Magic In Islam – Part 2

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cartoons, people that just said it was a joke

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that they put in? Well, I mean, a subliminal joke. So it was what a joke amongst them or what I mean, what was the message here? It was a little joke amongst yourselves, whatever, who knows. The point is

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they can do stuff that you're not even aware of. And you don't, because the mind is so powerful. And the neocortex is such an incredibly awesome creation and gift from Allah. We have to protect our eyes, our ears, our tongue. Our law says in the summer, what a buffer for adequate rational and homeless Ruda, you're responsible for what goes in your ears, what goes in your eyes, and what goes in your stomach, your mouth, our law says that you are responsible for them. So you have to be very careful about these things. Now, one of the things that I found really troubling about the I noticed isn't CRM, but it's related to, to this, this whole idea of magic, it's really important event is

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that in the hail bops

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those people have committed suicide at one of the most troubling things to me, was one of the women's African American woman, she was an engineer, I think she was very,

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she was doing fine out of families. One day her husband came home, and her computer was on to that Hale Bopp site, and she was gone.

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And she ended up committing suicide with that group, and they didn't understand what happened to her. And it was interesting that all those people were computer hackers, they were all computer people spending all their time on computers. And if you look at the what happened, first of all, the man is his tirade that he did for two hours, that man was clearly in a state, he was a brainwashed character, he didn't blink, which is one of the signs of brainwashing. The man who was the head of that group, you know, he talked for like, two hours, completely without blinking and very looking very strange.

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So one of the things that you'll note about people have spent a lot of time in front of computers is they get into that kind of hypnotized state and children in front of television, it's the same thing. So

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you know, the the evil of the whisper, you have to be very careful about the evil of the whisper, because the thing about whispering, you might not always hear it. But a part of your brain might be hearing it. He said, I mean, so I would really take very seriously the idea of

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not looking at a lot of stuff out there, because you don't know what's going to go into the heart. And I'm telling you from my own bad experience of being somebody, I spent a lot of time looking at.

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ads, and I got very interested in ADS. And I read a lot of books on ads.

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You know, critical analysis of ads from Marxist point of view, paranoid perspective of ads, like people that think there's all these subliminal hidden messages, I read a lot of stuff, and I just look at ads trying to understand them. And I realized, and that's that thing I was saying to him about, you know, the thing is that you can think you're decoding at all, but the reality of it is you're just affecting yourself with all of their sickness. And you'll get images inside your mind that you wish you never had. Right, and you'll see things out there that you'll wonder what it means. It does have a meaning. And the people that put it together often have degrees from Harvard,

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in psychology, and they've done a lot of studies just to see how well they can affect people putting colors together. This, to me is a type of magic, I really think that a lot of advertising goes under the rubric of magic in Islam, because it's very magical what they can do, and what they can sell. So anyway, that's just a little aside, about all that.

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I just want to say you don't have to believe any of what I just said.

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Just think about it, you know, I'm not saying that it's right, or, you know what I mean? I'm not saying I don't know, I really don't. And, and I'm always

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on the guard, in my own self from from getting too crazy. You know, in other words,

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this is a culture that's trying to drive you crazy, right? And so you have to be on your guard from, you know, getting going crazy in it. So, you know, don't get completely paranoid where you can't function anymore, but at the same time, just be aware that they really do have an agenda out there. They spend billions of dollars every year to convince you to do things and they want you to do

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And most of it is are things that are not good for us as human beings. They're not good for our environment, they're not good for our minds. And and they're certainly not good for our future generations that we should be more concerned about than our own selves. Sorry to interrupt you go ahead.

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As bad as like a suburb is a meme that comes from the roads, or word for roads, it just has the idea of a means that you take to to achieve something else. When we say that, that, you know, medicine cured, we don't believe that it intrinsically cured, we believe that it was a means or a suburb, by which a lot here you and as bad as the plural

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there's something that the Japanese Arabs used to do, which they used to write those, and they would make hijabs put them around their neck, things like that, the problem lies to them prohibited

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that type of thing. But there is something which is called a to me a 10, EMA or a tabetha, which it is from the Quran, or a doula of the forest license, then it's considered jaggies is permissible to do that, and there are hobbies that the Sahaba used to put them around their children's neck.

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They're generally done for people that some people would have restless, or things like that. And again, we believe it's a suburb, you can't believe that it is intrinsically doing anything because that's so it's just like taking medicine or something like that. It's a suburb. And And if that's the case, then according to the alcohol is jack is. Now there are some groups now that have written like these pamphlets about this stuff, saying Shere Khan is Kufa and things like that. That's not in automatic detects that I've ever seen. There's a bag of Rokia. And they say it's a NEMA two Jacuzzis, and it's in the books of our ship. And that's what I was taught. And what else that has

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does rise to NEMA or hijab for people and gives it to them. And some people tie it in a thing and wear it around the neck that is not hot arm, as long as it doesn't have any symbols in it like bars, things Some people put magical symbols that you shouldn't have like numbers.

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It should have an IRA from the Quran, or, or something that sounds the meaning sound. And we say our to be getting that tonight.

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I mean, that's one of the draws of the Prophet every morning I seek refuge in the words of our law.

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Right? It doesn't mean that he says out of the setting that he lives, I seek refuge in the words of Allah. And the Quran is kurama law. So seeking a tomato with a cut from the camera realized not sure.

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Yeah, they won't use that. Yeah, that's too bad. Don't forget that the Messenger of Allah use. He took medicine. He had cupping. He did henna and things like that. So no, I don't fault people for doing that. But there are people that the message of Allah cedis Asahi, people who don't use cauterization, they don't use raffia. And they don't

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take medicine. They said, Oh, those people $70,000 intergender without any cset. So that's a high macom like Abu Bakar Abu Bakr never took medicine, nothing. A rocket of physics, nothing. And they came with them to bring medicine. He said, Who are you? He said Anna Marie, and the doctor Pavillon Ronnie Povey made me ill.

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So don't worry about it. You know, I mean?

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Dara, another Latina Duran in hydrilla. Take derived because the derived from the father of Allah.

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I know.

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They're all the same. I've seen them. Yeah, if you don't do this, this will happen to you. The last person didn't get struck by lightning. The Imam in the domain saw the Messenger of Allah in a dream. And he said the 10,000 people of my own died today and all of them go to hell. And you have to tell the people this not and write 20 letters. Now they've even got the computer doing it. So you'll get an email message from the email domain. You open it up and then it tells you if you don't do this, you're going to go that's complete.

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superstition that is a hot offer. And you should just completely reject it. We don't believe him say, you don't believe in bad omens, our oma does not take that on. And we also if you saw a dream that said 10,000 Muslims went into hell today, don't believe the dream. Because we don't believe we shouldn't have a bad opinion of Muslims who died, we should always hope that the Muslims who die go to Agenda even if they're bad people, we should have a hope that they go to Jenna. And we ask a lot that he answers them into agenda. So that's all just imitating Christian Christian Judah. It's just Shabbat. This is it is about Stefan. Stefan has a little Brock, right.

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It's called Chapin's game, is a little book he carries around. And it's limited. It's got only so many pages and so many games.

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It's a bag of tricks. That's all he's got. He's not very creative. He's not imaginative, right? He really he says the same things. Tell people the same stuff. And if that's why it's so nice about the science of the Matata is you can learn them all. You can learn all these tricks, because they're so limited. And once you learn them, you see them out. Trick number 342. I know that one, I mean, there's not even probably over 50 there's only a handful, and uses the same ones over and over again. And that's one of them. He's got a chapter called chain matters, right? And his little dallisa they read the book. Oh, Uncle screwtape says chain letters. That's a good one. Let's try

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that one. And let's use the computer to do it cuz that'll work even better. You know, why waste time with that?

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No, no, Allah says in the Quran very clearly, that one of the reasons he revealed the Quran he says the vena severen machinery needs in order for the way of the evildoers to be clear to you. That's in the Quran. That's one of the wisdoms that we've been given. So we know them. Now I would agree with you in that you should not give weight to Stefan that his cage is weak, but you have to be aware of it and know it and that there is not pointless to know it it's actually really important to know it because if you don't know it, then you become a victim of it.

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Yeah, absolutely.

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Yeah, medicine is it there's nothing wrong with taking medicine. It's not wise it was considered mobile.

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To take medicines mobile. There's no eyes in it. There's nothing

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that the the hubby's there to do is sell or not, which usually indicates obligation in that Hadees it indicates Eva, it's permissible. There's no blame or anything like that on it. And the reason they say the Messenger of Allah himself says medicine was to clear for his own so they wouldn't feel bad about doing it.