When Can I Exit Ihram On The 10th Of Dhul Hijjah

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni discusses


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the exit of Iran from the Hanbury and mentions that it will include everything except intimacy with spouse. The speaker also explains that shaving off the head will allow the user to exit from the " hot the" area, and mentions that the user can choose the safe side. The speaker encourages viewers to share their comments and donate towards the group.
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When can I exit harm on the 10th of the hedger the day if he had

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exited his two levels. First of all, it's called the minor eggs. And the one is the major one.

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First one is minor. And the second one is major that you completely out the minor one, whereas everything become allowed for you to do which is by how long you're not allowed to like cutting the hands or, you know, trimming the nails or to

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perfect perfumes and stuff like that. Everything became heroin, except one thing which is to intimate with your spouse is still not allowed for you to the first one, which is the minor exit of Iran, according to the Hanbury and to the Maliki, on the 10th. When you through dermatuff, aka Cobra, when you do the Dominican, you throw the stones that will allow you everything except intimacy with your spouse. The Hanafi said, No, the first

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100 or the minor exit will happen only when you shave your head.

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The shaft area set if you do two or three of the thing that we do in the day off, and now the deal feet, what are the three things we're supposed to be doing? First of all, we throw the Jamaat, Masako Cobra, the jumla, throwing the stones on the cover, you do the shaving, and you do what up off camera. He said, If you do two of these three, you are allowed to exit from that hot the major exit of Han. Basically, it will include everything, including the having intimacy with your spouse, it is after you do how often if hour and a side after you took off of hat, and you finish it off, and had basically Enough said if you shave, and you make off that will be enough to have complete

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exit of Trump, even if he didn't do the site yet. The shaffir er said no, you have to do all of them. You have to do that off, and the site and the Jamaat and the shaving the head, they said And with this, you became completely free of Allah. And again, I do believe you can always you know, especially in the last one, you can choose the safe side, but I do believe if you do the off site, you shall have free completely from the Helen as for the umbra, you only exit one exit from the hump, which has happened after you what, after you shave your head. You do the philosophy to the side when you shave your head, you're out you're out of the hell I'm completely lost pantalla except

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