energy, because that's obviously a time that you can a person can lose their rational

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well being and do something that they regret shortly thereafter. So those are all protections will entrepreneurs are welcome. Inserting a fantastic, fantastic rocket is evil those to blow into the thing which means any magician in the surface, if at all costs only slavery has been is a hotbed and the evil of the envier when he ends, because the evil eye is often from envy. So people can afflict you out of the depth from their envy. So that's the protection if you do that sort of everyday inshallah, you'll be protected and then put out there but I've been asked murkiness either hinders me, Chavez was flattered. alivio Associates will do the national genius, you are not seeking refuge

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from whispering. And one of the things about this culture is this whispering is going on all the time. And there's subtle messages being sent out constantly, within our culture. We don't I mean, we're not even aware of a lot of this stuff. And, and I also would not, I know sounds a little crazy or paranoid, but I would not be surprised at all, if there are even on these websites and things like that. I think people have to be really careful. Going into the end, I'll tell you why. In the 1950s, there was a book by Vance Packard famous book called hidden persuaders, in the 1950s, advertisers worked out that they could actually send subliminal messages at very short intervals.

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And they, they saw that that sales went up in the concession stands. In other words, what they would do is you'd be watching a movie, and they'd flash popcorn, or show popcorn, but it was done in a frame so fast, that your conscious mind was not aware of it. But the subconscious mind actually picked it up. And what people are doing is they'd be watching the movie, and then suddenly, you know, popcorn or Coke, and they'd get up and, and, you know, walk into the, they really did. This is not a joke. I mean, they really did do this stuff. And it was declared illegal

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by by the government

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to do that you could not do these types of things. Now, obviously, this could really make people paranoid, but I think it should be a concern. One of the things that came out in time magazine or Newsweek was that in the Roger rabbits film, which I hope none of you saw, but in that film, there was a scene where they actually, there was apparently some female character. I don't know if she was a rabbit or a human. She's a female character, a cartoon. And there's a scene in imitating another pornographic film. They did. They slipped in very short frames of her, splitting her legs open this a cartoon and exposing genitalia. In the end, this came out in in major media magazine, and this was

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a children's film. The cartoon people that drew it said it was a joke.