With Hardship Is Ease

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the struggles of addiction and how it can lead to feelings of sadness and sadness. They use examples such as people trying to make things easy for others, the loss of family members, and the use of words like "will" to describe experiences. They emphasize the importance of understanding and embracing the difficulties of addiction.
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a shadow

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shaido 101

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Let's try the one Mohan Manor Asuna

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Hi yellow sauna

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Hi Jana sauna

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Hi Jana

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Hi Yan?

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In Al Hamdulillah

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Madhu nsj Ainhoa and I still feel when bIllahi min surely I'm fusina Amin se Molina, Maria de la who for la Madrid la la forma Euclid for LA Hajela y shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah hula shady Kana shadow anna Muhammad Abdul rasuluh was a few women felt the burden of a man on us Hello, OMA Turaco whom I didn't know had detail by Allah Naidu How can a hottie ha de la Heydrich salatu wa Bucha, Ramadi

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rebelled Allah, Allah azza wa jal vikita hybrid carrying by the OD bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim Mia you want to topple Allah Hapa Ducati whether it's a moto Illa one, two Mazoon Okada Tada. Johan NASWA taco Baku Mala the Halacha comin I've seen Wahida halacha Amin Huzzah. Jaha What's that mean? Whom a Jalan Kathira when is what taco Allah lady to set a luna be here well on ham. In Allah aka Ana de kumara Kiba aka Allah Allah you are living in an otaku. Hola Hola. Pulu Poland said either Usili Halochem Armada Commonwealth Villa ko Mizuno back home woman Yota Allah Allah Sula, who forgot the visor Fosun Alima a My bad.

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Opera praise is due to Allah, we seek His guidance and his forgiveness and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and the whispering of our desires whom Allah guides. No one can misguide. And whom he allows to be misled. No one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah alone. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a slave in his messenger

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to proceed

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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in Mecca was persecuted.

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His followers were persecuted.

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He was belied, although he was known as having never told a lie.

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And he was rejected by his people.

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And he was mocked

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to the point where the people of Croatia would ask him and they would say, is this money that you need?

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Is this ploy, this claim of Prophethood a ploy to get money? Should we do a fun for you?

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And Allah Subhana Allah Allah knows the hurt vowel Zulu la sala la de Selim experienced from his people.

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And so Allah revealed LM national halacha Sadara will die Nyanko is the like LA the uncle of a Herat. What I find there like a Decalogue, Allah subhanaw taala mentions in a sequence of verses, things that Allah had granted Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam we expanded for you your chest

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and we removed from you the burden of your singing your sense that had weighed you down, and we have raised your remembrance until Allah subhanho wa Taala says for enamal is really strong in analysis ALLAH, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Verily with hardship there is ease. Verily with hardship, there's

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As this verse repeats twice, and so in this brief hookup I wanted to comment on a few reflections from this verse.

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When you read,

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the scholars have said they mentioned the formulation of the verse includes a word that is what's called an Arabic Malefor. It is

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the hardship, it is a hardship that is defined, it is a noun that is defined, it is speaking about a particular hardship. And Allah subhanaw taala makes use, he makes it Nicola, he makes it undefined.

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And then in the second verse, Allah subhana, Allah says, again in nama Allah is reused again with the hardship is ease. And so Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he said, laborers through new strain, this verse indicates to us that the same hardship comes with multiple eases It comes with two eases and so the province of Elijah has sent him said, One hardship is not going to overwhelm two eases, and it'd be an ambassador, the Allah I know, he said that when a hardship is created, to ease is are created alongside it.

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And so what are some things that we can take away just from this verse? Number one, the first is to understand that hardship is part and parcel of the human experience.

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There is nobody who gets to live problem free. However, many people that are in this message right now, that's how many problems you have bare minimum, they're probably a lot more.

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Every single one of us has problems. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, look at the Halacha in Santa Fe cupboard, we created man to be in a state of difficulty.

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This was not meant to be a place of Ra. This was not meant to be a place of ease. This was not meant to be a place that is problem free. That is what gender was designed to be this world here. No, no, you're gonna have problems. When you're a school, you're gonna have problems with being a student. When you become an employee, you become the problems of being an employee. And so you say, No, I want to be an entrepreneur. So then you become an entrepreneur, and you have the problems of being an entrepreneur. And then you're single and you say, I want to get married, and you go from having a single person's problems to married people's problems.

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You go from one stage to another naka de la Canal in Santa Monica. But we've created man to be in a state of turmoil in a state of difficulty. So I understand that this is the nature of the game. I am not broken by the fact that I have problems because I was always going to have problems.

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Number two, is to understand that these problems are still coming to you from a Lord, who is more merciful to yourself than you are. And he is more merciful to you than your parents are. If they were to write your script, whoever it is that you think is the most merciful person you've ever encountered Allah subhanaw taala what he has written for you, is more merciful to you than you would have written for yourself. And so being content and having to work within Allah subhanho wa Taala Rasulullah sallallahu they send themselves to be an ibis, WA laminal Omala which Temo Allah Ookami che in lamium for Oka Ellerbee che and Kassapa hula hula

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wala wisdom at Allah and rook Leia de roca be che in Isla Bucha linear De Luca en la Bucha en casa Hola, Hi Nick Rosie it in a column with effort to solve the province of Allah Allah Sanam says if the entire world are together to benefit you, they wouldn't be able to benefit you with anything more than what Allah subhanaw taala has already written for you. And if they were to gather to harm you, they wouldn't harm you with anything more than what Allah subhanaw taala has already written for you, the pen has been lifted and the ink has dried. And who is the one who wrote to Allah Subhana Allah Donna and so I'm comfortable with that Allah Subhana Allah has decreed for myself.

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But even then with that hardship, there is a number of eases that come. And so the scholars mentioned, for example, because Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says, in a matter of sedusa, he says with the hardship is ease, even though we understand that the ease comes after, but he doesn't say in about the nursery, so he doesn't say after the hardship is ease, he said it is with as if to say that the hardship comes and follows the ease follows the hardship so closely, that it's almost like they're racing one another. And the province of Elijah said and pointed out a hole, and it was a hole of an animal that burrowed, and he said that if hardship were to enter into this whole ease

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would enter with it to it has to come.

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of the manifestations of ease that comes with hardship, is the sweetness that Allah subhanaw taala gives you of being able to call upon him and being able to worship him and having the sweetness of conversing with Allah subhanaw taala with a frequency and a level that we might not have outside of that difficulty. And how many of us have experienced that where

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Things are going great in life. And that causes us to forget about Allah subhanaw taala. And then a crisis happens.

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And then you find this nearness, and you find this tahajjud and you find this dua, and you find these tears. And then when the crisis passes, you look back on those moments and you say, Subhan Allah, there was such a sweetness.

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To those days, I don't miss the test. But I missed the sweetness that had come with that test. Allah Subhana Allah Allah he says, in the Hadith as reported by Muslim, that on the day of judgment, He will say, add the Maria to film tolerated me, oh, my servant, you I was sick. And you didn't come and visit me. And a person will say, Oh, how can I visit you and you're the Lord of the worlds and ALLAH SubhanA Didot will say didn't so and so become sick.

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If you had visited him, low budget 20 And you had a found me with them, Allahu Akbar.

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When you think of the sick person,

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or when a person is sick, how many of us are cognizant of the fact that in that sickness, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah doesn't leave them alone, even if nobody visits them,

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even if people forsake them.

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The Allah subhanaw taala is with them. Allah Subhana Allah Allah is near them, Allah subhanaw taala is in their company. Allah Subhana Allah data tells that person on the day of judgment he says that if you had come to visit them, you would have found me with them.

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What are some of the things that we can do briefly to invoke ease in hardship?

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I'll mention inshallah Tada briefly a number of things. Number one, is it still fun Rasulullah sallallahu de Sydenham says man Lizzy minister for Java Allahu Allah Who mean Cooley Herman fallada, woman Cooley, the king Maharaja Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam says that whoever constantly makes its default Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will make from them from every difficulty relief and from every hardship away out and new ideas salaam he said to his people for whom to start Futura buckle me know kind of a follow up your CD sama are they committed rara When did can be unguided what they need when I look on genetic and document Hara?

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New ideas that I've said make us to fall on Allah subhanaw taala will cause the rain to fall and Allah Subhana Allah will grant you gardens and he will get you children. Number two is to make things easy for other people.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, manifest meaning co Butterman Cora with dunya Knotfest Allahu anhu, quote a better man could have Yeoman Tiama that whoever removes a difficulty from a Muslim in this life, Allah Subhana Allah will remove from them a difficulty in the Hereafter. And he says Woman Yes sir. I'm gonna sit in. Yes, sir Allahu alayhi, the dunya with Astra and whoever makes things easy for a person. Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will make things easy for them in the dunya nascara. Someone who's going through difficulty and as you can imagine, there is no one who loved ease and to make things easy for people more than Rasul Allah Allah says, He said yes,

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zero to zero. Were the Shirou Allah tuna Fierro, he said make things easy and don't make things difficult. Don't be someone who makes things difficult. There is a Hadith that describes the province of Allah they said it was spirit of ease. And it is amazing to me. It's amazing. The hadith in Bukhari and Muslim, Abu Huraira, the ALLAH and he says, We were sitting and a man came rushing Surah Surah la sala de Salam. And he says, yah rasool Allah, hi lucht.

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He says, WA to xojo to Ramadan.

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Ramadan, he said, I was intimate with my wife. During the day of Ramadan. I'm destroyed, I'm ruined.

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And so the province of allied SNM says to him, Can you free a slave? He says no. He says can you fast two months back to back? He goes no.

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The province the lady said him says to him can you feed 60 people the man says no.

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So the province on the lightest him has gone with he's gone through all of the expiation with him he's out. So then also the loss of Allah is Allah simply sits there quietly.

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And then a man comes later on and he brings a Micheli brings like a basket or a bucket of timber of of dates.

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And then it also lost the lightest and and gives it to the man and he says to him go and distribute this amongst the poor you didn't have any money to give him soda. Now you've got money to give and soda go in distributed amongst the poor. And the man says Ya rasool Allah to poor than me

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will lie between the two mountains of Medina. There is not a family that is poor than me.

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And so Rasulullah salah, lied and said I'm alive

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Ebola said until his molar teeth could be shown. And then he said to him, go and feed it to your family.

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Look at this incredible ease. This man came thinking that he was destroyed and he leaves from the province of Elijah and send them with food for his family. Many of us might have gotten frustrated by the audacity How dare you try to take advantage of the situation? No, you're gonna go and your data is distributed to the poor. Don't try to don't try to find a loophole in the deen. But Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said make things easy from people don't make them difficult. And the prophets Allah listened and loved ease. So number two is to make things easy for people. Man Yes sir. I'm gonna sit in yesterday Allah who I didn't have to deal with after number three. And you

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knew this was coming as Taqwa taqwa, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says when May Allah hi I love him in Amity who use

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the whoever has Taqwa of Allah, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will make their affairs easy. And the last that I mentioned, of course, is to make

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is to make

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and there are many, many hours that a person can make and there are many of God that a person can make of them is La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah even to me or him Hola. He said that with this phrase, terrorists are met because you're asking Allah to transform your state, from a state of difficulty to a state of ease of them is to do out of Yunus Rasulullah sallallahu s&m says La La La La La ilaha illa Anta Subhanak in the continental Valley mean there is no Muslim who calls upon this name or this makes this dikkat except that ALLAH subhanaw taala removes from them hardship and distress Hakuna Massey Metro Mustafa Allah Allah we're looking for stuff euro in our for Rahim

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Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while it might be sending SeaMonkey Allah, Allah who may Nanus Oh Luca Janome Makabe they have Nicola Ahmed Allahumma Tina husana Taqwa Zakia entitlements A ka Antonio harmala Allahu Maximilian and militia ticket ma to Hulu been an arena Marcia tick, I mean, it came out to be Illuminati genetic Wamena yaki Nima to who will be here today in Amasa dunya mutton Allah who may be a smart you know upside you know, Cortina over the amount of data, which I will work with I mean, watch I thought right now I'm phenomena, monsoon Allahumma, Allah and Adana when I teach animal see button IV de Nina when I teach Allah dunya Aquila Amina,

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when I'm a blogger Amina wala Illa Nerima Sirona. Watch Allah Ginetta here darlin and, Michaela. I'm gonna rock him in Aloha Mara Bennett, a spinner Allahu Manzini and Aretha mobiola Kenya or hammer Rahim in Allahumma escapee bodak Allah whom as Da da da Allahu Meski Bahai MK Yahama rahimian via God Allah God in Allahumma is in Elina Baraka te Muna sama Allahumma Digilent. Alberta catamenial Aren't ya on camera? He mean Yara Zakia Kareem. Yeah, yeah, Eileen was