Hadeeths of Jibreel

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So it wasn't a strong one Raj now Salah was the only obligation on us that was not revealed on Earth was revealed in the Mirage yeah and it became obligation you all know the famous Hadith 50 then became five that's where it became obligation.

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So the year eight was in the Mirage It was the first one that is obligation

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and that's is why a lot nose will be the first one we're going to be asked about also and it's the IMA do Diem. There is no Dean without sada Don't be fooled by these people who sit with you and tells you Allah does not need my salah and the man is in the heart. Do you hear this here? Oh, I everywhere.

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Eman is in the heart? And I don't need the Salah. How do you answer to make sense? Allah doesn't need my salah and the man is in the heart. How do you answer

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now how I answered What do I do with levina Amani wa meadowside he had all the way in the Quran. Allah did not say only Avenue right? Because what do they tell you a man is in the world. Why do I have to do sada Allah all throughout the Quran and put do a go and do a Quran search and put a Latina Amman

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followed with a solid. That means I have to believe and I have to act. So what do I do with Amira? solly hat

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and Mohammed recently had one of them as a slider. So there is no emotion without actions. That's what people get confused. Right? Allah doesn't need it. Well, Allah told me believe and do and do is the distinquish the distinguishing point between us means Muslims and the kuffaar is a Salah fermenter aka hotcopper whoever left sada is a Kaffir and that's why you have a school of thought, who tells you those who does not perform Salah, not Yanni purposefully, they answer you this way Allah doesn't need my Salah he man is in the heart they regard them as careful. A lot of the Alomar said no they are not really careful but that but that mean but it's a major of the majors.

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So my distinguishing part other thing I can say I said one or two Elisa to set up defined slum was the first thing he said from actions.

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That means if I say I am a Muslim, then I have to perform Salah