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With school and universities beginning tomorrow, Jumu’ah falls on a day where most of the students are in classes that same day. Some find it easy to accommodate Friday prayer into their schedule, however, others find it difficult. Is it okay to do Jumu’ah with the MSA despite there being a Masjid nearby? Must one go to the masjid for Jumu’ah? Shaykh Waleed Basyouni discusses.

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My University MSA wants to start Juma on campus, although there is a method close by is that a lot

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about this question in regard to a group of MSA in one of the universities want to start gym on campus, even though there is a master clause by if we look at the traditional books of filk they all talking about that we should not have more than one Juma on the city. But as you can imagine, these opinions and statements made in a time where cities were very small lifestyle is completely different than what we have today. But if you look at the modern football hot today, in the last maybe 100 years or so, you will think the picture completely different that all the allowed multiple Juma has in that city and in the town, because of the need because the increasing of numbers the

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nature of the lifestyle completely became different. Especially talk about Duma being a working day in a day when people go to school, so I have no problem with the MSA to start their drama inside and campus. If that will make it easy for the students to pray and go back to their classes. I'm worried if we say go to the mustard that will make it hard for them to pray Juma in congregation, many people might not go to Juma on the last panel with the others gift tofi up to all of us