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Hamza Yusuf
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The so the prophets of Allah Islam had many animals and treated them very, very well. He had 10 pedigreed horses, and he kept his the horses that have this ancient lineage horses up

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not that long ago, there were horses still that had the pedigree of Maui's horses and in the in the Arab world, so the Arabs were very, very

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protective of the lineage of their horses. The the Europeans do that. Now, to a great degree, there's horses that have sold for over $60 million.

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So it's still just the most expensive

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creature on earth. I mean, really, it's amazing, the honor that horses have been given. The Arabic word for horse hail is from it's related to the word word for imagination. It's related to the word for pride, who Yella and so the horse was a source of Arabian pride, prophesies and him had beautiful horses. He was given horses by people, to me with daddy gave him a horse that he later gave to all model Delano, his first horse. Some say he had nine, whatever sexual and more hedgerows are palko rusak de la de la vista. So the first was second, which means the downpour in the cab and the mop power. And the idea of just a very fast horse. So he called it a sickle.

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And then the one with the white ankles and Mahajan, oral Mahajan is how the Prophet describes his people on the day of judgment because they asked him how will you know your community. And he said he would know them because they were older. And Mahajan. They had white for forehead from the Wu solar faces will have a lightness from the Voodoo and waba in Arabic I mentioned that earlier illuminations it wobba is bright. And so will do gives the face a type of bright brightness. And so so the Mahajan is a horse that has the white on the on the feet. So when you see where the horse rather, horses don't have to be. So the it has the white so he was called an owl. And then

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a horse is to have a white for for for Locke Mahajan, our palko lu sub T and so then the next was a punk which is swift or triumphant in race. And then what Omar de la Mustafa

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Mahadeva. And then this was the first one that the prophet SAW I set him apart is the first one that he rode on in a hood. And he said, he was always well groomed, what what to do, which is the one that he gave, was given to him and then he gave to all model Delano, which means the rose It was a sweet smelling horse. And then the third was a more tages which is more attaches means the poet and they say the Prophet named in that because when he when he made the Sahil the Arabs call it when he may need it had a rhythmic sound like like

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somebody's reciting to jazz Rogers poetry. The Hopi Hosanna johannah just hit the one who's purchase who's Amma came forward to testify for on the prophets behalf. And I mentioned the other day that Hosea is the one that the prophets I sent him said was worth two testimonies, because there was a debate about the purchase of the horse. And Hosea testified on behalf of the Prophet and he was the only one there and the Prophet sighs him he they asked him why and he said, I know the Prophet doesn't lie. So whether he saw the transaction or not to him didn't matter. It was enough that the prophecy is him said it for him to testify. The Prophet said your testimony is worth two and that's

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he's the one that came with the the last verse of the from Atocha Kumara Subramanyam Fusco Mises and Tom Harrison Alexandre Molinaro Rahim into one of four haspiel la vida, Lovato, Tora Bora Shaolin, that those verses at the end of Toba were the only verses that Zaid, even sabbat could not find two people who had seen it written down in the presence of the prophets I send them and Jose Mo. What had seen

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them written in the presence. And so Jose ma was the one that the Prophet said was worth two testimony. So those verses are in the Quran on Hussein his testimony

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and then he says what perfo the pedigreed one lucky for the blanket and then al Mohler,

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the lanky like

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he was very, very tall and skinny.

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So he was called a mono barso which is the bite he used to bite when the zazz which is the tenacious and that is surgical. So the was savvy had the Sabha in operand, the savvy hat or the warhorses that go

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and then so those are the horses and then he had to Madeira kulu ha Maria, what's interesting is the

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the fact that the names are kept is another example of how much we know about the profits of it sit down

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and just we I visited somebody in Jeddah and they have staples and over the thing was that they had the names of the horses and one was a sexual so the Arabs still named their horses after the horses have the font size and to borrow can so and then to Morocco the hammer we feel bad to do an ad Yeah. So then his mules all of whom have been chronicled Philippa the silk silver don't do the porcupine

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don't do and don't do was given

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to the provinces to them by us in from Egypt and therma him out on his muya food oh yeah for there's another a fear also yeah for the pose I see them rode him and for love the province of it Sam when the province I sent him died for actually threw himself into a well and died and some of his animals stopped eating and died also when the Prophet died a lot he said um but yeah before literally threw himself into a well so

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it was just too much for him to his purpose was to be the donkey of the best of creation what after that would you want to live for if you're a donkey

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when not to Lucas was thorough and of His sheep camels at a crosswalk and then there's there's also different names for crosswalk Some said Ababa, which is the the camel that the province I said M. Lem.

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dukkha Naka to no camel could ever outrace this camel and then and and the Sahaba. Were very happy about that. And then one day, the ABA or cos wasum says the same camel lost the race and the Sahaba were very upset about that because the province camera lost and the prophets I said him said it was Hakuna Allah He and they are a shaman for dunya Indah and yoga, you know that it's a rite of God that nothing ever gets elevated in this world except that Allah will base it says the nature of the dunya what goes up must come down. That's a pride of the world. And so he was just letting them know that not you know, every,

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no matter how great a boxer is, Muhammad Ali, they're going to lose if they keep going.

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Every great racer will lose their ability to race, no matter how good anybody is in the dunya the time will come when that is the nature of the world is in the dunya the time will come when that is the nature of the world. That's the way Allah has has written into the world. So when he lithium tapa bead mtrr, a but it's known for certain that she was the one our Prophet rode on the famous hegira. And we know that avocado Delano when the province Eliasson him came to say, originally, I've been given permission to make the hegira Center worker of the land said a soft valence or law. Am I the one to accompany you? And he said, Yes. And he said, I have two camels, one for you. And the

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Prophet said, I'll buy it from you and he actually refused to take it as a gift. That is an indication of the profits I sent him. Not using his position with his friends, which is very interesting because friends, when somebody really really loves you

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You can take advantage of that and the pro side is Sam was the farthest of people from that some of it so, he he did not ever use that his position to exploit people for worldly gain or any other type of gain. We are latium tapa bead mtrr in a unified hegira Terra hora de Ville Canada miroku in

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Doha were no para, so none could bear the way when he was on an animal that and the way he came, it would go, it couldn't stay up, it would literally go down, except for an oil swap. That was the only camera that could bear the weight of the way. So Nokia Annika Poland's Akira, we're going to to thrust upon you a weighty word. So, the revelation was very weighty, it was very heavy, but also I was able to to bear the weight of the revelation when the province eliassen him

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was was there

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and isma had Jeddah over Abba. So, the

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Terada had a smell or her name was el Jeddah as well as an Ababa. So you'll see an Alibaba in that narration that that

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she never lost a raise until that one time. So in that nourishes and Ababa Lumia, two in Canada home and Ivana Sharon, and that happened to them. So he had around 100 sheep and add to that about 20 camels. What's interesting also about the prophesies to them, is the connection to life.

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He was milking his own animals. I mean, we tend to forget how related they were just to natural life to the natural life cycles. The animals were in and out the house. There were sheep in the courtyard. There were There's a

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famous story of I mean, one of the reasons why the alcohol was prohibited

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was, say Nadia vilano had two camels.

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That he was given for his walima and,

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and Hamza had had some alcohol and he was a little inebriated. And he came by and

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he was listening to pain, somebody singing about his ancestors, and he got very,

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very just filled with a lot of pride. And he went out and he just cut off the two humps of these camels. And say, Now, it was just like, he went out and he's like, you cuz he was not a wealthy person. He saw these camels. He's like,

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there goes the walima.

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the promises and tried to talk to him.

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But he he, he said something that was often new that he just wasn't in his right mind. So that was one of the reasons why that prohibition came down. So the camels were there was just really part of life. One of the things you see if you go to Cairo, you'll see literally carts with camels. In the middle of this huge city. You don't really see that anymore. In places people don't see I'm in New York, you still have police on horses and things. But this used to be just part of life for people. They become alienated. I think one of the positive things about Western society is the pet keeping, because it really teaches children to respect animals to care for animals to have emotions about

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animals. You often see a lot of animals treated mistreated in the Muslim world. I've seen cats mistreated. I've seen dogs mystery that kids throw rocks at dogs, really unhealthy signs in a society when you have these types of things. So it's important to really inculcate in young people and that's why knowing that prophesized them not only had all these animals but he also treated them with such respect. He named gave them names he gives them funny names. And he you know, names really endearing names, and and they loved him so a lot It was sent him and the animal there are many Hadees about the animals the bob which is a weak Hadees but it's it's a beautiful Hadith that Babu

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you know the poet said,

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Sarah mon Allah monopile Allah Bobby man Anna Hakata Antara surah la junta Mohammadi the PSP upon the one who the lizard was asked by Him, who are you and he said, You are the prophet of God, you are Mohammed. The Gazelle also complained to the Prophet that was hunted

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Somebody caught this Gazelle and she complained to the prophesy, Sam, that she still had a farm. And so the Prophet asked the better man to release the gazelle so that it could go and finish milking and that to me is an indication of in, in in America for instance we there are laws during during the mating season and after you cannot hunt because there are those that are still milking their farms and if you hunt during that time, you're you're depriving an animal of its of its mother. So these are prophetic types of injunctions really

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very important. I mean, we have major crises and a lot of places in Mauritania, for instance, the gazelle population is almost gone, it's almost extinct because they don't have laws about and now guns are widely when it was bows and arrows that Gazelle had a chance. But in a world where you've got guns with high power, you know, telescopes on them and you can, you know, shoot animals with ease. These animals really go extinct quickly. So all these things are important to remember that the prophets I saw them was teaching animal conservation was teaching animal rights. The Prophet said law and alemannic tuffa haiwan are hapa May Allah curse the one who takes an animal as

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an object of sport, like to shoot an animal just for fun. Hunting is my crew and madikwe madhhab It's my crew to go hunting unless it's out of need. for food just as a sport, it's my crew to go as a sport to hunt. But if you hunt for a need for food, so the

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the animals

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that he had he had the also canister so be sure to share it to the operators and other robots avati he also had a shower that he

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drank from for quite some time called the data the one that raises the one that gives you

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soccer or help in difficult times where deca would be able to offer a high bar he also had a white rooster, as has been related. What am UGV patina of tobacco, but he was not known to have owned any cows although he did sacrifice a cow on the Hajj. But he did not own cows he there's no Hadith that indicates he ever ate beef. Own cows he there's no Hadith that indicates he ever ate beef. to publicize them. There's no Hadith the Ibrahim and his Quran indicates that he served veal

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as a meal. So he aged in semi and he came with a

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well nourished veal. So he but the peroxisome Did not he said the homeowner had down what unban Ohashi fat, the meat of cows is produces sickness but the the the milk is a cure it's it's a healthful drink. So the Prophet indicated that red meat now we know that the worst meat for health reasons is beef and the prophesies that I'm setting that's a Sahih Hadith is considered a scan amongst the cinema. But he said that the homeowner had their own unban Ohashi for the beef is a disease producing food at but the milk is a healthful food it's a she FAS and if you have people that have lost a lot of weight milk is a very quick way of getting people back

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yogurt all those type things are good as a she fat but again to have a lot of milk dairy products is not a good thing that the best of milks are the sheep milk we know that it's got its it's and also camel's milk which are the two types of milk that the province lies and I'm drank he also said never curse a rooster

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you know some people like in the morning the rooster starts crowing

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he said never curse a rooster because they're waking people up for prayer. So the rooster is a blessing animal.

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And, and the prophesy. Sam did have one. He also had there were cats in the house. There were also dogs in the early period. Ayesha had a puppy dog.

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gibreel complained about it.

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And prophesized him did not keep any dogs in the house after that, but there were dogs in Medina, the type of attitude that Muslims have towards dogs is completely unacceptable.

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The three moms consider dogs to be honest, there are unclean animals, Mr. Maddock was not of that opinion, his proof to me as a stronger proof that had either one of our capability in and policy to who serve and if, if a dog licks in a bowl clean the bowl seven times EMA Matic said, had it been for NASA, he would not have mentioned a number.

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Because to remove NASA is just whatever it takes to remove it. But the fact that he mentioned sub and he said that it means it's to upload that wisdom is not known to us why we're told to do that. But Mata keys have never had a problem with the dogs and seeing eye dogs. I mean, I've seen I know Muslims, there's Muslims, in our community, there's who have Seeing Eye dogs and when they come, it's like suddenly everybody becomes which is not really appropriate for somebody who has a seeing eye dog. It's just not really a very nice thing to do to somebody because dogs are very beneficial. They're they

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they're also animals that

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are guard dogs. We've been having a look at why the great Maliki scholar had a guard dog in his house and some people kind of complained about it. He said if Mark was alive today, he'd have a lion in his in his yard. In other words, things aren't as safe as they used to be.

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So if you have no Muslim that has a I had one of my teachers had a guard dog and I saw with my own eyes

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because I used to eat with him. And with my own eyes I saw this he would take the cuscuta roll put in his left hand and feed the dog while he was eating dinner. I saw it with my own eyes

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so and I don't know anybody that has the water of that man I've never seen anybody that has the water this group isn't Batman

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have a lot so the dogs just be nice to dogs. That's my message there you know don't the Kelvin pour was the Prophet said to kill is like a rabid dog a voracious dog.

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But but just the the dogs that

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you see in the West, you know really don't just people have dogs, their dog people and they need to become Muslim. They can become Maliki's, you know.

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They have redneck bumper sticker

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my wife definitely my dog may be my gun never.

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and then the cats somebody mentioned yesterday that the Prophet had a cat with a name i don't i don't know that i looked tried to find that but I could not find that but we know the problem like cats. He called them Boba Fett things that live around the house cats are very good they kill harmful animals rats that carry diseases snakes.

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and and they're they're special creatures. I mean, they just they're amazing creatures. You can learn a lot from watching cats. The

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so there were cats in the house some in the Shafi method they have

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more scrupulousness about cat hairs and praying with cat hairs, things like things like that. So generally the hairs of the animals should be avoided as much as possible. You do have pets to

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pray with a rug that doesn't have the hairs on them.

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